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Hey! Here it is (again)... Hope you like it! Hope you like this! Moony vs. Padfoot… Round Two Hermione was frozen in her spot on the floor. Harry could hear vague whispers coming from the spot where Lupin was apparently talking to them. "What are we saying to him?" Harry asked, becoming more and more confused with every second that passed. "I don't know... but it seems as if we never went to the future in this time, and it's showing us what happened so we can change it. It's like watching a book being written!" she said interstedly. Harry couldn't help but smile that Hermione could relate anything to a book. He was about to say this when Hermione put a finger to her lips to silence him. She walked over to where 'they' were standing, and listened with rapt attention. Harry tried as hard as he could to concentrate on hearing what they were saying but it was like counting the stars, it quickly proved impossible. "I guess we'll have to listen to how Lupin answers us" Hermione shrugged and turned to the conversation again. "Don't worry about me." Lupin said to the people standing in front of him. "Great" Hermione sighed, "this is starting to sound like every other conversation he's had for the past three days." Harry was about to respond to that when he noticed the look on Lupin's face change drastically. "You two are becoming far too preoccupied with things that don't concern you!" Lupin said fiercely. Both Harry and Hermione took a step back, having never heard such negative or forceful words from the smooth talking Lupin. "So he is talking to us!" Hermione said excitedly. "But he doesn't seem to agree with what we're saying to much" Harry commented. Lupin turned abruptly and leaned on the counter heavily. A perfect picture of having too much to stress over. "I won't be kept in here just because you had some silly dream about me dying!" Lupin said in a rising voice, not daring to turn around. "And even if I do snuff it today I will not spend my last day kept in this god forsaken dump!" Harry turned to see Hermione's lip trembling, having hear Lupin yell was something completely new for her, and it was easy to see how much it startled her. "Pleas stop arguing" she whispered desperately, as if willing the future version of herself to obey her. Lupin's shoulders slumped. One ragged sob escaped him before he quickly regained his sober nature, though his eyes showed the strain the rest of his body struggled to contain. "I think we told him not to go anywhere" Hermione said, leaning back against the wall. "Why do you think?" Harry wondered aloud. "My guess is we are probably trying to stop anything from happening to him" "Making him miserable in the process." Harry cut in. Hermione nodded mutely. They both jumped as Lupin slammed a shaking fist on the counter, making his tea spill onto the counter. With a low growling sound he took out his wand and cleaned away the mess. Sirius walked in at the noise. "Moony?" he asked quietly. "I'm fine Padfoot" Lupin said in a carefully controlled voice. "I know you aren't fine Remus" Sirius said in a hoarse voice, abandoning the old school nick name. "I am fine" Lupin said defiantly, "I am not weak." "Not being fine doesn't make you weak Moony, it makes you human." "You know just as well as I do that I'm only human to a certain extent." "Cut the crap Remus!" Harry hung is head, he had acquired much experience in where an argument can go between these two, having listened to a fare share of them over the last part of the holidays. Harry knew now that all the 'arguments he had heard before weren't actual arguments, more like two cubs fighting over a piece of meat, the meat being the bragging rights as to who was the biggest hero. Harry realized that whatt was playing out before him was a real argument, and he had a feeling that something like this had probably only happened once or twice since these two had known each other. Lupin had successfully broken the fragile casing of Sirius' temper, and it flowed out freely, damaging all in it's path. "We're only trying to help!" Sirius seethed. "Why did you always have to be so stuck up?" "You have no idea what I'm going through Sirius." Lupin said in a calm rage. "Well maybe I would if you would let anyone come within a hundred feet of you without exploding on them!" Sirius yelled. "I'd like to see you handle this situation!" Lupin yelled back in challenge. "Maybe you should try spending the better part of a month beyond the veil!" Sirius' rage turned into aggression. "You weren't there for three days before you had to be carried out!" For the first time since entering Lupin turned to face Sirius, Harry could see the tears threatening to escape from his amber eyes that now flashed dangerously. "I don't see why you needed my apparently pathetic help if you were so well of on your own!" Lupin fumed. Sirius snarled, "Well it's obvious that my coming back hasn't pleased you much!" "Maybe I only did it for Harry!" Lupin yelled. "DON'T YOU DARE BRING HARRY INTO THIS!" Sirius roared. Harry felt his legs get weak at being mentioned in this monstrous row. He had never seen either of them do this. He couldn't help but think that this was his fault. He couldn't help but worry that the whole situation was having a very dangerous affect on Lupin. But just as Harry was preparing for the worst of it (he was vaguely aware of a sobbing Hermione clinging to his shoulder for support) Harry saw something strange pass over Lupin's face. A kind of deadened sorrow, Harry found it too hard to describe, but he knew Hermione had seen it to. She clung even tighter to his shoulder, "What happened?" she asked weakly, wiping tears out of her eyes. The two men stared at each other in what was the loudest silence Harry had ever experienced. "Why would they say these things to each other?" Hermione asked, clearly frightened of what might happen if the braw continues. "I don't know" Harry sighed, determined not to let this happen when they went back to the present. Sirius hadn't noticed this sudden change in Lupin as he was to busy fuming and stroking his badly bruised ego. Without warning Sirius stomped out of the room, not casting a single backwards glance at Lupin. Harry and Hermione quickly moved to follow when they heard Lupin stagger behind them. The two of them to see Lupin sway on the spot, a single tear blazing a path over the rugged terrain of his scarred face. "Sirius" was all he managed to say before he fell to the ground in a crumpled heap.

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