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That I never felt I had the chance to say All the things that were in this heart of Mine. They say you learn from your big mistakes And I think it's just about time that I... Say it to you, Say it to me Say it to all of us In perfect clarity (to all our families) I'm sick of people talking' out of their ass About the way things are today. They bitch and moan ever time you see Them In their own peculiar ways. They're lunchin', they're munchin', and then They start punchin' 'Cause they just can't get it straight. What's the use in beating around the bush Unless you're getting a little. Say it to you, Say it to me Say it to all of us In perfect clarity (to all our families) I'm sick of living this life in vain Black or white, love or spite Just give me the facts on what you're feeling I try to be patient but you're killing me... -Caroline's Spine, Say It To You, Say It To Me Ginny Weasley lounged boredly in her room, the hot summer air washing over her. She groaned in annoyance at the heat and turned over and lay on her stomach, burying her face in the pillow. She groaned again and sighed, kicking the covers off of her angrily. Her door opened slowly and a bush of red hair poked its head in. “Ginny? You okay?” She raised her eyebrows in response and her brother sighed, letting himself in and sitting on the foot of her bed. “Ruddy heat’s driving us all crazy,” he said absently, running his fingers through his hair. Ginny nodded, to hot even to speak. “I wonder how Harry’s doing.” Ginny sighed. “Don’t ask me,” she said bitterly. “You’re the only one he sends talks to properly these days – well, you and Hermione. But mostly just you.” Ron nodded grimly, biting his lip. He looked so worried that Ginny softened a little and put her hand on his arm. “It’s not like it’s your fault or anything. It’s just annoying. I mean, he is so determinedly chipper that it makes me feel like it’s ‘Chamber of Secrets’ all over again.” Ron looked up in alarm. “I’m so sorry, Ginny! I didn’t know…” Ginny rolled her eyes. “Oh, shove it. I’m a tough girl, I can handle it. He’s just reminding me of me, is all. You know, how he’s always smiling that horridly happy smile when we all know it’s a load of cock.” “Language,” Ron said absently. Ginny made a not-so-pleasant gesture with her finger. Suddenly, Ron looked like all the life had drained out of him. “I don’t know how much longer I can take this,” he said emptily. “It’s really, really exhausting.” Something odd began to happen then. A really, really scary feeling that Ginny hadn’t felt so strongly since Michael Corner had hit her (she’d refrained from telling Ron - it was better all around) began to well up in her stomach. Ginny Weasley was furious beyond measure. All the lethargy from the heat left her and she got out of bed. She pulled on a T-shit and shorts and ignored Ron’s inquisitive eyebrow raising. She stormed out of her room and slammed the door shut. Ron hurried out behind her, but she continued to ignore him. She marched into Harry and Ron’s room, where Harry was lying dazedly on his bed. He saw her and smiled cheerfully. “Hullo, Ginny!” He said, his voice ringing with sickening chirpiness. “Alright?” She stood before him, glowering, hands on her hips. He recoiled a little, frightened. “No, Harry Potter, I am not alright. And neither are you.” He raised an eyebrow, the forced happiness never once leaving his persona. Ginny reached down and yanked him off of his bed. “Shut up, Potter,” she growled as he opened his mouth to protest. “Let’s go.” She kicked him forcefully in the arse and marched him downstairs and into the kitchen – a place he hadn’t been for almost a week. The other Weasley’s plus Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger, and Nymphadora Tonks, in the middle of lunch, stopped to stare. Harry sulked. “I’m not hungry right now, Ginny,” he grit out, more than a little annoyed. “I told you that.” “I don’t give a rat’s ass if you’re hungry or not, Potter!” She snapped, and set Ron firmly in the doorway. “Don’t. Move.” She growled. Ron nodded, terrified. Even he had never seen his sister so pissed off. Harry stood staring at her, waiting