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Padfoot...Knight in Shining Armor Harry stood still, as only his eyes moved in a desperate effort to take in all of his surroundings. Suddenly it hit him, like a rampaging hippogriff the stupid realization of how clear it should have been all along hit him. "Hermione" he said striding over confidently to a lamp at the corner of the dusty room, and flicking on the light. "How thick can you get?' Harry snickered. The old fashion living room of Grimmauld place came into view, Hermione sighed in relief. "For once I'm glad to have dumb moments like that" Hermione said in an amused tone. "I'll have to remember to tell Ron that" Harry chuckled. Suddenly a loud bang echoing from somewhere upstairs caught both of their attention. "We should check that out" Hermione said urgently. Harry nodded, the two of them went upstairs and shuddered as they passed the plaques with the heads of all of the previous house elves. Harry's heart pounded as they approached the source of the noise. The tension built with every passing second, every step brought them closer to the source of that huge bang. Harry turned into the corridor that led to all of the bedrooms and slowly looked around the corner one of the largest bedrooms. Sirius sat on the flower in a fit of howling laughter and it appeared that Lupin had just pushed him off the bed. "What the-" Harry began, but was interrupted by a sharp poke in the ribs by a smiling Hermione. "I want to hear what they're saying" she said in a whisper with a wide smile still lingering on her face. Harry knew that Sirius and Lupin couldn't actually hear them, but he felt awkward disrupting this rare moment between them. "Come on Moony let me back on the bed" Sirius pleaded as he was clearly unable to keep a straight face. "Not if you're going to be like that again you're not" Lupin said, trying very hard to keep a straight face. "Like what?" Sirius asked incredulously, though Harry had a strong feeling Sirius knew the answer by the guilty look imprinted on his gaunt face. "I'm sorry Padfoot but I don't enjoy being wrestled off the bed." Lupin said defiantly. Harry couldn't help but laugh as Sirius made a dive to bring Lupin to the floor with him and accidentally made an oil lamp tumble behind the dresser. Harry winced slightly and Hermione jumped at the sound of it shattering. "Good job Pads" Remus said getting stiffly up. Harry and Hermione decided it was better to go see what else was happening around them. They went down the stairs into the living room to see Ginny and Ron sitting and chatting, with the rest of their brothers. "Where are we?" Hermione asked taking one last glance around just to make sure her eyes were working properly. Harry just shrugged and lead the way into the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley and Tonks stood preparing dinner. Harry went to stand by the table where Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt sat having a heated discussion about what appeared to be Goblin rights, and every so often they would earn a quick glare from Mrs. Weasley when not so polite words were exchanged. Harry laughed when Mrs. Weasley called the rest in for dinner and Kingsley and Moody finished there conversation and began chatting with others as if nothing had happened. Harry watched as the last remaining Weasleys filled the table and was mildly surprised to see that there were still two vacant chairs and that they were both missing. What was even stranger about that was that the others didn't seem to notice at all. They continued to serve themselves helping after of Mrs. Weasleys delicious cooking and chatting merrily without any comment on the whereabouts of Hermione or Harry. The hair on the back of Harry's neck suddenly stood up as he felt something brush up against the back of his legs. He looked back to see Crookshanks with some poor creature that had recently met it's end clutched in his jaws and dangling helplessly. After about an hour of eating and talking Moody excused himself from the table to go upstairs and get a photo he had promised to show Fred and George of the old Order. They heard a dull 'clunk' on every other step as he ascended the stairs. When Moody was gone Harry and Hermione sat at the vacant chairs and listened to the conversation being made. "So the Ministry is no closer to ever finding Sirius" Kingsly was saying to them in his deep booming voice. "They are presently following up on a tip that he had bee spotted by a muggle in southern Germany. Lupin laughed out loud at this and Sirius' smile became noticeably wider. "So I really don't think we have anything to worry about." Sirius couldn't help but add his thoughts to the conversation now that he had been brought into it. "I bet they never got a tip that I was in the underworld did they?" he said with a smile. Many people nodded amused, knowing where the conversation was now going. "I heard you were quite the hero down there" Tonks said with an admiring look on her face. "Oh we go" Harry heard Lupin mutter in an undertone, and Harry couldn’t help but smile, knowing what was coming next. Sirius' story telling always came in phases. Phase one... the swelling of the chest in pride. This happened (to no one's surprise) as Sirius' lungs took in air to begin a rant of pure and desperate heroism. "Well one had to be to fight off mass hoards of Demons all on one's own." Sirius said confidently. "Notice how he speaks of himself in third person perspective as to dramatize the whole thing" Lupin whispered to Ginny as she desperately fought back fits of laughter. "What were the Demons like?" Kingsley asked. Harry and Hermione both laughed out loud (thankfully no one could hear them) as Lupin put his face in his hands. Step two... Harry thought grinning, swelling of the head. "You should have seen the way those Death Eaters ran from me" Sirius was saying, "They clearly saw that I was strong if I could defend myself and Moony when he was laying on his butt the whole ti-" Sirius was suddenly cut off by a loud 'thud' upstairs. "What was that?" Mr. Weasley asked curiously. "I know what it was" Hermione said with that all knowing look on her face that Ron despised so much. "What was it?" Harry asked. "It was just Crookshanks jumping off a bed or dresser onto the floor." she smiled and rolled her eyes. "Sounded like something heavy" Bill said looking at the ceiling, Hermione laughed. Sirius' tale of heroism lasted another twenty minutes before he had finally run out of ideas to captivate his new found audience. I think it's time for bed. Mrs. Weasley pointed out, and one by one the younger ones slowly drifted up to bed grudgingly. "Where should we go?" Harry asked, kicking himself for never thinking of this before. "Are you even tired?" Hermione asked. Harry shook his head, and it was the truth, time seemed to pass quicker hear. "Why don't we just use the time turner then?" she said lightly, pulling the gold chain out of her robes. Harry nodded and slipped part of the long chain around his neck. It was cold against his bare skin. He felt a slight breeze as time passed and suddenly they were standing in a much lighter kitchen and Lupin walked in and poured himself tea before sitting down. Harry noticed that he looked paler than usual. Harry heard Ron come down the stairs talking loudly, when he emerged through the kitchen door. "Morning" Ron said groggily to Lupin, who only nodded in return. "Something is definitely wrong with him." Hermione said worriedly. Harry had to agree, it was more than obvious. Ron grabbed a cup of tea and left, delaying at the door and holding it open before disappearing behind it. Harry's heart skipped a beat as a chair pulled itself out from under the table. "Good Morning" Lupin said hoarsely. Harry wondered for a moment if Lupin could see them, and Hermione was obviously thinking the same thing. A million thoughts were zooming through Harry's head, and he only vaguely felt Hermione poking him on the arm, then shaking it. Was Lupin going insane, was he going insane?" "Harry" Hermione said with as much force that could possibly be put in a whisper, "Harry...he's talking to us!" Hi! Sorry this chapter took so long... I've been so so so busy! But here it is! Please review, it means so much to me and it takes so little time. I realy wanna know whatyo guys think of the story, and me! lol And if you are bored you could always go read the two stories that came before this, A Cry for Help and When All is Lost... Happy reading!

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