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‘Harry?’ Remus asked concernedly. Harry had been sitting staring at the floor for nearly five minutes and the other occupants of the room were growing steadily more concerned over how he had taken the new information. However, Remus had been able to hear Harry’s thoughts the whole time. He could tell he was confused and that he was slightly angry about the information of him being the heir to Godric Gryffindor being kept from him, but Remus also sensed something else. Something that worried him; guilt. He wasn’t sure why Harry would feel guilty, what did he have to feel guilty about? He hadn’t done anything, what was he thinking? Suddenly, it clicked. Harry was thinking about the prophecy, about the link. Remus sighed, got up from his seat and made his way over to him. He knelt in-front of where Harry was sitting. Harry’s eyes remained focused on the floor. ‘Harry, please look at me.’ It wasn’t a command. Remus took Harry’s hands in his, and Harry slowly looked into Remus’ pleading eyes. ‘Harry you have nothing to feel guilty about, you know that right? You had no control over this prophecy, about this ‘link’ between us. Frankly, I like the idea of us being connected… ’ Remus began. ‘How can you say that, Remus?’ Harry interrupted, ‘The prophecy said that, ‘the link will overthrow all and chaos will ensue.’ How is that good?’ Harry asked weakly, tears glistening in his emerald green eyes. ‘I meant I like being connected to you, Harry. This link we don’t know what it means exactly yet, but what we do know is that you and I have formed a closeness between each other because I love you. What Dumbledore failed to mention, is that for the prophecy to be fulfilled, you must feel the exact same way too, and that makes me the happiest werewolf on the planet!’ Remus smiled at Harry, who was smiling back at him. They were a family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That evening Harry and Remus slept soundly, a small smile on both their faces. Finally, they would both have what they always wanted. The chance to feel loved and to love someone back. Neither had forgotten about the last part of the prophecy but neither wanted to think about that for the time being. Harry had thought that if Ron could see him acting all soppy around Remus he would have laughed his head-off at the pair, but Harry didn’t care. Nothing could bring down his good mood. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Harry. Come on wake-up, time for breakfast,’ Remus called. Harry gave him a sleepy, ‘Coming.’ Remus rolled his eyes and proceeded to try and wake him up, he eventually id but only after physically levitating him out of the bed using the levitation charm. ‘Hey, no fair!’ Harry moaned as Remus lowered him gently onto his feet. Remus only laughed at him as he took in Harry’s appearance. His hair was as unruly as James’ would be when he first awoke, and he was wearing a large baggy T-shirt and shorts, that Remus supposed used to belong to Dudley. ‘Hmm. Maybe we should go into Hogsmeade today and but you some new clothes?’ Remus suggested. Harry’s eyes lit-up. ‘Really? You mean I can leave the castle!’ Remus smiled at Harry’s enthusiasm over something so small as going to Hogsmeade, but then he realised that it probably was a bigger deal to Harry than he could possibly imagine, and the thought of this only made his smile grow wider as he nodded his head to Harry. Harry whooped before running over to his trunk to get some clean clothes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The two made their way down to the entrance hall where the smell of sausages, bacon, toast and coffee wafted through the air from the Great Hall. Remus sat in a seat opposite Minerva and next to Filius, whereas Harry sat on the other side of Remus and next to him sat Professor Sprout. Snape it seemed, had decided to skip breakfast, much to Harry’s pleasure. ‘So Harry, Minerva began placing her mug of coffee on the table, ‘Do you have any plans or ideas for Quidditch this year?’ Harry raised an eyebrow at her confusedly. ‘Um… what do you mean Professor?’ he asked. Minerva smiled warmly at him, something that was uncommon of the formidable old witch. ‘Well, you’ll have to make some soon, Mr Potter. What with being the new Quidditch captain and all,’ Minerva finished watching Harry amusedly as his mouth dropped open in shock. ‘M-Me? Quidditch captain? For real?’ Minerva nodded taking a swig from her mug. ‘Yes Mr Potter, for real.’ Harry turned to Remus who was grinning broadly at him. ‘Congratulations Harry!’ he replied patting him on the back. Harry didn’t think today could get much better. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus had asked permission from Dumbledore during breakfast, to take Harry into Hogsmeade; who had agreed on the condition that they be back before dark and never separate from each other. So now they were walking through Hogwarts’ grounds each talking animatedly about Harry being made the new Gryffindor Quidditch captain and what they plan on doing in Hogsmede for the day. ‘Well, I hear there’s this new store in Hogsmede that makes robes and also sells a few Muggle items as well, although it meant for when wizards need to disguise themselves in the muggle world; I’m sure we’ll be able to find something you’ll like,’ Remus informed a practically buzzing Harry. Harry couldn’t remember feeling so happy; he was finally outside of the confines of Hogwarts, he was with his new Godfather whom he loved, he had been made Quidditch captain, and he was finally going to have a wardrobe to be proud of! He imagined what Dudley would think if he ever saw Harry wearing nice new clothes and burning his hand-me-downs, as that’s what he planned to do with them; burn them! Harry smiled as they entered the wizard village. He couldn’t remember a time when he had visited Hogsmeade and it hadn’t been snowing, it looked quite different in the summer; with the shops bathing in un-filtered sunshine and a gentle summer wind that swept through their hair. ‘Hair…I should probably get my hair seen to. When was the last time I bothered to have it cut?’ Harry pondered, once again forgetting about the connection between himself and Remus. Remus smiled at Harry’s thoughts as he turned to look at him. ‘You’re right. It is getting a bit long,’ Remus sent telepathically to Harry, making him start. ‘Remus! Don’t do that! And anyway, I like it long, I just want it tidied-up a bit,’ Harry answered. Remus smiled. ‘So you’re going for the punk look?’ ‘Punk?’ Harry laughed at Remus, ‘Hmm, maybe,' Harry teased. Remus raised an eyebrow, but didn’t reply, as they came to the clothes store. ‘Ah, here we are.’ Remus announced. Harry looked up at the sign above the store. It read: ‘Dennison’s wizard and muggle attire.’ ‘I can see a lot of thought went into the name of the shop,’ Harry scoffed. Remus rolled his eyes as he went to push the old-fashioned door open, Harry soon followed. Harry was surprised to see the large range of clothes that the shop had to offer. From where he was standing, he could see, every-day wizard robes, dress robes, fancy dress clothes, muggle suits, children’s clothes, underwear, swim-wear, coats and jackets and a whole section on mismatch muggle clothing. Harry shook his head smiling; wizards never were going to understand what muggles wore. He was pulled from his thoughts when he noticed Remus looking at a muggle bomber jacket that was a luminous orange colour. He watched as he tried it on and gazed at himself in the mirror, Harry thought it made him look like he had more muscles than Arnie Schwarzeneger! Harry burst out laughing and replaced the jacket on the hanger as he took hold of Remus and led him over to where the wizard robes were. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At 5pm Harry had finished his shopping and had managed to find a few muggle tops that fit well that had various logos on them. He also brought some plain coloured wizard robes, a new set of dress robes (just in case), some underwear, some new shoes (that they realised were hidden at the back of the shop) and so ended up buying some trainers as well, and finally a few sets of trousers and a jacket. Harry had also managed to get a haircut at Madame Boudoue’s salon, and he had insisted that it be kept long in length, but that she trim the fringe and dead-ends. His hair was almost down to his shoulders and so pulled it back into a low pony-tail. Remus had agreed that the new look suited Harry, but Harry had heard him ‘think’ that he reminded him of Sirius slightly. By the time that they had returned to Hogwarts the sun was about to set, and Remus said that if Dumbledore caught them walking in so late, that he would say it was Harry’s fault for being too picky over his choice of clothes, as he couldn’t see what was wrong with the orange bomber jacket when he had suggested it. To which Harry snorted before continuing towards the entrance hall. ‘Ah there you are, Harry, Remus,’ Dumbledore welcomed warmly as they entered the Great Hall for an early dinner, having felt exhausted after all their shopping. ‘How was the shopping trip?’ Dumbledore asked them, his eyes sparkling in the light. Harry proceeded to tell the Headmaster, or rather his great-uncle, all about the clothes store showing what he had brought to the now crowded dinner table as more and more teachers filtered in. ‘Well, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself Harry. You haven’t forgotten that today is Thursday have you? and that after dinner you have your first Occlumency lesson with Professor Snape?’ Dumbledore asked. Harry visibly gulped, he had completely forgotten what with all the excitement of the day, he knew his happiness wouldn’t last. ‘No Sir.’ Harry answered somewhat glumly, to which Dumbledore chuckled lightly. ‘Don’t worry Harry, I’m sure you’ll have gotten better, what with having the summer to practice…’ Dumbledore began. Again Harry gulped, he hadn’t had chance to practice Occlumency, of all things! He had been too caught up in his emotions over Sirius and the prophecy to worry about Occlumency. Harry nodded to Dumbledore, as he excused himself from the table and headed toward the dungeons, dreading what would come. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys, so that was CH10! I just want to say sorry about how long it took me to post this, things came up and I found myself at the bottom of a list of to-do’s! lol Anyway, it’s here now so I hope you liked it, if your getting worried about the pace of the story, then don’t worry as it will soon pick-up in one or two more chapters… : ) Thanks to all my lovely reviewers! I really appreciate your compliments and thoughts! So, don’t forget to REVIEW!! lol : ) ~Sam.

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