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Wake Up... Sirius turned on his heel, the look of anger from the argument that had just taken place vanished. It was replaced by a look of utter terror. Harry was dragged by Hermione back into the kitchen, his own legs very near to failing him. Harry watched as Sirius dashed back into the kitchen. In a few swift strides he had reached the kitchen and fallen to his knees. Harry and Hermione dropped to their knees as well. "Remus! Remus!" Sirius yelled frantically, his onyx eyes ablaze with raw emotion. "Remus please wake up..." Sirius sobbed. Sirius put both hands on Remus' shoulders and shook him gently, hands trembling in panic. Nothing... Hermione had streams of silent tears flowing down her flushed cheeks. Harry would have consoled her if he wasn't struggling with tears himself. "Remus...please" Sirius whispered to the deathly still Remus. Sirius began to shake all over. "HELP!" he yelled, still shaking violently. "HELP!!!" "Where is everyone?" Hermione sobbed shakily. "HELP" Sirius yelled once more, "please..." Sirius laid his shaggy head on Remus' still chest. Once the shaking had subsided Sirius raised his head to study his friend. "I can't take you..." Sirius said to himself. As his head raised Harry noticed the tears cascading down his gaunt face, something Harry realized he had never seen before. The tears showing on Sirius' face made Harry see the broken prisoner of Azkaban that Sirius always tried so hard to disguise. As Harry stared into those blazing eyes, shining with fresh tears, he was brought back from the black core of the man before him. A fire blazed in his eyes and Harry nearly got up out of fear. "I'm going to save you" Sirius whispered in a shaky voice Harry had never heard before. Harry watched in horror as Sirius put a hand under Remus' legs and under his arms and hoisted him up with relative ease. Harry didn't know what to do. He couldn't stop Sirius from doing what he was about to do. He was about to sacrifice his own freedom to try and save Remus. "No!!!" Hermione screamed helplessly but Sirius couldn't hear. Harry had no words to speak and no voice to speak them with. He ran to the door shaking. How could he make this decision? Does he let Sirius go? Sacrificing any time they might have together if he leaves? Or does he make him stay... condemning Remus. How could life be as cruel as to make him choose between the two people he loved the most. Harry prayed for some sort of miracle to take this decision out of his hands, and it arrived...just in time. The flames in the nearby fireplace to which Sirius was heading burst up glowing an emerald green, and Mr. Weasley walked gingerly out followed closely by Bill and Charlie. "Sirius?" Bill asked, seeing the shaking man before them with a deadened werewolf in his arms. "I'll save you Remus!!" Sirius sobbed as he tried to brush past the Weasleys. "SIRIUS!?!" Mr. Weasley said, getting a hold of him by the hem of his shirt. "What happened!?!" The three of them quickly realized what Sirius was trying to do and quickly made to intervene. It took all three of them to force the delirious man back. Sirius yelled and pleaded for them to let him go but they wouldn't. They finally got Sirius to lay his friend on the floor. "Remus?" Charlie asked, his eyes widened in shock as he lay his hand on the mans chest. "He's not breathing!" Harry felt Hermione begin to shake beside him, and pulled her close for comfort. "We have to go now!" Mr. Weasley shouted. "I'm coming" the still shaking Sirius bellowed. "You can't Sirius!" Bill reasoned with him, "you'll be discovered!" "I don't care!" Sirius said in a harsh voice before tearing through the front door of Grimmauld place. "SIRIUS!" Harry yelled and started to go after him but a still sobbing Hermione held him back. "We can't follow him Harry" she said softly, the silent tears once again flowing down her face. "We didn't come here to follow him." It took all of Harry's will power to hold him back from chasing his desperate godfather. He turned to face the rest with a throat clenched by the onslaught of merciless tears. The two of them ran back to where the others were leaving for St. Mungo’s and quickly floo'd after them. They reached the hospital in time to see Bill and Mr. Weasley approach the from desk with a limp Lupin being supported between them. "Help!" Mr. Weasley shouted, turning many heads towards him. "What is the problem sir?" the female clerk at the front desk asked distractedly, Harry couldn't help but feel strong dislike for her. "This man isn't breathing!" Charlie said incredulously, knowing that it was pretty easy to guess. The woman stood up with a bit more energy than she showed before and called a healer to them. A moment later a tall lanky balding man stood before them, a more appropriate look on his face. He flicked his wand and Lupin was levitated onto a stretcher. "Follow me" he said, swiftly taking off with Lupin's stretcher trailing behind him. They reached the waiting room of the second ward and a girl in a lime green healer's uniform spoke to them. "I'll have to ask you all to wait here while we try and help Mr..." "Lupin" Bill put in. "Thank you" she said as she turned and headed into the room with the other healers. Bill sank into one of the uncomfortable waiting chairs of the hospital, holding his head in his hands. "Charlie" Mr. Weasley said gravely. "Yes dad?" "Go get your mother and the others and tell them what happened" he said, "And tell them to watch for Sirius." Charlie nodded and dissaparated without a word. Hermione walked towards the door of the room Lupin had been taken in, Harry quickly noticed this and went and grabbed her arm tp stop her. "No" Harry said softly, "don't go in