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Ch. 6 Introductions “They’re nice.” Hermione responded to Fiona’s question about if she liked the Ericsons. She opened the door to her house and they walked in. The blonde and brunet climbed the stairs to Hermione’s room. “Wow…I thought your room would be….more….colorful.” Fiona stuttered to get out. Hermione had to admit her room was really plain. She hadn’t had much time to decorate with trying to get Draco and Harry settled in and all. She explained this to Fiona. “Hold it, who’s Harry? And I still want to meet this Draco character.” she glanced quickly towards the door as if expecting a boy to walk by and introduce himself as Draco Malfoy. “Oh, you can meet them both at dinner. Harry is one of my best friends in the world. Him and Ron Weasly. I haven’t talked to him for awhile. Maybe I should have, like, a get-together or something.” Hermione seemed to be thinking aloud. “A party?! That would be so much fun! Then you could meet my friends and I could meet yours. Wouldn’t that be great?” Fiona went on about how cool it would be and plans for the party. Hermione took in the idea and chewed it over. The more she gnawed at it, the sweeter if became. “I guess I could have a party.” Hermione interrupted Fiona in mid sentence. “You haven’t been listening to one word I’ve said, have you?” Fiona accused Hermione. The brunet grinned sheepishly and shook her head. “Its okay. We can talk more about it later.” Fiona stared out the window for a minute and then said abruptly “Can I use your fireplace? I’ve been dying to talk to some of my friends at home. I can’t in a letter cause its far to long of a trip for an owl and my friends don’t get muggle post, or any muggle way of communicating, and I can’t floo them cause the Ericsons would get way suspicious.” She looked at Hermione with homesick eyes and a pouting bottom lip. “Of course you can. Anytime you need to use it you can.” Hermione said and gave Fiona some Floo-powder. “Thanks,” Fiona said gratefully. She flew out of the room, down the stairs, and into the living room eagerly. Hermione got out her wand and robotically said “Accio shopping!” Her new purchases floated up to the second floor and onto her bed. She cut off the price tags and put them away by hand to kill some time while Fiona chatted with her friends. When she finished, Fiona still had her head in the fireplace. ‘Now what can I do?’ she wondered ‘I can always clean up this place. Cleaning? Where’s Malfoy anyway? I guess I’ll go look for him.’ Hermione went to the kitchen and found him. He was munching on some grapes and scamming the Daily Prophet. Draco looked up as he heard her enter the room and dropped the paper. “Is there something you need me to do?” he asked. She couldn’t tell if he was bothered by her or just bored. “No, I just wondered where you were.” Hermione said and reached for one of the rich purple grapes. “Thank-you for finishing up that room so nicely. It looks wonderful. I’m glad you got it done so Harry can have his own room.” “Your welcome.” he said plainly and picked up the newspaper and resumed reading it. Hermione sighed and left the room. Her stab at friendly small talk with Draco had failed. She wondered down one of the wings she hadn’t been in for more than five minutes. Hermione simply strolled the winding halls, not thinking about anything, just enjoying her easy pace that was undisturbed. That was until she heard Fiona calling for her. Hermione jogged back to join Fiona in her bedroom. “What’s for dinner? I’m starving.” Fiona said. Hermione stared for a moment, searching an answer. “I don’t know. What do you want?” “Pizza!” Fiona answered immediately. Hermione looked at her as though she were the oddest person in the world. “What? I’ve been egging for even a bite of pizza for ever.” Hermione giggled and said “We can have pizza. Can you make it by magic? I can get the ingredients, but not very good at cooking it by magic.” “I can cook it either way. Do we have time to cook it without magic though? I have always liked it better that way.” “Oh yeah, we got loads of time.” Fiona smiled and Hermione led her down the stairs and into the kitchen. Draco had left, and Hermione couldn’t tell if she was relieved or disappointed. “What do you need?” Hermione said, turning to the blonde next to her. Fiona listed the ingredients and Hermione made each one appear on the island counter as Fiona named tehm. Then they set about the dinner. “There, now it just has to cook.” Fiona said, shutting the oven door. She looked at the huge mess on the counter and took out her wand. Fiona flicked it and the clutter disappeared. “What do you want to do until its ready?” she asked. “I guess we could work on that party….” Hermione said after a moment. “Okay, I was thinking we should have a theme and some stuff to do like miniature Quidditch games or something.” “That sounds cool, but what should the theme be?” Hermione said. Diona, it seemed, had already thought about this. “It should be tropical. Like wearing hula skirts and leis, and I’m sure we could make this place look exactly like Hawaii if we combined our magic. “And we could have one of those mini bars.” Hermione interrupted. “And karaoke!” Fiona exclaimed. They shot ideas back and forth until the pizza was fully baked. “Yum, it smells sooo good. