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Disclaimer: This is for fun and not profit in any way, shape, or form. All of the characters in the following story belong to J.K. Rowling. The plot is mine, all mine. Archive: Sure, as long as you give credit where it is due and you acknowledge me as Scabbers Weasly wherever you archive. Tell me about it by sending an email to and send me the site so I can see my work. Spoilers: Parts 1-7 of this story. Summary: Hermione and Draco have been sneaking around for about a month until they get caught by Ron and Harry, who later discover Draco is abusing her. A/N: In case I haven’t said it lately, THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful reviews!!!! It’s you that makes me keep writing! You’re the best!!!
The Darkness and The Light Chapter 8
Harry and Ginny sat in The Great Hall and ate their breakfast in silence. Ron had sat down across from them and Harry took that to mean something. It meant that Ron didn’t completely abandon him; he had never yelled at Harry before and Harry wasn’t sure how to react. He glanced nervously at Ginny who was watching him with an apologetic look on her face. She was still amazed at Ron for yelling at his best friend and felt like she had to apologize for him. Harry must have sensed this because his eyes never left Ginny as he mouthed “don’t” to her. Ron had taken notice of this exchange and looked up from his ham at them in such a way that neither of the two felt as though they would be permitted to speak. “Say it!” he growled. Harry and Ginny only started back at him. “You have something to say, say it!” Finally, Ginny got the courage to speak up: “You owe us an apology! HOW DARE you speak to Harry and me like that! We were only trying to help you, to keep you from doing something so stupid…” she gritted her teeth and stood, leaning over the table towards Ron who looked dumbfounded. “You know what the difference between you and me is, Ron? Do you?” Ron slowly shook his head and Ginny continued to yell at him. “You’re a boy and my brother, and I WOULD slap you!” That was exactly what she did before she took a fierce drink of orange juice from her glass and slammed it back onto the table, causing the bottom to break. She looked at the glass, shocked that she didn’t know her own strength, and then cleared her throat as she looked at Ron trying to convince him that she had meant to do that for emphasis. She stormed off towards the entrance to the Great Hall, red hair flying behind her, leaving Ron and Harry to look after her. “I guess she told you,” Harry said quietly after a moment as he grabbed a piece of toast from his plate and headed after Ginny. Ron was still speechless. He knew his sister had a temper, but never in a million years did he think she would ever slap him. As he rubbed the place his sister had left on his right cheek, he began to feel very ashamed of himself. Ginny was right. All they wanted to do was help him. He took a drink of pumpkin juice before he stood up and went after them. He needed to apologize. Hermione didn’t need strain to hear Narcissa and Lucius any longer, it sounded as though they were right outside the room. She didn’t know how long it had been sine she heard Draco’s Mom hit the floor, she just knew that she was crying and sounding very defeated now. “I even locked Draco in his room…” “WHAT?” roared Lucius. “D-Draco…” “WHAT IS HE DOING HOME FROM SCHOOL?” Hermione didn’t think Mr. Malfoy could get any louder and sound any angrier, but he had. “He-he said that he wasn’t feeling well, said that he was homesick,” Narcissa said, her voice trembling. Hermione heard her feet shuffle as though she had been on the ground all this time and was just now feeling brave enough to get to her feet. “And that warranted a leave from his studies?” Lucius growled, it was clear that his anger was not going to subside any moment soon. “He’s my little boy,” Narcissa pleaded. “Our little boy. If he feels exhausted and needs a break, I see no reason that he can’t come home and relax…” Hermione heard another noise that sounded like Narcissa hitting the ground again; she felt sorry for Mrs. Malfoy, being treated like that. “Inferior woman!” Lucius yelled and Hermione could hear his footsteps walking away, leaving Narcissa alone to cry. Sometime later, Hermione didn’t know just how long because she had fallen asleep, she had awoken to see Draco sitting in front of her. He had been watching her sleep. “You know, it’s strange,” he said thoughtfully, “that you feel safe enough to sleep here.” She gestured bitterly to her shackles. “Where am I going? What else am I going to do?” Malfoy only responded with a sneer. “Besides that,” Hermione continued, “Why should I be scared? You’ve done nothing to frighten me.” “No?” Draco looked genuinely surprised. “No. Nothing you haven’t done to me before, Draco. I’m used to it.” Malfoy stood and walked towards the back of the room; so far that Hermione couldn’t see anything more of him than his white blonde hair that had caught a ray of moonlight from the night sky that was still enchanting the room. He soon walked back towards Hermione; his hands full with what she thought looked like food. When he took his place in front of her, she saw that that was exactly what it was. He had brought her a few bread rolls, some cooked vegetables and a tall glass of tea. Not intending to count her blessings, Hermione chose her next words carefully: “If you meant to be mean to me, Draco, you would not have brought me food.” “It isn’t a gift of love, Granger.” He sat it down in front of her and she was quick to pick up a roll and devour it. She had not eaten in days. “I want to know something, Draco,” Hermione gulped down her bread and some tea quickly followed, the hot liquid felt heavenly washing down her dry throat. “Why am I here?” Hermione found it eerie how his eyes never left her for any amount of time. He kept studying her face, but exactly what he was thinking, Hermione couldn’t tell. She wished she knew a little something about Occulemens so that maybe she could see what his thoughts were. “You know why,” he said