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Hey guys, Happy Halloween! So this is the 7th chapter! Enjoy and don't forget to review!!! ________________________________________________ The next morning the sun shone brightly upon the grounds of Hogwarts and the castle’s inhabitants awoke to a blissful summer breeze and a cloudless blue sky. Remus smiled at his Godson, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He was surprised the staff had allowed them to remain like they had for the whole night; he was almost certain that Madam Pomfrey wouldn’t have been pleased, insisting that her patient needed rest. However, if anyone were to look upon the sleeping teenager’s face, they would see not a worry, and perhaps even the benign trace of a smile. It seemed as though for once, Harry was able to sleep the whole night without being disturbed by nightmares of his past, and the thought of this brought a soft smile to Remus’ lips. ‘He looks so peaceful,’ thought Remus. He pulled Harry tighter to his chest, being careful not to wake him as he did so, before gently resting his own head back against the headboard, and again falling into a blissful sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry awoke later that morning feeling better rested than he had done in weeks. He was surprised at first to find himself being held in an embrace by his sleeping Godfather, before he remembered what had happened the night before. ‘I wonder what’s going to happen now?’ thought Harry to himself. ‘What do you mean?’ came another familiar voice inside Harry’s head, making him start and nearly fall off the bed. Harry spun around to face Remus who was now awake, wearing an amused smile at Harry’s reaction. ‘Remus! Don’t do that!’ Harry exclaimed whilst catching his breath back from the shock. ‘Sorry, couldn’t resist… so what did you mean?’ asked Remus. ‘Huh?…Oh, I was just wondering what was going to happen now that you’re my Godfather, like will I still have to stay with the Dursley’s next summer…you know, stuff like that…’ answered Harry sheepishly. Remus thought for a while before letting out a small sigh. ‘I don’t know yet, Harry. Lets just take things one step at a time huh? Like what do you want to do for the rest of the summer?’ Remus asked, obviously unsure of the answer to Harry’s question himself. Harry shrugged. ‘I guess I have to return to Grimmauld Place soon…well that’s if I’m ever allowed to leave this infirmary! Honestly, I think I should have my own bed here or something, you know, with a reserved sign over it, ready and waiting!’ exclaimed Harry. Remus chuckled lightly at Harry’s outburst, but he instinctively pulled Harry tighter to him at the thought of him being hurt…again. ‘I’m sure Madam Pomfrey will allow you to leave soon. Why don’t you ask her today. You are looking a lot better, although you still look pale,’ Remus frowned. Harry rolled his eyes. ‘Of course I look pale! It’s from being cooped-up in here for so long! When can I go out onto the grounds? I really want to get back on my broom again…’ ‘I thought Umbridge banned you?’ interrupted Remus with a knowing look. Harry looked crestfallen, ‘Oh yeah… I forgot, but that means I’ll never be able to ride my broom again! AND it’s a Firebolt! and not just any Firebolt, either… Sirius gave it to me!’ Harry moaned. Remus flinched a little at the mention of Sirius, but remained composed all the same. ‘Not to worry. I’ve already spoken to Dumbledore, he’s agreed to drop the ban, and all of the other ‘education decrees’ set by the high inquisitor,’ laughed Remus. Harry let out a sigh of relief, ‘Thanks!’ he replied hugging Remus, who returned the gesture. ‘You’re welcome Harry, but… don’t make me regret it, I don’t want to see you fighting with Malfoy again, okay?’ Harry silently groaned, holding himself back from punching Malfoy could be difficult. ‘Okay.’ ‘Good, now I…’ started Remus. ‘Wait a minute. What do you mean see?’ Harry interrupted. Remus smiled. ‘Well I was going to wait until the start of term to tell you, as a sort of surprise, but I guess I could tell you now…’ ‘What? What surprise?’ asked Harry eagerly. Remus laughed at Harry’s excitement. ‘Dumbledore’s asked me to return as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher…What do you think?’ Harry beamed. ‘I think it’s a great idea!’ Once again hugging Remus. Remus smiled whilst roughing-up Harry’s already unruly hair. ‘I’m glad you’re okay with it, Harry,’ Remus started, pulling Harry away so that they could face each other, ‘I would have declined if you weren’t…’ ‘Well, there’s no need to decline is there? I’m happy for you Remus. Plus this way, we’ll get to see more of each other, won’t we?’ Harry interrupted whilst smiling happily. ‘Yes. Yes we will,’ Remus replied smiling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few hours had passed since Remus had told Harry that he was to be the new Defence teacher, and since then Harry had once again fallen asleep soundly in Remus’ arms. Albus Dumbledore stood in the hallway, about to enter the hospital wing, but on his approach he was stopped by Minerva, who held him back to point-out what she had seen. Peering around the door Dumbledore took in the scene of Harry being held protectively by Remus, and he allowed a smile to grace his lips as his eyes twinkled. He turned back to Minerva who had much the same reaction and nodded his head to her. ‘Ah Remus. I wonder, could I have a word?’ Dumbledore asked quietly from the doorway of the hospital wing. Remus nodded silently, not wanting to wake Harry. He had been asleep most of the day, so he assumed that he must be exhausted, and not quite as healed as they thought. He crept off the bed as quietly as he could, before striding over to his now fellow staff. Dumbledore beckoned him out into the hallway, closing the hospital door behind him. Remus looked around and noticed Severus and Minerva waiting there for him as well. ‘I was wondering if you had, had chance to talk to Harry yet about your plans for this summer?’ inquired Dumbledore. ‘Actually, it was Harry who broached the topic. However, I think he’s reluctant to want to return to Grimmauld Place after… well, after what happened. He didn’t want to return their before, but he did. So I suppose if we have to I could…’ Remus began. ‘No, if Harry does not wish to further remain at Headquarters, then Harry and yourself are quite welcome to remain at Hogwarts for the rest of the summer. That is, if you wish to?’ Remus thought about the proposition. He would definitely prefer to remain at Hogwarts rather than to return to the former home of his late friend, but what about Harry? Would Harry want to remain at Hogwarts. ‘Well, he mused to himself, he certainly doesn’t want to go back to the Dursley’s and he’d prefer not to return to Grimmauld Place’…he had made his decision. ‘I’ll check with Harry first, but I’m sure he’ll agree to stay in the castle until the start of term,’ Remus finally answered. Dumbledore smiled, his blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon glasses. However, Snape sneered at Lupin, determined to put a damper on the werewolf’s day. ‘Letting Potter run your decisions now, are we Lupin? You should be careful, soon you will be allowing Potter to cloud your judgement as well…’ ‘Severus,’ Dumbledore sounded in a warning tone. ‘Perhaps you would be kind enough to fetch the house elf named Dobby? I’m sure Remus and Harry are quite hungry, and I know Dobby would be most pleased to see our young Mr Potter.’ Remus ignored Snape’s menacing glare and he returned his gaze to Dumbledore. Snape’s lip curled at Lupin, before he turned on his heel, his robes billowing after him as he turned down the corridor that led to the kitchens. ‘Was there anything else Albus?’ Remus asked. Dumbledore’s expression turned sombre before he spoke. ‘Yes Remus, I’m afraid there is. The matter of Sirius’ Will needs to be dealt with… he has left both you and Harry something. I shall leave it for the two of you to read alone, as you are the only beneficiaries,’ replied Albus, as he produced a black envelope from the inside of his robes, handing it to Remus, who had gone into a type of trance at the mention of having to broach the subject of Sirius’ death to Harry. ‘Remus? Remus, are you alright?’ Remus shook his head slightly to reveal the concerned face of Dumbledore, who was still holding the envelope out to him. ‘Y-Yes I-I’m fine. Thank you,’ Remus replied, finally taking the envelope from Albus’ outstretched hands. Still in his trance-like state, Remus entered the hospital wing to find Harry sat-up in bed awaiting his return. ‘There you are! I was wondering where you- Remus? Remus, what’s wrong?’ asked Harry fearfully. Remus looked up at the worried teen, before making his way across to him. He sat down in the chair next to the bed, and with shaky hands, handed Harry the black envelope. Harry looked at him questionably, but soon realised that he wasn’t about to answer his questions, and so he turned his attention back to the envelope. When Harry recognised the messy black scrawl on the front of the envelope, that was addressed to himself and Remus, he almost dropped the letter in shock. He slowly ripped the envelope open, before pulling out a single piece of parchment, he read it out loud for Remus to hear; Dear Harry and Remus, If you are reading this, then I have gone and got myself killed, something you said I always would end-up doing Remus, I should have listened to your advice more often. To Remus, my dear-old friend, I leave: .Half of all Black family financial funds, .Grimmauld Place*, .Buckbeak and Kreacher, .Various items that I have placed in a labelled box, which you will find in the attic of Grimmauld Place. To Harry, my dear Godson, I leave: .Half of all Black family financial funds, .The flying motorbike*, .Various items that I have placed in a labelled box, which you will also find in the attic of Grimmauld Place. It is also my wish that Remus Lupin become Harry Potter’s Godfather in my stead. Should there be a problem with this arrangement, or it is not possible, then custody should then be given to Albus Dumbledore and Minerva Mcgonagall. Items Labelled (*): Grimmauld Place: Do with this place as you wish. Continue to use it as HQ or burn it to the ground, I will not be the slightest bit offended. However, I hope someday that you will both be able to live together, and Grimmauld Place, although not pretty, could make a good start for you both. The Flying Motorbike: Harry, be careful on this thing! I want Remus to teach you how to use it first, but then have fun! You too Remus! I know you’ll never admit it, but deep down we know there’s a thrill-seeker in there somewhere… deep, deep down. Both of you take care. I don’t want you to mourn my death. There’s too much of that already going on, with the war and what-not. So instead, I ask that you celebrate the happier times in my