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Hey guys, so this is chapter 6, Harry’s thoughts are written in italics, just so you know. Oh, and please read the note I’ve left at the end, as it’s important! Thanks!! Enjoy!! : ) _____________________________________________________________________ ‘Albus, I was just in the hospital wing with Harry. He’s awake-’ ‘Harry’s awake?’ interrupted Albus. ‘Yes. But the thing is, I thought I heard Harry speak. Only that’s impossible with his jaw at the moment, but I am certain that I heard him say something. Also, quite concerning things as well,’ Remus added in an undertone. However Albus had heard what he had said as he raised his fingertips, so that they rested upon his chin he asked, ‘What did he say Remus?’ The tired man that sat in-front of him sighed before answering, ‘That he wished he’d never been born, and that he’d get his revenge over Bellatrix Lestrange,’ answered Remus wearily, ‘Oh and he wondered why I would bother to spend the night in the hospital wing watching over him.’ Albus surveyed Remus over his half-moon glasses, ‘You are yet to tell him of your new Guardianship then?’ Remus looked into the headmaster’s twinkling blue eyes, ‘Yes. I haven’t had time to, I haven’t seen him properly…not since…’ Remus broke off, unable to mention the death of Sirius. Dumbledore sighed. ‘Very well, Remus. You are not the only one who has something to tell Harry.’ Remus raised an eyebrow, ‘What do you mean? Surely he knows about…’ but Remus was cut-off by Dumbledore. ‘I’m afraid not. Harry is yet to learn about myself and Minerva’s…connection to him,’ Dumbledore stood from his high-backed chair to move to the other side of his office where his pensieve sat. Remus also stood, his temper again rising, ‘But you are going to, aren’t you? You can’t keep Harry in the dark about this, it’s too important!’ Dumbledore had just finished extracting a long silver strand from his temple. He added it to the stone basin, before turning to meet Remus’ eye. ‘I am aware of the information’s importance, Remus. As is Minerva. However, now that this new information has been brought to me, I feel it would be best to tackle one obstacle at a time before unloading all of our secrets upon Harry, especially now when he is in a fragile state.’ Remus nodded his understanding. He knew that Albus was right, Harry probably wouldn’t like the idea of more secrets and lies though. He could only hope that Harry would forgive them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry slept fitfully. In his haste to reach Dumbledore’s office, Remus had forgotten to administer the dreamless sleep potion to him, and now Harry was feeling the effects of that. ‘Tell me the prophecy Potter, and all of your troubles shall end,’ came the high-pitched voice of Lord Voldemort. ‘Never!’ screamed Harry between ragged breaths; the after effects of the Cruciatus curse, still taking it’s toll upon his young body. ‘Crucio!’ Harry’s body convulsed painfully, his very bones feeling as if they were on fire, as a thousand white-hot knives stabbed at his flesh. The scene changed and Harry found himself in a graveyard, bound tightly to the headstone of Tom Riddle, a piece of material stuffed roughly in his mouth, making him want to gag. ‘B-blood of the enemy…forcibly taken… you will… resurrect your foe,’ came the quivering voice of Peter Pettigrew, cradling his bloody stump of an arm. ‘…bow to death, Harry…’ Again the scene changed. ‘Come on you can do better than that!’ Sirius yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room. The second jet of light hit him squarely on the chest. The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock. ‘SIRIUS!’ Harry yelled. ‘SIRIUS!’ He had reached the floor, his breath coming in searing gasps. ‘Harry there’s nothing you can do - because he’s de-’ Remus started. ‘HE-IS-NOT-DEAD!’ screamed Harry. Again the scene changed. ‘Very well. You seal your own fate Potter. Lucius, Bella, the rest of you…he’s yours.’ ‘Aww look, little baby Potter’s crying. Do you want your Mummy baby Potter?’ teased Bellatrix, whilst the other Death Eaters laughed. He saw the moment in which the heavily booted foot of Bellatrix Lestrange came smashing into his jaw, he remembered the pain, and he heard his jaw crack, rendering him in agony but with no outlet, he could only moan… Suddenly, everything went black, and Harry began to panic, but not before he heard a strangely familiar voice that wasn’t connected to his nightmares. ‘Harry, Harry!’ ‘I know that voice…Remus!’ ‘Yes Harry it’s me, you have to wake-up.’ ‘W-wait. How are you in my head?’ ‘I’ll explain once you wake-up. Now come on, you have to wake-up!’