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The staff were bored. Harry Potter was currently in his sixth year at the school and now that Fred and George Weasley had left the school he had managed to find himself causing trouble in their place. Well not so much trouble but just the occasional prank on Malfoy or Snape. Minerva McGonagall, Remus Lupin, Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape, Nymphadora Tonks, Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody and Sybil Trelawney all sat chatting idly in the staffroom. The door flew open and Draco Malfoy staggered into the room, his hair was now bright red and he had freckles.

“Professor Snape…” Malfoy gasped, “Potter…” That was all he needed to say and in a moment Snape was on his feet and marching out of the room as fast as he could, what with the drag from his billowing robes of course. Naturally Malfoy went trotting after him to see the fun.

“Potter!” Snape shouted at the top of his voice down the corridor at the son of his old enemy.

“I see a polluted aura around that man.” Sybil said mysteriously.

“That’s it!” Minerva almost shouted at her, “I’ve had enough of you and your ridiculous charade!” She waved her wand and a moment later Sybil found herself locked out of the staffroom.

“Your aura doesn’t seem particularly pure either, Minerva.” She scowled and quickly levitated herself an inch from the floor so she could glide around the castle and add more mystique to her appearance.

Back in the staffroom everyone laughed as they heard Sybil mutter something outside before leaving.

“She deserves that just for being so ridiculously stupid.” Minerva scowled.

“Why is it that we’re so bored?” Tonks asked them all and received shrugs and a few “dunno”s in reply.

“That’s it, I’m going to go curse Malfoy.” Mad Eye said and rose from his chair, the other teachers rolled their eyes at him. “Well it’s something to do, and the students need to be able to defend themselves against unknown attacks.”

“And the best way to do that is to attack them when they least expect it.” Tonks smiled.

“I agree.” Remus said, “But why limit it to the students? Surely if the students are being cursed then the some of the staff should get the same treatment…”

“Basically you want to go curse Snape.” Minerva stated.

“Why not?” Remus asked, “I’m sure he’s out of practice when it comes to fending off unknown attacks and he should stay on his toes…” Minerva raised an eyebrow. “You know Sybil really should stay on her toes as well. You could be just the person to do that, Minerva.” Remus smiled at her and she couldn’t hide the evil glint that appeared in her eyes and the thought of cursing Sybil, repeatedly.

“I suppose teaching the students to defend themselves is a necessary part of schooling…” Minerva said.

“Definitely, they should be able to defend themselves from whatever attacks should happen to come their way.” Filius said and the five teachers in the room grinned.

“Anyway, I believe we were going to pay Mr Malfoy a visit.” Tonks said to Mad Eye.

“What do you mean ‘we’?” He asked her and she grinned.

“Can’t let you have all the fun, can we?” She asked him and he rolled his good eye as the room emptied.


“I’ll get my father on you for this Potter!” Malfoy shouted down the corridor at the boy who walked quickly away from him. Unfortunately Draco had allowed himself to become frozen to the floor by Potter, who was grinning broadly about his success in the matter as he walked away.

“Little git.” Mad Eye muttered as he walked closer, disillusioning himself first.

“Where’s Snape got to?” Remus wondered aloud and Tonks shrugged. Remus wanted to go chase Snape round the school but he couldn’t until he knew where he was and cursing Malfoy in the middle of the first floor was a sure-fire way to get Snape running in that direction.

Imperio” Mad Eye muttered, his wand pointed squarely at Malfoy’s chest.

“Raindrops on noses and whiskers on mittens…” Malfoy screeched out in a horribly high pitched voice. The staff started to laugh and most had to press their hands over their mouths in an attempt to muffle the sound, or in Tonks case put a strong silencing charm on her and conjure a calming drought.

Minerva smiled and waved her wand at the boy who was singing helplessly and attracting a crowd. Suddenly Malfoy was doing something that could possibly be passed off as dancing with his feet still frozen to the floor. He waved his arms madly in the air as he sang louder and louder.

“Good lord, someone needs singing lessons.” Nearly Headless Nick said as he glided past with the Bloody Baron who had his ghostly fingers in his ghostly ears. Malfoy’s cheeks flushed bright pink as he saw his classmates staring at him in disbelief. He thought it couldn’t get any worse but sadly Potter, Weasley and Granger appeared a moment later along with some more of those Gryffindors and all were laughing loudly a moment or two later.

Filius took a leaf from Harry’s book and began to plait Malfoy’s yellow hair using a spell he had found earlier on. Malfoy had a look of panic on his face which managed to make everything even more amusing as he realised that his hair was being plaited. He began to a dance that resembled the monkey and an inane grin was suddenly plastered all over his face.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Snape demanded as he marched through the gathering of students to see Malfoy humiliating himself and his house. Not far away Potter, Weasley, Granger, Thomas and Longbottom were all in hysterics on the floor and seeing the plaits in Malfoy’s hair he realised who must be to blame. “POTTER… MY OFFICE… NOW!” He shouted and Harry got to his feet and walked away in the general direction of the stairs down into the main hall.

“Uh oh.” Remus muttered and still disillusioned he walked quickly after Harry and down the stairs. Minerva smiled and satisfied that her work was done turned and started to walk up to the North Tower, in which her good friend Sybil resided. Mad Eye and Tonks waited for Malfoy to escape his icy bonds before they started to curse him again and Filius, making a snap decision quickly trotted after Minerva up to the North Tower.

Who’d have guessed that simply cursing Draco Malfoy could bring some interest into their day? Certainly not the staff…

A/N: I accept the fact that some people will have been reading and thinking "what are Tonks, Lupin and Mad Eye doing in this?!" The reason is that in my other story, Hopefully Interesting Sixth Year, I had them all as teachers, just for the sake of having them in the school. That's all you need to know really, that and no one likes Snape much.

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