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Here's the 3rd chapter guys, hope you like!! ;) ___________________________________ At precisely 2pm Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione arrived in Diagon Alley via portkey (courtesy of Dumbledore). Whilst Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill, Charlie, and various other unknown members of The Order were their guard. They hadn’t had chance to open their Hogwarts’ letters yet due to a sudden Order Meeting, from which the current guard were excused, saying that it wasn’t really all important for them to be there, just a routine meeting of sorts. However, Harry wasn’t buying that story. He distinctly remembered the conversation that he had overheard between Lupin and another Order member and had proceeded to tell the others this, who also found the sudden Order meeting to be suspiciously timed with their having leaving for Diagon Alley. Harry was pulled from his thoughts however when Mrs Weasley announced that they would be having ice-cream at Florean Fortescues’ and could open their letters there. Harry regarded his letter nervously. Thoughts kept sweeping through his mind; ‘This letter holds the key to my future!’, ‘What if I didn’t make it into Potions?’, ‘What if I did!’ Taking a deep breath, Harry slowly ripped open the envelope addressed to him, it read: ~~~~~~ Dear Mr Potter, Enclosed are your O.W.L results. Please reply by owl which courses you will be taking at N.E.W.T level in order for your book list for 6th year to appear. Congratulations on your results… ~~~~~~~~ Harry hastily rushed to the bottom of the parchment, not caring who the letter was from or any of the other rare pleasantries of the ministry, he just wanted to know his results. ~~~~~~~ The key to your results is as follows: O= Outstanding EE= Exceeds Expectations A = Acceptable P = Poor D = Dreadful T = Troll ~~~~~~~ Charms- EE Transfiguration- EE Potions- O Defence Against the Dark Arts- O Herbology- EE Astronomy- P Diviniation- T Care of Magical Creatures- O History of Magic- A ~~~~~~~~ Harry stopped reading there, he had all the information he needed. He had somehow achieved an O in Potions and had done well in his other classes too. He didn’t care that he had failed Astronomy or Diviniation, it just meant he didn’t have to listen to Trelawney predicting his untimely death for the next two years! Feeling slightly happier than he had done in weeks, Harry hastily pulled out the separate sheet of parchment and ticked the boxes of the subjects that he would be taking at NEWT level; all of his previous subjects minus Astronomy and Diviniation. 'Oh my Merlin! I got O's in everything!! How did you do Harry?’ came the slightly squeaky voice of Hermione. Harry turned to look at her. She had a certain glow about her, a glow that could only be used to describe someone who was positively ‘over the moon’ with one’s OWL results. ‘I did good, somehow I managed to get into potions again, I still don’t know how?’ Harry replied whilst handing Hermione his results. ‘Congratulations Harry, these are really good results. Although you did get a T for Diviniation, I don’t suspect anyone got anything better, that lesson is a complete waste of time and Trelawney is the biggest fraud out! Honestly, she couldn’t See anything if her life depended on it…’ babbled Hermione. Harry had stopped listening. Thinking of Trelawney had reminded him of the ever looming prophecy, and that wasn’t something that he wanted to be thinking about now. ‘So Ron, what about you?’ Harry asked, in an attempt to steer the conversation back to the OWL results. ‘Um, I did well I guess. Here, see for yourself.’ Ron replied whilst handing his results to Harry. With Hermione peering over his shoulder to get a look too. It read: ~~~~~~~ Charms- A Transfiguration- EE Potions- A Defence Against the Dark Arts- O Herbology- EE Astronomy- P Diviniation- A Care of Magical Creatures- O History of Magic- A ~~~~~~~~ ‘Wow, Ron! How’d you manage to get an A in Diviniation?’ inquired Harry, while Hermione just snorted. ‘I er dunno. I just guessed in the exam, you know… made stuff up!’ he replied. ‘Well, it seems as though the old fraud thought you must have Seen something! Perhaps you possess the ‘inner sight’ Ron after all!’ laughed Hermione. However, Ron seemed to have grown very quiet. Suddenly, all of their book lists appeared in their hands, making them all start. ‘Oh good! Now we can go and shop for your new school things,’ came the happy voice of Mrs Weasley. ~~~~~~~~~ ‘Merlin! I reckon these books get heavier every year!’ huffed Ron struggling under a small mountain of second hand books. Followed closely by an equally annoyed Ginny. ‘If you want I can shrink them for you and that should make them easier to carry,’ asked Mrs Weasley. ‘Yeah, thanks Mum!’ Ron and Ginny chimed, followed by a chorus of ‘Thanks Mrs Weasley’ from the others. ~~~~~~~~ After stocking up on potions ingredients, parchment, ink, quills, and new robes for Harry and Hermione at Madam Malkins; they decided to go visit Fred and George at the shop. ‘Welcome to Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes!’ called the twins in unison. ‘Hey Mum, finally decided to come see the shop for yourself then?’ sniggered Fred. Mrs Weasley was looking disapprovingly at all the new items upon the elaborate shelves. She gave the twins a stern look after spotting a product that claimed to be stronger than Firewhisky in its affects yet un-alcoholic all the same. ‘Well someone has to keep an eye on you two!’ Mrs Weasley scolded. Fred and George however made their way to where Harry was standing and soon Harry was face-to-face with two enormous mischievous grins. Harry started to feel uncomfortable. ‘Er, hi guys. Was there something I could do for you?’ Bad question. The twins’ grins, if possible, seemed to grow even more. ‘Why Yes, young Harry, as a matter of fact there is… ‘…something you could do for us…’ ‘…you see, we’re having a hard time with getting volunteers for some of our…’ ‘…let’s say more experimental products…’ ‘…and we thought that you…’ ‘…being our financial backer…’ ‘…and the good sport that you are…’ ‘…would be the perfect…’ ‘…person to…’ ‘…ask.’ Throughout this conversation Harry’s head had been flipping left and right to follow, and his head was beginning to spin. In his confusion, he found himself agreeing. The twins’ faces lit up with mischievous joy. ‘Great! Come with us, you can try some of these…’ George handed Harry a handful of variously different coloured chews. Some were a violent purple colour, (that not even the Knights bus could contend with) others were a light blue and some a sickly looking green. Harry decided that the light blue ones looked the safest. Fred and George stood waiting with clipboards in hand, ready to record the results of their latest products. Harry placed the chew on his tongue, when nothing happened, he tentatively began to chew. All of a sudden his vision became blurry and he had to take off his glasses to see. To his amazement, he could! He could see perfectly without his glasses on. He let a soft ‘wow’ escape his lips as he turned to Fred and George who held out a mirror for him to see himself. He looked good without his glasses, and just when he was beginning to get used to the idea of life without the wire-rimmed spectacles, his vision became blurry again and he found himself in need of the glasses again. ‘Wow guys! I’d definitely be buying those if they lasted a bit longer,’ Harry replied in awe. ‘Hmm, some more newt next time I think George,’ said Fred whilst watching Harry’s face turn to horror at the thought of eating something that had newt in it. The twins laughed. ‘Don’t worry Harry, as if we’d use newt!’ answered George who laughed again at Harry’s sceptical look. ‘I think I’ll try the others another time, thanks,’ said Harry, whilst looking for Ron and the others. The twins nodded and went back to speak to their mother. Finally Harry spotted Ron looking at the Skiving Snackboxes section. ‘Hey Ron, what you looking at?’ ‘Oh just some Skiving Snackboxes for this year, I have a feeling it’s going be harder than last year, and we might need some…’ ‘Honestly Ron, you will not be buying any Skiving Snackboxes!’ Hermione scolded. ‘Did you forget that we’re prefects! What sort of an example is it to set the younger students!’ Ron’s ears had gone bright red, and after replacing all of the boxes back on the shelf, Harry had to suppress a grin over the fact that Ron had done as Hermione had told him to. ‘Hey Harry.’ Harry turned around to come face-to-face with Ginny. She had changed a lot over the summer. Somehow looked more grown up, he started to look her up and down. ‘Wow she certainly had changed over summer!’ Ginny began to blush and Harry realised that he had just been staring at her the whole time, and so eventually he managed a nervous; ‘Uh, h-hi Ginny. How was summer?’ Ginny’s look darkened suddenly and Harry instantly reprimanded himself for asking. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean…’ ‘No it’s ok, I mean he was your Godfather after all…’ Now it was Ginny’s turn to apologise. ‘Oh Merlin! I’m sorry Harry, I didn’t mean to bring all that back up… I’ll just go…’ Harry grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving. To which Ginny turned back around to face him, an apprehensive look on her face. ‘No don’t go. Let’s just talk about something else instead.’ Ginny looked relieved and soon relaxed. She went on to talk about Quidditch, Hogwarts, how this year was her OWL year and she was worried about the amount of work that she would be getting, to which Harry sympathised as he had, had his OWL’s last year and knew exactly what it was like. ‘Don’t worry Ginny, I’m sure you’ll do fine,’ encouraged Harry. Ginny looked into his emerald green eyes and smiled. It was her first true smile since the end of last term. She’d found Sirius’ death hard as well, but she couldn’t begin to imagine how hard it must have been for Harry. To see him talking to her like this and laughing along to her brothers’ jokes and smiling at her, she couldn’t help but smile back. 'I think I’m falling for you again, Harry James Potter' Harry noticed the dreamy look in Ginny’s eyes and began to wonder what she could be thinking about. He was just about to ask her that exact question when a series of shouts from outside could be heard. ‘What the…’ ‘You lot stay here with Fred and George, do not leave the shop, you understand!?’ shouted Mrs Weasley. The students nodded and then she left. ‘Wands out guys. Stay close and keep your eyes open!’ called one of the twins from behind them. Harry and the others did as they were told, each withdrawing their wands, holding them defensively in front of themselves. Just then a loud series of Cracks could be heard, and the group suddenly found themselves surrounded by hooded and masked Death Eaters. ‘Well, well Mr Potter, we meet again,’ came the drawling voice of Lucius Malfoy, as he removed his mask. Harry didn’t say anything, he just gripped his wand tighter in his hand, whilst moving to the front of the group, instinctively pushing Ginny behind him. Another masked Death Eater spoke up, but it was the last voice that Harry wanted to hear. ‘Aww, has little baby Potter got himself a girlfriend?’. Ginny blushed, but remained composed. The baby voice cut through Harry like knives. ‘Bellatrix,’ Harry sounded through gritted teeth. He was seething with anger, Bellatrix Lestrange was the reason Sirius was dead, the reason Neville’s parents didn’t recognise him, the reason why Remus had lost his best friend. Before anyone could stop him, Harry had launched himself full pelt at the female Death Eater, knocking her to the ground. Harry pulled at her mask, ripping it from her face, revealing her maliciously black eyes. Harry drew up his wand ready to strike, but before he could do anything a strong pair of hands pulled him back by the shoulders. He found his arms were soon pinned to his side and his wand taken with a quick ‘expelliarmus’ with it taking the other student’s wands as well. ‘Silencio!’ Lucius Malfoy yelled and Harry’s struggling against the death grip he was being held in became a mute one. Malfoy sneered at Harry before producing a round ball. He thrust it into Harry’s hands, making him touch it, and before Harry knew what was happening, he felt the now familiar pull behind his naval. ~~~~~~~~ ‘NO!!!’ Ron yelled. Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange turned to the distraught teen. Both wore evil smirks. Malfoy’s cold voice sent shivers down Ron’s spine. ‘Don’t fret. He won’t be killed…yet. My master wants a word with him first…’ Hermione and Ginny had begun to sob, to which Bellatrix cackled. Earning her defiant looks from Fred and George as they stepped in front of the girls. ‘Oh look, Lucius. It’s the Weasley brat twins.’ ‘This your place is it?’ asked Bellatrix casually. Still the twins stared defiantly at the Death Eaters. ‘REDUCTO!’ Suddenly the twins dived for the two girls and Ron, in an attempt to shield them from the falling ceiling. It appeared that the Death Eaters had left as soon as Bellatrix shouted the curse. Most probably to wherever Harry had been taken. ____________________________________ So that's the 3rd chapter guys, hope you liked it, and don't forget to review!! ;) (The next chapter should be up either monday night or tuesday lunch.) Chapter 4 preview: ...Sitting in a throne like chair was a pale skeletal figure, swathed in long black robes. His spider-like fingers twisting a long wand between them, and his lipless mouth formed into a menacing smile. Harry looked into his cat-like red eyes that seemed to sparkle with malicious intent. ‘Voldemort’ Harry mouthed before collapsing from the pain penetrating his mind. His ears filled with a cold, high-pitched laugh before his world went black. Coming soon... ;)

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