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CH8 GUYS! Thanks to all my kind reviewers so far! You’re the best! Read and REVIEW!! _________________________________________________ The next morning, Harry and Remus were awoken by Madam Pomfrey entering the hospital wing. ‘Morning, and how are we feeling today Potter?’ she asked. Harry explained how he felt normal and asked if he could leave the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey had frowned at his paleness and shrilled about how thin he was, to which Harry frowned; he didn’t think he looked that thin. After attempts from both Harry and Remus, Madam Pomfrey had finally allowed Harry to leave, on the condition that he didn’t over-exert himself with such things as flying on his broomstick, much to Harry’s dismay. Remus smiled and thanked Madam Pomfrey before helping Harry collect his things together. ‘So where are we going to stay? I mean, do we have to return to Grimmauld Place?’ Harry asked quietly. Remus gripped Harry’s shoulder before answering, ‘Not if you don’t want to. Dumbledore’s given us both permission to stay here at Hogwarts for the rest of the summer, we could stay in my quarters, as there’s a guest room,’ Remus replied. Harry smiled. ‘I’d love to.’ Remus returned the smile as he led the way to his quarters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The rest of the morning Harry and Remus talked about the start of term and how Harry couldn’t wait to start Quidditch again. Remus explained how during the full-moon Moody would be filling in, Harry laughed at the thought of Malfoy’s face when he realised he was going to be taught by Moody, after the whole ferret scene in their fourth year. At lunchtime they decided to go to the Great Hall and join the other staff members that were staying in the castle over the holidays. Harry noticed that a single table lay set-up, as it had done during his third year at Christmas. Remus approached the table and Harry followed slightly behind, feeling slightly nervous being the only student. ‘Remus, Harry. How nice of you to join us! Do take a seat,’ Dumbledore welcomed, his eyes twinkling. Harry took a seat between Remus and Professor Flitwick, but soon wished he hadn’t as he realised that he was directly opposite Snape. Snape’s lip curled at the sight of Harry, but Harry ignored him not wanting to make a scene in a room full of teachers. Harry helped himself to large portions of peas, carrots, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and pork. Remus handed him the gravy boat before he began to dig in. Remus watched with amusement as Harry attempted to stuff a whole Yorkshire pudding into his mouth. ‘Feeling hungry are we, Harry?’ Remus laughed. Harry swallowed his mouthful and grinned before returning to his plate. Remus rolled his eyes before returning to a conversation with Professor Sprout who sat on his right. After everyone had finished their lunch and had a helping of dessert, (twice in Harry’s case) the plates were all cleared and the table’s occupants began to talk amongst themselves; everyone but Snape that was, who announced that he had been put-off his food by Harry earlier, and had retreated back to his dungeons half-way through the meal. Harry listened to the conversations around him, sometimes catching the odd bit of information about the Order and the war. ‘…Arthur’s been busy at the ministry I hear. Of course now that the truth is out about you-know-who, the public is outraged that Fudge failed to believe Dumbledore’s word. Arthur’s heard rumours of their being a new minister of magic!’ Harry eavesdropped from Flitwick who had recently joined the Order. ‘Yes. The ministry certainly have their hands busy with Fudge’s incompetence,’ replied Professor Vector, who Harry had learned from Hermione; taught Ancient Runes. Harry turned to the head of the table to find Professor Mcgonagall who was in the middle of a whispered discussion with Dumbledore. Harry felt slightly unnerved to notice that they would occasionally look down at him; he didn’t like it when people talked about him behind his back. Just as Harry was about to air his opinion though, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Harry turned to see Remus staring at him intently. ‘Are you ready to go?’ Remus asked, eyeing Harry oddly. Harry nodded, now feeling the full-affects of eating too much. Remus made his goodbyes and left the hall, Harry following closely behind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry walked silently back to Remus’ quarters, allowing his thoughts to consume him, as he began to question certain events that had happened over the past few days. Remus noticed Harry’s quietness and decided to ask him about it once they were free from prying eyes. Harry almost walked passed the door to the room he was staying, and it was only when Remus realised this and helped him into the room that Harry realised that he hadn’t been watching where he was going. ‘Is something wrong Harry? You seem distracted,’ asked Remus concernedly seating himself in an armchair. Harry decided to remain standing. ‘I saw Dumbledore and Mcgonagall whispering to each other, I think they were talking about me. Do you know what they were talking about?’ Harry asked. ‘That’s Professor Dumble…’ Remus began. Harry rolled his eyes, ‘Well?’ he interrupted. Remus saw the steely determination in Harry’s eyes and was instantly reminded of the same look that James sometimes wore. He sighed. ‘I don’t know Harry. You will have to ask them that question,’ Remus replied. Although he spoke softly, there was a note of finality to his voice, stating that the matter was closed. Harry decided to let the matter rest for the moment, but he would find out what was going on and soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later that evening Harry didn’t feel like going to the Great Hall for dinner, telling Remus that he had ate far too much at lunch to possibly be able to eat anything for dinner. Remus had seemed sceptical and even offered to stay with him in his quarters, but Harry insisted that he would be fine, and so reluctantly Remus left for the Great Hall. Once Harry was sure that Remus was out of sight, he raced over to his chest and pulled out the Marauders Map and his invisibility cloak. He was going to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once Remus had entered the hall he had been met with an awkward silence, which caused him to raise an eyebrow. However he was not entirely surprised. ‘Either I’ve just walked in on something I shouldn’t have or you thought I’d be bringing Harry with me, and you were all talking about him?’ asked Remus curiously as he gazed at the occupants of the table. Dumbledore was the first to speak. ‘Where is Harry? Won’t he be joining us for dinner?’ Dumbledore asked. Remus turned his attention to his employer. ‘No. I’m afraid not, he thought he had, had rather enough to eat at lunch, or at least that’s what he told me. He suspects something you know.’ Dumbledore nodded his head as Remus took a seat next to him. ‘Yes. He’s very perceptive. However, perhaps a little too perceptive for his own good?’ answered the ancient headmaster, a soft twinkle in his eye. Remus laughed. ‘That he is.’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry crept down the stone steps into the entrance hall. The invisibility cloak hung securely over his body, hiding him from view. A glance at the Marauders Map told him that Professors’ Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, Sprout, Flitwick, Vector and Remus were already seated at the lone table. Quietly he snuck through the open doors into the Great Hall. Harry made a B-line for Remus and his headmaster, hoping to catch a morsel of information over what they were keeping from him. ‘I plan on telling Harry as soon as I can be sure to get a moment with him alone,’ said Dumbledore. ‘Yes. I really wish you would Albus. I hate to keep secrets from Harry; he asked me about it this afternoon in fact,’ Remus replied. ‘What did you say?’ Dumbledore inquired. ‘Not the truth. Well, the half-truth I suppose. That it was for you to tell him Albus, and of course you too Minerva,’ Remus added. Dumbledore nodded his understanding. ‘I appreciate your patience with an old man Remus. I didn’t want to burden Harry with more information. I had planned to tell him yesterday, but then the business of Sirius’ Will, had to be dealt with and so I lost my opportunity. How are you both? I know Sirius and yourself were very close Remus, no-one can deny that,’ Dumbledore asked tentatively. Remus bowed his head. ‘We’re dealing. Harry has been really mature about the whole thing. I’m really proud of him. He even helped me with my grief over the loss of Sirius. I’ll be forever grateful to him for that,’ Remus answered with a soft smile. Dumbledore patted his hand against Remus’ shoulder comfortingly. Harry, who had been watching the exchange raptly for clues of the mysterious secret that everyone seemed to be hiding from him, felt tears spring to his eyes as he heard the pride in which Remus spoke with about him. He was soon pulled from his thoughts however when he felt someone bang into him. Slowly Harry turned around, as he felt someone roughly pull the cloak from over his head. He found himself staring into the glittering black eyes of Severus Snape. ‘Well, well. What do we have here then?’ Snape sneered, ‘Are we eaves-dropping on other people’s conversations Potter? Not very Gryffindor of you, I must say… no, I recall cunning and slyness to be a trait of Slytherin…’ ‘That’s enough Severus,’ Dumbledore spoke calmly but firmly. Snape sneered at Harry before turning on his heel, heading toward the doors again, but just as he reached the doors he called, ‘Accio cloak!’ The invisibility cloak flew from Harry’s grasp into the out-stretched hands of Snape. ‘I’ll be keeping this Potter until the start of term!’ Snape bellowed before leaving the once again silent occupants of the hall. ‘Harry? What were you doing under the cloak? I thought you didn’t want any dinner?’ Remus asked. However, Harry turned his attention to his headmaster and replied, ‘I came to see if I could find out what everyone’s been keeping from me. You know I hate it when people talk behind my back, keeping lies and secrets! I thought this would be the best way, seeing as no-one seems to be able to just come-out and say it!’ Harry stormed, his temper rising. All the while keeping his gaze fixed upon Dumbledore. For he wasn’t really angry at Remus, just frustrated, and he didn’t want to loose the person that he had become so close to over the short amount of time that they had spent together, and he knew that his anger could ruin it for he both of them, and so he kept his gaze fixed upon the ‘old man’ that had sworn to protect him and yet kept so much from him, and that he felt a burning desire to lash out at the calm old face; yet he kept his emotions in-check all the same. Dumbledore gave a small sigh. ‘Quite understandable, Harry. An old man’s mistake. Now, come with me and I shall tell you what I should have told you long ago,’ Dumbledore requested, rising from his seat and beckoning for Harry, Mcgonagall and Remus to follow. Harry didn’t like the sound of learning about this new information anymore. ‘What if it’s another prophecy?’ he questioned himself. ‘Don’t worry, Harry. Come on,’ came the soothing voice of Remus inside his own head. Harry took a deep breath before proceeding to follow the small group from the hall, to the second floor where they stood before the stone gargoyle that guarded Dumbledore’s office. Remus laid a re-assuring hand on Harry’s shoulder, for which Harry was grateful. He didn’t know what type of information he was about to be given, only that it was obviously very important. ________________________________________________ Hey guys! So that was the 8th chapter! Sorry it wasn’t added with the 7th as promised, but I got caught-up with other things and so delayed… Anyway, it’s here now, so I hope you liked it!! I’m aware not a lot really happened in this one but I needed to use this chapter to set-up for the next, so I hope you understand if you found this one a little boring… The next certainly won’t be though… ^_^ Anyway, Please Read AND REVIEW!! : ) ~Sam. Expect the next chapter Wednesday evening!! ~ Where you’ll finally learn what the BIG secret is!! lol

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