life, when we were together, as family should be. I know that you’re both probably blaming yourselves over my death, (I know you too well!) but don’t! It wasn’t anybody’s fault, except whoever held the wand that struck me down. Harry, I know you will have a role in what is yet to come of this war. Don’t give-up hope. I know that you can win, and know this: There are many people in this world who are still good. Although, it may not always seem like it; there is still good in this world, and to me Harry, you are the core of that goodness, and Voldemort is the core of evil. Don’t despair; good will triumph over evil! I love you both with all my heart, I’ll be watching you, Love, Sirius. Harry looked up from the parchment, tears rolling down his pale cheeks. He looked over to Remus, who was silently crying as well. After what seemed like an eternity to Harry, the silence was broken by a POP. Both Harry and Remus started, and looked to see what was the cause of the popping sound. They both relaxed however, when they realised that it was Dobby carrying two trays full of food for them both. Dobby was as usual, wearing most of the socks and other clothes that Hermione had knitted for the house elves that cleaned Gryffindor tower, in an attempt to free them. Harry still hadn’t got round to telling Hermione that it was Dobby taking all of the clothes. Harry wiped his eyes on his sleeve. ‘Hello Dobby.’ ‘Harry Potter Sir. Is something wrong Sir?’ Dobby asked after noticing that Remus was still transfixed at the Parchment that Harry had laid on the bed, tears escaping his eyes. Harry looked to Remus and then back to Dobby. ‘No it’s ok Dobby. So, what’ve you got there?’ Harry asked indicating the two hovering trays of food, in an attempt to change the topic. Dobby didn’t seem convinced, but he didn’t pres the subject any further. ‘Dobby has brought Professor Lupin and Harry Potter some lunch Sir. Professor Snape came to tell Dobby that Professor Dumbledore asked me to Sir.’ Replied the house elf in a squeaky voice. ‘Thanks Dobby,’ answered Harry. Dobby levitated the two trays so that they hovered in mid air in front of them both to eat. Then with another POP Dobby was gone. Harry and Remus ate in almost silence, neither wanted to talk about the Will and so nobody did; at least until Harry became annoyed with the everlasting silence and decided to see if Remus wanted to talk. ‘Remus, about the Will…Sirius said that he didn’t want us to mourn him…’ Harry began cautiously. Remus raised his head to look at Harry. He seemed weary, beyond tired, more exhausted. It was then that Harry realised just how much Remus must miss Sirius, and being the last of the Marauders couldn’t help; Peter didn’t count. Remus sighed. He wanted to be able to do as Sirius asked; to celebrate his life, but right now he didn’t feel in the celebrating mood. However, after seeing the longing on Harry’s face, he found that he should at least try, if only for Harry’s sake. ‘I know. I’ll try,’ Remus answered with a weak smile. Harry smiled back at him. Harry feeling encouraged to go on began again, ‘So what’s this flying motorbike I’ve inherited?’ Remus’ eyes lit-up a little at the mention of Sirius’ bike. He reminisced to Harry all the adventures and tales of the Marauders, long in to the night. Telling of how Sirius’ bike had been his pride and joy, and how he allowed Hagrid to use it to travel with Harry to Privet Drive, after the attack on him and his parents. It was then that Harry remembered the dream he used to have when he was younger; that he had flown on a flying motorcycle, he realised that it must in-fact of been a memory. It seemed as though Remus was starting to feel better since he started talking about the days of the Marauders, and all their adventures. ‘Thank you, Harry,’ Remus said quietly, after many more hours of story telling. Harry looked at him confused. ‘For what, I haven’t done anything?’ Remus smiled at his Godson. ‘You have Harry. You’ve pulled me from my despair over Sirius’ death, and allowed me to confront it and accept it, and for that I thank you,’ Remus answered pulling Harry into an embrace. Harry hugged him back, but didn’t say anything, not wanting to spoil the moment. ________________________________________________ Ok, so what did you think?? Most of you who reviewed, wanted the short chapters with regular updates, so that's what i'm going to do... BUT you'll be happy to know, that because today is Halloween, I've decided to be nice and give you TWO chapters!!! lol The next I have already started and so should be up later on today, so look out for that one too!! Thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far!! I really appreciate it, as that's the reward of writing this!! :) So don't forget to READ AND REVIEW!! lol ~Sam. ____________________________________________ This is for 'pink_dragon10'... Chapter Preview: ...Harry helped himself to large portions of peas, carrots, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and pork. Remus handed him the gravy boat before he began to dig in. Remus watched with amusement as Harry attempted to stuff a whole Yorkshire pudding into his mouth. ‘Feeling hungry are we, Harry?’ Remus laughed. Harry swallowed his mouthful and grinned before returning to his plate. Remus rolled his eyes before returning to a conversation with Professor Sprout who sat on his right... Coming real soon!! lol ~Sam.

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