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back in the hospital wing, Remus was sat perched on the left side of Harry’s bed looking worriedly at his newfound Godson. Whilst Professor Dumbledore looked on from the other side of the bed. Slowly Harry’s eyes began to flutter. They felt heavy, like lead weights had been attached to them, and so he was having difficulty opening them. ‘Come on Harry, I know you can do it, just open your eyes. Please,’ pleaded Remus desperately. Finally Harry found himself able to open his eyes. ‘Oh thank Merlin! You really had me worried for a while there Harry,’ breathed Remus, once again taking up Harry’s hand, and squeezing it gently. ‘What does he mean?’ thought Harry and to Harry’s surprise, Remus answered him. ‘Harry there’s a few things that I need to explain to you, but before I do, I think I should warn you that I can hear your thoughts,’ Remus replied. Harry looked shocked to say the least, so Remus decided to continue quickly. ‘First of all, to answer me, you just have to think something and I’ll be able to hear you, ok?’ ‘Yeah ok,’Harry answered. Remus smiled at him before continuing. ‘Right, first of all you’re probably wondering why I was able to enter your mind like I did?’ ‘Yeah, how did you do that?’ asked Harry. I was in Professor Dumbledore’s office when I had a strange feeling come over me. I soon found myself seeing what you were seeing…that’s how I knew,’ replied Remus tentatively. ‘So you saw everything…that I saw as well?’ asked Harry although he already knew the answer. Remus nodded, his grip on Harry’s hand becoming tighter. ‘But how?’ asked Harry, confused. ‘We are still trying to figure that out ourselves Harry, we shall tell you when we learn more, we think that I can talk to you like this and vice-versa is connected to it as well.’ Harry nodded, he had only just realised that Professor Dumbledore was also in the room. ‘Why were you so worried about me? I mean, why was it so important for me to wake-up…not that I’m not grateful…it’s not as if I wanted to see all of those things again…’ asked Harry, as he fought against his stinging eyes, that threatened to spill tears. ‘I-We were worried how long it was going to last…Harry, I left you in here almost 3 days ago!’ answered Remus with a concerned expression. Harry’s eyes widened in shock. ‘Three days!’ Harry exclaimed.‘I can’t believe I was out for THREE days!’ ‘Harry calm down. You were exhausted, and with good reason! But it was my fault…I should have remembered to give you the dreamless sleep potion, I’m sorry,’ apologised Remus as he turned away from Harry. ‘Why would it be your fault? It’s not as if I was in your care?’ inquired Harry. Remus turned back to Harry, who could see the torment in his grey pool-like eyes. ‘It was Harry. You were, and you are in my charge,’ He took a deep breath before continuing, ‘I’m your new Guardian, your Godfather, Harry.’ Harry didn’t know what to think, he stared at his ex-professor wide-eyed, and had he been able to, his mouth would have been gaping open as well. Harry turned away, Lupin? My new Guardian? He still feels like my Professor! Sirius has only been gone a month and they’re already giving me a new Guardian…why? Harry asked himself, before he turned back to Remus who had a pained expression on his face. With a jolt Harry remembered that he could hear his thoughts. ‘It’s ok Harry. I’m not trying to replace Sirius…I never could. As to why…mainly because we think it’s what your parents and Sirius would have wanted…’ ‘We?’ questioned Harry, narrow eyed. At this Remus turned to Dumbledore, who up until now had been watching the one-sided conversation inquisitively. Dumbledore stepped closer to Harry’s bedside and locked eyes with him for a moment before answering Harry’s question. ‘We, being Remus, myself and Professor Mcgonagal,’ answered Dumbledore carefully. ‘What’s this have to do with Professor Mcgonagal? I mean, I know she’s my head of house, and part of the Order, but what’s she have to do with this?’ asked Harry. Remus looked uncomfortable and just as Harry thought he was about to answer him, Madam Pomfrey came bustling into the ward, followed by a hoard of people with red hair. Remus sighed as he told Harry that they would continue the ‘conversation’ later, he gave his hand a last squeeze before he turned and left with Dumbledore. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry spent the rest of the afternoon in the hospital wing surrounded by the Weasleys and Hermione, who had come to visit him. Everyone was fine, only the twins had received injuries really, but were rather fond of having slashes on their limbs and had asked that they not be healed with magic, much to their mother’s chagrin. However, due to Harry’s inability to speak to anyone, he found himself listening to all of Fred and George’s plans to re-build the shop and the products that they would be making soon; Ron talked to him about Quidditch and how well the Chudley Cannons had been doing lately; Hermione talked excitedly about all of their up-coming NEWT classes, and how she couldn’t wait for the first assignment, much to Ron and the twins disgust. Mrs Weasley had been the worst though. She had insisted that when Harry was well enough, she would be first in line in the attempt to fatten him up and hug him as she couldn’t do so now. After what seemed like forever, everyone left the infirmary, leaving Harry with a pile of get-well-soon cards and his thoughts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus had returned to Grimmauld Place to freshen-up and get some of Harry’s things, for he would probably be in the hospital wing for another week or so. He was thankful when the Weasley’s had arrived; he almost had to tell Harry what he had promised he wouldn’t, or at least not yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After another week had passed, Harry found that he no longer needed the ‘box’ and could speak, although it still caused him pain every now and then, he wasn’t about to admit this to anyone though, out of fear of being bed-ridden for the rest of July. So now he stared out of the infirmary window, longing to be allowed out onto the grounds in the sunshine, he was beginning to think that if he got any paler people would mistake him for one of the ghosts! Harry’s thoughts drifted to the coming week. Soon it would be his birthday and he wasn’t sure if he was looking forward to being sixteen or not. Sure, it meant that he was only another year away from when he could use magic freely and learn to apparate, but turning sixteen brought new responsibilities and problems. The prophecy would surely be playing some part in the events yet to come, Harry thought sadly. He hated being ‘the-boy-who-lived’, and from what he had deciphered from the prophecy, he might soon be ‘the-boy-who-died!’ He shook his head at the thought of the prophecy; staring determinedly out the window, he didn’t notice that he had company. ‘Hello Harry,’ came a familiar voice. Harry turned around to see Remus stood in the door way, he looked better then he had done last time Harry saw him, but his eyes gave him away; they looked haunted, as if they had seen too much. Harry turned away from the man, regaining his determined stare. Footsteps could be heard approaching, but Harry didn’t move. Not even when he felt the man place a hand on his left shoulder. ‘Harry, please look at me.’ It was not a command. Grudgingly, Harry slowly turned away from the window. His emerald green eyes locking with soft grey ones. Remus sighed. ‘I’m sorry I haven’t been to see you this week, I wanted to. We’ve had Order meetings and…’ ‘I don’t want to hear your excuses Lupin,’ Harry interrupted coldly. He knew it wasn’t Remus’ fault, but he felt a kind of sadistic pleasure in taking out his fury upon his newly appointed Guardian. Remus looked hurt and he removed his hand from Harry’s shoulder. Just as he was about to leave, something Harry said stopped him in his tracks. ‘Funny how everyone around me dies, you’d think people would stop trying to get close to me by now, for their own good,’ Harry said savagely. ‘How can you say that Harry? You know how many people care about you, how many love you. I love you!’ Remus surprised even himself by his own words. ‘I don’t believe you! You say you love me but you’ve kept secrets from me, you still are!’ rounded Harry. Remus looked dejectedly at Harry. ‘I know, and I have no excuse, only that we thought it was best at the time…’ ‘All this WE business, when are you going to do something for yourself? If you’re my Godfather then surely it should be your decision!’ fumed Harry. Remus didn’t know what to say to the enraged teen. He had a valid point, ‘Why don’t I ever take charge of the situation?’ he asked himself. But before Remus could think any more on the topic, Harry had started again. ‘And another thing, last week, when you and Dumbledore were in here and you mentioned Mcgonagall having some say in all of this…what were you going to say? You know, before the Weasley’s came?’ inquired Harry, now only feet away from the young werewolf. ‘That is something between yourself and Professor Dumbledore. It is for him to tell you,’ replied Remus cautiously. He knew that Harry wouldn’t accept that answer, but he had to try. ‘Argh! I am so fed-up with all of these secrets!’ Harry huffed, ‘When is everybody going to stop treating me like a little kid!’ ‘I know you’re frustrated Harry, but it isn’t my place to tell you. It’s Dumbledore’s,’ replied Remus. As if on cue, the hospital doors swung open and Professors’ Dumbledore, Mcgonagall and Snape, followed by Tonks, Kingsley, Moody and Mr and Mrs Weasley entered. Harry looked from Remus to the people who had just entered, before telepathically sending ‘Well, now I can ask him can’t I?’ to Remus. Remus sighed before sending back; ‘He isn’t going to tell you with everyone else here as well. Even you know that.’ Harry ignored him and directed his attention back to the headmaster. ‘Good to see you up and about Harry,’ began the ancient wizard. However, Harry was having none of that, he wanted to get straight to the lies. ‘What haven’t you been telling me Professor? Remus said that it wasn’t his place to tell me, and that it was yours.’ The other Order members looked to the old man then to Harry, wondering what he was talking about. ‘I’m afraid now is not the time to be discussing this Harry…’ he began. Harry looked to Remus, almost daring him to say ‘I told you so’ but he didn’t. He just looked sadly at Harry; the look that Harry had grown accustomed to lately, he hated that look, the look that said they pitied him, or felt sorry for him. He hated having people’s sympathy. ‘Fine! When you decide to tell me, you know where you can find me, my dead Godfather’s house,’Harry added in his thoughts, forgetting that Remus could hear him. ‘Harry! Don’t talk like that! We all miss Sirius, believe me, we do!’ The other occupants of the room looked strangely at Remus, obviously realising that they had missed something. However Snape, realising the situation, decided to add his own sneering remark, ‘You should be more grateful Potter, not everyone gets to have TWO parents, and TWO Godfathers!’ Snape spat. Harry leapt from his bed, startling everyone in the room, and he began yelling angrily at his potions professor. ‘WHAT IF I DON’T WANT ANOTHER GODFATHER! WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO SIRIUS BECAUSE OF ME! YES ME! YOU ALL KNOW IT WAS MY FAULT, SO STOP DENYING IT! No-one will ever replace Sirius!,’ Harry yelled, although he wished he hadn’t as it had hurt his jaw. He began to rub it as he listened to Remus’ reply. ‘Harry, I know I’ll never replace S-Sirius… I don’t want to. I just hope that you’ll allow me to be part of your life, someday,’ the teary-eyed man said sadly before beginning to turn away from Harry. It was too much. Harry could no longer hold back the tears as he began to sob freely, not caring who heard, or who saw. He just wanted to be consoled. Remus, upon noticing Harry, quickly turned back to him. ‘I’m sorry Remus, I didn’t mean it. Of course I want you as a Godfather. Thank you,’ whispered Harry. Remus stared at him for a moment, supposedly deciding if what he had just heard was real or not, before he pulled him into a loving embrace. The other occupants, suddenly feeling like intruders, decided to leave the two alone for a while. Not knowing what to do at first, Harry stood stiffly against Remus, but once he breathed in the familiar scent, he found himself loosening against him and he nuzzled his head into the neck of Remus’ robes, not wanting to let go as his tears drifted down his cheeks. Remus guided them both towards the nearest bed where he pulled Harry into his lap. The boy didn’t resist against the gesture so Remus pulled him tightly to his chest as he laid back against the headboard. His hand finding its way through Harry’s unruly hair, stroking it softly. They stayed like that for hours, Remus hugging his Godson close, thankful that he had been accepted by Harry. While Harry clung to Remus’ robes desperately seeking warmth from another; his Godfather. Both managed to sleep peacefully the whole night, each finding what they needed in the other; closure. ____________________________________________________________ Hey guys, hope you liked this chapter and that you weren’t too confused when I was trying to explain ‘The Link’, lol. I really like this chapter, probably because of the way it ends, but I’ll leave you to review what you think!! : ) BTW, Something that I wanted to ask you all was: Do you prefer long or short chapters? This being because it seems to take me an unnaturally long amount of time to write these chapters and being the busy person that I am, lol, I wanted to know which you prefer? If most of you decide short chapters, then chapters from now on will be around 1,000-2,000 words in length and you can expect to see updates almost every-other day, e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun? If you decide that you prefer long chapters, then chapters from now on will be 3,000 words plus, and you can expect updates every Wednesday and Sunday? (Barring this week as it is half-term, where updates will be often and irregular) So, don’t forget to REVIEW and tell me which you would prefer, and I’ll go on a majority vote! Thanks!! ~Sam.

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