lowly and he grabbed for a roll, breaking it in two. “No, not really,” she shook her head, “all I know is that you found out about Ron and me and now here I am.” “That’s it, Granger,” Malfoy said gruffly. “I told you that you were mine and you were NOT to be sneaking off with Weaslby…” “WeasLEY,” she corrected him and this elicited a look of total disdain from him, making her slightly hang her head and wish she had not have done so. “Sorry,” she whispered. “You belong to me, Granger. I told you that from the very beginning. You knew how to play our little game and you broke a rule, so now you have to pay the price.” “We never actually said that what we were doing was a game,” she pointed out. These words had escaped her mouth before she had the chance to really think about them and that confused her. She didn’t know why she said that. “Wasn’t it?” countered Draco. “You played because you wanted that lousy excuse for a pureblood and you didn’t think you could have him.” Hermione gaped at Draco, wondering how he could have known. “Don’t look so shocked, Granger,” he said coolly. “It’s no secret how the two of you really feel. It’s obvious to everyone but the two of you.” He smirked at this and went on. “Do you know anything about Slytherin girls?” Hermione shook her head and remained silent; wanting to see where he was going with what seemed to be an odd conversation. She took another drink of tea and listened intently. “They’re worthless. I’ve had…I’ve been with almost everyone from Pansy Parkinson to…” he shook his head as though recounting this bothered him for some reason, “…some bird whose name I never got…they’re all the same. They’re all after one thing and do you know how boring that gets? I never got attached because they never bothered to get to know me before they got into bed with me. It was just one stupid face after another.” He reached out and cradled her cheek and Hermione felt a negative chill travel down her spine. “That is where you come in. Despite everything, I like your intellect. You’re smart and you know it.” Hermione’s head was reeling; she could not believe her ears. She had endured a whole month of rape and low self-esteem so that Draco could tell her he liked her brain? “I don’t believe it,” she said aloud and she shook his hand from her head. “There’s gotta be more than that. You sought me out for a reason.” For a moment, Draco stared back at her, wounded by her words. He looked at the floor and then at her. “I told you you were smart,” he said. “…and I’m sorry for being an insensitive prat, Harry Potter is the best friend a guy like me could have and Ginny Weasley is the best little sister that a guy like me could have. I should thank Merlin everyday that I am so blessed…” Ron scowled at his sister as he stood outside on the grounds with her and Harry. He had just found them and apologized. Well, sort of. Ginny was telling him what she thought the apology should sound like and she wouldn’t back down until Ron repeated her words. “…say it, Ron!” “I will not!” Ron protested. Harry patted Ginny on the shoulder. “It’s ok, Gin. ‘I’m sorry’ was good enough.” “Not for me,” Ginny said haughtily and crossed her arms across her chest. Ron rolled his eyes and decided to give in, but he covered his mouth with his hand and muttered as he did: “sorry…prat…Harry…best friend…I could have…Ginny…little sister…blessed…” he removed his hand from his mouth and looked at Ginny. It was plain to see that she knew that was the best she could hope for from Ron and she was satisfied with it. “There. Are you happy now?” he said flatly. “Never better,” Ginny smiled “Now that that’s settled, what are we going to do about Hermione?” Harry asked. At this, Ron recounted the story of how he administered Veritaserum to Crabbe and Goyle to them, leaving them staring back at him in shock. “YOU DID WHAT?” Ginny roared. “What else was I supposed to do? There’s no other way to make them talk!” Ginny placed her hands on her hips and let out a huge sigh, letting Ron know that he should have stuck to her idea. “Well, there’s nothing we can do now,” she said. “Let’s go find Crabbe and Goyle.” After searching for about an hour, the trio found the two Slytherins by Hogwarts Lake trying to hit fish that came to the surface with rocks. Goyle was the first to notice their presence. “Wutchoowant?” he asked as he looked them up and down. “Hermione’s missing,” Harry said slowly. Goyle looked at Crabbe and they smiled at eachother knowingly. “Yup,” he said with a laugh. “We know about her and Malfoy,” Ron began, a sickening feeling creeping into his stomach. “We believe that he kidnapped her and has done something to her…” Again, Crabbe and Goyle exchanged a look and a smile. “Duh!” Crabbe said, trying to suppress a laugh. Ron, Harry and Ginny all exchanged looks amongst eachother that said the same thing: Are they drunk on butterbeer or just this stupid? This is too easy!” “I don’t think you needed the Veritaserum, Ron,” Harry whispered in his best friend’s ear. Ron could only stare at the Slytherins in amazement and nod in response to Harry. “Bloody hell,” he said under his breath. “How thick could you get?” Ginny was the next to speak: “Do you know where he’s taken her?” Although they were thoroughly engrossed in mistreating the varieties of fish that inhabited the lake, she was sure that Crabbe and Goyle had heard her. But, upon a second thought, she wasn’t sure. They appeared to be dumber than she had given them credit for and she wasn’t entirely sure that they had the intelligence to register that they were talking to Ron, Harry and herself. Crabbe nudged Goyle so hard that he almost fell in the lake. “Malfoy’s really thick,” he began and Ginny again got the feeling that they were being ignored. “How big of a prat can you be?” Goyle nodded as he threw a stone about the size of a snitch into the lake, causing hungry fish to scatter in all directions. “Taking her to his manor like that. How long do you think it will be before his dad catches him?” Ron, Harry and Ginny exchanged looks of shock. They had their answer.

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