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Lifestyles of The Witch and Famous Chapter 30 **Previous Chapter** On the ground was Ronald Weasley, lying in a pool of his own blood. "Please Ron, don't be dead…please don't be dead." Harry cried, rushing to his friends side, Hermione not far behind him. "Where's he bleeding from?" Hermione asked in shaky voice. "From his leg! He's breathing!" Harry cried happily. "Oh thankgoodness!" Hermione sighed out of relief as she took a look at Ron's injury. "Doesn't look too good. He must've fainted when he saw the blood. It's rather deep." Harry evaluated the severity of it. Many students approached the Head Girl to thank her for the beautiful night they had at the ball. Even Slytherins who now had girlfriends in other houses. "So…where's Draco?" Harry asked politely. "…had to go somewhere." Harry gave her a curious look but before he could inquire further Hermione stopped him. "Don't go there." She frowned. Only Merlin knew how much she missed her boyfriend. (A/N - Hey everyone! I had a few people who wanted me to tell Draco's side of the story a bit…so obviously I obliged. So here it is. Warning…you may feel sorry for him.) "Drak! Get me my pills!" croaked an old woman from the couch. Draco stopped the running water, putting down the dish he had been washing and sighed. He walked into the living room, approaching the elderly woman. "Mrs. Dumbledore you cannot have any more of your pills. How many times must I tell you?" Draco insisted, trying to keep his anger within. "Drack! Give me my pills NOW!" She roared angrily. "It's Draco not Drack! NO PILLS!" Draco shouted going back into the kitchen to finish his chores. Dumbledore's house was completely void of any magic. It had a funny smell to it, which always belonged to old muggle houses. The furniture was either ripped, burnt, falling apart or really ugly. The decor was no better. The pasty vomit coloured walls and non-matching moss coloured carpet was enough to make anyone wrinkle their noses in disgust. Draco hated the house nearly as much as he hated the old hag he had to look after. His assurances to Hermione were for her benefit only. He never baked any cookies nor had he had any fun. His missed his fiance more than she missed him. "Oh Hermione, if only you could see how terrible this place is." Draco sighed, muttering to himself as the hag continued to shriek at him. "Listen Mrs Dumbledore! How am I supposed to help you if you want to continue to swallow those wretched pills huh?" Draco stuck his head out from the doorway to yell. "Stupid young kids of this age! Get my pills you insolent little-" the woman yelled loudly. Draco clenched his teeth. He wanted so much to swear the hell out of the cow, twist her wrinkly neck until she sobbed her apologies, bash her 'till she died…but no. He could not. She was Albus Dumbledore's wife. He was here to help her not kill her. 'But I could make it look like it was an accident…it'd be so easy.' Spoke an evil voice in Draco's mind as he finished scrubbing the last dish. 'Dumbledore knows everything. He'll know it was me.' Draco rethought. "Oh well, time to write my love a letter." Draco grinned. Everyday he was here, he looked forward to the evenings when he could sit down an write his beloved a note. Where he could forget his troubles of this hellhole and think only of his beautiful angel who awaited his return. To my sweet cupcake, Hey babe! How are you? How are your holidays? I miss you like I miss Hogwarts…(Well I miss you more, but anyways…) Have you set a date for the weeding? Who are we inviting? I suppose you want to hear what I've been up to? Well my dear, today Mrs. Dumbledore took me shopping in a fascinating muggle store. I bought you a Christmas present, which I enclose with this letter. Merry Christmas by the way! I wish I could see the decorations at school. I bet they're as good as ever. I hope you're staying out of trouble like I think I told you. (If I didn't you know now.) Don't think I don't know what's going on there 'Mione. I have my special agents. I would never leave my pretty flower without some protection for her! Hehe, no you're not been watched! I must go now…Mrs Dumbledore needs her remedies. I love you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love forever your Draco. Xoxoxoxoxox "Shopping with THAT old fart? Hell no!" Draco laughed when he'd written his lie. He had bought Hermione a pretty little necklace when the woman had been asleep. He hated lying to Hermione. Lying was something he had never been god at. Even when he had been "Ferret Boy". Lying to the old woman he'd ever really loved was even more heart wrenching. But he had no choice. Hermione would demand him back if she found out her fiancee was being treated disgracefully. He sealed the letter and handed it to the owl he had given to Hermione. It had been waiting patiently without a word. "Hermione thinks you talk…do you?" Draco asked just before if flew out of the old rusty window. "Okay…obviously