for her to beg him to eat. He’d heard all the pleas; he was ready. But Ginny didn’t beg. She grabbed his collar and shoved him down into a table. She slammed down a plate of pancakes in front of him. “Now eat it.” “Ginny, Harry doesn’t have to eat if he doesn’t want to. Harry, you don’t have to ea—” “Shut up, Mum,” Ginny snapped, cutting her mother off. Molly Weasley gaped. Never once had her daughter ordered her to shut up. Ginny continued, unabashed, “You are going to eat all of that food, Potter, or you will sit here for the rest of your life. You are not to get up until it’s finished.” He glared at her, but she seemed unconcerned. “Or, of course, there is always the option of just dying. Only one of those three will let you leave this table.” A dead, uncomfortable silence settled on the table. “Maybe I’ll just die then,” Harry challenged, gauging her reaction. Ginny shrugged. “Well, if that’s the way you want it, whatever.” Harry stared. It wasn’t just that she wasn’t rising to his bait; it was that she was utterly unconcerned. It was like she didn’t even care. He continued to glare at her, refusing a bite. “Weasley,” he said, gritting his teeth, “I’m really, really not hungry.” Ginny returned his gaze evenly, but everyone within a 1000-mile-radius could feel the heat of anger. “I thought I’d made it clear that I really, really don’t care if you’re hungry or not.” She seemed to realize that he wouldn’t eat it, so she stood up. “Fine, Harry. If that’s the way you want it…” Harry smiled, cheery once more. He’d won. She bent down to pick up the plate, and grabbed the fork as well. She cut a piece of pancake and put it in her mouth. “Mmm,” she said delightedly. Then she cut another piece and brought it midway up to her mouth – before turning around and cramming it in his. He stared, pancake in his hanging-open mouth. She narrowed her eyes. “If you’re going to be an asshole about this, I guess I’ll have to be, too.” She shoved another piece in, sitting on the table in front of him. “Come on, ickle Harry,” she cooed doing the ‘airplane’ with the fork. “Open wide.” Harry chewed quickly and swallowed the first two pieces. He shut his mouth stubbornly. Ginny’s smile widened and she leaned in. For a moment, it looked like she was about to kiss him, and he froze up. Last time this had happened… …Her lips were inches from his, and he could do nothing but sit there. She made sure all he could see was her lips and eyes, and his mouth fell open. She shoved the fork in. “Damnit, Ginny!” He screeched, coughing. He chewed reluctantly and swallowed the syrupy goodness. His stomach rumbled against his will, and Ginny smiled brightly. She put the plate down and fork in his hand. “I think you’ll eat by yourself now,” she said, her anger seeming to have evaporated. But Harry could still sense that she was far from her normal self, so he hastily ate the rest of the pancake. Ginny watched the whole time, calm. When he had finished, he found himself wanting more. Sensing this, Ginny put another plate before him. “You’re not finished yet,” she said sweetly, and sat across from him. She grabbed Witch Weekly and read it absently. “You know, Harry, you’re terribly selfish,” she said conversationally as he ate. He tried to ignore her; it didn’t work. “Here we all are, busting our asses for you, and you refuse to cooperate with anything. My mum cooks you all your favorite meals, but you refuse. Everyone else offers you companionship, but you refuse. How selfish can you get?” Everyone gaped at her. No one, but no one dared to speak to Harry like that. He’d either blow up to go into withdrawal. It was difficult to determine which was worse. “Not to mention,” Ginny continued, knowing that she was baiting him, “that some of us miss Sirius almost – if not just – as much as you do. But I don’t suppose you’ve taken Remus into consideration, have you?” “Now, Ginny, I understand that Harry—” “Well, I don’t,” Ginny interrupted fiercely, and Lupin was too afraid to try and continue. “Harry, have you bothered to ask Lupin how he felt? Bothered to offer a helping hand? Or what about Tonks, Harry? Did you bother to ask her how if felt, losing her boyfriend?” Tonks blushed. “It’s