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DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING! Ginny Weasley stared unblinkingly at her muggle watch. She sighed in exasperation and fidgeted from foot to foot, watching as the numbers on the elevator rapidly changed. ‘Come on, Come on,’ she thought hurriedly. If the elevator took any longer, she was going to be late for her interview for the job of a newspaper reporter for the American Witchcraft magazine. She’d dreamed about this job ever since she’d first come to America. For the past five years, Ginny had been living as a Muggle in New York, going from waitressing, to being a journalist for the New York Times, a big newspaper in the Muggle world. Right when she had graduated from Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry, she had run away, split from her family and friends. She, after all, had been the cause of Colin Creevy’s death. (I know what your thinking), but she didn’t intentionally do it; she had been stupid enough to fall under Voldemort’s Imperious curse. She had never been able to fight it. He’d demanded that she bring Colin to him, and she had under the curse. She couldn’t bring herself to look anyone in the face after that dreadful day. She couldn’t leave her dorm room besides classes, and she wouldn’t go home for holidays, fearing what her family thought of her. She was wracked with unbearable guilt, and loneliness. But she deserved all that, she had killed him, KILLED HIM! Committing Suicide seemed like the right thing to do at the time. It seemed like the only escape from what she had done. Her only way out of the world that had damned her. She had been so close, so close to being free from it all, with the dagger in hand, when Harry, with the adamant help of Ron had intervened, and sabotaged her plans. She had been furious at the time, how dare them interfere with something that she wanted to do! At the time, she hated them, wanted nothing to do with them, and ignored them when they pleaded with her to listen. She never thought she’d get over it, but time dulled the sharp pain, and although she never learned to forgive herself, she did forgive all those around her. Everyone had tried to convince her that nothing was her fault, that Voldemort had tricked stronger people, but she would have none. She remembered with a pang of hurt how Harry was adamant that she had nothing to do with it, and the tears of pain, his own emotional pain that had coursed down his cheeks when she’d tried to kill herself. She had loved Harry. Loved him like no other, but when he went off to fight Voldemort, she couldn’t bear to stay, and be a bother in his busy, fast paced life. Plus, she didn’t think she could stand it if anything happened to him. She would simply die. You may be thinking that she’s a coward, and Ginny would have no objection, why else would she want to kill herself. Now five years later, Ginny had heard from one of her American Witch friends that Harry had destroyed the Dark Lord for good, and was currently looking for his lost love. If anything had shocked her, it was that, how deep Harry’s emotions still were for her. She had asked her friend the source of such information, and was told that one of her British friends had sent her a copy of the Daily Profit. Ginny had gotten sick to her stomach when she’d gotten a hold of her own copy of the Daily Profit, and read the part in the paper that said that he wouldn’t rest until she was found. She’d become visibly pale, and felt her palms become sweaty. She didn’t say anything, to anybody. No body knew that she was once a friend of THE famous Harry Potter, and more so, that she WAS his lost love. They only knew she was British. They knew nothing about her life, not even that she had siblings. Figuring it was now safe, she had finally returned to the wizarding world, but she was still too sore to return to her family, or Harry. What would all of them say if she were to come back? She would stay in America, and start a new life, where no one knew her past, or what she did to Colin. ~~~~ When she exited the elevator, she looked around at her surroundings, and found herself in a small sunlit lobby. There were small cubicles lining the walls. A small blonde haired girl poked her head out from behind one of the small gray walls. “Hello, in for an appointment?” Ginny nodded. “You can go right in. Meg’s waiting for you.” She pointed to a door a little ways away, and Ginny thanked the girl, and went to stand behind it. She knocked lightly. “Come in,” a slightly high female voice echoed through the door. Ginny pushed the heavy oak door open and stepped inside the small sunlit room, clutching her purse. The woman behind the desk seemed to be about 26 years old. She had long brown hair, a slim figure, and a pretty face. She regarded Ginny with curiosity. “Are you-” she looked down at her clipboard, then back up at Ginny, nervously fidgeting in her spot, “Gabby Winston?” Ginny smiled at her cover name, and nodded. “Yes, I’ve come to interview for the reporter job,” Ginny smiled happily. “You’re a witch?” the woman asked. “Yes-” Ginny said hesitantly. “Where are