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A/N I do not own these charaters. They belong to JK Rowling.

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It had been several weeks since the Chudley Canons mach and things were more normal than ever for Harry. Ron continually harassed Hermione to wear the double C shirt. Hermione only agreed to wear it to future matches. Ginny had even picked herself up one as well, although Ron didn’t think she should wear it. Harry disagreed.

“And just why is it okay for me to wear it and not her?” Hermione questioned.

“She’s my sister for Merlin’s sake, she doesn’t need to be prancing around in that.” The minute he finished that sentence he knew he was about to be clobbered.

“What!? Because I’m not your sister I can wear that shirt. What are you saying Ron, huh! Ronald Weasley are you saying that I look like a tart? Am I not as good as Ginny.” She continued to scream, then became very sarcastic. “I’m just a muggle born right? It’s okay if I look like a tramp. Is that it? I am not believing you. If that’s how you feel about it then you can wear the stupid thing and support your own sticking team!” She threw the shirt at him and turned to run from the room.

“Hermione, I’m sorry…Please!!!” He ran after her.

Hermione ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She followed the dirt path that led into the village. She had to get away from that two faced ogre. She began to slow down and broke down crying. But that two faced ogre was all she had. Was she over reacting? She soon came to the lake and stopped. She sat on a rock near the water and cried. She then realized why she was so upset.

“Hermione, please, I’m sorry.” Ron ran to her side and collapsed at her feet. “I don’t think any of those things about you. You have to understand.”

“I do.” She said calmly.

Ron continued to plea with her when he stopped. “You do?” He was now confused yet again. He tilted his head and cocked one eyebrow . “What?”

“I said I do.” Her eyes were swelling with the tears that lie on them. “I’m jealous.”

“Of what?” Ron had a blank look come across his face.

“You’re family.” She looked him square in the eyes. “ I have no one to stand up for me the way you all do for Ginny. My parents were all I had.”

Hermione often lost Ron in conversations and frequently spoke in circles and far as he was concerned, but this was ludicrous. “Hermione they’re your family too. You very well know that any one of my brothers would be there to stand up for you. Hell Hermione, they would beat me into the dirt if I ever hurt you. You are one of us.”

“Ron, Do you think that my family would have gawked at me the way you all did when I wore that shirt. NO!” She answered herself. “They would have thrown a fit just like you did with Ginny.” She stood up and stepped past him and walked to the waters edge. She stood there watching the water ripple as fish surfaced to pluck floating insects from the waters top. She couldn’t look at him. “I hear what other girls say around the Ministry when I’m there. I hear the whispers. I’m a spoiled muggleborn that doesn’t deserve the Ministers son.” She then let it all go. She poured her concerns out for him to hear. “Can you imagine what they will say when everyone finds out that Rose is ours?” She couldn’t move. She felt the crisp autumn air blowing her hair and it caused her to shiver.

“Stop it!” he yelled, “Stop talking that way. You have done more for our world than any of them would come close to even imagining, and who cares who cares what they say about us having Rose. You did it for them. You could have called me home. We could have gotten married immediately, but you sacrificed your “perfect” reputation to allow me to be able to protect them. If they can’t see that for themselves then I personally give up on the whole wizarding race. The only thing that matters to me is my family, you and that little girl that we have been blessed with having. And if they can’t accept all that then to hell with them all.” He was furious at the idea of anyone disgracing Hermione in any way. He would be damned if anyone spoke ill of her. The girl who had always accepted him for who he was not who his Dad was. She was there when no one else was.

“Ron, you know what things like that can do to children when people talk.”

“Hermione, you are the smartest witch I know, but right now you’re not thinking. Come on really. You know as well as I do that if my Dad weren’t Minister they wouldn’t they wouldn’t give an owls hoot. If my best friend wasn’t Harry Potter they wouldn’t care. Hell, they would chase after the giant squid if his dad where the Minister.” He left it at that. He put his arms around her waist and looked out onto the lake with her.

“How did you get so smart?” She asked him as she laid her head back against his chest.

“It’s all from the company I keep.” He kissed her temple and squeezed her to him.

She turned in his arms facing him. She stretched up to him while he bent to her and kissed him. “What did I do to deserve you?”

“I could ask you the same question. Let’s go home.”

They both turned and walked leisurely back to the Burrow.