fine, Ginny,” she said softly. She’d lost much of her bouncy personality since Sirius’ death. “Really.” Ginny glared at her and rolled her eyes. “No, it’s really not, Tonks. Look at you. The person you used to be would think the person you are now a pathetic pushover. So shut up – you obviously have to place to be telling people about letting out your feelings and not losing sight of who you are.” The blatant attack froze everyone’s blood. Ginny ignored it, the power of cold fury pushing her on. “But we’re not here to bastard across from me. Well, Harry? Do you have any input? Are you going to stand up for yourself?” Harry shook his head dumbly. She was right. Everything she said. He didn’t bother denying it anymore. She looked at him with distaste. “Of course not,” she said disgustedly. “You never do. Anymore,” she added, looking repulsed. “You’re just poor, used Harry Potter, aren’t you? Misunderstood, pathetic Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Doesn’t-Want-To-Live-Anymore-Because-He’s-A-Weakling. That’s all you are recently, Potter. But we’ll forgive you, because you miss your Godfather…” Harry’d had it. “SHUT UP!” He shouted. Ginny’s tone had been so near Bellatrix Lestrange’s that it made his blood run cold. “MERLIN DAMNIT, GINNY, SHUT UP!” Ginny just smiled. “Afraid of the truth, Harry? Afraid of what Sirius thinks of you right now? As he’s looking down from heaven, ashamed of you—” “I’M NOT ALL THOSE THINGS!” Harry bellowed, looking furious. “YOU DON’T KNOW HALF OF IT! YOU DON’T KNOW!” “No!” Ginny yelled back, leaping to her feet. “No, because you won’t tell us anything!” “YOU WANT TO KNOW? FINE! FINE, I’LL TELL YOU! I SIT UP THERE EVERYDAY WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT I GOT MY GODFATHER KILLED, THAT I GOT THE CLOSEST THING I HAD TO A DAD MURDERED! I SIT UP THERE AND THINK ABOUT THE PROPHECY THAT SAID THAT I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN KILL VOLDEMORT, THAT I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE! I THINK ABOUT HERMIONE, LUPIN, TONKS, ALL OF YOU WEASLEY’S—I THINK OF YOUR SAFETY! HOW IT RESTS ON MY SHOULDERS! AND THEN, ON GOOD DAYS, I THINK ABOUT HOW I PROBABLY FAILED ALL MY OWLS—OF HOW CEDRIC HIT THE GROUND WITH A DULL THUD, OF THE WAY CHO CRIED, THE FACT THAT SHE BROKE UP WITH ME BECAUSE I’M JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH! GODS DAMNIT, GINNY, THAT’S WHAT I THINK ABOUT! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!” Silence fell. Ginny’s anger had ebbed away and she was left smirking—no, beaming. “Yes,” she breathed. Harry stared. She leapt out of her chair and dashed over to him, giving him a hug. “Do you feel better now?” She asked gently, cocking her head to the side. Harry gaped. “Er—yes. Yes, I do,” he said awkwardly. Ginny smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “Good. I’m glad. Would you like some more pancakes?” Harry grinned—a real grin this time, not the fake one. It felt as though a considerable amount of weight had lifted off of his shoulders. “You’re crazy, Weasley. You know that?” Ginny grinned. “Sure I do. But you didn’t answer my question. Would you like more?” Harry nodded, and she dropped a few more pancakes on his plate. “Mmmm. So is anybody up for Quidditch later?” No one could speak. They were all too stunned at the sudden change in both Harry and Ginny. The latter rolled her eyes. “Honestly. You’d think that by now these people could handle your outbursts, Harry,” she told him teasingly. He laughed. “You’d think so,” he agreed. “And I’m in for Quidditch.” Perhaps it was this, the fact that Harry had volunteered himself for a game, for something fun, that woke everybody up. Immediately they all volunteered to play, and even Tonks seemed her usual self. Harry finished his ‘lunch’ and everyone filed outside. Ginny reached for her Shooting Star, but Harry stopped her. He tossed her his Firebolt and winked. “Thanks,” he explained, hopped onto the Shooting Star and flew upwards. Ginny grinned. “Anytime you want me to beat sense into that blockhead of yours, you know where I am,” she returned as she flew up beside him. He laughed. “You’re on.”

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