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A/N I do not own these characters. They are the property of JK Rowling.
It’s Off to Work We Go
The two weeks that the couples together went by so quickly. Although she loved her job, Hermione wasn’t quite ready to leave Ron’s side to return to work. The sleeping arrangements remained the same so at least she could at least her nights with him. “Hermione!” Ron yelled, “Which robes should I wear today? I want to make a good impression.” She stepped into the closet , “What about the dark green ones? They look great with your hair and the color is very masculine.” “Cool” was all he said as his kissed her cheek taking the robes and slipping them on. She sometimes thought he was just an overgrown kid, but she still loved him. “Are you excited?” “Yeah,” he said “And nervous.” Ron finished dressing, held out his arm and the two of them strolled arm in arm to breakfast. Harry and Ginny were already eating when Ron and Hermione entered the room. Rose was dancing around the room. “Look at me, I’m a little pixie.” Ron remembered how horrible pixies could be. “I think your more of a fairy.” During his second year at Hogwarts there had been quite a disturbance caused by a cage full of the blue menaces. The little girl thought for a moment and then agreed. “Okay, I’m a fairy.” And she twirled as she passed him. When Ron finished he stood facing Hermione. “Ready?” “Oh” She looked surprised. “I don’t need to actually go the ministry today. I’ll be working on location.” Ron looked a bit taken aback, “Okay then,” He bent to kiss her. “I’ll see you this evening then?” “You bet.” She kissed him back. “Good Luck!” “Harry are you ready?” Ron turned to his best friend, trying to hide his disappointment. Harry and Ginny stood up. “Let’s go!” They said in unison. “Wait!” Rose squealed, “I want a kiss, too” Ron couldn’t resist, he lifted her over his head and flung her around then bringing her closer and kissed her forehead. “There you go you little fairy, have a great day.” Hermione watched with glee. He’s going to be a great father she thought. Rose ran to Harry expecting a hug and kiss as well. He obliged smiling. He thought that was what Ginny must have been like growing up. “Bye” Everyone shouted and they were gone. “Harry! Ron!” Mad Eye Moody bellowed from his desk. Ron and Harry both came sprinting and nearly fell over his desk. “Yes sir!” They said together. “First,” he said, “Clam down.” They both took deep breaths. “Yes sir.” They said more calmly. “We have a problem. I want you two to go check out a report of illegal use of nifflers in Surrey.” They looked disappointed. Ron almost whimpered. “Nifflers sir?” “Yes!” He said loudly. “Someone is trying to use them to steal things from Muggles and their banks.” “But,” Harry objected. “Isn’t that for the Magical Creatures Dept.?” “NO, It is not! They are being used to STEAL!” Mad Eye saw the disappointment on their faces. “Look guys. Things aren’t always exciting. Especially now that most of the dark wizards are in Azkaban. Besides you have to start somewhere. Now get going.” They turned walking out the door, sulking. “This is hell, you know.” Ron finally remarked, once out of earshot. “Nifflers, we were what…4th years when we dealt with those?” “Yeah,” Harry chuckled, “But they are in the hands of thieves.” “Oh, don’t give me that, we’ve fought dark forces.” Harry listened to Ron complain the rest of the day. Trying to make the most of the situation. “Come on Ron, we’ve done enough of the dark stuff. Don’t you think we need a break?” With that being said he noticed the red beginning to fade from his face. “I guess.” He shrugged. To the duo’s amazement the nifflers were being used all over. There had even been evidence of their use near the Dursley’s house. As they wandered the area, looking for evidence of peculiar nature, they came upon the park Harry often hid in from the likes of Dudley and his ogre friends. Before they knew it they had turned onto Privet Dr. Harry’s eyes immediately came upon the place that he had spent his first eleven years. In the front yard sat a chubby little child that greatly resembled Dudley at that age. Soon a very thin woman appeared in the garden. His Aunt Petunia. He listened as she spoke. “Oh, there’s my little Stanley-poo! Come to Gramkins.” She struggled to lift the child who looked to be three. As she turned she glanced at him and quickly, upon noticing him, ran towards the house slamming the door. He