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Harry approached the dungeons nervously, he didn’t want to be having extra lessons with Snape, and Occlumency was hardly ‘fun’. He knocked gently on the door to Snape’s office and entered after he heard Snape call, ‘Enter’ in an annoyed tone. Snape was sat behind his desk, hunched over a stack of papers that Harry guessed may have something to do with the Order, seeing as the school term hadn’t started yet, and so he wouldn’t have any papers to mark. Snape only looked up at Harry once he had shut the door; which he had done as quietly as he could, not wanting to anger the pallid-faced man. Snape shuffled his papers before replacing them in his desk draw, he then stepped around his desk and came to face Harry, his wand already drawn. ‘So Potter, I doubt you have bothered to practice Occlumency since our last meeting, and I will be highly surprised if you achieve anything in tonight’s,’ Snape sneered, whilst twiddling his wand between his fingers; obviously itching to curse the boy that stood before him. Harry refrained from answering back at him, he knew it wouldn’t do him any good. Snape’s black eyes glittered at the lack of his response before continuing; ‘On the count of three then… one…two…three…Legillimens!’ Harry hadn’t been prepared. He had only just managed to remove his wand from his pocket before Snape had thrown the curse at him. His memories suddenly started to flood his mind. The room and Snape had disappeared from view, and now he was watching a scene from his past at the Dursley’s. Uncle Vernon was yelling at Harry for accidentally turning his cousin’s hair blue, to which Harry at the time, didn’t know how he had managed to, and he soon received a clip around the ear before watching his past self being thrown into the cupboard under the stairs. The memory changed and he was much older, in his third year to be exact, and hundreds of Dementors were closing in on him and Sirius, his patronus charm failing him. Again the memory changed and he was in the department of mysteries. ‘No. I don’t want you to see this, I want let you!’ Harry’s mind screamed as he desperately tried to push the memory back into the recesses of his mind, where it belonged. The memory faded and Harry found himself on his back in the middle of Snape’s office, panting for breath. ‘Get up Potter! That was pathetic. Although you eventually managed to stop the memory, you waited too long and you got yourself in such a state, that I could have hit you with the curse again before you recovered and you would have been powerless against it. Get up!’ Snape ordered. Harry dragged himself to his feet. His scar was prickling and his head swimming with dizziness, he really didn’t want to try that again, but he knew Snape would make him. ‘Remember, clear your mind of all thought and emotion. Ready?’ Harry nodded numbly, desperately trying to clear his mind of all thought. ‘One…two…three…Legillimens!’ Snape hollered, and again Harry began to see flashes of his past before his eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Remus, are you alright?’ Minerva asked suddenly. Remus who had remained in the Great Hall whilst Harry went to his occlumency lesson, had grown steadily silent as the conversation around the table grew, and for the last ten minutes or so he had developed a headache that was steadily growing worse. ‘I’m fine, just a headache Minerva,’ Remus answered absentmindedly. ‘I think I’ll go have a lie down or something until Harry gets back from occlumency,’ he announced as he rose from the table and left the hall. He didn’t notice the concerned whispers that followed, between Minerva and Dumbledore. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus staggered into his quarters suddenly feeling a lot worse. He felt light headed and dizzy, which was unexplainable, seeing as he had just managed to eat a rather large dinner. He slumped into a chair beside the fire, that sprung to life as soon as he entered the room. He decided to sleep the headache off, hoping that it would go away soon, so that he could spend some more time with Harry before he went to bed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Snape let out an annoyed sigh. ‘Potter! You’re not even trying! Get up, and try again! This is the last time!’ By now, Harry’s fourth attempt, he felt doomed to failure, but once again he pulled himself to his feet with the help of Snape’s desk, and prepared himself for what was to come. ‘Legillimens!’ Snape called. Harry once again began to see flashes of memory before his eyes. This time he began to see the moment when Dumbledore told him of the prophecy. He pushed with all his might, to stop Snape from seeing that memory. He didn’t want anyone else to know about it, especially not Snape! Suddenly, his vision cleared and he found himself in Snape’s office again, who was looking at him strangely. Eventually Snape recovered, and his expressionless mask reappeared donning his face. ‘So, it seems persistence does pay off,’ Snape muttered. ‘That will be all for tonight Potter. Same time next week, and I will know if you have been practicing or not, now remove yourself from my sight!’ Snape yelled, before turning back to his desk, where he once again removed the papers from the drawer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry walked slowly along the corridors, his head hurt so much he felt like he was going to retch from the pain emanating from his scar, but still he trudged along, back to Remus’ quarters. He used the cool, stone walls for support, his knees hurt from constantly falling to the hard floor, and he didn’t think they could withstand his weight much longer. Finally, he made it to the door that led into his and Remus’ rooms. He didn’t bother knocking; there was no need. He stepped inside, shutting the door quietly behind him. He didn’t notice Remus fast asleep in the chair by the fire, as he soon flopped down unconscious onto the floor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Harry? Harry, can you hear me?’ Harry began to open his eyes, but it was too bright so he shut them tightly again. He chanced himself another look, squinting against the brightness of the room he found himself in. He was lying on the floor by the looks of things; as everything seemed to be bigger than usual. It was then that he noticed Remus’ worried face looming over him. Remus breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Harry? Are you ok?’ he asked concernedly. Harry nodded, not knowing how he had got on the floor, but his whole body ached with stiffness. Remus offered Harry a hand, which he gratefully received. He allowed Remus to guide him over to a chair and he sank back against it’s soft cushions and closed his eyes. Remus surveyed Harry. ‘He doesn’t look well. I wonder what happened? I bet it was Snape!’ Remus thought to himself. Harry sniggered at his Godfather’s thoughts; he had obviously forgotten about the link they shared. ‘I’m fine Remus, really. It was because of occlumency I guess, but only because I haven’t been practicing enough…it wouldn’t have been so hard otherwise…’ Harry began. Remus interrupted him. ‘Harry, I think something happened last night. I mean, whilst you were with Severus, I had to leave the hall because of a headache. Once I got back here it grew worse, and then I think I passed out. The thing is though, Harry. I think it had something to do with this ‘link’ we have between each other,’ Harry looked at Remus confused and so he continued. ‘Because you were having an occlumency lesson at the time, I think….well, I’m not sure, but I think I could feel your pain, mentally.’ Harry stared at Remus. ‘B-But, then that means…’ Harry began. ‘Yes. Yes I know,’ Remus answered sadly. _______________________________________ Hey guys, this chapter is being re-submitted since the site crashed or something and this chapter got wiped!!! :( Anyway, hope you'll review still?? and I should have the next chapter up shortly... :) ~Sam.

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