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Sybil Trelawney was perched on the edge of a small chair and staring into the mists of the crystal ball. Unfortunately the only thing that she could predict from it at the moment was fog, lots and lots of fog. She was concentrating hard and didn’t notice the two disillusioned people enter the tower, even when Filius managed to knock over one of her rather nasty china tea cups. “My Sight must be sleeping…” Sybil eventually deduced and went to make herself a cup of tea so that she could have a nice drink and predict that a tall, dark, handsome stranger would whisk her away. Minerva smiled and muttered something as she pointed to the cup of tea that Sybil had made. “Sweet Merlin!” Sybil cried out once she had drunk her tea and saw the tea leaves in the bottom. “The leaves never lie…” Sybil put down her cup and ran from the room, leaving Filius looking suitably confused for Minerva who was rather amused. Filius got up from his seat in the room and went to examine the cup, the contents of which now read “FRAUD” in tea leaves. “Come on, she’s getting away!” Minerva said and the two of them ran as quickly as they could from the room and followed the woman that looked remarkably like a stick insect from the room. She was marching huffily along and no longer floated along with the aid of a levitation charm. As she reached the seventh floor Minerva took out her wand but Filius stopped her. “It’s my turn now.” He said and gave his wand a quick flick in her direction. There was a small droning noise coming from somewhere and they could feel a little vibration in the air. “You made her hum?” Minerva asked, an eyebrow raised. “Just wait.” Filius said and pulled her behind a statue, partly to watch without being noticed, partly to avoid his charm. “STICK INSECTS!” Sybil screamed a moment later as the droning sound became a loud humming and thousands of winged stick insects swarmed around her. She screamed and sprinted off down the corridor past a group of amused Gryffindors. “Very nice.” Minerva said with a smile, “But do you know what are better than stick insects?” Filius shook his head, wondering what she was going to do. “Burning stick insects!” Filius laughed and shook his head in disbelief.
Remus followed Harry down the corridor in the general direction of Snape’s dungeons but then Harry turned quickly to the side and leapt into a room to hide from Snape. The greasy potions master walked past and as he did so Remus smiled menacingly and followed him. He waved his wand quickly and muttered an incantation and a small bucket appeared by him. Madam Slime’s Grease For All Occasions. Said a label on the bucket, although why the bucket was labelled was beyond him. Remus shrugged and levitated the bucket along next to him. Behind him Harry watched with interest at the bucket of grease which was levitating down the corridor. He raised an eyebrow but turned and made his way back up to the Gryffindor common room. “Hello Malfoy.” Harry said, greeting a snowman that stood in the entrance hall. This particular snowman was wearing a blond wig, waving a flag which read ‘GRYFFINDOR FOREVER’ and managing to scowl menacingly at anyone who passed him. “Hey Tonks.” Harry grinned at the witch who his under one of the staircases and put additional curses on Malfoy. Now the snowman was enjoying wearing a pair of dungarees, a straw hat and a piece of barley was stuck in his mouth. Harry grinned and turned to walk up the next stairs but was almost knocked down by none other than Sybil Trelawney as she sprinted past him, quickly followed by a hoard of fiery stick insects and Professors McGonagall and Flitwick. Filius ran faster to keep up with Minerva, who although she was much older than he, was surprisingly quick on her feet. Sybil was sprinting towards the Great Hall which was quite convenient, it being dinner time and all. Her hair had now been set on fire due to the stick insects which was causing her to scream all the more loudly. Dumbledore looked up with interest when he saw Sybil running into the room and throw her head into the large bowl of pumpkin juice on the staff table. The students looked up with interest but quickly went back to their own meals. A moment later Minerva and Filius calmly walked into the room, before being barged out of the way by Snape who was skidding around the room, trying to make his way to the staff table. He was now covered from head to foot in a cross between grease and slime and he shook his fist at Harry as he skidded past. Remus walked in a second after he with a slight smile on his face and carefully sidestepped the grease on the floor as he found his seat. Last to arrive were Tonks and Mad Eye who received a furious glare from Malfoy over at the Slytherin table who still had a snowman’s head with a blond wig carefully balanced on top. “You’re looking rather more… greasy than usual, Severus.” Minerva noted as the mad skidded past her and into his seat a few chairs down. “It’s not my fault that someone threw a bucket of slime over me.” Severus retorted. “It is your fault that you’re a greasy slime ball, however.” Remus said. “It’s not my fault I have oily hair!” Snape said loudly and the room went deadly quiet. “Get a shower!” Someone from the Gryffindor table shouted and Snape glared at them all, convinced that it had been Potter to dare shout that out. Snape scowled darkly at the five members of staff who had spent their morning causing trouble and stabbed his chicken remorsefully, imagining it to have Lupin’s stupid face. “Severus…” Sybil said as she came to sit by the side of him, her hair black and singed, with a few dead stick insects in it. “You seem to have suffered some misfortune today.” “What of it?” Snape growled at her. “I believe the answers to this mysterious misfortune are written in the tea leaves… Would you care to let me read your tea leaves?” She asked as sweetly as she could for a woman who had spent almost half an hour running round the castle screaming and running from burning insects. “Generous offer, but frankly I’d rather eat one of the insects in your hair.” He said coldly. “I hate to disappoint you further but the reasons for your misfortune are not in some soggy leaves, they’re congregating at the end of the table.” He glanced down the hall at Malfoy whose head was melting due to Pansy Parkinson throwing hot tea all over him. He shook his head and poured himself some pumpkin juice from the bowl infront of him and looked uncertainly at some of the black things in it but drank it anyway. From the other end of the table there was laughter as Minerva pointed out what he had just done. He glanced at Sybil who looked away quickly and seeing the things in her hair he realised all too late what he had done. He spat it out quickly, receiving a frown from Dumbledore. “This is war.” He scowled darkly at those further down the table. “Care to get revenge?” He asked Sybil. He loathed her but two people had a better chance of revenge against those cretins than he alone did. As well as this he knew another man who may be willing to help. “I suppose so.” She said and picked some more dead things out of her hair. Severus pushed his food away, the sight having thoroughly taken away his appetite. “You won’t get away with this Lupin.” Snape growled at his old enemy who was laughing and joking. “No chance in hell.” He had been so intent on staring at the wolf that he wasn’t paying attention when Potter had made his way over to the Slytherin table and taken a chunk of snow from Malfoy’s head and made it into a snowball. Snape looked daggers at the boy who skidded with style back down to his house table as he wiped snow from his face. “You won’t get away either, Potter.” He added darkly. A/N: Second chapter there, what do you think? Worth carrying on with? Chapters are still only short because I've not got into it properly yet and because I've yet to build up a plot. ("what, you mean this is going to have a plot?" I hear you cry) Anyway thanks for reading :o)

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