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The long awaited ch 12!! :) __________________________________________ Harry looked at Remus strangely, before realising that he must have read his thoughts. He sighed in annoyance, this ‘link’ was proving to be irritating. ‘How much did you hear?’ Harry asked his Godfather quietly, suddenly finding his shoes incredibly interesting. ‘Enough to know that there’s a prophecy been made about yourself and Voldemort, and that you will be his downfall…why didn’t you tell me sooner?’ Remus asked tentatively, placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder. Harry remained staring at his shoes. ‘I haven’t told anyone about it. I would of thought that Dumbledore would have told the Order about it anyway?’ Harry questioned. ‘No. He didn’t,’ Remus replied, his every darkened momentary as he answered, and Harry looked up at him feeling slightly scared to see his Godfather looking so terrifying and powerful. But as soon it had come it disappeared and was replaced with the usual shine that they bore; as if tears lay waiting for their command to fall. ‘…But I didn’t hear all of it though. Care to tell me?’ Remus asked. Harry returned his gaze to the floor and mumbled something unintelligible. He sighed. ‘You didn’t hear the worst part then, it said: …either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.’ Harry answered solemnly. He chanced a look at his Godfather who was now squeezing his shoulder tightly. He was looking at Harry sorrowfully and Harry couldn’t stand it, he had to look away again. ‘So basically I’ve got to kill or be killed, and I know I can’t defeat him. He’s much more powerful than I’ll ever be… he’s going to kill me, I know it.’ Harry stated very quietly, but Remus heard him and placed two fingers under Harry’s chin, and tilted his head so that he could look into those emerald eyes of his. ‘You don’t know that Harry, and you shouldn’t talk like that. There is still hope that Voldemort can be defeated, otherwise why would there be a prophecy? There is always hope, Harry. Always,’ Remus reassured Harry, pulling him into an embrace to which Harry gratefully received. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dinner that day passed as most others had done. The teachers talking amongst themselves about plans for the start of term, or about the Order or just life in general. Harry ate his dinner silently, every now and then nodding to Remus who countless tried to include him in conversation after conversation. Harry admired Remus’ efforts but he was too unfocused to keep track of a conversation with anyone; his mind lingered on the prophecy, the last few lines replaying over and over in his mind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus looked over at Harry who once again sat beside him. He sighed as he watched Harry push the food on his plate around with his fork, not once had he seen him take a bite since they entered the hall for dinner. It was worse tough, because he knew what Harry was thinking about he could hear everything that he thought resounding in his mind. He rubbed his temples as the sound of high-pitched laughter broke the boundaries of his mind and in the effort to stop the ear-splitting sound, he abruptly dropped his knife and fork with a clatter against his plate as the other occupants of the room turned to stare at him. Gradually the sound left his ears and the stone-cold silence of the hall funnelled through. ‘Remus are you ok?’ Remus turned and realised that Harry was looking at him worriedly. He managed a small smile before saying that he was ‘only tired’ Harry didn’t seem convinced and so Remus added telepathically that they’d ‘talk about it later’. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once out of ear-shot Harry began his questioning. He was almost running in an attempt to keep up with Remus who seemed desperate to return to his room before saying anything. ‘Once we’re inside Harry, we don’t know who could be listening,’ Remus sent, indicating his office door as they approached. Harry nodded mutely and stepped inside. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back in the Great Hall, the other teachers were having a discussion. Presently, Professors’ Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, Snape, Flitwick, Sinistra, Sprout and Vector were all there. Hagrid and Moody were both on separate ‘missions’ and Professor Trelawney very rarely made an appearance whilst others were present. Meaning that the present occupants were all members of the Order, Professor’s Vector and Sinistra been the most recent to join the ranks. ‘I am growing concerned about Harry and Remus,’ Dumbledore began, drawing everyone’s attention instantly. ‘I think the connection that has been forged between them both is starting to take effect, you all saw what happened but moments ago,’ There was a collective nod. ‘I fear that this connection will be the unravelling of them both if something is not done about it soon. Severus, have you found anything new…’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meanwhile Remus and Harry were sat in Remus’ room sipping hot chocolate as they spoke. ‘Harry what you have to understand is that I don’t have all the answers…nobody does. At least not at the moment anyway, the Order are still looking into it,’ Remus began. ‘I know. I wish we knew more about this ‘link’ thing we have between us. We can’t shut it off, can we? I mean, are we doomed to forever hear each other’s thoughts for the rest of our lives?’ Harry asked, although he didn’t expect an answer. Remus sighed. ‘I really don’t know, only time will tell I suppose. The Order is still researching the prophecy but apparently there isn’t much information about this link, also, it’s different because you’re already connected to Voldemort, and I fear that I may also now be connected to him as well,’ Remus answered. Harry looked at him sharply. ‘What do you mean? Connected to Voldemort? How do you know?’ Remus surveyed Harry before answering carefully, ‘Whilst we were at dinner this evening I heard laughter in my head, like when we communicate with each other… only I know it wasn’t from you, and so it must have been… him.’ Harry gaped at him. He couldn’t believe that Remus was now connected to Voldemort as well! ‘S-So t-that means that… that… will you have dreams like I do?’ Harry asked timidly looking at his shoes. He was afraid of the answer. He didn’t want anyone to see the things that he saw in his dreams, especially Remus. Remus looked at Harry sadly. ‘I don’t know Harry. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,’ Remus sighed. ‘You know none of this is your fault though don’t you? It’s not your fault Harry, I mean it!’ Remus told him sternly. Harry gave a small nod, but he didn’t believe it. Everything was always his fault, or so he believed. __________________________________________ Hey guys! So sorry, about the lateness of this chapter!! I’ve been bogged down with coursework lately and I haven’t had chance to do much of well… anything! :) But, although I am still as busy as before, I’ll try to keep on top of things… just bare with me for a while… you may find that updates may come in groups in one day and then zilch for a week… etc something like that… but I’ll try my best! :) Anyway, thanks to all my reviewers!! (and silent readers too!!) lol Hope you liked this chapter… after the next one, the pace should pick up a bit, so don’t worry! Don’t forget to REVIEW!! :) ~Sam.

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