When they arrives at the front gate they could hear screams and yells coming from the Burrow. They looked at one another and dashed into the garden. Ron flung open the door allowing Hermione to walk in first. There in the lounge stood Fred, Angelina, George, and Susan all looking horror struck as Mrs. Weasley went on so load and fast that her words couldn’t exactly be made out. Harry and Ginny walked in from the kitchen obviously not having a clue either.

Fred finally tried to calm his mother. “Mum, please if you will just listen.”

Mrs. Weasley had stopped yelling but she continued to look at them crossly. She took in a deep breath. “What…do…you…mean…you…all…GOT MARRIED!!!??”

Ron and Hermione’s mouths both dropped as did Harry and Ginny’s.

“Mum, really please stop.” George tried as well to calm his mother. “Things just happened so fast. We took the girls on a short holiday to the U.S. A place called Las Vegas. Quite an exciting place.”

“I’m sure it is!” She said rather sarcastically. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t keep her voice down. She could feel the blood pumping fast and her hands were beginning to shake.

Fred again spoke relieving his brother. “They had these all night wedding chapels with bright lights and costumes.”

“All night chapels. I ask you how appropriate is that?” She had lowered her voice a bit, but was talking through clenched teeth.

Angelina and Susan had failed to say a word. They actually looked terrified. Mrs. Weasley soon noticed and began to feel terrible for scaring them so. “I don’t blame you two, my sons can be STUPID gits sometimes. Probably talked you into it. They have always been the type that liked to pull a good one every once in awhile.”

Angelina and Susan had not actually been duped into this in any way. They both were ecstatic when Fred and George suggested it. Angelina and Fred had known each other so long that it was just a matter of time anyway. George and Susan had been conjoined at the hip since that day at the Burrow. Susan said she had always a good judge of character. She also said that her Mum and Dad had only known each other two weeks before they got married, and they’ve been happily married for 30 years. They had taken the news a lot better then Mrs. Weasley.


Mr. Weasley apparated into the room and smiled at his family.

“Arthur! You will not….” She didn’t get to finish her sentence.

“I know dear.” He threw down the evening edition of the Daily Prophet. The headlines across the front page read:

Weasley Twins Get “Hitched” in U.S.

“Wow!” Fred grabbed the paper amazed at the picture that accompanied the story. It was taken at the chapel and Angelina, Susan, George and himself were all waving while standing next to a men dressed in white robes covered in Rhinestones and holding a guitar.

“Oh, for pixie’s sake.” Mrs. Weasley looked truly appalled.

Susan finally decided to speak. “Mrs.Weasley, I’m sorry that we have disappointed you so much. If you are going to made at someone it should be me. I asked George to visit family with me in the U.S. and Fred and Angelina came along. It all happened so quickly, but I want you to know that I truly love your son. I have every intention of taking care of him and making him happy. Many find him hard to understand sometimes and fault him for things he may do. However, these very faults are what attracts me to him. He’s so wild and I’m so calm. The way I figure it we will balance each other out.” You could see a tear forming in the corner of her eye. George put his arm around her and leaned into her ear.

“Don’t cry love, it’ll be okay. I love you.” He whispered, but everyone could still hear.

Mrs. Weasley’s eyes softened, she was good for her son. She had no reason to be upset with them all. She then begin to release the grip she had on her apron. “Oh, Susan I am so sorry. I should have known a leveled headed girl like yourself would have thought of everything. I’m just sorry I wasn’t there with you.” She walked to her hugging and taking George with her free arm.

“What about us?” Fred looked hurt at being left out.

“Oh Angelina,” She took the other couple into her arms. “You know I’ve always loved you.”

“Well, maybe these girls will be good for these two.” Mr. Weasley smiled at the brood before him.

Soon the entire room erupted into laughs and chattering about the recent event.

“Hey Mum, you may have more children than you can handle soon.” Fred laughed.

Angelina punched his arm causing him to recoil a bit. “What do you plan on carrying them, it may be a awhile for me.”

“There you go Angelina, keep him straight.” Mr. Weasley looked quite pleased with his new daughter-in-law.

A/N This was great fun. Susan is here to calm George and show a more sensitive side to at least one of the twins. I enjoyed letting Ron and Hermione go at it again like the days at Hogwarts. Tension always makes for a better story. Hope my loyal readers liked this one. Please R/R.

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