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Jade looked around in wonder, it had only been just over 4 hours when they reached the castle, and her head was spinning with questions, who was that man in black that appeared out of nowhere, how did he appear out of nowhere, what was that piece of wood, why where those people on the bus staring at her father and herself, what were Death Eaters, and who was this Voldermort guy. “Dad where are we?” she asked thinking that would be the most sensible question at the moment. “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” he said, fondly. “School of What?!?” she said, but he just smiled and waked up to a nearby cabin, that Jade hadn’t noticed was there, and knocked on the door. When the door opened, a giant of a man came out, he looked extremely pale, and worried, then he spotted Jade’s Dad, and drew him into a back-breaking hug. “Harry, I thought You-Know-Who got you” “Come on Hagrid, you know he doesn’t stand chance against me, and who told you by the way?” “The whole school is was buzzing with it this morning, at breakfast, how did you get here?” “Knight Bus, and it was sort of a repeat of when you took me to Diagon Ally with Jade.” Jade was now sitting on the one of the trunks, looking very confused. “Does she know yet?” asked Hagrid. “No, haven’t, had, the time with the Death Eater attack.” “I still don’t get why you didn’t tell her, and kept her from this world” “The same reason why Dumbledore kept me from it, so she wouldn’t grow up, all pampered and snobbish, so she had the chance of a normal childhood, and so she wouldn’t live every day fearing for both our lives.” “Alright, do yeh need help with yeh trunks.” “That would be great, I want to get inside before, I tell her so at least we will be safe and it may be more believable” “Maybe you two should put on cloaks, so no one recognizes you.” “Ok, besides I think a may be a little warmer that way.” As he looked down at his pajamas. Harry went over to his trunk and got out two cloaks. He gave the smaller one to Jade. “Put your hood up ok Jade” he said as he put his own on, and Hagrid picked up both trunks with ease. They walked up to the castle. It was only when they entered that Harry spoke. “Jade can you wait here with Hagrid” as he indicated the giant. “I just need to go and let Professor Dumbledore know that we are here” he said “Hagrid can you make sure she stays here she has inherited some of the habits that I got from my father, if you know what I mean” and he walked threw another large set of doors. “So Jade” started Hagrid, he clearly was trying to start a conversation. “Welcome to Hogwarts, you’d be about 10 now wouldn’t yeh” “Yes, I turning 11 on July 31, tomorrow” “Same birthday your Dad huh?” “Yeah, do you know him?” “Yeah I know him, known him since he was 11, himself, we’ve been friends ever since.” “Umm, Hagrid” “Yeah?” “When we were back at East Moseley, dad did something to some guy wearing a black cloak and mask, he pulled out some sort of stick and pointed it at him and red sparks hit the guy and he fell to the ground….what did he do to that man?” maybe she might be able to get some straight answers, out of Hagrid. “That man was a Death Eater by the sounds of it, and don’t worry yeh Dad just stunned him” “Stunned?” “Yeah with a spell, that piece of wood was a wand.” “And what is a death eater?” “They are followers of You-Know Who” “And You-Know-Who?” “Ummm well he is umm..” “Voldermort” came a voice. Jade gasped so one of Voldermort’s followers had tried to prevent herself and her father from coming here. Jade’s father had returned and with a tall, thin, old man with silvery long white hair and beard and sparkling blue eyes, he was the man that had spoken. This thought Jade must be Dumbledore. “What were you two talking about?” asked Harry, with a grin. “What happened back at East Moseley, and what you did to the Death Eater.” Said Hagrid. “Sorry, it started out as and innocent conversation, but then she caught me off guard. Just like you used to do” “It’s alright, she was going to find out anyway” said Harry. “Maybe we should, step into my office so we are not over heard.” Said Dumbldore. “You know I think I made the record of going into the headmaster’s office” said Harry, smiling. “That and the hospital wing, but what the heck, lead on”. They walked threw the corridors and reached a griffin statue, where Dumbledore said a password, and they walked up the stairs. When they reached the office, Dumbledore flicked his wand and two chairs appeared out of nowhere. He indicated for them to sit down. “May I ask, how you escaped before Voldermort showed up, Harry, after all it was one in the morning, and surely you would have been asleep, and had to wake up Jade even if your scar hurt.” “Jade, woke me up, she said she couldn’t sleep so she went for a walk, and then she came back and considering she was flushed, I assume she had ran home, she then told me she felt as if something was watching her, and then my scar started to hurt, so we left on the Knight bus.” “Why would Voldermort’s supporters be watching Jade, they don’t even know she exists?” “I don’t know, maybe there was a reason Jade couldn’t sleep” Harry looked at Jade “Well there was a reason, I had lost something, a necklace that dad gave me for my 5th birthday, it has a picture of him holding me when I was little, it has my name engraved on it, so I went looking for it.” “And?” “Well I found it, just lying on the ground, it’s when I picked it up that I had the feeling someone was watching me”. She said. “I still have it in my pocket.” She reached into her pocket and pulled it out, to show them the picture of Harry holding Jade “Voldermort or one of his supporters must have found it before you did, possibly just before you or maybe a couple of days before, the question is why did they put it back.” Said Dumbledore. Everyone remained silent for a while, Harry stared at the floor, Dumbledore stared it to space it was clear they were trying to solve this mystery, then Harry suddenly looked up. He looked at Jade, then to the necklace in her hands and then at Jade again, but this time he looked fearful.

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