you from?” The woman narrowed her eyes at Ginny as she asked this. “I grew up near London, and moved here after schooling.” “You look so familiar. I swear I’ve seen you somewhere,” she said quietly, examining Ginny closely. The floor in the office seemed like it was going to cave in. The room swayed unnaturally, and she had the distinct impression that she was going to be sick. Could she have seen her in a magazine article from England? “Um-er-no, we’ve never met I don’t think.” She bit her lip hard, but not hard enough to draw blood, as she sat down in the blue plush chair in front of her desk, placing her purse on the floor beside her chair. “You must have gone to Hogwarts? My boyfriend is British, and he went to Hogwarts as well. How old are you?” Ginny was getting more uncomfortable by the moment. Her seat began to feel like it was burning. She felt her cheeks flush, and her palms begin to sweat. “Um-22.” The woman looked up delighted. “Really? My boyfriend is 25, he was there when you where, do you know-” The door burst open, and a very bright happy face popped in. It was a girl, and she looked to be about the same age as the woman sitting in front of her. Ginny craned her neck to see her better. “OOHHHH Meg, are you going tonigh-oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were talking with someone,” she blushed, and Meg nodded amused. “I want details later!” the woman shouted, pulling the door close. “Ok, back to business.” Meg opened a menilla folder, while smiling cheerfully. She seemed to have forgotten about the friendly course of questioning she had first started with Ginny, and proceeded to plunge into the interview. As an hour past, Ginny felt the nervousness seep out of her, as she answered all of Meg’s questions. She watched as Meg broke into a delighted smile as she read an article from the newspaper that Ginny had written. “I believe that’s it,” said Meg smiling. “I think you’ve got the job.” Ginny’s mouth gaped in astonishment. “That’s it? You don’t need to get back to me or anything?” “Nope, your just what we need. I like you; you’ve got spunk. You can start on Monday morning.” She gave Ginny a bright smile, and stood up from her desk. She walked over to where Ginny was slowing beginning to stand, and patted her on the back. “I will see you then. Emma will get you situated on Monday, show you the ropes.” Ginny’s face broke into an enormous smile. ‘She’d gotten the job. She reached down, and picked up her purse from next to her seat. When she straightened out she grinned at Meg, who smiled back, and shook her hand. “Glad to have you on the team.” “Glad to be on the team.” Meg smiled, and dropped her hand. Ginny made toward the door, her face never dropping that silly grin. ~~~~ Ginny sighed happily, and pushed open the double doors of her apartment building. She was smiling happily as she walked hurriedly toward the elevator. She waited patiently, occasionally fidgeting from the excitement. She couldn’t believe that she’d actually gotten the job. She’d been waiting for a chance to finally get back into the wizarding scene, after Voldemort was gone. The elevator door clanged, and slid open. An image of Harry flashed, unwelcome through her mind. She paused, gripping the doors open, stomach fluttering. She really had to thank Harry for it, for giving her a clear path back into the wizarding world. She truly did miss him, and her family. But there was no way that she could ever go back to Britain. She was too comfortable here, and there were too many bad memories back home, minus Harry. She stepped into the elevator, and pressed the button for the seventh floor. She felt the elevator lurch, and begin its ascent. She flipped her long curly red hair over her shoulder, and sighed heavily. She needed to get over Harry. She wasn’t sure if that was possible though, seeing as how it had already been five years, and she was still hopelessly in love. She remembered their last night together. It was the last night of her seventh year. He had come to see her graduation, and simply visit with her. She had taken advantage of their time together, knowing that she was leaving the next day. No one else knew of her plans, no one needed too, they would try to make her changer her mind, and there was no room left in her mind for that. They had made love that night, Ginny giving her virginity to the man she loved, cherishing it more, knowing that this was probably the last time she’d ever see him again, her last chance. Ginny smiled when she remembered this. She still loved him, and wanted nothing more than to touch him, talk to him just one more time. FLASHBACK: The light streamed through the girl’s dorm, and fell on the sleeping figures on Ginny’s bed. Other than the two, the room was deserted, having all gone home early, like Ginny should have, but she wanted one more night with Harry. Little did anyone know that she wouldn’t be returning home like all the others. Ginny lay wrapped up in Harry’s arms. His breathing was light. A strand of dark disheveled hair fell attractively over his closed eyes. Her white sheets were wrapped around them. Harry’s chest rose and fell with his