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.” Fiona said hungrily “You can’t eat it yet though, I want to wait for Harry…..oh, and Malfoy. I got to go find him. I’ll be back in a jiff.” Hermione said and exited out the back door. She made a B-line through the garden to the guest house. She knocked politely on the door and called “Malfoy, dinners ready.” she paused for a moment to listen. Draco was scuttling around the room doing something. “I’ll be there in a minute.” he said gruffly. ‘Now Harry just needs to get home. Oh God, I sound as though we’re married!’ Hermione laughed at her own thoughts and retuned to the kitchen. Fiona was still alone except for Crookshanks who was enjoying the ear rub from Fiona. While the cat purred she gazed at the pizza sitting on the table. “I guess Harry hasn’t come home then, huh?” Hermione sighed. She was getting rather hungry herself and a little irritated that Harry always seemed to be late. After a short time Draco came through the door. Fiona’s thoughts had been true. ‘Bad boys can be hot.’ she thought. She eyed Draco as he did her, butterflies filling her stomach. Hermione ended the silence finally by saying “Malfoy this is Fiona. Fiona, this is Malfoy.” “Hello,” Fiona said as she got up from her chair and walked over to Draco. She extended her hand for him to shake. “Hey,” he said in a seductive voice. He shook Fiona’s hand firmly and then looked to Hermione as though he had just relized she was there. “What’s for dinner?’ ******* ********* ************** ********** ********* ***** ************ ********* ****** ********** ‘Damn they’re hot.’ Draco couldn’t help but think. HE dept his eyes on this new broad, Fiona. She looked so innocent, he couldn’t wait to take that away from her. “Pizza, that’s what’s for dinner.” Hermione told firmly as though she could read his thoughts. “Great, are we ready to eat then?” he said taking a seat at the oval table. “No, we are going to wait for Harry.” Hermione answered again. Fiona seemed to be trying to string two words together. After all, Draco was gorges. A little time passed and she seemed to zap out of her trance. “How long should it be till her gets here?” she seemed to also remember how hungry she had been. “It shouldn’t be too long,” Hermione said, mentally yelling at Harry to hurry up. He must have heard her, because he walked through the kitchen swinging door. “Hey, Harry, you’re just in time for dinner.” Hermione said. She took a seat at the opposite end of Draco at the table. “Hi, what’s she doing here?” Harry gestured towards Fiona. Hermione quickly explained with Fiona adding in some details here and there. Harry gathered in all this new information and sat down on Hermione’s right side. Fiona then resumed her seat and they began to eat. The conversation was rather mild and silence soon fell over the kitchen except for Crookshanks who was purring between the two girls’ feet. Hermione yawned while Harry sighed, Fiona tapped her fingers and Draco his feet. Everyone’s eyes zagged around the room, occasionally catching someone else’s and quickly looking away. Fiona slapped her palm on the table and the others almost fell off their chairs. “Let’s do something. This is driving me nuts.” “I agree. I have to do something” Harry said. He stood up and left the room. They heard him stomp up the stairs and in a second right back down. Harry flew through the door once more with a deck of exploding snap. “What’s that?” Fiona asked looking closer at the cards. “Exploding snap, haven’t you heard of it?” Draco snipped sharply. “Shove it, Malfoy” Harry said threateningly. The two glared at each other until Fiona asked how the game was played. The three explained the rules or the game and they began. Harry and Draco played vigorously, trying to beat each other. Sadly, they both failed miserably to Fiona. She won 8 times in a row when they finally quit. “Beginner’s luck.” she shrugged, but still a smile shone through her attempts at modesty. Draco got up from the table and walked through the back door, undoubtedly going to bed. “I guess I’m done too.” Harry said. He swigged the last of his butterbeeer and headed towards the door. “Goodnight, Harry.” Fiona called after him. He turned and said “Goodnight, Fiona…Hermione.” “Night, Harry.” Hermione said, not looking up as she cleared away the remains of their dinner. Harry resumed his path to bed. “Those two really hate each other, don’t they?” Fiona stated more than questioned. “Oh yes they do. Its just lots of things about Malfoy that Harry can’t stand. I guess its because Malfoy had always wanted what Harry had. Fame, something Malfoy has always-“ “What? Fame? Why was Harry famous?” ‘Fiona obviously doesn’t know international news. I guess sine it happened almost twenty years ago and in a different country, and she has muggle parents who know none of this either.’ Hermione thought. She sat back down and told Fiona Harry’s history. Fiona didn’t talk much the rest of the night. Even when Hermione brought up the subfect of the party, she didn’t say more than two words. They got into bed silently and embarked the shores of sleep. Just before Hermione set off, she studied Fiona’s preoccupied face. She was staring at the ceiling, her eyes squinting as if searching for something. Hermione rolled onto her other side and rowed toward the shore. (A/N: I hope you all got my little piece at the very end, I thought it was pretty neat and hope you do too!)

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