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Lifestyles Of The Witch and Famous Chapter 27 **Previous Chapter** My beautiful nymph, Wondering where I am? Yeah, I can just see you running about the place looking for me. Wondering why you can’t get in touch with me through mind play? Well my smart Queen, I have developed to the next level. I can block you from my thoughts, when I wish. Do not fret too much. I block you for good reason. A reason I have thoroughly discussed with Dumbledore. These matters do not concern you my lady. Please don’t try and find me. I blocked you so you won’t know where I am. If you knew, then it would be detrimental to this cause. If I know you well enough, I know no assurances I give you will stop you from finding the truth. Go to Dumbledore, I’m sure he’ll tell you. I will be back in a week’s time my love. Have fun without me! Love forever, Draco. Hermione smiled, “So sweet.” But then her worries returned. ‘Where was he?’ Hermione thought. “One way to find out.” Hermione sighed, picking up the letter and getting out of the chair she had thrown herself in. She was off to Dumbledore’s, for what seemed a large interrogation. One thing was for sure. She wasn’t going anywhere until he gave her answers. (A/N – Hey everyone! Here’s the next one. I’ve written dis little note b4 I wrote the chapter, so Im not too sure as wat I’m about to write. I hope you all like it! Don’t forget to review wen u finish. Damn….I sound like a nag. Review if u have the time then….ah thatz better lol. Kzz enough rambling, I gota get this show on the road. S4H) **Dumbledore’s Office** “Excuse me, Professor?” Hermione stormed through the door without knocking. “Miss Granger, how nice of you to visit.” Dumbledore smiled briefly. He stood behind his desk, his white, silvery hair brushed down beyond his waist. “Professor, I don’t have time for politeness. Where’s Draco?” Hermione pushed for an answer as she stormed straight up to him. “I’m sorry my dear but I cannot tell you.” Dumbledore sighed, taking a seat and motioning her to follow. “I’m not leaving until you tell me!” Hermione yelled angrily, her face bright red with fury, “I want to know!” Dumbledore didn’t get angry at her little outburst, to Hermione’s discomfort, he smiled. “I never would have thought, you my dear, would sink so low as to yell at me. Principal of this school.” Dumbledore chuckled quietly to himself. His bright blue eyes twinkling like the stars in the midnight sky. Hermione flushed pink a little but maintained her cool glare, “Professor. I have very good reason to act like this. If you did not already know, Draco and I are to be married. If something happens to him, we will not. Don’t you understand? Do you even care!” cried Hermione, trying to get some sort of emotion out of him. “Miss Granger, your husband-to-be is in no danger. It is merely a little errand, which I summoned him to do. Shouldn’t take long. Now why don’t you go back to the dance? I hear the students are missing you.” Dumbledore instructed softly. “No! I can’t! I must know! How did Draco learn to block his mind from my own?” Hermione asked angrily, his fists in balls. The look Dumbledore gave her gave the answer away. “You? You taught him! I can’t believe this!” Hermione cried, turning away so she could let out her built up frustration. “Don’t you know how infuriating this is? To have a fiancée but not know where he is? Couldn’t you have chosen someone else? He’s the head boy. He’s supposed be here helping me.” Hermione turned back to him, tears welling in her shiny brown eyes. “Hermione, you do not need any help running this school. Even if I were not here, you wouldn’t have any trouble. You were born with gifts to lead, you should put them to more use.” Dumbledore acknowledged. “Listen up. I came here to find out where Draco is. Not to find out what you think of my abilities! Where in Merlin’s name is he?” Hermione screamed at the top of her voice. Dumbledore’s smile vanished. It was replaced by a look of concern. “He has rubbed off on you a lot hasn’t he?” Dumbledore nodded as if agreeing with himself. Hermione continued to glare at him. The ageing Professor sighed, “Well it seems I must tell you. I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of it, if otherwise.” Hermione leaned in, awaiting the answer she’d come to seek with growing anticipation. “Yes?” she pushed as subtly as she knew how. Dumbledore smiled, “Take a seat.” She sat down quickly. “Would you like a cup of tea?” he asked, waving his wand, a teapot, tea bag, teacup and a plate of cream biscuits appeared in front of her. Hermione looked back to her headmaster, “How about a cup of what is