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So here’s CH9 Guys! Thank you to all of my wonderful reviewers! I really enjoy reading all of them, and love to see what you all think!! _______________________________________________ Upon entering Dumbledore’s office, Harry felt his stomach flip and erupt into nervous butterflies. He really had no idea at all what it could be that Dumbledore and the others were going to tell him. Once again he felt a hand on his shoulder as Remus guided him into a seat in front of Dumbledore’s desk. ‘Are you ok Harry?’ Remus asked telepathically. Harry turned his head to look at Remus who had taken the seat next to his own. ‘I’m just a little nervous is all. I’ll feel better once everything is out in the open,’ Harry replied, returning his gaze to Dumbledore who was speaking in hushed tones with Professor Mcgonagall. Remus nodded and cleared his throat loudly in order to indicate that they were still there and waiting for them to begin. Dumbledore finished his conversation with Minerva and she too took a seat, the other next to Harry. Dumbledore slowly took-up his seat behind his desk, and peered through his half-moon glasses at the occupants of the room, or more accurately; at Harry. ‘There are a number of things of which we need to discuss Harry, and so I must ask that you please, not interrupt. There will be a time for questions afterwards,’ Dumbledore began. Harry only nodded, his attention now rapt as he waited for Dumbledore to continue. ‘Firstly, I suppose I should explain this curious ‘link’ that you seem to have forged between yourself and Remus. At first, we were unaware of it, but it seems that it has only made it’s appearance now, due to recent circumstances.’ ‘After the death of Sirius, you were left without a Guardian and I approached Remus in the hope that he would take up the position in your life. To which he gladly accepted, as you know. However, we were not aware of what could happen when you both came to accept each other as Godfather and Godson.’ Dumbledore sighed. ‘There is an old myth Harry, that up until now was thought to be nothing more than that; myth. It is said that when a person is a werewolf, they are unable to fully commit themselves to love another human, as it is beyond their capability. That is partly why werewolves are seen as untrustworthy, dark creatures.’ Harry turned to Remus who had a glazed look about him. He then returned his attention back to Dumbledore who continued to explain. ‘I am not saying that werewolves are unable to love another, Harry. They are still human, all but during the cycle of the full moon, and so still hold human emotions. Now, the myth is rumoured to have been influenced by a…prophecy...’ Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat, but remained listening attentively. Dumbledore had paused at the mention of a prophecy, awaiting Harry to say something, but when he remained silent he swiftly continued. ‘… the prophecy is said to have been predicted by the great Seer Madame Martoix, who lived in France and came from a long line of famous Seers, that have since died out due to the dark wizard Grindelward.’ ‘The prophecy spoke of a werewolf that would defy society’s view, come to the aid of others as an act of redemption and would go on to be rewarded with the ability to love another fully, that which is said to be a true werewolf’s most hidden desire, according to myth.’ Dumbledore paused, allowing his words to take affect before beginning again. ‘We believe that Remus is the werewolf in question, as the next part of the prophecy proves.’ Here Dumbledore turned his attention to Remus who stared knowingly into the headmasters blue eyes that had turned sombre since he last spoke. Remus nodded his head yes, as if in silent confirmation for the man to continue; and so he did. ‘The next part of the prophecy is slightly disconcerting and I already have the Order members working on a solution to the problem. The prophecy continues: After the werewolf has his reward, a new power will be formed that will link him to his most beloved, but the link will overthrow all and chaos will ensue.’ The end of Dumbledore’s speech was met with an awkward silence as the adults gazed between themselves and Harry nervously, contemplating what had been said, and what the teen’s reaction would be. Harry didn’t know what to think. He felt slightly confused, and he didn’t want to think about what the prophecy made by Madame Martoix meant by this ‘link’ allowing ‘chaos to ensue’. Harry shuddered at his muddled thoughts. Remus sat staring at his hands. He didn’t need to look-up at Harry to realise what was running through the boy’s head. He could hear every thought and sense his feelings as well. He was pulled from his thoughts however, when Dumbledore began to speak again. Out of the corner of his eye, Remus could see Harry looking at him worriedly, as though expecting something to happen any minute. Remus sighed before returning his attention back to Dumbledore. ‘As I mentioned before, I already have most of the Order researching into this matter and so you needn’t worry in the time being, either of you.’ Remus smiled weakly whilst Harry just nodded, seemingly mulling things over in his mind. ‘Now, we have other matters to discuss. Harry, whilst you are here during the summer holidays, I feel it would be beneficial for you to continue occlumency with Professor Snape,’ Dumbledore announced. ‘But Professor Snape threw me out of his office! He won’t agree to…’ Harry began. ‘He already has. Your first lesson will take place this Thursday evening, after dinner, in the dungeons. Now, to other matters. As you know, Remus will be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts this year, with Alastor Moody assisting him during the time of the full moon. I wanted to let you know Harry, that this year fifth years and above will be given the opportunity to attend a duelling club, that will be run by various teaching staff, members of the Order and perhaps some Aurors from the ministry.’ ‘Also, you will find that you are time-tabled extra Defence lessons this year, along with your friends Mr Weasley, Miss Granger, Miss Weasley, Mr Longbottom and Miss Lovegood as well. After what happened at the Department of Mysteries; we feel that it is best to have you all fully prepared, as anyone of you could find yourselves in a situation, not unlike what you have already suffered this summer Harry,’ Dumbledore stated calmly yet firmly. Harry nodded, letting all of the new information sink in, yet the new prophecy and how it might affect himself and Remus played on his mind throughout. ‘Do you have any questions Harry?’ Dumbledore asked suddenly, pulling Harry from his reverie. Harry looked into his professor’s blue eyes, they were twinkling at him yet not at their full strength, that’s when it hit him. ‘Yes. There’s something else isn’t there? Something you’re not telling me still… that includes Professor Mcgonagall and you?’ Harry asked eyeing the teachers in the room curiously. Dumbledore surveyed Harry seriously as he rested his long wizened fingers against his chin. Finally he answered. ‘Yes Harry, there is. Something I probably should have told you in your first year here at Hogwarts, but I feared for your safety should the information of been leaked in someway, and found it’s way back to Voldemort.’ ‘In order for you to understand fully, I must explain a brief history to you. Of course, you know of the four founders of Hogwarts, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin. You also know that Tom riddle is the heir of Slytherin. What you don’t know is whom the other heirs are.’ Harry shifted once again in his seat, he wasn’t sure if he liked where this was heading. Dumbledore continued. ‘I myself, am of ‘pureblood’ decent, as is Minerva. As you may already know Harry, all pureblood families are related. When I first learnt of the prophecy that could have been either Neville or yourself, I researched both of your family trees. Although you are what is considered a half-blood, (as your mother was muggle-born) the Potter family is as old as any other pureblood family… Do you see where I am headed with this Harry?’ inquired Dumbledore quietly. Harry shook his head no before answering, ‘I know that the pureblood families are all related in some form, and that the founders of Hogwarts were all pureblood in descent. What I don’t understand is what this has to do with me?’ Harry asked unsure he really wanted to know. Dumbledore turned to Minerva, who returned his gaze and gave a slight nod. ‘Professor Mcgonagall and myself were both in Gryffindor during our time at Hogwarts, we are both descendants of Godric Gryffindor, but alas, our time is almost done and there is a new heir to his powers. Minerva and myself are related through marriage. You Harry, are also related to us. I am your great uncle on your father’s side, and Minerva is your great aunt. ‘Harry, you are the heir of Gryffindor and the heir to his powers,’ Dumbledore announced leaving Harry awestruck at the sudden revelations. __________________________________________ Hey Guys! So that’s CH9! I hope I didn’t disappoint any of you with what you thought the ‘Big Secret’ was!?! : ) Anyway, I’ll update again on Friday night! Don’t forget to REVIEW!! Thanks! ~Sam. EDIT: lots of people have asked about the connection between DD and Minerva; So here go's: DD + Minerva are married (in this fic anyway!) and are related to Harry on Jame's side of the family (not Lily's as she is muggle born.) Nobody really knows about or talks about DD + Minerva's relationship as it is kept quiet so that people like Voldie and DE's do not use her to get to DD. During the story, there may be vague references to their relationship, but so far (upto ch 18) there have been none, and I'm not planing any... so If you don't like the relationship (i'm not fond of it myself, lol) it was just one of those things that I needed to do in orderfor the story to progress (plot wise) and it will probably NOT be mentioned ever again, lol. Hopefully, that cleared a few things up for people, feel free to comment any further questions :)~Sam.

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