there." Harry said, feeling the panic subside to be replaced by sadness. It took all the strength he could muster not to burst into sobs but he managed somehow, he knew Lupin wouldn't want him to worry. "He's going to be ok" Harry said to Hermione in a soothing voice as he pulled her in and comforted her. He felt her shake with uncontrollable sobs. "I don't want him to leave..." Hermione sobbed hysterically, "please let him be ok" "Ssshhhh" Harry soothed, "we won't let anything happen to him Hermione..." she only continued to cry into his robes. Suddenly Harry saw a black dog bound past him sniffing the ground and heading towards the room where they had taken Lupin. Harry froze, thankfully Mr. Weasley hadn't. He quickly got up to restrain Sirius. Sirius whined and whimpered as he was pulled back to where they were sitting. Mr. Weasley sat running his hand absent mindedly through the thick fur of Padfoot, who sat whining and nuzzling the others for comfort. It hurt Harry so much to see Sirius so sad and worried. Finally after what seemed like an eternity a healer walked towards them. They immediately rose to meet her, and Sirius began to whine even louder in anticipation. "Are you the party who accompanied Mr. Lupin in here earlier?" she asked grimly. Mr. Weasley nodded. "What can you tell us?" he asked. "Is he..." "I am afraid that I need some information from you before I can give you any" the woman said firmly, Harry wanted to scream in frustration and impatience. "What?" Mr. Weasley asked, showing impatience himself. "It has come to our attention that what you brought in was a registered werewolf." she said. "You mean who" Mr. Weasley said sharply. "Excuse me?" she said, looking confused. "Remus isn't a thing" Mr. Weasley said angrily, "he's a person." The healer stared at him with growing impatience, she simply continued what she was saying, pretending she hadn't been disrupted. Harry heard a low growl echoing from deep within Sirius' throat. "Before we can release any information about Mr. Lupin, we need you to get his registration number," she said sternly. "What!?!" Bill said incredulously, "can't you just tell us what happened?" "I'm afraid we need it's registration number." "HIS!!!" Mr. Weasley thundered. Sirius started to snarl at the miserable women. Bill was about to go to Lupin's room when he felt Sirius tugging at the bottom of his robes. He looked down to see the giant black dog leading back towards the fire places. "Fine" Bill said angrily. "But when we get back you better have some answers for us!" he said before storming back through the fireplace, followed closely by his father. Harry and Hermione arrived back at Grimmauld place to see the Padfoot change back into Sirius. "Where does he leave his registration number?" Bill asked. "In his wallet "Sirius grumbled as he scanned the area. "He's got to have with him wherever he goes." he explained tonelessly. Mr. Weasley seemed to sense his uneasiness. "Sirius?" he asked softly. Sirius turned his tear streaked face towards him. "What happened to Remus?" Sirius bowed his head, knowing the question was unavoidable. "It's all my fault" Sirius said miserably, Harry wanted desperately to go over to him and tell him it wasn't. Mr. Weasley and Bill waited for him to continue. "We fought about something stupid and then... he just... fell..." Sirius struggled to control his sobs. "It's going to be alright Sirius." Mr. Weasley walked over to Sirius and placed a hand on his back. "I hope so Arthur" Sirius said softly. "The last times we spent together we spent yelling" he said, a single tear finally spilling down his pail face. Bill quickly strived to change the subject, "So where does that man leave his wallet?" he said to himself. "Check his room" Sirius said without looking up. Bill quickly tore up the stairs in pursuit of this said wallet. Mr. Weasley turned to Sirius once more. "So why does he have to carry his number with him everywhere?" he asked, trying to relieve some of the fast growing tension by sparking a conversation. "Because anyone in our society has the right to demand he show it to them." Sirius said gravely, "It's heart breaking... he can be thrown out of stores, restaurants, or any public place just because of what he turns into once a month." "That's horrible" Mr. Weasley said sadly. Just then Bill came back down into the kitchen where the sat with a small cream colored card in his hand. "Got it!" he said. The three of them went back to the fireplace without a word, Sirius changed back into Padfoot and they headed back to the waiting room. They reached the waiting room to see that the healer had left. Harry and Hermione took seats across from the Weasleys. After a little while Charlie came bounding down the hallway with the rest of his family (and presumably himself and Hermione) behind him. Molly rushed past him to Arthur before tossing a worried glance at Sirius, too worried to argue. "What happened Arthur?" she cried. "We don't know yet dear" he said soothingly. "He'll be ok Molly, he's tough." Molly continued to sob into his robes. "How was he when you brought him?" Fred asked. "He wasn't....doing well." Charlie finished. Harry saw Ginny crying silently into Bill's robes. "How long have you been here?" George asked. "A while" Mr. Weasley sighed, "but it's still early." Suddenly the buzz of chatter was silenced by the sound of echoing footsteps coming towards them down the hall. The healer who had met the at the front desk came towards them, a tired and pained look written on his face. He walked towards them and stopped in front of the crowd of people. He looked at all of them gravely, and spoke two words they had all dreaded hearing, "I'm sorry..."

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