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Everyone remained silent for a while, Harry stared at the floor, Dumbledore stared it to space it was clear they were trying to solve this mystery, then Harry suddenly looked up. He looked at Jade, then to the necklace in her hands and then at Jade again, but this time he looked fearful. “Jade, drop the pendant, quickly” he shouted as he made a grab for her. But he said it a second to late. For she had already disappeared. “No” he said softly as he sank to the floor. For a moment you would have thought he was just going to cry, but Harry wasn’t like that he got up quickly, ran straight for the fire, picked up some floo powder, muttered something and stuck his head threw it. He now saw before him the living room of Grimauld Place. Then he started to yell. “RON,HERMIONE, IF YOU’RE IN, GET YOUR BUTT’S DOWN HERE QUICKLY, OR ANY OTHER MEMBERS OF THE ORDER, JADE HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED, BY A TIMED PORTKEY, WE NEED TO LOOK FOR HER.” Ron and Hermione, came bolting down stairs, and threw the fire without question, Harry then saw Remus, start talking with other members to get a search party ready. ‘Gee,’ thought Harry. ‘They’re prepared, maybe it’s because they think I’ll go and get myself killed doing something stupid.’ As he pulled his head back threw the fire. He turned to Ron and Hermione. “So” said Hermione “what are we going to do?” Jade’s feet finally hit the ground, what the hell just happened she thought, she seemed to be in a guest-room of some sort of manor, Jade sat down for a moment, her father had always told her, if she ever got lost that she was to stop and think. She opened her pendant to see the photo of herself and father, seeing her father’s smiling face gave her courage, she was worrying about the situation before, she even knew what it was, but she could tell it wasn’t good, her dad screamed at her to drop the pendant as everything dissolved around her, and she ended up in this bedroom. She explored the room for possible escape routes, she figured that the window was her best option, she pulled out a hair pin, but before she even started to pick the lock on it the door opened, a man dressed in black similar to the robes the death eater wore except he wasn’t wearing a mask, came in he was short, and his face looked rat like and he looked very stressed. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Err, just putting my hair pin back in my hair it fell out when I landed.” She said sounding more confident then she felt. “Fine then, follow me” he said. Even though Jade didn’t what to, she didn’t have a choice, she noticed the wand in his belt, meaning he was armed, plus she didn’t even know that she was a prisoner or guest. Plus it was either that or stay here and wait for the man to leave and pick a lock, then possibly jump of the second level of a building, and it was a high likely chance that she would break her leg and end up back in here. And if she went with this man, she could think of a more better way of escape, that didn’t involve breaking her leg. And the man clearly wasn’t going to budge until she followed, but before she had made up her mind on which she’d prefer to do, another two men appeared behind her. ‘Oh great, they are expecting me to try and escape, better go with them or they may use their wands’ she thought. Reluctantly she followed the short man, in black, while the other followed closely behind. As they were heading down the hallway, she decided that she had the right to know where they we taking her. “Where are you taking me?” she asked firmly, trying not to show fear. “Just to the dinning room, we thought you may be hungry.” Said the man simply. Jade became relaxed for a moment, maybe she wasn’t a prisoner, but then why hadn’t her father been invited or taken here as well. As they reached the dinning room door, she suddenly felt uneasy, something was wrong terribly wrong, she knew that no matter what it might appear she was brought here against her will, so nobody could be trusted. The doors swung open all by themselves, and at the end of the table, was a man, or at least Jade thought it was, he looked more like a snake than a man. But whatever he was Jade knew that he was evil, pure evil and that he above everyone else couldn’t be trusted. Jade was terrified beyond her wits. ‘Oh dad, I wish you where here’ she thought, but thinking of her father always gave her strength, she stopped trembling and stood up tall. “I would like to know, who you are and what I am doing here?” she said firmly, her voice was full of confidence and their wasn’t a trace of fear in it, the man at the end of the table looked mildly surprised. “Me, why I’m surprised your father hasn’t spoke of me, but no matter, I am Lord Voldermort.(Gee thought Jade this guy is up himself) and to answer your second question, I wanted to meet you, as I have known your father since he was a baby.” “Well I am sorry to say that I have never heard of you, and if I am not a prisoner I would like to leave.” She said. “That depends entirely on you, Miss Potter, whether you are a prisoner or a guest hasn’t been decided yet. It would be better to explain if you sat down.” He said softly. Jade didn’t move, so he pulled out his wand, and flicked it, a chair came swiftly behind her and she fell backwards into it, the chair moved towards the table, and pushed itself in. Jade tried to stand back up but ropes magically appeared and tied her hands to the chair arms, she struggled but the ropes were too tight. After a few moments staring at her he began to smile. “Well, well I was wondering when you were going to show up, Harry.” He whispered to himself. And the he pushed him out of his mind.

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