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A/N: Ok, if you are waiting for me to update, I think you would benefit from reading the stories that came before this, A Cry for Help and When All is Lost..., this chapter is centered around events from A Cry for Help so if you are interested please read. But for those of you who don't want to, or time does not allow for you to read it, please keep reading infreno, because the rest of the story will center around a new plot, not an old one. So I hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, just leave them in a review and I will respod. Enjoy :) ... Past Altered...Future Terminated Sirius shot up from the bed, a cloud of dust rising with him. He heard the creak of the bed springs and a groan from Remus as he attempted to get up but put too much pressure on his bad leg. Sirius walked over and offered a hand which Remus modestly accepted. The three of them walked silently downstairs, an unspoken tension burning within all of them. Harry was the first to reach the landing and walk down the dimly lit corridor towards the kitchen where Dumbledore stood beside Molly Weasley, towering over her by at least ten inches. Remus sat stiffly down at the table and most of the others did the same, but some were too anxious to sit. Dumbledore walked around to the edge of the table and looked around them all. "Over the past hours..." Dumbledore began, "several things have come to my attention." The pause created so much tension Harry wanted to shout out for Dumbledore to get to the point, but not even the boy who lived dared interrupt an old mans ramblings. "First" he said warily, "is that when Ginny traveled back in time, something was altered." Ginny's face flushed at the mention of her name. "Second" he continued, "is that in order to help, we must know what is to take place in two and a half days time." "But how?" Sirius asked, stealing an occasional worried glance at Remus. "This" Dumbledore said, holding out his hand. All eyes were on his long fingers. He momentarily let his grip slacken and a tiny golden hour glass suspended on a fine gold chain fell from his hand and dangled on the chain. Harry distinctly heard Ginny's breath hitch in her throat. "No" Mrs. Weasley said in a pleading voice, "now who will go?" "That decision remains before us" Dumbledore said in a grave tone. Everyone looked around the room as if weighing the candidates. "We should send an adult" Mr. Weasley said. "We should send someone with experience." Sirius said. "I'll go" The room went silent. Everyone's head turned to the owner of the voice that had just spoken up, it was Hermione. "I- I'll go" she said quietly and hopefully, "I used a time-turner in my third year all term, I can handle it." Harry looked at her, she did not look like she was about to give up. Harry then remembered that he had gone back in time with her. "I'll go too." Harry said. The adults looked at each other, contemplating the thought. Many of them looked satisfied at the thought that Lupin might be able to be saved, Lupin himself looked rather pale. "No" he said quietly, "please just let me go." "I'm sorry Remus but sending you is far too risky." Remus seemed to have no fight in him, this made Harry feel bad for him. Harry held his breath as the adults thought over the situation. "I think we need a few moments to discuss this." Dumbledore said, Harry and the others took the hint and walked slowly into the living room. Harry sat down on the couch, Hermione sat on one side and Ron on the other. Hermione turned to look at Harry. "I'm sorry I brought you into this Harry" she said, looking as if she was nearing tears. Harry felt Ron back away from her as if she was a bomb about to explode. "Don't be" Harry said reassuringly, "I wouldn't have it any other way." "What about me?" Ron asked, both turned to face him, "You weren't with us last time Ron" Hermione said plainly, "I'm sorry." "And besides," Fred cut in, speaking for the first time, "they won't want to send too many people." "You might be seen" George added. "Just be careful" Ron said heavily. The two of them nodded in reassurance. Ginny got up from her seat and tip toed towards the door and soundlessly pressed her flaming red head to the door. "What are they talking about?" Harry asked quietly. Ginny’s eyes were half closed in concentration. She took a step back from the door. "They're all arguing with one person." she said, "It doesn't sound like they're winning though." "Lupin" Fred and George said at the same time. Everyone nodded in agreement. Suddenly the door began to open and Ginny leapt towards the couch, but it was too late. Dumbledore walked in. Ginny looked up at him in horror, but he only winked at her and she smiled, relieved. "We have made a decision" Dumbledore said calmly. Everyone in the room held their breath. "Harry and Hermione will leave first thing tomorrow morning." Harry and Hermione tensed up, and everyone looked at them. Lupin walked over to them at the couch and slowly sat down between them. "You don't have to do this." he said in a hopeless tone. "We're not going to let anything happen to you" Hermione said to him hugging him tightly. Remus' face flushed a little. "Well I suppose there's nothing I can do to stop you." he said in a defeated tone getting up. Most of the adults went into the kitchen for tea and to discuss the events of that night and what was to come. The room slowly emptied out until only Ginny sat deathly still in an overly large armchair and Remus lay sprawled out on the couch with his leg up. Ginny sat still in her chair, not noticing that the room was now nearly empty. She couldn't help but think it was her fault that Remus' past had been altered. When she looked up she discovered to her horror that Remus was the only one left in the room with her and that he was looking straight at her. "What's wrong Ginny?" he asked curiously. "Nothing" Ginny choked. "Now you know better than to assume I'd believe that" he said in a fatherly way. He shifted his leg off the arm of the couch and sat upright. "I'm sorry if I altered your future." Ginny said quietly. "Oh Ginny" Remus said realizing why Ginny looked so down, "This isn't your fault at all." "I just want all of this to be over." Ginny sobbed. "Me too" Remus said soothingly. He looked at her and something inside him realized what he had seen in her in his past. "I only wish I could talk to you about what happened when you went back in time Ginny." Remus sighed. Ginny looked up at Remus, wondering