breathing, straining the white sheet that was half wrapped around him. The other half was wrapped around Ginny’s lower body, leaving her upper back exposed. Harry’s hand rested between her bare shoulder blades, and she wrapped her legs more efficiently around his. She snuggled to his side tighter, knowing that this was her last chance. She wrapped her arm around his bare waist, bringing him closer to her, snuggling her head onto his broad chest. She began to feel him stir. She watched his eyes flutter open, and loving emerald eyes met troubled brown. She felt her heart begin to break for the hundredth time. She knew that after she left he was going to go fight Voldemort after she was gone. It was his destiny, and Ginny didn’t want to stand in his way. She was scared for him. His hand on her back, moved down beneath the sheets, and snaked tightly around her small bare waist. He leaned over and kissed her hairline tenderly. “I love you, Gin,” he whispered with such sincerity that it made her want to break down and cry. There was a sharp throbbing pain in her chest that only grew, as the minutes passed, knowing this was the last time for them to be together. She felt tears well behind her eyes, but she pushed them away. “I love you too,” she said, choking on her words. She hastily leaned up, and kissed his jaw, as his grip tightened around her small body. He ran his hand through her silky red hair. Grinning broadly, having no idea of the thoughts racing through Ginny’s mind. ~~~~ She’d left him a note after he’d gone to Ron’s apartment, when she was supposed to be catching the Hogwarts Express. A tear fell on the parchment. Dear Harry, I love you with all my heart and soul so don’t for one-minute think that this is because of you, because it’s far from it. I can’t stay in England anymore. With Voldemort, having so much power. I’ll just be standing in your way as you try to defeat him. I also can’t shake the feeling that I’m a danger to you and my family. Look what I did to Colin, and he was just a friend. Imagine the sick pleasure Voldie would get from having that same thing happen to you. Please look after yourself. If something ever happens to you, I will dye. I’m being completely serious. Please, Please, take care of Mum, and tell Ron and Hermione good-bye. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again after the war is over? I love you now and forever! I promise. Love you desperately, Gin She tied it to an owl’s talon, and took one glance around her old dorm room, before saying: ‘To Harry, take your time,’ and sending the owl away. END FLASHBACK: The elevator clanged, and the doors slid open. Ginny slipped out of her reverie, and made to step out of the elevator. There was a young man clutching a box in his arms, standing there waiting for the elevator. He gave her a warm smile, before stepping on, as she stepped off. She sighed, depressed, a weight settling in her chest as she missed Harry. But honestly what could she do? She was never going back home, she had to get over that part of her life. She made her way to her door and dejectedly slid the key into the slot. She pushed open the heavy door, and walked into her warm, dimly lit apartment. She shut the door, and quickly locked it, this being New York City, you can never be too careful. She hung up her jacket on the peg, and walked over to the answering machine that was blinking. She pressed the small button, and her friend Mandy’s voice filled the comfortable silence. “Gab! How’d the interview go? I hope well, you know what I think we should do tonight? Go out and celebrate, get wasted and maybe pick up a guy or two. What do ya think? Call me.” The next one was Meg, “Gabby, I am very excited to work with you, and I was just going to remind you that you start Monday morning. Call if there is any problems or concerns.” The message ended with a beep, and Ginny picked up the phone, quickly dialing Mandy’s number. Ginny waited a few rings until she heard the familiar voice of her friend pick up the phone. “Hey Mand, guess what?” “What no hello? What?” “I GOT THE JOB!” she squealed happily. Ginny heard squeals in of happiness in the background. “That’s it, we’re going out tonight!” Ginny grinned, “well I’ve got to go and get ready, I’ll see ya.” She replaced the phone back on the charger, and dashed to the bathroom for a shower. ~~~~ Harry sat at Ron and Hermione’s kitchen table. The two of them had gotten married just two short years previous. He stared depressed at a picture of himself and Ginny when she was in her sixth year, and he was in his seventh. It was above the fireplace in the kitchen. He missed her so much. He never stopped loving her, and if it was possible loved her even more, that’s what absence will do to you. He assumed that when the war was over she would come home, back to him, he was waiting for her. Everyday he would get up, thinking the same thing, that this is the day, she’ll come back, I know she will. He remembered when he had received her letter. He couldn’t believe it. FLASHBACK. Harry stood in the kitchen of Ron’s flat with a stupid grin on his face. “Harry, are you sure?” Ron raised a quizzical