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Hey all! I would like to thank my reviewers! You guys are great! Here is the next chapter, happy reading! The Woes of Mr. Lupin Remus walked down stairs, followed at a distance by Ginny. He went downstairs to see Harry sitting alone on the couch while the others chatted in the kitchen. Remus saw Ginny go into the kitchen where the rest of her family were. Harry sat staring at the ground, he didn't trust himself to guide his eyes anywhere else without his mind playing tricks on him. Somehow the realization of what he had offered to do was just now sinking in, and it was sinking in hard. Harry wondered how he and Hermione were going to succeed, if they would succeed, but the most painful thought was that of what would happen if they failed. Suddenly Harry's thoughts were brought back to reality when the couch groaned under the weight of Lupin, who had just come to sit beside him. "Harry?" he asked uncertainly. Harry looked up to show he was listening. "Are you alright?" At this Harry felt there was no way to answer this question with an unspoken response, so he forced his voice into speech. "I'm alright" he said dryly, knowing full well that Remus Lupin did not accept half true responses, maybe that was the teacher in him. Harry's lips twitched with a held back smile. "I know that a million things must be going through your head right now Harry." Lupin said suggestively. Harry could only sigh in response. "You know Harry.." Lupin said in a far off tone, which was quickly lost, "I think I should be properly thanking you." Harry looked up at Lupin, his eyes taking in the healed scars and the amber eyes, staring back at him. "Why?" he asked. Now it was Lupin's turn to sigh. "Harry" he began, "First you helped me through the veil, now you go to ensure my future.." Lupin trailed off. "You know me and Sirius wouldn't leave you behind." Harry said knowingly, yet Lupin still had doubts. He was about to open his mouth to make some modest remark when the shrill voice of Mrs. Weasley called them both into the kitchen. Harry got up and extended a hand to help Lupin up. He smiled and accepted it, "You do know that this makes me feel extremely old don't you?" Lupin said. "Finally your feelings reflect that which is on the outside" Sirius said all knowingly from the doorway, grinning. "Thank you for that assessment Padfoot" Lupin said distractedly, making his way into the kitchen. Sirius momentarily blocked his way, but was pushed hastily away by a muttering Lupin. Sirius waited for Harry to pass through the door and ruffled his unruly black hair as he did so. Harry sat between Ron and Sirius at the table. He looked over to see Hermione in much the same train of thought as he was. Harry looked up to realize that Dumbledore had come to Grimmauld place. It was evident from the start that he was striving to get right to the point. "Harry, Hermione..." he said in a quiet voice that was so respected that no one dared talk over it. "Please come with me." he said shortly, walking into the hall. Harry and Hermione got unsteadily up and followed him. Dumbledore turned to them with a grave look on his lined face. "First" he said to begin, "I would like to thank the both of you for what you are about to do." Harry and Hermione both nodded politely in response. Harry fiddled with the sleeve of his sweater anxiously as Dumbledore paused in his speech. "I would also like to offer you a most grave and important warning." he said, Harry's attention doubled. "Going back in time is one thing", he said, "but going forward in time is a matter all of it's own." Harry looked over to see Hermione as attentive as she would be when a professor spoke to her about an exam. "The rules that apply to the future are very different and extremely important. While in the past you can see your former self and watch the actions that unfold, the future is different." Harry wondered how it could be any different. "The future is a most fragile and complex thing, for the people in the future will be able to see you, thus giving you hints of what happened involving yourself. You must read your own actions through the reactions of those around you." Dumbledore said in a tone Harry had never heard him use before, almost bordering strict, yet the twinkle in his eye remained as ominous as always. "How do we know that Lupin's future involves us?" said Hermione attentively. "You don't I'm afraid." Dumbledore sighed. "That is why it is important that you follow Mr. Lupin's course of actions and not get distracted with your own." Hermione nodded to show she understood, Harry became if possible even more anxious. "So will we have to change something?" Harry asked, Hermione looked at him worriedly, making Harry realize that she was every bit as nervous as he was. "No" Dumbledore said forcefully, as if willing them for all of the world not to forget. "In the past you set out to change things, now you are merely there to observe. In this way you will be able to return to the past knowing, thus being able to prevent the cause of Lupin's death." Harry understood, this was not going to be easy, every minute detail could cost Lupin his life. "Will we need the invisibility cloak?" Harry asked suddenly. "No" Dumbledore said shortly, "No one will be able to see or hear you. Dumbledore clapped his hands together in a business