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Hey guys! Sorry it took so long! This was one of the more difficult ones to write. Hope you enjoy! Of Sorrows and Soup Harry felt his stomach drop. He hadn't realized how unprepared he had been for this moment, no matter how much he had thought about it. He felt Hermione hug him tightly and cry freely, Harry had no idea what was holding him back from doing the same. His thoughts were suddenly disrupted when the healer continued to speak. "I'm sorry..." he repeated, "the healer who spoke to earlier is in training, and doesn't know the regulations of the hospital very well." He looked on at them with a tired expression and waved a hand to Lupin's room. "You can see him now" he said, and everyone breathed an audible sigh of relief. "So is he going to make it? Is he ok?" Mrs. Weasley said impatiently. The healer smiled tiredly, "Yes" he sighed, "he is going to be fine." "So what was wrong?" Bill asked seriously. "I'm afraid that Mr. Lupin suffered from a stress related break-down. But he will be fine." Another sigh of relief swept over the crowd gathered in the hospital. Then the next obvious question was brought to the surface by Ginny. "Can we see him?" she asked. The healer nodded and led them to the hospital room where the name 'Lupin' had magically appeared on the door. Harry moved ahead of the crowd to enter first while Hermione was stuck behind it. Harry entered to see the wallpaper was a dull grey. It was almost as if the color was sucked out of the room. Remus' sandy blond hair was probably the only distinguished color the room currently held. Harry was pleased to see that Lupin looked rather healthy. Harry walked to the side of his bed furthest from the door and was startled to see how thin Lupin actually was. Hermione finally came in and stood beside him, while the others filed in and sat in chairs and stood around the bed. Harry could see the pained expression on Hermione's face, he was sure his expression couldn't be much different from hers at the site of Lupin's ribs visible even through the blanket that was covering him. Harry watched Lupin's chest rise and descend in a fluent motion and it calmed him slightly. Suddenly Harry scooted over as Padfoot came beside the bed where they stood and put his paws on it, nuzzling Lupin's side and whining softly. He could tell even if he was in dog form that Sirius was deeply upset, and couldn't help but feel bad for both of them. Mrs. Weasley shut the door as the healer left after asking him for privacy, he told her that he would check up within the hour. Mrs. Weasley turned back around and did something none of them could have expected, she spoke to Sirius. "What happened Sirius?" she asked gently. Padfoot looked up at her and cocked his head in confusion. "You can change Sirius" she said in the same kind voice that Harry had never heard her speak to Sirius with. Padfoot stretched and morphed, and the gaunt figure of Sirius stood in front of them. Harry was curious as to why Molly would suddenly let Sirius take that kind of risk, and realized she must feel as bad as he did for Sirius. Mrs. Weasley continued to watch Sirius waiting patiently for him to answer. Sirius inhaled deeply before speaking, "It was all my fault" Sirius said sorrowfully. He sank into a chair closest to the hospital bed where Remus slept on. Harry felt his heart sink with Sirius. "I'm sure this was no one's fault Sirius" Charlie said softly to him. "It was" Sirius cut him off. "So what happened?" Ron asked curiously, careful not to sound accusing. "We were talking about, about why Remus should take it easy and... you know him" Sirius stuttered, very unlike the way he usually told stories. "He wouldn't hear of it and... and we started to yell and, I stormed off and he just... he just fell" Sirius ended quietly, looking ashamed. He laid his tired face in his hands in his hands and trembling all over. No one had any comforting words they knew could help Sirius, so the silenced lasted for several moments. Suddenly Remus stirred and sighed. Everyone jumped up to his bedside, including Harry and Hermione. Harry squeezed to the end of the bed and saw Lupin slowly open his eyes. He blinked furiously to adjust to the light of the room and Harry saw Sirius place a still shaking hand on his shoulder. "Remus" he said hoarsely. Harry watched Lupin focus on Sirius' features with an almost painful concentration. "Sirius" he said sitting up slowly. "I'm so sorry" Sirius said weakly, he leaned forward and brought Lupin into a tight brotherly embrace. "I thought I had lost you" Sirius said, voice muffled through the white shirt the hospital had provided Lupin. "I won't be done away with that easily" Lupin said, a weak smile spreading across his lined face. "I hope not" Harry heard Hermione whisper to herself. Everyone else in the room couldn't do anything but watch, not willing to ruin the moment these two were sharing. Harry felt Hermione relax beside him, and couldn't help but feel the same. Suddenly Lupin froze, "Sirius?" he said incredulously, as if just realizing he was there, Sirius pulled back and looked him in the eyes. "Why are you here!?!" he said curiously with a bit of force behind his words. "You could be seen!" he hissed." Sirius lowered his gaze to the floor and mumbled something. Remus' gaze relaxed and he sighed deeply, "I think Padfoot should join us again just to be safe." Sirius heaved a great dramatic sigh and took a lingering hand off of Remus' shoulder bending down and sinking to the floor as Padfoot. This it seems was a wise choice as just then the healer reentered, looking a bit frantic. "Ah good, you are up Mr. Lupin." he said