laughed, “If the nifflers got to them, oh well. Let them suffer.” They visited with Mrs. Figg who helped them compile a list a possible offenders and victims in the area. ******* “Hey…anyone here?” Ginny yelled as she ran through the Burrow. “I’ve great news!” “Whafisit?” Ron came out of the kitchen with half a sandwich in his mouth. “Where’s Harry?” She asked ignoring the food falling from Ron’s mouth. “He’s upstairs showering, he should nearly be done.” He managed before taking another large bite. “What is all the yelling about?” The others began filing in. “I have season tickets to see the Chudley Cannons: Top Box.” “Bloody Brilliant!” Ron shouted nearly choking now. They heard that the family were fans and since I worked for the Magical games dept. they gave me passes for the entire top box.” Harry had now appeared on the staircase and began to work his way to her. He wasn’t trying to get to her to celebrate, but to protect her. Ron had gone insane. He lifted her much like he had Rose earlier and proceeded to fling her around the room. “Ron, you can let me down.” She managed to scream. “Hermione!” Ron turned to her. “Don’t even think about it, Ronald Weasley!” “I was just going to say,” calming himself down. “YOU’RE GONG TO SEE THE BEST QUIDDITCH TEAM EVER!” He shouted again. He then lifted her off her feet. “I’m warning you, Ron.” But he didn’t listen. Hermione was now kicking and fighting to find solid ground. He had finely grown tired and placed her down gently. Hermione stood there trying to straighten her blouse. The only thing she could think of was she was glad she had chosen to wear jeans instead of a skirt under her robes. Soon things had calmed down a bit and the entire family sat around the table. “How was your first day as Aurors?” Mr. Weasley asked Ron and Harry. “Oh, it was good.” Harry said knowing that Ron might blow up again. “Are you kidding!” Ron exclaimed. He then turned to Mr. And Mrs. Weasley. “It was pathetic. They had us out looking for illegal nifflers. They could have at least given us some pixies to hex.” Ron continued to ramble on and the tips of his ears grew more red with each second. “Well dear,” Mrs. Weasley said, “You have to start somewhere, besides at least I know you’re safe.” Ron rolled his eyes and continued to stuff food into his mouth knowing his Mum would enjoy the fact that his job had been boring. Mrs. Weasley had tried very hard to mind her own business now that Ron and Ginny were older, but she was still their mother. “So, have you decided when you might want to have the weddings?” “We haven’t really discussed it.” Ginny said looking around at the others. “Harry? Ron?” Mrs. Weasley pressured. “I think that should be up to the girls.” Harry attempted to share the pressure with Ron. “Don’t you Ron?” “I really figured they would already have everything ready to go when we returned.” He added. “Well, In that case.” Hermione decided to join the conversation. “How about Christmas then?” “Oh Brilliant!” Ginny squealed. “It would be lovely.” “It should give us three months.” Hermione figured. Harry then shocked everyone when he joined in with more interest now. “It would be nice if we could have it at Hogwarts.” “Hogwarts?” Ron had a confused look on his face. “Well…yeah…I mean…besides here I always thought of Hogwarts as my home and it is where we all met.” They all thought about what he said. “Oh,” Mrs. Weasley was nearly crying. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful as a double ceremony?” She then clapped her hands together as to make it final. ******* “Hope my day isn’t as boring as yesterday.” Ron said. “You should be thankful really…it means there are less dark wizards. Wasn’t that the point of the war we all spent so long fighting?” Hermione asked him. “Yeah…you’re right.” He said after thinking about it. “So, what’s on your agenda today?” “Well, I now have the nifflers to set straight.” Holding back a grin. “We’ve decided to require licenses so that we know who has them. I’ll be working on the proposal today.” “So, can we have lunch today then?” Ron’s spirits seemed to rise. “I’m sorry sweet.” She hugged and kissed him, taking a couple of minutes to do so. “That’s okay.” He now didn’t seem to mind. Hermione had a way of making everything alright. A/N They will soon find things aren't always what they seem. It gets better just wait for the next chapter. Things are going to be shaken up a bit!!!!

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