if he truly meant what he had just said. "I think I'll turn in for the night" Ginny said, hoping Remus would buy her excuse as it was only eight thirty. "Ok Ginny." Remus said, "goodnight." Ginny smiled at him and walked silently up the stairs. Remus looked around the living room, had he said something wrong to make her leave? He hoped not. For a while he debated if he should go up and check on her. He didn't know what to do. Remus' thoughts drifted and after a while he found himself contemplating the worst ways to die. Remus became jumpy and nervous at the thought. Suddenly a hand on his shoulder made him jump and very nearly yell. He looked around him to see Ginny, once again eyeing him. "I'm sorry" she mumbled. "It's ok Ginny." Remus said still recovering for the shock. "Can I show you something?" Ginny asked cautiously. "Of course" Remus said getting up, Ginny gave him a hand. The two of them slowly ascended the stairs. Remus was curious as to where Ginny may be leading him. Ginny then turned into the room she was staying in at Grimmauld place. Remus looked around the relatively well kept room. The royal blue wall paper made Ginny's hair stand out beautifully. Remus' gaze then tuned to a glowing basin on the bed, that's when it hit him. A pensive. Remus sat on the bed in awe, how Ginny had thought of this and not him was beyond his contemplation. "Ginny" he attempted to speak his thoughts, but his voice had other ideas. "It was Dumbledore's idea" she said, almost reading his thoughts. "I see" was all Remus could say. Suddenly Ginny started to cry. Remus moved closer to her. "I thought I should show you in case..." Ginny mumbled and sobbed. "Thank you Ginny" Remus said breathlessly. Ginny leaned over the basin, removing the lid slowly. Remus leaned over as well, and a glowing light reached his eyes. Suddenly the bed they were sitting on seemed to vanish and Remus had a sensation that he was falling creep up in the pit of his stomach. Remus opened his eyes to see a world that only Ginny recognized. Remus and Ginny found themselves standing on the grounds of Hogwarts. A noise caught Remus' attention and he turned around to see something that made his heart skip a beat. James and Sirius sat playing exploding snap and he himself sat beside Ginny. Remus walked over to where Padfoot and Prongs sat goofing off and watched them. He looked back at the Ginny sitting on the ground with-. Remus' heart skipped another beat, it was Lily. He then noticed that the Ginny sitting on the ground was crying. When Lily said something to her she took off up to the castle. Remus saw the younger version of himself take off after her, so he did the same. He followed them through familiar corridors and turn into an empty classroom. "What's wrong?" Remus heard himself say softly. "Nothing" the crying Ginny said, she had now stopped crying. Remus gasped as he saw himself pull her in and embraced her. Just as the present day Ginny came into the room, the sixteen year old Remus pulled Ginny in and kissed her. Remus didn't know what to say, he was speechless. Poor Ginny, now he understood why she was so emotional about leaving, they had loved each other. Remus' thought were jerked back into motion when he heard himself speak. "I'm sorry" he said. "I couldn't resist. Ginny, ever since I saw you I've loved you. I'm sorry I did this." Remus watched himself run his hands through his hair in nervousness, that's when it hit him how much he must have loved Ginny. "No" Ginny stopped him. "Thank you" Remus saw himself smile, relieved. Suddenly a flash blinded Remus and he was standing in another hallway of the castle with Ginny. For a moment he wondered what this had to do with Ginny's memories with him, and was about to ask her just that when the past Ginny darted right past him in a flurry of red hair and black robes. When the sixteen year old Remus followed, so the adult Remus. They reached the two of them to see that they were both having trouble controlling their emotions. "Remus" the past Ginny said, holding back tears. "I have to leave." the younger Remus looked confused. "What?" he said. "I have to go" she repeated. "No" Remus whispered, "You can't go!" "I have to" Ginny now felt tears running down her face. "Please stay" Remus said, pulling her in and kissing her again. But this time Ginny pulled away. "Was it something I did?" Remus asked frantically, trying to figure out why she had to leave and to try and stop her. "It wasn't you" Ginny said looking as if she was near tears. "I'm sorry" she said, "but I have to." She looked devastated, they both did. "Goodbye" "No" Remus said. "Don't leave me." "Please don't go" he said softly. "You don't understand" Ginny said, "I have to." The illusion of Ginny was now crying uncontrollably into Remus' shoulder. "Remus" she cried. "Remus I'm so sorry!" "For what?" he said softly. "I knew right from the beginning that I would have to leave Remus." tears flowed freely down her face as she was powerless to stop them. "I knew I would have to break your heart." Remus looked deep into Ginny's eyes, he too was struggling to hold back tears. He leaned over until his lips were extremely close to Ginny's ear. He whispered softly. "I don't care" "You know why I don't care?" the sixteen year old illusion of Remus said softly and kindly. Ginny could only continue to stare into those pools of glossy amber. "Because the time I spent with you was some of the happiest moments of my life, and even if they won't continue, I'll always remember you." He looked at his feet, and when he looked back up at Ginny a single transparent tear ran down his cheek. "I'll always love you." Ginny hugged him, she never wanted to let go. Remus kissed her, and took a step back. "Goodbye Ginny" he said softly, "I love you." "I love you to Remus." Ginny turned and ran. But the present Remus and Ginny did not follow her. They watched as tears rolled silently down Remus' scarred cheeks, he watched her retreating back with sadness. He whispered to himself, "Good bye Ginny." Suddenly another flash lit Remus' vision and he found himself sitting once again on Ginny's bed. He looked at Ginny who was now crying as well. "Thank you Ginny" he said hugging her. He felt hot tears soak through his robes and held her tighter. For a few precious moments Remus forgot that if time took it's course he may never see Ginny or anyone else again. He lowered his head and whispered into Ginny's ear, "You did the right thing."

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