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Here's chapter 5 guys, enjoy and don't forget to review!! ;) ______________________________________ Remus arrived in the middle of Hogwarts’ hospital wing, still clutching the side of the stretcher upon which Harry lay. ‘Madam Pomfrey!’ Remus called. He used the levitation charm to carefully move Harry from the stretcher to the nearest bed. ‘Madam Pomfrey!’ Remus placed a calloused hand upon Harry’s forehead. He was running a high fever, yet shaking. ‘Yes Remus, I’m here. What seems to be the prob- Oh my merlin! What on earth happened to him!’ shrieked Madam Pomfrey, obviously unaware of what had transpired over the past few hours. ‘Voldemort,’ Remus answered simply, to which Madam Pomfrey gasped before heading off to her supplies cupboard. Remus turned back to Harry, he seemed to be slipping in and out of consciousness. ‘Harry? Can you hear me?’ Remus asked tentatively. There was no reply, Remus sighed. ‘Here, tilt his head back while I administer this potion,’ ordered Madam Pomfrey, as she stepped back into the room, revealing a yellow coloured potion. Remus did as he was told. He carefully lifted Harry’s head and gently parted his lips, allowing Madam Pomfrey to give him the potion. ‘What is it?’ Remus asked as he placed Harry’s head back against the pillows. ‘A potion to help the effects of the Cruciatus curse,’ replied Madam Pomfrey. ‘Oh,’ was all Remus could reply. He had forgotten about the Cruciatus curse, after being so worried over Harry’s physical state.‘That’s probably why he’s shaking so badly,’thought Remus. After about an hour of potions, charms to heal his broken bones and a few failed attempts to heal Harry’s jaw. Harry lay immobile upon the hospital bed with Remus sat at his side. Madam Pomfrey had retired to her quarters saying that she would check back throughout the night, and only to ask if she was needed. She had even offered Remus to take a bed and when he refused to she instead offered him a calming draught. ‘You really should you know. You look like you could use it,’ she had said. Remus had declined at first, but soon found himself swigging back a calming draught, under Madam Pomfrey’s watchful eye. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry awoke feeling warm, he felt so tired that he didn't want to open his eyes. He went to yawn and that's when it hit him. A searing pain shot through his jaw. The pain was so intense that it made his eyes sting as tears stained his bruised cheeks. A hand swiftly reached out for his own, and he found himself squeezing it like his life depended on it. He didn’t know who’s hand it was, but at that moment he didn’t care, he was only grateful that whoever it was, was there. Soon the person began to speak, but although they sounded familiar, Harry just couldn’t place who it was. ‘Harry? Lie still, ok? And don’t try to talk; you won’t be able to,’ the person let out a sigh. ‘I know it hurts, but you have to lie still, if you don’t, it will only make your injuries worse, just try to relax.’ Harry continued to squeeze the unknown person’s hand. Everything was a blur, and the person’s voice sounded muffled, like his hearing was constricted. He decided to do as he was told though and after being administered a potion, he soon drifted off into a dreamless sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus had spent the better part of the night in Hogwarts hospital wing. He struggled to stay awake, his tired, grey eyes remained fixed upon the beaten and bruised form of Harry, who held his hand in a death grip. He wanted to remain strong for Harry, he knew he had to. He dare not let Harry see him cry, he desperately needed someone, now more than ever, and Remus had decided that, that person would be him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback: ‘…Harry will need a new Guardian. Now that he has lost both his parents and now Sirius…’ Dumbledore looked to the weary werewolf who held his head in his hands, whilst perched upon a stiff wooden chair of the kitchen at number 12 Grimmauld Place. It was only a week after Sirius had fallen through the veil. ‘…he will undoubtedly be upset…’ ‘Upset? UPSET! Of course he’ll be bloody upset! We all are! After James and Lily; Sirius was like a brother, a father even, to Harry. Of course he’s upset,’ burst the enraged werewolf. Dumbledore surveyed his ex-student. He looked haggard and worn, and soon it would be the full-moon. He sighed in resignation, thinking that the conversation he had planned would be best left to another time. Just as he was about to leave however, he was called back. ‘Wait. I want to,’ came the voice of Lupin. Dumbledore must have given him a bewildered look because the man started again. ‘I mean, I’d love to be Harry’s new Guardian…if I could?’ Now that he thought about it, Remus knew that it would be what his fallen friends would want; for him to become Harry’s new Guardian. Dumbledore’s eyes sparkled in the candlelit room. ‘Of course, would you like me to tell Harry, or would you rather..’ ‘No. I’d rather tell him myself Albus. It might sound better coming from me,’ answered Remus. ‘Very well, I shall see you soon Remus. Good day,’ and with that Dumbledore left Remus pondering over the best way to break the news to Harry. End of Flashback ‘Don’t worry Harry, I’m here for you,’ Remus whispered whilst wiping a few stray bangs out of the boy’s eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next morning Harry was again awoken by the pain in his jaw. ‘Bloody Bellatrix! She’s going to pay for this!’ Harry thought. Just as Harry had said this however he felt someone jump awake. It was Lupin. ‘Harry, did you just say something?’ Harry just stared at his ex-professor annoyed. He knew he was incapable of talking to anyone at the moment, of course he hadn’t spoken! His expression softened however when he realised that his hand was being tightly held by the werewolf. ‘So it was Lupin that held my hand all night? But why? Why was Lupin so worried about me?’Harry thought. Remus looked at Harry bemused. He could have sworn that he had just heard Harry speak, and then again just after he had asked him, but his mouth hadn’t moved, and he couldn’t if he tried. Madam Pomfrey had strapped it up along with the rest of the boy’s head. Seemingly, Harry was yet to realise. As if on cue with Remus’ thoughts, Harry raised his free hand and felt his hand connect with a foam-type box that surrounded his head and covered his jaw, completely immobilising it from movement. He narrowed his eyes in annoyance, the only real part of his face that he was certain Lupin could see. Remus shook off his thoughts, putting it down to stress and exhaustion. ‘Harry, this -er- box, is only for your protection. We couldn’t have you moving about, making things worse than they already are,’ offered Remus carefully. ‘Yeah, everyone has to protect ‘the-boy-who-lived’, sometimes I just wish I’d never been born,’thought Harry glumly. Harry was surprised when he felt the hand wrapped in his own let go, as if it had been stung. He looked into Lupin’s eyes and saw a mixture of emotions. He couldn’t understand why, but he saw confusion and concern. However, he was even more surprised to see his only company leave and dash toward the hospital doors without even a glance back at him. Harry sighed and soon he fell into an uneasy slumber. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus didn’t know what was happening. He was now certain that he had heard Harry’s voice inside his own head. However, it seemed as though Harry hadn’t noticed this; Remus was sure that Harry wouldn’t have said what he had heard him say, if he had known he could hear him. ‘Maybe I’m going insane?’ Remus thought drastically, but quickly shook the idea from his thoughts. ‘No. Not insane, but something is wrong. Something’s going on, and I know just the person to ask.’ Soon Remus found himself in front of the stone gargoyle that led to the headmaster’s office. ‘Ice Mice,’ Remus sounded to the gargoyle as it sprung to life and moved a side. He jumped aboard the revolving staircase until he found himself at the top. Before he could even knock however, he heard the calm voice of Albus Dumbledore say, ‘Come in Remus.’ Remus took a steadying breath before turning the handle to the wooden door and entering. He took the chair in front of the desk, of which sat the ancient professor, eyeing him patiently, waiting for him to speak. ___________________________________ Hey guys, sorry that this chapter is so short but it’s getting late here, and I haven’t had that long to work on this chapter… Anyway, you’ll be glad to know (I hope!) that I’m planning on writing the next chapter tomorrow and adding it tomorrow as well, so you shouldn’t have to wait long, (or at all, depending on when you’re reading this, lol) For some reason I had trouble writing this chapter, so tell me what you think please, whether you hate it, love it or decide to take on a happy medium, I don’t mind… Thanks to everyone who has already reviewed and I can only hope that you liked this chapter as much as previous ones… Thanks! AND don’t forget to REVIEW!! :)

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