going on and where is Draco?” Dumbledore smiled meekly, “No then.” Hermione took a sip of the blue coloured tea. She felt warmth spread to her fingertips. “Whoa what is that?” she sighed, it tasted heavenly. “Water from the River of Life. Brings an instant calmness to the drinker.” Dumbledore informed her with a large smile. “Oh.” Hermione smiled back, “So are you going to tell me about Draco?” she asked calmly, as she had not done before. “I will tell you only what you need to know.” Dumbledore said plainly, he raised his white eyebrows. “Okay.” Hermione smiled happily. “He has gone to my wife’s house.” He said, concern written clearly on his face. “Wife? You have a wife?” Hermione asked with surprise. Dumbledore nodded but did not smile. His expression was very grave. The gravest she had ever seen it. “Yes. Her name is Dorasella Dumbledore. She has been quite ill for some time. I cannot go to her aid at the moment so I have sent Mr.Malfoy there.” Dumbledore sighed. “But why couldn’t have I gone?” Hermione asked curiously. “Because Draco knows more about herbal medicines and magical cures than any other in this school.” Dumbledore answered with a hint of a smile. Hermione’s mouth dropped, “He does? But he has never been quite good at Herbology. I bet him in all the exams!” Dumbledore chuckled, “Yes, yes of course. But Herbology has more to do with plants. You see, Mr Malfoy has had a terrible time with his father. He was slashed, bashed, trodden on, and beaten countless times. He has learnt to cure himself. He has tried different cures for all sorts of beatings. I have never seen such a young man such as himself endure so much in this lifetime.” Hermione’s eyes welled with tears. “I…I didn’t know…well I knew that...But…but I didn’t think it was that bad……” She wiped away tears that flowed freely down her porcelain like cheeks. Her eyes were shining with hurt and guilt. “So, will she be alright after…after Draco helps her?” Hermione asked. Dumbledore shrugged, “I do not know everything Miss Granger, as it sometimes may seem to you. Your guess is as good as mine. I have sent the best person I can. I only hope that will be enough for her.” The tea’s magic began to wear off and Hermione’s anger returned, “You should go there! Why can’t you go there? You should be at your wife’s side. This school is not worth as much as your wife is! Go! I can take care of it.” Dumbledore smiled wryly, “That, is not possible Miss Granger. Both you and I know it.” Hermione slumped herself back into the comfy chair, “But it is so unfair. How does Draco know how long it’ll take to cure your wife? He said in the note that it’ll take a week…but what if it takes longer?” Dumbledore sighed, “Again, I do not know. If he thinks it will only take a week, then that is up to him. I can only say this. My wife has been ill for half her life. She suffers from it occasionally. But this time it hasn’t gone away and it is the worst it has ever been.” “Do you know what it is?” Hermione asked. Dumbledore shook his head, “I have asked countless times, but she refuses to tell him. All I could do was try to help her endure the pain. It is all anyone can do…except maybe your fiancée.” Hermione smiled, proud of her catch, “I’m sure Draco will do everything within his power to help your wife, Sir. Do not worry too much. If Draco is as good as you say he is then your wife shall recover swiftly.” Dumbledore smiled softly, “I hope you are right my dear.” Hermione smiled, “Aren’t I always?” her tongue in cheek. Dumbledore laughed, “So far…I believe you have…as far as I know. Now go back to your ball. Just know that your fiancée is safe.” Hermione nodded, “I think I’ll go to bed if it is all he same to you. Goodnight professor. Thank you for telling me the truth. I know I can be very persuasive at times. But your secret is safe with me.” Dumbledore nodded, “Good night Miss Granger. I trust your word is as good as my own.” With that said and done, Hermione left the Headmasters office and made her way to bed. She could still hear the loud music coming from the Hall. ‘One of these days I’m going to retire from all of these tantrums, adventures and pain. I’ve had just about enough.” Hermione sighed angrily. She was proud of Draco but all this worrying was making her sick. (A/N – Hey everyone! Hope you liked this chapter. I had no idea about Dumbledore’s wife. It just kinda came out on the laptop. I let my fingers do the writing lol. I hardly ever plan the chapters. Hehe. Please Read and review, tell me what you think. S4H xox P.S – Thanks to everyone who already has reviewed. This story is dedicated to you)

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