like manner, showing that he had said all there was to say on the matter. He began to walk away when he turned swiftly around in one fluid motion. "Oh and one last thing," he said. "You will be departing very early tomorrow morning." Harry nodded and Dumbledore continued soundlessly into the kitchen where Harry was sure all of the adults were waiting to hear what he had said to them. Harry and Hermione went into the living room to chat privately. Hermione took up a seat on the couch and Harry sat in a chair near her. "I'm scared" she said frankly, pulling the inevitable tension of the conversation ahead. "Me too" Harry confessed. though he knew it was evident enough without him saying so. "I mean what if we miss a vital piece of information... what if we cost Lupin his life?!?" she in an increasingly loud and incredulous voice. "Don't think like that" Harry said reassuringly, savoring one of the rare moment where he actually gave Hermione Granger advice. "I'm sorry" she muttered, "I'm just nervous." "We all are" Harry replied. "Can you even imagine how Lupin feels?" Hermione shook her head deep in thought with a pained expression on her face at the very thought. Harry heard the scrape of chair legs on the cold stone floor as someone got up from the table. He watched as Lupin slowly entered the room. Lupin walked slowly as he took a seat beside Hermione on the couch. "So" he said with a look on his face that clearly told Harry he was troubled. When his attempt to spark a conversation was met with silence he continued. "You know you don't have to do this... if you don't want to." 'Ah... Harry thought to himself, 'phase one...denial.' "We're not going to sit here and do nothing" Hermione said amiably. "But you must know that you have a chance to back out at any time" Lupin went on, "I got myself into this mess, you tow shouldn't have to be the ones to get me out." 'And a very graceful transition into phase two... blame' Harry thought with a smile twitching on his lips. "Remus..." Hermione said in a motherly tone. "We want to help you, please stop making us feel so bad about it!" Remus lowered his gaze. 'And last but not least...' Harry thought to himself, feeling very sorry for Lupin. 'Shame mingled with acceptance.' That night Harry dreamt of nothing but that which was to happen the next day, and naturally, the dreams were not peaceful. He woke to the wonderful smells of Mrs. Weasley's cooking drifting in from the kitchen. Harry got up quietly as to not wake a snoring Ron. He tip toed down the hallway and made his way to the kitchen, where Lupin Mr. Weasley and Sirius sat at the table. When Mrs. Weasley placed a large plate of toast on the table Harry's nerves kicked in and Harry suddenly wasn't hungry at all. "Eat Harry" Sirius said smiling, "you're going to need it... and Hermione too." Harry turned to see Hermione take a seat beside him. "So how are you to feeling?" Mr. Weasley asked. Harry was about to respond when a crashing sound came down the stairs, causing Mrs. Black to awake and begin her ranting and raving. Lupin quickly got up to close the curtains of her portrait. It was Charlie in all his fury. After Lupin went through the door it opened almost immediately after and a distraught Charlie dashed into the kitchen. "I'm late!" he shrieked over the profanity coming from Mrs. Black, which finally stopped. "Late for what?" Sirius asked amused by his entrance. "I had a meeting at Gringott's that was supposed to start half an hour ago!?!" Charlie said, apparently panicking. "I thought that didn't start until 11 honey" Mrs. Weasley said from the stove. "I did start at eleven's eleven...thirty" Charlie finished eyeing his mother. "It's only nine thirty dear" Ms. Weasley said in a perfectly calm voice with a touch of amusement, as Lupin returned through the kitchen door. "What!?!" Charlie said incredulously. "But the clock..said eleven thirty" Charlie began in disjointed sentences. "FRED! GEORGE!" he shrieked, running back up the stairs in all his fury, leaving the kitchen in roaring laughter. A few minutes later Fred and George tumbled through the door breathlessly in fits of hysterical laughter. Breakfast seemed to pass extraordinarily quickly and before Harry knew what was happening Dumbledore was striding into the kitchen to deliver him to his inevitable doom. "Are you ready?" he asked Harry and Hermione, they both nodded mutely. "Come" he said. Everyone sitting at the table got up and followed Dumbledore into the living room. Several people looked just as nervous as Harry felt. Dumbledore placed the thin chain of the time turner around Harry's and Hermione's heads, fitting over easily. "Ready?" Hermione whispered to him. Harry nodded, "Ready if you are." Dumbledore looked at them wearily, "To return, tap the time turner with your wand." he said, "I hope we will be seeing you soon." With that Dumbledore tapped the time turner which began tinkling and swirling creating a slight breeze that lifted the fringe from Harry's forehead, revealing that infamous scar. Then it stopped, and the world began to spin, but only for a split second before it stopped. Harry felt Hermione shiver beside him, and could only hope that whatever it was that they were about to do, something good would come from it. "Harry?" Hermione said shakily, "Where are we?"

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