not." Draco shrugged, grudgingly moving his being back into the Living Room. The long white haired, grey-eyed woman moved her head to face him. "Come here to give me some of your witch herbs have you? Forget it!" The woman growled, showing her rotten yellow teeth. "It's making you better Mrs. Dumbledore. Please take some. Please?" Draco acted as nice as he could as he opened his little wooden box from behind the couch to retrieve his potion vile. "No. Write a letter to Albus and tell him to come home at once. Go back to your school, boy. I do not want you here!" the woman sneered. "I shall write no such letter to Professor Dumbledore. I will not leave. And you WILL take this potion!" Draco roared. But the old witch didn't bat an eyelid, nor flinched. She was as still as her smelly old brown dress. "Don't make me use my wand boy." the woman warned her eyes steely and hard. They were without a trace of any emotion. "Why did you marry Professor Dumbledore? You are the exact opposite of him " Draco asked the question he'd been dying to ask since he'd got to the old house. "Do not ask my any personal questions Drak! Get me some water, you're making my shout!" the woman shrilled, her eyes near popping out of their sockets. Draco raised an eyebrow before walking back into the kitchen. "Making you shout eh? Yeah right, like you actually talk normally!" Draco poured water into an empty glass, not bothering to rinse out the dust. He put the potion vile back in its case sadly. Every time the old woman refused his potion, herbs and medicine, it meant another day without his love. By the way the hag was acting, he'd never be able to marry Hermione. Opening the fridge, he pulled out a bottle of fire whisky, which Dumbledore had thankfully kept a box of. Walking back into the lounge he found the old woman snoring louder than any other human could possibly manage. Putting the glass of water on the coffee table he looked at a painting on the wall. It was a picture of a little girl with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was wearing a pink flower dress and small ballet shoes, holding a spotty umbrella. "Wow! Anybody would think she was my sister! But then…who is she?" Draco muttered to himself as he took a swish at his fire whisky. He walked closer and saw the initials, 'A.D' imprinted on it. 'Well looks like Dumbledore's been putting his artistic shit into practice. But I wonder who he painted…' Draco laughed at his thought. 'Nah it could be his…nah…no way.' 'Draco!'Hermione's voice rang out in his mind, loud and clear which near caused him to have a heart attack. 'Hermione?' Draco asked without a second thought. It had been awhile since he'd heard her voice. 'Why'd you just speak to me? I thought you weren't allowed?' Hermione asked curiously. 'Oh shit! I'm not! I must've forgotten. I'm really sorry. I can't speak like this. I just sent you a letter. Read that. Bye.' Draco hastily blocked his mind. Tears forming in his eyes he took a seat in one of the ugly chairs. All thoughts of the painting vanished as the picture of his love when he last saw her came to mind. She had been wearing the gown he'd bought her for the ball. She was like a vision. He remembered thinking that he was dreaming when he saw her come out of her room. 'I love you. I know you can hear me. You said I could talk to you even thought you can't talk back. I miss you. Come back! It's been a month already!' Hermione's voice rang out in his head as sobs. Draco nearly responded before he regained his shattered sensibilities. Opening his mind to her, meant opening up his WHOLE mind and everything he knew. It was much too dangerous for her to know. "I miss you my love…you have no idea how much." Draco whispered aloud, knowing she could not hear him. Glaring at the old woman he began to cry openly, "I hate you, you stupid bitch! I hate you!" Draco seethed, "I'll get you back one day for keeping my love and I so far apart for too long. You'll pay…don't you worry." But if the woman heard, she made no sign of it. Her eyes remained closed and Draco remained in tears. And that was how it stayed that night. (A/N - I WARNED YOU! Hehe, yes it's really sad isn't it. Next chapter will be about Hermione and the one after that will be for Draco…and so on until they meet up again…if it eventuates. Not saying anymore on that topic. I suppose you're all wondering who the little girl is? Well THINK hard enough and you may guess. But if not, you'll just have to wait and see. Yes I know, I'm such a meanie! Lol! Okay peoples! Keep reviewing and checking for updates. I usually respond to your reviews so check back to them as well. Thanks! LUV S4H xox) (ANOTHER LITTLE NOTE: 30TH CHAPTER!!! Yay! Thank you so much for allowing me to go this far everyone. Who would've thought I'd ever do this? I can remember so well wen I first began writing this story…ah the olden days lmao. Okay okay, I better let you go. Thanks for reading!)

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