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Snogging, House-elves, and Sweets
Ron bounced down the stairs and came to an abrupt halt in the common room. There on the sofa sat Harry and Ginny exchanging cutesy looks and snogging where children could see. “Oh, for the love of Hedwig, could you two lay off. Children could come through at any time and see that.” “Come off it, you and Hermione aren’t any better.” Ginny spat. Ron rolled his eyes then something dawned on him. “Where is Hermione?” “Haven’t seen her.” Harry answered just before Ginny kissed his cheek, working her way back to his lips. Ron turned shaking his head and headed for the portrait hole. “Don’t forget to come up for air.” He yelled. They had not heard nor cared what he had said. They intended on enjoying every minute of their time here together. ************************************************************************ Fred and George walked around the corner of the corridor that led to the kitchens. To their amazement they spotted Hermione alone, stepping from the portrait hole and they sped up to find out what she was up to. “What are you doing, Hermione?” Fred asked. George cackled. “Trying to convert more house-elves? Don’t you ever take a break?” She folded her arms in front of her and raised an eyebrow. “If you must know, I was checking on tonight’s dinner.” She then added after a brief pause. “And If I happened to get across to just one then so be it.” She stuck her head high. “Hermione the Evangelist, anything to convert them to her side.” Fred said as he elbowed George. She ignored them both and flicked her hair as she turned on her heal and marched back up the corridor to the stairs. George laughed and reached up to tickle the fruit to gain entrance to the kitchens. The house-elves stopped what they were doing when they noticed the famous Weasley twins enter. They began whispering amongst themselves looking extremely nervous. One brave soul stepped forward to address them. “Excusing me sirs, Millie is wanting to ask what you wants.” The house-elf was shaking uncontrollably. “Food! What else.” George chimed. “Oh, Millie is being sorry, but we cannot do that.” She stood firmly in her spot as though it was final. Fred and George’s faces fell open. They had never been refused anything from the Hogwarts kitchen. Fred spoke up. “Pardon me?” “We is being under strict orders to keep the Weasley twins as far from the kitchen as being possible. Millie must ask you to leave.” She now looked scared as she took a step backward, however the others now stood behind her. As Fred and George stumbled through the exit and traveled down the hall they couldn’t believe what had just transpired. “Who would do such a thing?” Fred stammered trying to sound shocked. George laughed. “After all these years they’re finally on to us.” “Looks like we’ll need to make a trip into Hogsmeade.” Fred slapped his brother’s shoulder as they dashed off. ************************************************************************ Ginny stepped into the Great Hall to make sure everything was in order for the rehearsal dinner. Hermione sat slouched in a chair looking extremely exhausted. “Ron has been looking for you all morning.” Ginny said to her. Hermione sat up a pushed her hair from her face. “I think everything is done. Now to get myself ready.” She looked around the room placing her hands on her hips. “He hasn’t looked too hard for me. I really could have used his help.” Ginny felt horrible. “I should have been her helping. I’m sorry.” “Don’t worry about it. I really had a lot of help from the house-elves; I just want to make him feel guilty.” She snickered. “Well, nice job. How about we get on upstairs and get started getting ready.” She grabbed he friends arm. “Okay, they’ll finish up the final touches for me.” She smiled. “Hermione Granger, I can’t believe you’re relying on the house-elves so much.” Ginny scolded. “Don’t worry, I’m paying them.” She patted the pocket of her jeans causing a jingle. “I refused their help unless they took it.” She then told Ginny about running into the twins earlier near the kitchen. Ginny shook her head. “Don’t worry, they made be jokesters, but they wouldn’t dare. Not here anyway, Mum would have their skins if they did anything to mess up the wedding.” “Well, I’m keeping an eye on them anyway.” Hermione said as they headed to their rooms. ************************************************************************ Charlie and Cho stepped into the Gryffindor common room and found Bill and Fleur sitting together in deep discussion. “So big brother, you still in trouble?” He teased as he plopped down on the sofa across from them. Fleur gave him a look of disgust. “You should be ashamed of yourself as well Charlie.” She said as she caught his eyes. “Absolutely.” Cho agreed. “You two should be setting examples. There are impressionable children around. And two of them are yours Bill.” “Speaking of children, where are they?” Charlie asked his older brother. “Are you kidding? We haven’t seen them since we arrived here outside of meals and bedtime.” He chuckled. “There is too much to see in this castle.” The picture leading into the common room flung open and in walked Hermione and Ginny. They all greeted one another and sat around pouring tea from the tray that had been left by a house-elf. “Good to see you’ve made it Charlie.” Ginny said then turning to Hermione. “I’m going up to start dressing. Will you come up and help me with my hair when you finish with your tea?” “Sure thing.” Hermione responded as Ginny continued up to the room. “Ooooo Bill, she is hacked off at you.” Charlie teased. “So much for being her favorite.” “Shut up.” Bill spat as he touched the end of his tender nose remembering the pain. “Daddy!” In walked the children as excited as could be. “That’s not nice to say. We get in trouble for it.” Cash turned to Fleur. “He gets a time out.” “Absolutely honey.” She smiled. Cash and P.J. looked so excited you would have thought they might have burst. Rose calmly sat down and gestured them to do the same. “You won’t believe what we found.” Buck finally said unable to control his excitement. Percy and Penelope’s twins, Hunter and Jaeger, were nearly four and had grown accustomed to tagging along behind the others along with Buck, Bill and Fleur’s youngest, who was one month younger than the twins. They swaggered in slowly and flopped into a chair all looking a bit green. “What is with them?” Charlie asked. P.J. let out a huge sigh. “That’s what we are trying to tell you.” Cash interrupted. “We found a room full of sweets. Anything and everything you could ever want. It was amazing.” Cho looked at Hermione. “The room of requirement?” “I’m sorry?” Bill questioned. “You know.” Hermione said to him. “Remember the room we told you about; where we had the DA meetings?” He raised his eyebrows as the light went off. “Oh, but…how did the sweets get there?” “Honestly Bill, are you sure you were Headboy?” Hermione turned to the children. “What were you doing when you found the room?” “Just walking.” P.J. shrugged. “You don’t understand sweetheart, were you talking about anything or just thinking?” Hermione knelt down as she stressed the question. “We were talking about wanting to get someone to take us to Honeydukes.” P.J. answered innocently. “There you go!” Cho boomed. “Just how much did you guys eat?” Hermione questioned. Rose spoke up, thinking they had said enough. “They ate until they looked like that.” She pointed at the younger ones of the group. “I told them they would get sick.” Buck held up his little hand showing his fingers. “I had 5 chocolate frogs and 5 boxes of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and…” “Okay sweetheart.” Fleur said to her youngest child. “Let’s get you upstairs. I think it’s time for bed. You’ve had quite enough.” A/N I thought it would be cute to have the kids find the room. Ginny is indeed still angry with Bill. And Fred and George are at it again. Hope you like this one. Can't wait to hear what you think.

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