The Snakes Eye - Chapter 4
That same evening, James sat alone in the common room, watching the fire die down. That night would be a full moon; His friends would be making their way down the shack. He remembered them begging him to come with them, and the scared look in Remus’s eyes, when she told them that he didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to transform. “James, you have to, it is always fun!!” Sirius said, whispering to his best mate. But James didn’t answer; he was off in another world. “James? We have to go, Remus needs us.” With a nod, James got up and walked over the fire. “Fine, then!” Pettigrew said, in a hushed voice. James stared into the fire, once more, before dragging his body up the stairs to their dorm. He arrived and threw himself onto the neatly made bed. James had always wondered who made the beds and cleaned their rooms in his younger years, but now he knew of the kitchen and the house elves. Right now, he almost felt sorry for them. Suddenly he noticed something behind his head. He shifted to his side and saw a small letter lying on his pillow. The letter was sealed with a green embossed snake, curled around a skull. It slithered down the back of the letter. The snake almost looked alive. James shivered at thought of whom it could be from, and how exactly they got it into his room. He carefully opened the back of the envelope and reached inside to find a small neatly folded letter. He opened it wondering, and read: Meet me in the forest, tonight, or your girlfriend dies. James immediately dropped the letter and shook uncontrollably to the extent that he felt like fainting. How could they know about Lily? Right that moment, as if on cue there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” he called trying to hide his fear, but failing miserably. “Its Lily, can I come in?” James jumped to his feet and shoved the letter to the floor. “Yeah.” He replied, but Lily had already opened the door. He let out a sigh and sat back down on the bed. He didn’t need to talk to her right now. “Hey, are you okay? You look really pale; do you want to go to the nurse?”Lily trailed off. “Something’s happened, hasn’t it? Please tell me James!” “I’m fine.” “Not your not, what wrong?” “Nothing.” James said slightly raising his voice. Lily was really taken aback by his behaviour. She went to sit down next to him, but noticed something on the floor. An envelope. “What this?” She asked, impatiently, picking it up. “Just some letter I got from someone.” He said reluctantly. “But it has the Dark Lords mark on the back.” James looked surprised at this. “What? How do you know?’ “This is what I came up here to tell you. Professor Dumbledore told me about five minutes ago. He said that we should watch out for it. We have to worn the prefects.” She said. “Though he said I didn’t have to come tell you, he said he would do it for me, because he knows how much we dislike each other.” “But you came up anyway?” He asked “Yes. James you have changed. You are not that little mischievous boy anymore.” James looked into her eyes. They were very beautiful. Green like emeralds. “James can I ask you something?” “What?” “Do you… Do you love me? James was confused. Only a year ago, this girl treated him with disgust. He knew that if he did not like her in return he would have been really angry and frustrated with her. But there was something about her that would not let him be that way. There was a long silence. James looked at the floor. He didn’t know what to say. He felt tears forming in his eyes, but he would not let them escape. How could he let this beautiful girl – no, woman – die. “Yes.” Was his final but simple answer. “You?” “Well James, I have to confess, I have actually liked you along time. But I was so scared, me being a muggle born and stuff, and you being so cool around everyone…” James had to hide his embarrassment. He looked at the floor once more before he felt her slim hand move his head up to stare her in the eyes. He refused to look at her, afraid that he may never see her again. “Look at me James.” James finally gave in. “What’s the matter. You can tell me.” “I… I…” He thought for a moment, finally resting on the right answer to her question. “I just don’t want you to leave me, or I don’t want to leave you. It’s not fair, that Dark Lord having to come out this year. All those threats to my family and…” He stopped abruptly; Lily was staring at him in horror. He had not told her that the man was after him. He simply nodded at her. “What? Oh, James!” She flung herself into his arms and wept. “I don’t want you to go! Don’t leave me!” “I… I will try not to.” He looked into her eyes. The both closed their eyes and lent forward to kiss. James loved this girl, but he had to make one sacrifice to save her life. He had to go. Lily flung herself off him, as if she had suddenly realised something important. “What happened to the letter that came in this envelope?” She still clung onto it in her hands. “Umm… I threw it away.” Said James as a lame excuse, but he knew that he was not good at lying. “No you didn’t…” She trailed off in thought as she walked around the other side of the bed. She knelt down to pick something up off the ground. On her way back up she froze abruptly and let out a whimper. “What?” She screamed at him. “You cant let him do this!! James you cant go!! Please don’t tell me that you are going!” James simply nodded at her. “What? I will go tell Dumbledore!” She threatened. But James was not scared of him anymore. He had beento the professor's office too many times. It was now his turn to speak. “I have to go Lily.” “No you don’t!” A tear sliced her cheek into two separate parts of beauty. James was willing to make a sacrifice, he did not want her dead. “Lily, I don’t want you to die! I cant let them have you!! Go tell Dumbledore for all I care, there is nothing he can do about it.” “James Potter, I refuse to let you go!” She said almost shouting at him. It was now James’s turn to shout. ‘LILY EVENS, I AM GOING AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!” He reached his trunk and fetched his invisibility cloak. Before she could say anything else he disappeared under it and slammed the door to the dorm behind him, leaving Lily in absolute shock and terror.

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