Unconscious Pain - Chapter 6
It was a Wednesday morning, when James awoke. The sun was shining through the clouds making the scenery look very hazy. The Hospital wing was furnished with very old beds, which made James’s rest most uncomfortable. James had awoken in a very ugly state. The Nurse had forgotten to take off his glasses and they were digging into the ridge of his nose. He peered out over the side of his bed. He couldn’t make out anyone standing next to his bed, and he was glad. He wanted to be alone. James tried to sit up, but an uncontrollable pain pierced through his body. He yelped in pain, just enough for the nurse to hear. She rushed over and peered at him through her pink rimmed glasses. Her frizzy hair trying to escape her head. She shook her head at him. “You should not be trying to move, Potter. Even though I don’t really know what happened to you, Dumbledore wouldn’t tell me, you really do look like you need to rest.” She handed him a mirror for him to look at his face. His uncontrollable hair spiked up in different directions and his blue eyes, looked most unbelievable. His eyes in fact looked like the moon. They had almost lost their pigment, making him look most disturbing. He looked at his young face. It almost had no colour, he felt really pale to. “You’d better go to sleep now.” The nurse walked away. James took off his glasses and lay down, closing his eyes, before drifting off into a very horrible sleep. James dreamt of hills and the sun, but every now and again, there would be a burst of laughter coming from over the hills. He kept walking, hearing Lily’s screams, wanted to get to her. But the longer he walked the further he seemed to get. He ran but everything he saw seemed to go in circles, just before he awoke, he collapsed on the floor in a mess. His eyes shooting open, late in the evening. Overlooking his bed was a tall figure, with a long white beard. “Ah, you’re awake James. You were out for quite some while. How are you feeling, would you like a sherbet lemon?” James viewed the professor in a confused matter. He shook his head. “That’s okay. Sherbet lemons are a muggle sweet which I have become quite attached to. You must try one, one day, they are most enjoyable.” The professor’s eyes twinkled. “Professor, what happened to me? Who saved me last night?” “Ah, one of your peers came to see me at a very late hour last night, with something concerning a Dark Lord. She seemed quite distressed.” “Lily…” James mumbled. “Yes, she was in a right state.” He looked at James, smiling. “I made my way down to the forest, in hope of catching you, but instead I came across the most unlikely mob of animals. Sirius told me that you had gone. They led me to the clearing and I came just in time to watch Tom run away.” “Tom?” “You see the man who attacked you; his name is Tom, Tom Riddle in fact.” “I have seen his name before. He was the one who caught the person that killed Moaning Murtle.” “I think that she would prefer it if you didn’t call her by that name.” “Yes, Professor.” James said “Well look at the time.” Dumbledore said looking at a very strange contraption, that James assumed was a watch. I presumed that Dumbledore could read it. “You should get back to sleep. You can see your friends in the morning.” ***** Seven hours later, when the sun was just coming up, three seven years strolled into the hospital wing, in hope of seeing their friend, before he awoke. To their disappointment he was lying there with his eyes wide open. He looked like he hadn’t slept all night. “Prongs.” Sirius simply said. James turned his head. His eyes giving his friends a huge shock. By this time they were almost pearl coloured. James sensed the feeling of uncomfortable going between his friends. “Don’t worry; the nurse said that they will eventually change back.” They almost sighed in relief. “James, we were so worried!” Remus said. Sirius eyed him with caution; obviously they hadn’t told him what he had done to James. “You were worried? Look what you did to me!” James unbuttoned his shirt to show Remus his scars. Claw marks ran vertically down his chest. Remus gasped and ran out of the hospital wing, in tears. “You shouldn’t have done that!” Peter said. “Well you guys cant talk. What were you doing last night? You left me!” James eyed then suspiciously. “We couldn’t stop him. You know that and if we changed into humans he would only attack us as well.” Sirius was very angry. “Suppose so.” James said. Shocking both Sirius and Peter with his lack of argument. They finally excepted what he had said and sat down next to his bed. “I think I will go find Remus.” James said. He went to get up, but the others stopped him. “You shouldn’t go, your still hurt.” Said Pettigrew pointing at his chest. “No I’m fine.” James said. “Really James you shouldn’t” Sirius said back. But James wasn’t listening; he had climbed out of his bed and was getting changed into his robe behind a curtain. Seconds later he returned fully dressed in the Hogwarts uniform. “That was quick!” Sirius exclaimed. “New spell I learned.” James told him. “James we still don’t think you should find him!” Peter grabbed his hand. But James shook It of, ignoring his comment walking out the door. The last thing he heard was “Potter” from the nurse, but he chose to ignore that as well. As he ran down the hallway to the common room. Once he reached there he said the password, ‘Biting Teacup’, and walked in the Gryffindor room. He could not see Lupin anywhere, so he walked up the stairs to the boy’s dorm. Sitting all alone was the Werewolf, crying on his bed.

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