Professor Argentum - Chapter 8
The four boys walked down the hallway in a horizontal long, causing any younger years to spread apart and let them go through. Three of them entered the defence against the dark arts room and sat at their tables, while Peter walked off in the other direction. James sat next to Sirius and grabbed out his new DADA NEWT book. After about five minutes or so, after the rest of the class had come in, the boys started to get restless. “Where’s our teacher?” One of the Hufflepuffs said. “It’s pointless being here if we don’t have a teacher!” A Slytherin said, the rest of them agreed. James thought that he could have some fun with this and stood up. Everyone watched him as he stood in front of the class and wrote of the blackboard. “Now everyone, I am your new professor, Professor Potter. I would like you all to turn to page 47 and start your revision.” The whole class laughed. But suddenly fell silent, in horror. James saw this and said, “He’s behind me isn’t he?” Sirius nodded. James smirked and turned to meet their new professor. “Very amusing, Potter, would you please see me after class.” James went to sit down, high-fiving Sirius’s hand in the process. “Would you please put your books away? Today’s lesson will be a practical one.” James and his friends exchanged glances and did what the professor said. “As you all know, this year, there has been an incident involving one of our students and a Dark Lord. To stop that from happening again, we are going to be learning to duel for the next few weeks.” James tried very hard to stop smiling, as his friends stared at him. Dumbledore had obviously told all the teachers what had happened in the Forbidden Forest. “I will be paring you up with someone from the opposite house, just to make this fair.” He added, the smile disappeared from James’s face as he glanced over at Snape. The professor saw him doing this and said, “Ah, I can see that Potter and Snape would like to be the first pair to demonstrate.” James frowned, this always happened to him. They walked to the front of the class room. “Wands at the ready” But they already had their wands up. They had done this so many times before. “Ready, Potter?” Snape asked. “As ready as always. Snivellus!” The class laughed at this and Snape blushed. “1…2…3…go” The professor called. Snape was very fast at his spell, but not fast enough. “Expelliarmus” James called. Snape’s wand went flying a few metres away from him. “Accio wand” Snape’s wand came back to him. “Impedimenta” James shouted. The body of Snape fell to the floor. James smirked and looked away into the audience. But at that very moment Severus had gotten back to his feet. A get of purple light exploded from his wand and a large gash appeared on James’s cheek. James’s smiled turned up side down as blood splattered down onto his robes. This had happened before. He remembered back to when they were in fifth year, when Sirius had told him he was bored. James turned and a small flash turned Snape upside down in mid-air. “All right their Snivelly? Does this seem familiar to you?” “That’s enough, I think we shall have to call it quits for today. Would you please lower him to the ground Potter.” James let Snape fall to the ground with a clunk and turned to sit back down at his desk. “Class dismissed. Potter would you see me.” James shrugged at his friends and walked to the teachers desk. “Yes Professor?” “That was quite some show you put on today, Potter.” “Thanks Professor.” James looked at him. His eyes jet black and his hair quite the opposite. “I do not wish to give a detention or take points from your house, but I do have to say this.” James frowned. “James, I knew your parents. I have not talked to them for a great while, but I knew them when we were younger.” “Yes…” “Well, Dumbledore told me what happened in the forrest. I was quite impressed. He asked me if I would give you private duelling lessons.” “What?” “Just you and me.” “Right” James was still staring at his eyes. “James, I understand why you are staring at my eyes, but I have to say, it is a small bit uncomfortable.” “Sorry professor. What happened?” “I could say the same for you.” “Well, I was hit by the Crucio curse. This is the side effects.” He said pointing at his eyes. “Must have been some damn bad one. Never happened to me before.” “You’ve been hit by one?” James questioned. “Many times. I am an auror.” “Professor, you never told me what happened.” Argentum sighed. “I trust you not to tell anyone.” James nodded. “I am a werewolf. The Ministry have tried different things to cure me, but they didn’t seem to work. These are the side effects.” James looked astonished. “You’re a werewolf, like Rem…” James cut off. He wasn’t meant to tell anyone. “What did you say?” Now it was Argentum’s turn to turn to look astonished. “Nothing.” “You were going to say like Remus. Weren’t you? Is Remus Lupin a werewolf?” James frowned, he wasn’t meant to tell anyone. “Yes” He said reluctantly. “How very amazing. I think I may have a little chat with him.” “But Professor, please don’t tell him I told you!” “I won’t. I think you better get going. You shall be late for your next class. Oh and I think you'd better go see the nurse about that cut...". James walked out of the class room, to Transfiguration. His head was filled with millions of questions. He didn't bother going to this nurse, he could go later.

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