hurriedly. "I am afraid that if you are well enough to maintain yourself at home that you must be asked to leave." he said, a deceiving kind voice covering his seemingly rude words. "I understand" Lupin said. "What?" Molly said, outraged, "you can't just kick him out because of-" she hesitated, and started over, "he's your patient!" "Molly" Remus said softly, but she would hear no protests from Lupin. "How can a true Healer have so little regard for the well being of his patients!?!" Molly ranted. "Molly" Remus cut in again. "This is an outrage!" she seethed. "Molly!" Lupin said in a louder voice, though it still contained no anger, just the tiredness that was so common now. He finally managing to capture her attention as she turned to face him. "What is it Remus?" she said impatiently. Lupin couldn't help but smile a little at the way she defended him. "It's a full moon tomorrow." The healer looked at Molly with a face showing something very close to fear Harry suspected. Molly sighed and turned back to the healer. "I'm sorry" she said warily. "We will take him home." Half an hour later Harry and Hermione found themselves back at twelve Grimmauld place again. This time with a healthy Lupin. He sat on the couch while Molly fussed over him as she had a tendency to do before a full moon, though this time it was rather relentless. Harry and Hermione took seats across from them. "Do you need anything Remus?" Molly asked. "No I'm fine Molly, thank you." "Do you feel alright?" "Yes I'm fine." "You don't feel ill?" "No" "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Call me if you need anything" "I will" Remus chuckled as Molly went into the kitchen to make tea. Sirius sat beside Lupin on the couch and couldn't help but smile as well. "I'm glad you're back" he said. "Me too" Lupin sighed. "Do you think that maybe that is what was supposed to..." Sirius paused. "To kill me?" Lupin asked, knowing this was the answer. Sirius nodded mutely. "Maybe you beat it" he said softly. "I think I have." Lupin agreed, leaning back into the couch. Suddenly Molly Weasley's shrill voice sounded from the kitchen. "Would you like a cup of tea Remus?" she said. "I thought we had already covered this" Lupin said, smiling despite himself. "Oh stop being so stubborn Remus!" she said. "I take that's a yes than." Lupin said dryly. "I'll go get us our tea" Sirius said getting up. "You're a brave man Padfoot." Lupin said. "Sometimes" Sirius mumbled as he disappeared into Molly's realm. A few moments later Sirius reemerged safe and unscathed from the kitchen., a cup of tea in each hand. "Thank you" Remus said, taking the cup Sirius offered him. "Just the way you like it" Sirius said proudly, "Milk and salt." Remus' eyebrows shot up and he stopped himself just in time from drinking. "I mean sugar" Sirius laughed, catching his mistake. "Are you sure?" Lupin said warily eyeing his tea. "Yes." "So are you in any pain?" Sirius asked. "It's bearable" Lupin said from behind his cup. "REMUS JOHN LUPIN" Molly shrieked, making Lupin jump, nearly spilling his tea. He placed it safely on the table. "Yes Molly?" Lupin said getting up to face her. Molly strode over to him and Harry couldn't help but notice how tall Lupin was compared to her, seeing as she only came up to his neck. "WHY WOULD YOU DELIBERATELY LIE TO ME!?!" she yelled, Lupin cringed. "I'm sorry Molly but I don't want to worry you." he said, a tiny twinge of fear inhis voice. "IF I CATCH YOU LYING LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU WILL REMAIN IN YOUR BED BEFORE EVERY FULL MOON DO YOU HEAR ME!?!" "Yes ma'am" he said weakly. Harry and Hermione were doubled over in laughter at seeing Lupin cower before Mrs. Weasley even when he easily towered over her. "This is priceless" Harry said breathlessly between fits of laughter. It seemed that once Molly had left Lupin to cower Sirius could only laugh as well. "You really need to learn to stand up to that women." Sirius said as he laughed himself hoarse, earning him a pillow in the face from a certain werewolf beside him. Sirius only continued to laugh his bark like laugh. "Why is it always because of you that I end up in trouble?" Remus asked. Sirius' laughter slowly died and he looked at his friend with an undying smile lingering on his face. "You know you love me Moony" Sirius sniggered. "Whatever you say Pads" Lupin said dryly. Harry couldn't stop laughing. It had happened, Lupin had survived. "I'm glad he's ok" Harry said. "Now we only need to stay until after the full moon and we can go home" Hermione said. "Yah" Harry agreed. "It'll be nice to go back." Their conversation was interrupted when Molly Weasley made her return with her own tea in hand. "So" she said, sitting in a worn chair beside the couch. "What are you two up to?" she asked, as if nothing had just happened. "Oh well..." Sirius said innocently, a grin playing onto his face that Lupin wasn't sure he liked. "Remus was just telling me how much pain he's i-" "SIRIUS!" Lupin yelled, standing up. "REMUS!" Molly roared, also standing up.
* * *
A little while later Harry and Hermione tip toed up the stairs to find out what fate had befallen Lupin after Sirius' inhumane trick. They turned into one of the larger bedrooms to see Remus lying in it, hidden under a pile of hot water bottles and bowls of Mrs. Weasley's delicious vegetable soup. The soup sat untouched beside the bed and many empty bowls were there as well. Sirius sat trying and failing to subdue his laughter, while Remus kept shooting him dangerous looks. "Now I understand what kills me" he said bitterly, "Molly's going to force me to eat myself to death!"

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