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A 10 year old girl walked down the dark and lonely street in the small village of East Molesey, on the outskirts of Surrey, she had long black hair that reached her waist, which was tied back into a long plait and emerald green eyes, she was wearing a pair of denim jeans, a dark blue top, and a denim jacket. This girl’s name was Jade Potter. Jade continued to walk down the street, she did this when she needed to think. Tonight was another one of these times. Now everyone’s parents have secrets from their children, but Jade’s dad had quite a few, he was so secretive, he hadn’t even told her why she had to learn how to close her mind of all feelings and thoughts, or why she had to learn self defense, or spent 4 hours each day doing hard and exhausting logical questions, and was drilled in situations on what she would do if she was captured (whatever that meant) and how she would escape. When ever she asked why she had to do this, he always responded, “You’ll find out when you’re older”, but how older, she was already 10, and she was turning 11 the day after tomorrow. But that wasn’t why she snuck out at midnight to walk the streets, no the reason she was now walking these deserted streets is because, today one of Mr. Potter’s friends had come round, looking very grave. They talked in the living room, Jade had just came back inside from the garden, to catch the last part of the conversation. “Maybe you should tell Jade” “No, not yet anyway” came her father’s voice. “I know it may scare her, to know but how do you think she will react, if…well Voldermort shows up and tries to….” “He won’t show up, he doesn’t even know we live here” “Harry, please you have to tell her, at least say you will think about it, you know how powerful she will be one day and what if Voldermort finds out about her” Harry sighed. “Ok, I’ll think about it, and if he starts moving any closer to here I’ll tell her” Voldermort that name sounded familiar, who was he? thought Jade, Dad must know him, but I can tell he isn’t someone Dad is particularly fond of, with the coldness that was in his voice when he spoke of him, and what did he mean by moving closer, and why would it scare me to know, and what is this Voldermort person going to try and do if he comes to my place, did this have anything to do with her mother’s death as an infant. When Jade was 3 years old, her mother had been killed by a psychopathic murder, her Dad didn’t talk about it much, was Voldermort her mother’s murderer? Another reason she was out here was that she had lost a pendant, that had a picture of her dad and herself when she was three, inside, taken after her mother died. Jade checked her watch, it was 5 ‘o clock in the morning. Yikes, I’d better get home she thought. She headed back down the street. As she walked down the street in the sun started to come out and in the sunlight, something shiny caught her eye, it was her pendant, as she bent down to pick it up she had a funny prickly feeling that she was being watched, she spun around, but she saw nothing, Jade picked up the pendant and continued to walk down the street walking slightly faster, eventually breaking into a run, as she headed straight home, but instead of just climbing back threw her window and going back to bed, she ran to her Dad’s bedroom, and opened the door. “Dad, Dad” she said as she shook him. Mr. Potter woke up straight away, Jade was slightly shocked on how quickly he woke. “Oh Jade it’s only you…” he started but Jess interrupted him. “There’s something out there” she said quickly. “What…what do yo…. why aren’t you in you pajamas?” he said looking at her jeans and coat. “I went for a walk, I am nearly 11 dad” she said. “And as I said something is out there outside, when I was walking, I felt as if something or someone was watching me”. Her father stared at her for a moment, and then suddenly he flinched as if something had just hurt him. Whatever had caused him to flinch however, made him jump up, and he pulled a foot-long piece of wood out from his chest of draws next to his bed. “Dad, what’s that?” asked Jade. “Never mind, just go and wait in the cupboard under the stairs, and don’t come out until I come and get you, understand.” Jade didn’t really understand what was going on but she nodded her head and waited in the cupboard. And less than 2 minutes later, her father showed up, at the cupboard. “Come on Jade into the back yard, now” he said, in a fearful voice. But as they reached the back door, a strange man wearing a black cloak, and mask, appeared out of thin air in front of them, Jade’s dad, pointed the piece of wood still in his hand, at the man and from the tip of the wood, came some red sparks and hit the man, he fell to the ground. “Run” her father shouted. And he grabbed her wrist and they went out the back door, he held out his hand and a dark purple bus appeared out of nowhere, then he pointed the piece of wood at the back door and it slammed shut. A man that was on the bus spoke. “Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport…..” “Yes, Yes we know” said Mr. Potter. The man stopped, he looked at Jade’s dad, for a moment and then his face split into a grin. “Harry Potter, well what a surprise, haven’t seen you for a while.” “Yeah I know, can you help me with these trunks quick we…umm are being attacked by Death Eaters” he said quickly. “Death Eaters, Ern get the engine running, quick we better get on board, with you’re luggage” “Jade get on board, now” said Harry as he picked up a trunk, with the man from the bus. Jade got on board and she had never seen a stranger bus, it had beds instead of seats, a few moments later, her father and the man had gotten both trunks onto the bus. “Hogwarts please” said Harry, “And can we be dropped off first please, so we don’t endanger the other passengers” he handed the man some strange money. “Alright Mr. Potter, Ern Hogwarts, now” Harry sat down on a bed. “Jade over here, and sit tight it’s going to be a bumpy ride” he said, as he took her hand. It was indeed a bumpy ride, if it wasn’t for, her father who as holding on to her she probably would have hit the windscreen as they took off. One thing Jade had noticed when she got on the bus is the strange people wearing cloaks, but what was odd was that all the people on the bus seemed to know who her dad was, they all smiled and waved at him, some even bowed, but all showed a great amount of respect to him, as though he was some kind of hero, and when these people spotted her they started whispering with whoever was next to them, and they continued to stare at her. Finally, they stopped at a huge castle.

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