eyebrow at his best friend. “Positive,” Harry said with certainty. He brought his mug to his lips, and took a sip, letting the bitter taste of his coffee slid down his throat. “Harry she’s eighteen years old.” “Yea, and I’m nineteen. I don’t care, I love her, and I want to marry her.” “Well, if you love her, than go for it,” Ron said, smiling broadly, and patting his friend roughly on the back. “Welcome to the family!” Just then a brown owl perched in front of him. Harry grinned. He knew that the owl was from Ginny, only the school had owls such as this. The ones that thought themselves superior. He took one long swig of his coffee, and hastily ripped open the letter. His eyes grew wide as his eyes scanned the parchment. He sprayed coffee from his mouth in shock as he read through the letter. “NOT AGAIN!” Harry ran a shaking hand through his hair, making it stand on end. He held the parchment closer to his face, scanning the page over and over, hoping that at the end she would write, ‘Just joking!’ No such thing happened. “NO.” He slid to the floor by the sink, and could feel the start of tears prick behind his eyes. He sat there defeated, a tear falling down his cheek, clutching the sweaty blob that was Ginny’s letter. Ron watched his friend shocked. “Harry?” He placed his own coffee on the kitchen table, and crouched down in front of him. He tried to grab the letter from his friend’s sweaty palm. When Ron finally managed to extract the paper, his eyes scanned the parchment hungrily, his eyes widening, then misting over into nothingness. “When is she going to stop blaming herself for everything?” Ron asked quietly. Harry just shook his head mournfully. He felt like half of his heart had been ripped out, and stomped on, leaving an empty void where Ginny had once resided. He was going to find her. If it was the last thing that he ever did, he would find her. END FLASHBACK: Hermione came out of the kitchen, with a cup of tea. Her pregnancy was coming along; she was seven months pregnant and was showing beautifully. She glanced at the crestfallen Harry and sighed. He just wouldn’t be happy again, until he found Ginny. He glanced up at her as she entered. She set the tea down and sat in front of him. “Where could she be Hermione?” his voice cracking, as he stared at the picture of them smiling and hugging each other on the fireplace. Hermione frowned, looking at the picture herself, and settled for patting his back. “She’ll come back, someday,” she said, sounding unsure of herself. Harry had had the Ministry of Magic look for her for years now, and they came to the conclusion that she definitely was not in England. He’d even allowed the Daily Profit run an article about him and Ginny, just so if she were spotted somewhere, they would bring her back to him. Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly. He glanced at Hermione, the same gut feeling that had struck him a thousand times before, struck him again, and this time, he wasn’t going to ignore it. “I’m going to America. She’s probably somewhere over there. I remember she said that if she were to go anywhere in the world it would definitely be America. And besides, I can stay with Fred. Isn’t he in New York City living with his girlfriend?” asked Harry hopefully. “She has to be there.” Hermione looked at him unsure if that was the right approach, but there was really nothing to stop him from going. “Harry….” “Hermione, I have to go, I have to find her.” Hermione sighed, examining his expression. She looked down at her swelling belly. A painfully determined expression grew on her face. “Do what you have to do to get her back, Harry.” Harry ran to the fireplace, and pinched floo powder in. “Fred Weasley.” Fred’s familiar face was swimming into sight. “Harry? What can I do for you mate?” he asked, confused by the determined look on Harry’s face. “Fred, can I stay with you for a month or two. I’ve got to find Ginny, and I remember her telling me something about America.” He frowned, “Harry-are you sure?” “Dead sure. I’ve got to find her. I just have a feeling, she’s there, she has to be.” “Well, of course you can stay.” “Who’s coming?” a feminine voice asked from behind Fred. Harry smiled kindly at the woman. “Hello Meg.” “Oh, hey, Harry, so he’s staying then?” she asked, pointing at Harry’s floating head in the fireplace. “Yea, that ok?” Fred asked, turning to his girlfriend. “Sure.” She raised her shoulders in what Harry assumed was a shrug. “Hey Fred?” Hermione asked from behind Harry. “Hmm?” “Do you think Ron and I can come to?” Harry turned to look at her, as did Fred. “I guess. Where the hell am I going to put all of you for a month?” “I’ll sleep on the couch,” offered Harry. “And Ron and I will share the spare bedroom.” “What about the baby, Hermione?” asked Harry. “Oh, we won’t be staying as long as you Harry. A week before the baby’s due we’ll leave.” Harry nodded and turned back to Fred, “so, we can?” “Course.” “We’ll be there Monday.” With that they died the fire, and Harry apparated to his lonely flat to pack. ~~~~ Please tell me if you like it!!! Please let me know!

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