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Hey guys, this is the 4th chapter, just a WARNING before you read: This chapter contains scenes of violence and mild swearing!! OK, so you've been warned, now enjoy!! ______________________________________________ Harry finally stopped spinning and landed with a thud onto a cold hard floor. His mind was reeling. The silencing spell was still on him so he couldn’t call out to anyone or voice the pain that he was feeling, protruding in waves from his scar. He reached his hand to it and rubbed it vigorously but it was all in vain for suddenly a cold voice sounded from across the room. ‘Welcome Harry, to my home.’ Harry looked up dreading what he knew he was about to see. Sitting in a throne like chair was a pale skeletal figure, swathed in long black robes. His spider-like fingers twisting a long wand between them, and his lipless mouth formed into a menacing smile. Harry looked into his cat-like red eyes that seemed to sparkle with malicious intent. ‘Voldemort’ Harry mouthed before collapsing from the pain penetrating his mind. His ears filled with a cold, high-pitched laugh before his world went black. ~~~~~~~~ Remus Lupin sat in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, watching as Severus recounted his last Death Eater meeting. He knew he should be paying more attention to what the former Death Eater - turned spy, was saying but his mind kept drifting to one thing. Harry. He couldn’t help but feel apprehensive about what he had to tell him. He wasn’t sure if Harry would like the idea or not. After all, Harry had suffered so much loss and heartbreak in his life already, he didn’t want to add to that. ‘Remus, are you even listening to me?’ came the sneering voice of Severus Snape from across the table. ‘Hmm? Oh, yes of course Severus, please continue…’ he answered absentmindedly. Severus eyed him suspiciously for a moment more before continuing with his report. ‘So as I was saying, the Dark Lord then went onto explain that he is close to succeeding in a plan. Something to do with Lucius Malfoy, however that was all he said on the matter. Headmaster, I think he may suspect me of being a spy…’ Dumbledore surveyed Snape over his half-moon spectacles for a moment before answering the concerned professor. ‘Do not worry Severus, just remain calm and if your suspicions grow then we shall look into the matter nearer the time,’ relied Dumbledore giving Snape a pointed look, to which Snape paled slightly but quickly regained his composure. Remus raised an eyebrow at this, now what are they plotting? he thought to himself. However, Remus was pulled from his thoughts as a head appeared in the kitchen fireplace. Dumbledore silenced the room from all conversation as he turned to the head of Molly Weasley in the fireplace. His tone serious. ‘Molly? What is it? Has something happened?’ Molly’s expression was sombre, and Remus felt his breath catch in his throat as he saw tears glistening in the woman’s eyes. ‘I’m afraid so Albus. We were attacked. The children were in the twins’ shop whilst myself and the rest of the guard went to see what was happening outside. However, it was a trick. Whilst we were fighting off Death Eaters outside, the children found themselves surrounded. They destroyed the shop bringing the ceiling down on them. The children have been taken to St. Mungo’s to be checked out but there’s more…Albus, they took Harry!’ With that Molly broke down in tears and removed herself from the green flames, and in her wake a wave of eerie silence held the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. Remus turned to Dumbledore. There was no sparkle in his blue eyes, and Remus noticed that he looked older than he had ever seen him before. he blames himself…and rightly so, Remus thought savagely. Just then Snape grabbed his left forearm and winced, holing back the pain through gritted teeth. ‘Albus…’ Dumbledore let out a sigh. ‘Very well Severus, it is probable that he is about to alert you of the situation at hand. Do try to learn as much as you can about Harry’s condition and report back to us once you get the chance to, we will then set up a rescue mission.’ Severus gave a curt nod and with a loud CRACK was gone. Remus couldn’t contain himself any longer, he was beyond angry, he was seething with fury. He had thought it an unwise plan to send Harry and the others away from safety just so they could talk about him in the Order meeting, but at the time he had held back his questioning in respect to Dumbledore, but now that he had learnt he was right and Harry had been taken, probably to be tortured or worse… he couldn’t just stand back and let the headmaster off without him voicing his opinion of him first. ‘HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID!’ Remus yelled at the surprised wizard. Causing everyone in the room to stare at him in return. He was shaking with anger and was doing everything to stop himself from launching at the calm old man that stood before him. ‘Remus listen I…’ began Dumbledore, but he was abruptly cut off by Remus’ yelling. ‘NO YOU LISTEN FOR ONCE! Who’s to say what you think is always the best plan of action? Who’s to say that you should always be in charge, Dumbledore. Harry is probably being tortured right now! And it is all YOUR fault!’ stormed Remus. A collective gasp rang through the group of onlookers, nobody had ever seen Remus loose his temper like this before, and that’s what scared them. Dumbledore at least had the common decency to hang his head in shame. He knew it was his fault, Remus was right…what had he done? Harry was probably in pain right now because of him, the actions of a silly old man, again he had failed him. ‘Now is not the time for blame Remus,’ growled Alastor Moody. Remus just glared at him before storming out of the kitchen and up the stairs. ‘Dumbledore?’ Moody asked. Dumbledore slowly raised his head, a single pearly tear had escaped his eye and was now dribbling down through his vast white beard. He wiped it away, and turned to the group. ‘Alastor, go to Diagon Alley. See what you can do to help, or find out where Harry has been taken. It’s a long shot, but we need to start somewhere and it could be a while before Severus returns with any news.’ Moody nodded and left via Floo. He then turned toward Tonks and Kingsley. ‘Return to the ministry and inform them of the situation, I want a group of Aurors ready to take part in the rescue mission.’ Tonks and Kingsley both nodded that they understood and then dissapparated out of the kitchen. Lastly, Dumbledore turned to Minerva, who had remained quiet up until now, her eyes were slightly glazed behind her square shaped lenses and she had unshed tears in her eyes. Dumbledore sighed as he took up the seat next to her, whilst placing a comforting arm around her shoulders. ‘Albus, what if… poor Harry, he’s been through so much already, I don’t think I can bare to see him go through any more…’ whispered Minerva. ‘I know Minerva, I know… that is why, when he is returned I shall tell him the truth.’ Minerva looked at Albus seriously. ‘Really?’ Albus smiled slightly. ‘Yes, I believe it is time he knew who we really are, don’t you, Minerva?’ Minerva smiled back weakly, and nodded. ‘I don’t know how he’s going to take it though Albus. What if he doesn’t want to know us after we tell him? We’ve kept this from him for far too long as it is, do you really expect him to be happy about it?’ Minerva asked. ‘We’ll see Minerva, we’ll see.’ Albus finished soberly. ‘Now I think we should take a trip to St. Mungo’s to see how everybody is,’ stated Dumbledore whilst rising from his chair, and with that they both dissapparated with a POP. ~~~~~~~ Harry didn’t know how long he had been unconscious but it felt like a lifetime ago when he had been in the joke shop staring into Ginny’s eyes. He gingerly pushed himself into a sitting position, his back pressed against a cold stone wall. His head was swimming; he was so dizzy that his surroundings started to dance around him, taunting him, reminding him of his helplessness. He tried to stand up but quickly fell back down again with a yelp. ‘Well now I know that the silencing charm has been taken off,’ thought Harry glumly. ~~~~~~ ‘Welcome Death Eaters.’ The cold high-pitched cackle of Lord Voldemort rang through the cavernous lair, sending chills down Severus Snape’s back. He stood towards the back of the ever-growing number of Death Eaters that were the Dark Lord’s followers. He wore his mask and his hood, not wanting to be noticed by too many. However, it seemed the Dark Lord had other plans. ‘Snape!’ Severus inwardly cringed, ‘this can’t be good’ Reluctantly he moved to the front of the crowd, instantly dropping to his knees to kiss the hem of his master’s robes. ‘My Lord.’ ‘Ah Snape, my loyal servant.’ Voldemort replied in a cold tone. There was something about the way he had said ‘loyal’ that made Snape tense up, preparing to be struck with the Cruciatus curse. However, after several moments of silence Severus began to relax a little; well, as much as one can relax as they are kneeling in front of the darkest wizard ever known! ‘Severus, what do you have to report to me?’ Severus racked his mind searching for a scrap of information to give the Dark Lord that would both pacify him, yet not lead the Order into danger. Finally he thought of something that was important information to the Order but wouldn’t necessarily have any affect if Voldemort happened to know about it. ‘My Lord, Potter has been learning Occlumency…’ Severus began. ‘Yes I know, Severus. It has been increasingly difficult to enter his mind lately…but not impossible.’ Snape was surprised to hear that he already knew, that meant Potter must not be telling them everything, he had to of had another vision recently and not told anyone, stupid Potter ‘Very well Severus, hopefully next time you will bring me more helpful news.’ Voldemort scowled at Snape as he hastily rejoined the back of the ranks. ‘Now, onto more pleasant news.’ Voldemort’s high-pitched cackle ricocheted off the stone walls, once more sending shudders around the room. ‘You will be pleased to hear that are young foe Mr Potter was captured this afternoon, by none other than my most faithful Death Eaters’, Bella and Lucius.’ Snape scanned the room for the two, it didn’t take him long to spot them situated right at the centre-front, both bursting with pride at their Master’s words. Snape returned his attention to Voldemort who had begun talking again. ‘…he’s being held here. Don’t fret, you’ll all get your turn with him, to do as you please, but not until I have had my own turn,’ an enormous evil grin formed on Voldemort’s lipless mouth, making him look even more terrifying than ever, and Snape gave an involuntary shudder at the thought of what Potter may have to endure. ‘So, Lucius, Bella bring our guest up here and let’s see what we can do for him,’ smirked Voldemort, whilst his most faithful disappeared down a side entrance. ~~~~~~~~ There was the sudden sound of footsteps and Harry immediately became alert. Yet there was nothing he could do. He had realised before that he was locked in a cell of some kind, and so without his wand, all he could do was wait. He was a sitting duck. ‘Alohomora’ Harry spun around so fast he cricked his neck making him yelp in pain. The next thing he knew he was being dragged by his hair and one arm across and out of the holding cell, and down a long passage way. He attempted to struggle against the hold but found that it only made the person pull tighter on his hair, so much so, Harry thought that it would soon be ripped from his scalp. That’s when he saw it. Situated in his throne-like chair was Voldemort, and surrounding him, in their masses were dozens-upon-dozens of masked Death Eaters. Harry gulped audibly, before being dragged to the front of those gathered. He was thrown unceremoniously at the feet of Voldemort himself. Gasping for air and holding his aching head, Harry tried to look defiant in Voldemort’s presence but found it increasingly difficult as his scar had started hurting again ever since he entered the room. ‘Welcome back Harry. I suppose you’re wondering why you’re here, or better yet, why you’re even still alive?’ Voldemort asked. Harry just stared at him, gritting his teeth through the pain he was experiencing because of being so close to his tormentor. ‘Crucio!’ Voldemort yelled. Harry was thrown back a few feet, his head connecting with the hard stone surface that was the floor. He clamped his lips together, trying to stifle his screams but it was no good, and soon he was flailing on the ground, his mouth open wide, allowing his screams to pass through. After what felt like forever, the curse was lifted and Harry lay shaking on the ground gasping for air. ‘You didn’t like that now, did you Harry. Maybe next time you’ll answer when being spoken to?’ sneered Voldemort. ‘Now, tell me the prophecy!’ ordered Voldemort, to a shaking Harry. ~~~~~~~~~ ‘Crucio!’ Voldemort had yelled. Snape had watched as Harry was blown back a few feet hitting his head. He cringed as he saw blood start to seep from the back of his head; but there was nothing he could do. If he tried to stop the Dark Lord, then his cover would be blown and he and Potter would probably both be killed. No. There was nothing that he could do, but watch helplessly as the wizarding world’s saviour was repeatedly hit with the Cruciatus curse. ~~~~~~~~~~ Harry was beginning to give up hope that he would be rescued any time soon. He had just been hit by the same curse again, and it wasn’t getting any easier to endure, he didn’t know how much more he could endure, before he passed out again, and when that happened he would be at the mercy of his enemies again, not a good situation to be in. Harry still hadn’t given in to Voldemort by telling him the prophecy though. However, he knew that it was only a matter of time before he did, anything to make the pain end. ‘One last time Potter, tell me the prophecy, or I hand you over to the Death Eaters. I myself am above such muggle brutality however, that does not mean that I do not allow my servants to enjoy themselves,’ rang Voldemort’s merciless voice. Again Harry shook his head mutely, as he had done all the other times Voldemort had asked him to divulge the prophecy to him. His throat was so dry and sore from screaming that he had long lost his voice. ‘Very well. You seal your own fate Potter. Lucius, Bella, the rest of you…he’s yours.’ With that Harry felt himself being dragged again, only this time he didn’t struggle, he didn’t have the energy, he had given-up. ~~~~~~~ Snape became uneasy at the fact that Potter was being given freely to the Death Eaters’. It meant that Voldemort didn’t care if Potter was killed. He had to do something and fast, he couldn’t dissapparate with the Dark Lord still in the room, it would be too suspicious. No, but what could he do? Dare he risk his own life to save that of Potter’s? ‘Hmm. Me or Potter? Potter or Me?’he mused. With a sigh, and a last glance toward the Dark Lord to make sure that he wasn’t watching, Snape dissapparated. Hoping beyond hope that he had left unnoticed. ~~~~~~~~ It was pain beyond pain. Harry felt his ribs crack as another kick was administered to them. He soon found himself spluttering blood between his wheezes. All the while, the Death Eaters’ taunted him over his defeat, but what hurt the most was when Bellatrix Lestrange stepped up and began to taunt him over Sirius’ death and how it was his fault that he had died. Harry couldn’t hold it in any longer, he began to cry. ‘Aww, look little baby Potter’s crying. Do you want your Mummy baby Potter?’ teased Bellatrix, whilst the other Death Eaters laughed. A fire burned within Harry at the recognition of her words and he found himself yelling, ‘Burn in hell bitch!’ Silence followed and Harry used these moments to try to catch his breath. However, the heavy booted foot of Bellatrix Lestrange came smashing into Harry’s jaw, the pain was unimaginable as he heard his jaw crack, it was definitely broken, possibly shattered from sensing the pain, he was rendered in agony but with no outlet, as he was now only able to moan. This seemed to only make the Death Eaters laugh more, and they soon continued with their assault, battering his already broken body within an inch of his life, before finally leaving him to rot in his agony. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Severus Snape had apparated back into the kitchen of number 12 Grimmauld Place, to find it brimming with people, it was a miracle that he didn’t managed to apparate on top of someone. ‘Severus!’ Snape turned his head to the left of him. There stood Albus Dumbledore surrounded by ministry Aurors and the rest of the Order. Apparently all awaiting for his own return. Snape swiftly strode over to Dumbledore and the others giving them a full account of everything that had happened. By the end of his story, most were either too angry or upset for words, and he found himself rolling his eyes at the amount of people that seemed to of joined Potter’s little fan club. ‘Thank you Severus, you should probably return so that your absence goes unnoticed,’ Snape nodded his head and again dissapparated. ‘The rest of you, you know the plan, sweep and search manoeuvre, nobody is to attempt to take on Voldemort himself, for reasons that shall be explained in due course.’ Here, Remus again raised an eyebrow up at Dumbledore, he hated people keeping secrets from him, isn’t that how this whole mess had started, with secrets? However, Remus redirected his focus on the task at hand, Harry. ‘Portus’ muttered Dumbledore. ‘Everyone touch this portkey, and be prepared.’ Remus hastily reached out to the portkey, those that couldn’t reach it, grabbed hold of someone who could. Within a whirl of colour they were away, feeling the familiar pull behind their navels. ~~~~~~~~~ Severus Snape arrived just in time to see Bellatrix administer that fateful blow, he winced as he saw Potter scream in agony, and he knew it must be, and would continue to be. A broken jaw wasn’t an easy thing to fix, and he knew that not even Madam Pomfrey would be able to mend it, it would have to heal on it’s own, the muggle way. He strode over to the crowd, making his presence known to those around him, occasionally uttering the odd snide comment to keep up appearances, such as; ‘He finally got what was coming to him,’ and ‘Potter is just as arrogant as his father was…’ However, at that moment whatever ill’s Severus thought of the boy, he felt retched that he should have to appear to be so heartless towards the boy whilst he lay, moaning in agony; he could only hope that the Order showed up soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Azkaban! We’re at Azkaban!’ came the vehement tone from an Order member, who was unknown to Remus. ‘Yes! Weren’t you listening to Severus’ report!’ chided Remus. His anger was getting the better of him again. The Order member backed down and quickly mingled in with the rest of the group. Remus tried to steady himself, to prepare himself for come what may. He pulled out his wand and headed toward the once Wizard Prison. The thought of Azkaban brought back memories of the year in which he had taught Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, Harry’s third year, and the year in which Sirius had escaped from this treacherous place. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end as his wolf-like senses kicked in. He could smell blood, and what’s more, Harry’s blood. His pace seemed to quicken, an the other Order members almost had to run to keep up with him. Being a werewolf did have its advantages. Soon they found themselves in a large cavernous hall. The sight that met them, caused them all to stop momentarily in their tracks. There before them, lay Harry. He was lying in almost a pool of his own blood. He was trying to stop his laboured sobs by biting his bottom lip, but failing miserably. His cries seemed to echo around them, ricocheting off the stone walls. Remus was the first to come to his senses and he practically ran across the room to Harry’s side. Upon closer inspection of Harry’s frail state, he had to fight the urge to retch. Harry’s face was swollen and bruised, his battered limbs hung at odd angles and were covered in dirt and grazes like he’d been dragged for a distance. But the most horrific of his injuries was his jaw, his mouth was gushing blood and it seemed to be hanging loosely off his face almost. Remus gasped at the sight, and tried to fight back angry tears, but to no avail. They slid down his weathered face, before dripping from his chin onto his tattered robes. He was soon joined by Dumbledore, who had lost the sparkle in his eyes and looked like he was also fighting back tears. Dumbledore muttered something and a stretcher appeared, he then muttered something else and Harry was levitated gently onto the hovering stretcher. ‘Portus’ Dumbledore muttered, he took Remus’ hand and placed it onto the stretcher. Before Remus realised what was happening however, he felt a pull behind his navel and he was gone in a whirl of colour. ~~~~~~~~~~ The rest of the Order continued to search the area for lingering Death Eaters, but it appeared that after theshow was over, they had all left. With heavy hearts, the Aurors and rest of the Order returned to number 12 Grimmauld Place, when they arrived an uncomfortable silence fell upon the household, a silence that could only be linked to that of horror at what they had seen, and guilt for some, as they had caused it. __________________________ So there's ch4. guys, hope you liked it. I know it was a bit darker than the other chapters so far, but it was something that needed to happen to allow 'the link' to appear in the story, ;) anyway, don''t forget to REVIEW!! Thanks to all those nice people who have done so far, and those who haven't, i'm glad you're reading but I promise not to kill you if you leave a review, yuh know, lol :) Ch5 preview: ...Harry awoke feeling warm, he felt so tired that he didn't want to open his eyes. That's when it hit him. A seering pain shot through his jaw. The pain was so intense that it made his eyes sting as tears stained his bruised cheeks. A hand swiftly reached out for his own, and he found himself squeezing it like his life depended on it... EDIT: Hey guys my PC has been down most of the day, and I haven't had much chance to type up the chapter, but it will be there by tomorrow!! So just incase your wondering where ch5. is later, you'll know that it's still being written... I might manage to get it up some time tonight, I might not, but if not it will definitly be there tomorrow!! Thanks!! :)

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