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Chapter XIX: Huh??? The executioner pulled the lever, the trap doors opened. "No, cried Lily. But she was shocked to see the trap doors opened but they were still standing on the platform. Remus slowly opened his eyes. "OH MY GOD WE'RE STILL ALIVE!" he yelled. "What?" James then looked down. "What's going on?" "Ladies and Gentlemen," said Hale, "the trials and the hanging that you just witness was a reenactment from an actual trial in 1692. Well I hope that you enjoyed it." The guards released James and his friends. "James are you alright?" asked Lily. "I . . . I think so," he said. "What just happened?" "You were in a play Mr. Potter," said Professor Binns. "And you guys did it perfect. So how did you feel when they accused you of doing works with the Devil?" "Scared," said Remus. "Frustrated that no one believed us," said Sirius. "That is really good, 'cause now you know how they felt," said Professor Binns. "I expect you to write a paper about the trial and if you turn it in the next time we have class I will award you 15 house points." "William," said Hale to Professor Binns. "Its really good to see you again. What its been a year since you last came?" "Wait a minute, you two know each other?" asked James. "Yes. I've known Hale or shall a I say Jason for about ten years," said Professor Binns. "So you knew what was going on all along?" asked Peter. "Yes." "And that is why you left us. You didn't want us to know that this was just a hoax," said Lily "Correct Miss Evens. I've been taking this trip with all of my sixth years for the pass eight years and every year I fail to mention that this its a tour attraction," said Professor Binns. "A what?" "It's a place that attracts people, wizards and Muggles. But since they knew that we were coming I asked them if they could close the place down so it would give the illusion to you that we were in a town that still believed in witches. Well I'll go and leave you," said Professor. "I guess I'll be seeing you again next year?" asked Jason. "Yep," laughed Professor Binns and he left. "This . . . was just a play,' said Sirius still looking confused. "Yes," said Jason. "So if this was a play then you are an actor, not a reverend," Sirius said. "That's right I only play Reverend Hale," said Jason "So Hale- I mean Jason, how did you do the special affects?" asked Remus. "The gust of wind, the flaming candles and having us stay on the platform when we should have clearly went through the trap door." "By my mind," answered Jason. "You're a wizard," said Peter. "You can do wand-less magic." "Yes that's right. There are about 7 wizards that work here, 4 Squibes and the rest are Muggles that have magic relatives," said Jason. "So what gave you the idea to put this all up?" asked Remus "To show everyone what our people went through and how they survived," said Jason. "Good show there Potter," said a cold voice. "Well, well, well, Malfoy and his ugly henchmen," said Sirius. "Too bad it wasn't a real hangin', it would've be wonderful for you all to be gone," said Snape. "You know it would have been better if you were up there pissin your trousers in fright," said James. "Yeah but it was you up there doing that," said Lucius. "Could you make that terrifying look again. I want a picture to remember it for ever." "How about I give you a knuckle sandwich," said Sirius. "Come now boys, lets settle this like gentleman," said Jason. "I don't take orders from a low life Muggle," replied Lucius. "Oh I am not a Muggle," said Jason. Just then Lucius and his friends were lifted up into the air. "What's going on here? Put me down," cried Lucius. "What shall we do to them?" asked Jason. "How about we put them in the stocks," suggested Remus. "Yeah and then we could through rotten food at them," said Peter. "No, I have a better idea," said James. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Help us please," cried Goyle. "This isn't funny anymore," said Snape. "I don't want to die, I still need to get smart," Crabbe. "Don't worry boys they wouldn't pull the lever and if they did we wouldn't fall," said Lucius. They were on the platform with a noose around their necks. "What makes you so confidence?" asked Jason. Lucius didn't have time to answer, the Marauders had pull the handle. With surprise the noose disappear and they fell through the trapped door and into a big pool of mud. "Oooh nice touch there Jason," said Sirius. "Thanks. Oh before you all leave I believe these belong to you." He pulled out four wands. "But you broke them. We saw you snap them in two," said Remus. "Those were just sticks that was carved into looking like your wands. The girls that you were with made the swap." "Potter you will pay for this," said Lucius, he was trying to get out of the pool and then slipped onto Goyle. "Shouldn't we help them?" asked Peter. "Pete, you know you are absolutely right," said Sirius. Gripping his wand he casted a spell. The pool burst open and they poured out of it and Lucius stopped face first in horse manure. "Come on Luc, lets get out of here," said Snape helping him up. "Now that was funny," said James. --- Mean while --- "Wow look a graveyard," said Ron. "There must be over a hundred graves here," said Hermione. She went up to a head stone. "Watch out Hermione, you don't want to be too close or a hand will come out and grab you." "BOO!" said Emmett. Hermione shrieked and jumped. "You two quit it. I don't like to be scared," said Hermione. They walked into the graveyard and looked around. "You know this would make a great spot for a Halloween party," said Emmett. "It has a great atmosphere." "Excuse me?" asked Hermione. "This place would freak me out, especially at night." "You must pardon her," said Ron. "Muggle parents, wouldn't know how to spend Halloween besides eating candy and dressing up." Emmett laughed and Hermione just glared at them. "Whoa, look at this ," said Ron. he went up to a head stone "This person died at the age 36 and here's one that died at 12. They sure didn't live long." "Their life span back then was short," said Hermione. "And plus they didn't know how to treat the sick." They then split up, Hermione and Emmett went to look at the church that was next to the graveyard and Ron stayed to look at more headstones. "Wow, this place looks like it's about to fall apart," said Emmett. "Remember these are the original buildings back in 1692," said Hermione. "Well they should take better care of it," said Emmett. "They must have a protection spell on it or it wouldn't be able to stand," said Hermione. Emmett looked at the church and saw a shudder moving in the wind and then fell to the ground. "Well I think that they should use a better spell," said Emmett. "Look a lose brick.." He pulled it out. "Is there anything in it?" "No, nothing but dirt," said Emmett. "Hermione, Emmett come here," called Ron. Emmett placed the brick back then they hurried over to Ron. "What is it Ron?" asked Hermione. "Remember when Binns told us about a girl that drowned?" asked Ron. "Wow Ron, you actually payed attention to Binns," said Hermione. "Yeah, yeah, well I think that I found her grave. Look." They looked at the headstone. RA ANN CLAYTON To our loving daughter. My her soul rest in peace. 1676-1692 "She was only 16. What a shame," said Emmett. "What kind of name is RA," said Ron. "Ra isn't her name you idiot," said Hermione shaking her head. "Her name has been warn off but these last two letters." "Hogwarts students we leave in five minutes," shouted Professor Binns. "I guess we better started heading towards the bus," said Ron and he began to walk. "Hermione wait," said Emmett. "What is it?" "I . . . I was wondering if- well if you haven't already-would you like to go to the ball with me?" She smiled, "I would love to." And they walked to the bus. "Man this was fun," said James. "We should go on more field trips Professor." He took a seat next to Sirius. "Yeah definitely I'll certainly won't forget this day," said Remus. "Or the girls that we met." "But boys didn't you learn anything while we were here?" asked Binns. "Yeah. Never trust a beautiful girl in a different country or she'll accused you of witch craft and try to get you killed," said Sirius. The whole bus laughed and then they headed back to Salem Academy.

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