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Here's chapter 2 guys, and don't forget to review at the end!!Enjoy!! ;) ‘Why Harry? Why do you always have to play the hero?’ ‘I’m sorry Sirius. I’m sorry!’ ‘Hahahahahahahaahaha…’ ‘NO!!!!!’ A new voice could be heard, not that of his godfather Sirius’. ‘Harry? Harry!’ ‘What’s wrong with him?’ ‘Who knows it could be anything when Potter’s concerned’ ‘Harry, wake up!’ Everything seemed to be working slowly. What had happened? Where am I again? Harry thought. ‘Harry! Can you hear me?’ What’s that noise? It sounds like someone familiar, but who is it? ‘Maybe we should take him as he is? What do you think?’ There was a pause. ‘Remus?’ ‘I-I don’t know. Maybe.’ ‘Well we can’t stand here all night…’ ‘Sssh! I think he’s waking up.’ Remus… I know that name. Suddenly everything began to come back to him. Sirius…the prophecy… the headline in the Prophet… the vision… Lucius Malfoy bowing down to him… Voldemort telling him to find out about the prophecy… Harry snapped his eyes open. He was awake. ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ He was lying on the floor in the middle of his bedroom of number four Privet Drive. His head was pounding and his body was shaking from chills. His body covered in sweat and his mouth tasting of sick… he deduced what had happened. ‘Harry, thank god! Are you alright?’ It was Lupin. ‘Y-yeah, I’m ok. ‘What happened?’ This time it was Tonks. ‘Voldemort’ Was all he could manage. The crowd that had gathered around him seemed to take a collective gasp. Moody stepped forward holding out a gnarled hand to Harry. He pulled him up right and set him on his feet. Harry swayed. ‘Um, maybe you’ll be better off sitting Harry.’ Harry didn’t complain, he felt awful. ‘What are you doing here anyway?’ he finally managed, whilst being led over to his bed by Moody. ‘To collect you of course.’ Replied Lupin looking concernedly at Harry. Harry gaped at his alarm clock, it read 00:12. Just how long had he been unconscious? ‘We’ll have to talk about this later Harry, we need to get back to Grimmauld Place, we’re behind schedule as it is. Molly’ll be doing her nut! Do you have all your things packed?’ Lupin asked. ‘Um, yeah. Yeah there over there by the door.’ ‘Okay, we’ll take your things Harry. Here’s the portkey,’ replied Lupin brandishing an old looking mirror, with the same concerned look as before. Harry looked at the mirror. It reminded him of the mirror Sirius had given him last year to talk to him whenever he needed to. If only he had thought to use the mirror to contact Sirius before he left for the Ministry of Magic, Sirius would still be alive today. As Harry stared at the mirror and these thoughts washed over him he had to turn away from Lupin to hide the tears in his eyes that threatened to fall. Thankfully, Lupin was busy writing a letter to the Dursley’s that he didn’t see Harry wipe his eyes on his sleeve. ‘Right. Ready to go yet?’ Moody asked Harry. Harry nodded then turned to Lupin who was sealing the envelope of the letter. ‘Ready when you are, Moody.’ They crowded around the mirror that Lupin held out to them all. Tonks was carrying Hedwig’s shrunken cage, whilst Moody held onto Harry’s trunk while Lupin gripped Harry’s Firebolt. Harry felt the tears well up again as he out stretched his hand and placed a finger on the mirror, but he fought them back as he felt the now familiar pull behind his navel. He was going back. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ Harry landed in a heap on the floor. The portkey had taken the energy that he had mustered earlier out of him as quickly as it came. He looked around, he was in the hallway of Grimmauld Place, it looked the same as before, even Mrs Black’s portrait still hung behind its set of curtains, something Harry thought would have been gone by now, but apparently not. Suddenly the kitchen doors sung open and Mrs Weasley erupted from them her hands on her hips, ‘Where have you been?! I’ve been worried sick…’ She looked down at Harry on the floor. ‘Harry? What’s wrong? You look awful! What happened?’ Lupin helped Harry to his feet. He was swaying again, and so he headed toward the staircase to sit on one of the steps. Lupin watched him then turned to face Mrs Weasley. ‘It’s ok Molly. Harry’s ok.’ He answered weakly, his face didn’t seem very convincing either. ‘Well he doesn’t look ok Remus! He looks absolutely exhausted! What on earth happened?! Was it those Muggles? Because if it was…’ Lupin held up his hand to Mrs Weasley to stop her rant. ‘No Molly. It wasn’t the Dursley’s. It was Voldemort, we think he had another vision.’ Lupin seemed to give Mrs Weasley a pointed look, who kept turning between the slouching form of Harry on the stairs to Lupin who stood in front of her. A look of realisation dawned upon her face before she motioned Harry to follow her into the kitchen, while the others took Harry’s things and placed them in his room upstairs. ‘Give me Harry’s broom Remus, I’ll take it up for him. You go see how he is,’ said Tonks before heading up the staircase. Lupin nodded his thanks before turning to the kitchen. Lupin seemed to let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding before entering the kitchen. Harry was sat to the table drinking some kind of potion that Lupin supposed was to help him feel better, but he realised that it was in fact one of Mrs Weasley’s ‘special potions’ as Harry fell asleep not five minutes later. ‘Molly, what did you give him?’ inquired Remus. ‘Oh just some sleeping draught, I thought he could do with a decent night’s sleep. Why don’t you take Harry upstairs while I make us some tea?’ Mrs Weasley asked. ‘Yes, ok.’ Lupin pointed his wand at Harry and said ‘Mobilicorpus’ Harry’s body levitated in mid-air while Lupin carefully guided him out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room. He looked around, Ron had taken the bed on the left and was snoring loudly. Lupin continued to guide Harry over to the bed where he pulled back the covers before gently lowering him onto the bed. He placed his wand in his inside pocket and then pulled the covers over Harry. He looked down at him with something like sympathy in his eyes, perhaps it was just sadness? He removed Harry’s glasses and placed them on the bedside table before closing the door on his way out. When Lupin reached the kitchen again, Molly had already made the tea and was sat waiting for him at the table, her hands wrapped around a steaming mug. She looked up at Remus as he approached the table, tears welling in her eyes. ‘What’s wrong Molly?’ he asked although he thought he already knew the answer. Molly looked at him, her eyes were red from crying and her face was pale from worry. ‘Harry’ she replied. ‘I’m worried about him.’ ‘We all are Molly. We all are.’ He said the last part to himself more than to anyone else. ‘What happened Remus? With Harry I mean, today, in Surrey?’ she asked inquisitively. Remus took a sip of tea before answering, he wasn’t sure himself yet, they would need to hear Harry’s account of things first to be sure. Remus sighed as he thought back to what had happened and began to tell Molly everything. ‘We arrived at the Dursley’s as planned at midnight, when we reached Harry’s room and knocked there was no answer so we went in…’ Remus paused as though composing himself for what he was about to say ‘…when we went inside it was dark, the window was open and we couldn’t see or hear anything. Moody switched on the light and that’s when we saw…’ he seemed to struggle to get the words out as if it was costing him a great effort to continue but he did anyway ‘…Harry was on the floor, unconscious. He had been sick and he was soaked in cold sweat. We tried to revive him but couldn’t so we just had to wait for him to wake up. I didn’t want to move him so we waited instead, it took a fair amount of time but eventually he came back to us…’ at this point Remus took another swig of tea. ‘…When he woke up he was a little dazed, he didn’t realise why we were there or what the time was or anything and when he stood up he almost fell over again, so Moody sat him on his bed while we got his things together and I left a note for the Dursley’s.’ Molly was silently crying unawares that her tea was probably cold by now. They sat for a while in silence just mulling over everything that had happened, before finally retiring to their rooms an hour later. ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ‘Harry! Hey Harry! Why didn’t you wake me up when you got here?’ Harry opened his eyes blearily. Someone had removed his glasses. He fumbled along the nightstand before finding them and pushing them up the bridge of his nose. He turned to see who was making all the fuss, it was Ron. ‘Hey. What time is it?’ he asked sleepily. He was so tired he thought he could have slept for a week. ‘Um, 7:30’, answered Ron looking at his alarm clock. ‘So what d’you wanna do first? I’ve got a new chess set, Fred and George brought it for me, with some of the money they’ve made on the shop. Oh you have to see the shop Harry! It’s amazing! They’ve got all these new inventions of theirs. There’s Weasley’s Wopping Wiglets, these wigs that you put on that take on any haircut or colour you want! There’s also these new fireworks they’ve been working on that you can make write things in the air, say your name or some sort of message and it writes it in all these different colours. Then there’s some more Skiving Snackboxes that they’ve perfected so now they’ve got one that makes you projectile vomit and another one that makes you have diaroh-…’ Ron looked over to Harry, he had fallen asleep again. Ron sighed and left the room, he would have to catch up with Harry later on. Ron entered the kitchen to find his mother already hard at work, slogging over the stove preparing breakfast for everyone. ‘Morning Mum.’ Mrs Weasley turned around. ‘Oh morning dear. Breakfast should be ready in a moment.’ She returned to the stove where the smell of bacon was wafting from. ‘Morning Mrs Weasley, Ron.’ It was Hermione. Her hair looked wild. Ringlets were shooting out all over the place and then falling limply down her back. She was wearing her dressing gown an overly large navy blue one with matching slippers. ‘Morning dear’, called Mrs Weasley from the stove as Hermione took a seat next to Ron at the kitchen table. ‘Have you spoken to Harry yet?’ Hermione asked whilst pouring herself a glass of juice. ‘Kind of.’ Hermione shot Ron a quizzical look. ‘Well, I tried to tell him about Fred and George’s shop but he fell asleep!’ he sounded as if the mere idea of falling asleep whist the conversation was about ‘Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes’ was outrageous. Hermione snorted into her drink. Ron looked a her as if to say ‘what?’ to which Hermione rolled her eyes. ‘Ron, you can hardly blame Harry for falling asleep when all your talking about is your brothers’ joke shop!’ ‘What?! Harry usually loves hearing about things like that, you know, ‘normal’ things.’ Ron replied dropping his voice to a mere whisper as Mrs Weasley placed a plate full of bacon rashers and fried tomatoes and bread onto the table. Hermione sighed. ‘Well, maybe Harry’s just tired, let him rest, and we’ll talk to him later ok?’ ‘Ok, but he better not fall asleep again!’ Ron retorted. Hermione rolled her eyes. Meanwhile, Harry was anything but sleeping peacefully… ‘Why Harry? Why do you always have to play the hero?’ ‘I’m sorry Sirius. I’m sorry!’ ‘Hahahahahahahaha!’ ‘NO!!!’ Harry awoke from the dream that continued to haunt him, his scar prickling all the time. There was a knock at the door. ‘Harry?’ ‘C-Come in.’ he asked uncertainly, not knowing if they had heard him yell out in his sleep. It was Mrs Weasley. ‘I just wondered if you’d like some breakfast, Harry.’ ‘Yes please.’ He thought he should be polite seeing as she had taken the time and effort to bring it up to him in bed and all, even if he didn’t feel like eating, just yet. To his surprise Mrs Weasley wasn’t leaving, she seemed to be looking at Harry strangely and Harry didn’t feel entirely comfortable whilst he was still in bed. ‘Er…’ not really knowing what to say, Harry hoped that Mrs Weasley would say something. ‘Oh, I’m sorry dear. Went into a bit of a day-dream’, answered Mrs Weasley. ‘Well, bring your plate down with you when your done and then I’m sure you’ll be wanting to see Ron and Hermione,’ she smiled to Harry before closing the door behind her. Harry decided that he might as well eat his breakfast as it would only arouse suspicion if the others noticed that he wasn’t eating properly, and with that he began to dig in. Outside his door Mrs Weasley was taking deep calming breaths. She had almost broke down in front of Harry! She could never let him see how scared she was for him because then he would be scared too, and that isn’t the way that wars’ are won. Luckily at that moment she heard a loud bang and then a crash before Mrs Black’s yells could be heard, giving her something to focus on away from the inevitable battle that was to come. ‘FILTHY MUDBLOODS, VERMIN, BLOOD TRAITORS! DEFILING THE HOUSE OF MY FORE FATHERS!! THE HONOURABLE HOUSE OF BLACK!! FILTHY HALF-BLOODS, NASTY, LOATHSOME, FOUL…’ ‘Thank God for that! I thought she’d never shut-up!’ came a familiar voice. ‘Wow these things must be really strong if they can shut that old crone up!’ came another voice. ‘Maybe we should put the price up?’ ‘10%?’ ‘Hmm, no maybe 20%’ ‘Yeah, we know people will buy them because…’ ‘…everyone buys everything from us!’ Following this there was a roar of laughter followed by the unmistakeable sound of ribs cracking as Mrs Weasley pulled Fred and George into a bone crushing hug. ‘Mum…can’t…breathe!’, they cried. Ron and Ginny were laughing at the looks of embarrassment upon the twins’ faces. Whilst Hermione inspected what the twins had done to Mrs Black’s portrait. Her mouth looked to be covered in a thick layer of blue paint, but upon closer inspection the substance looked like glue. ‘What did you do to Mrs Black’s portrait?’ she asked. Fred and George turned toward there handy work, Mrs Blacks eyes were wide with horror, eyeing the group warily yet maintaining a sense of superiority all the same. ‘It’s called… actually we don’t have a name for it yet as it isn’t perfect yet…’ ‘…not yet anyway. We wanted a test subject first…’ ‘…and Mrs Black was a prime candidate…’ ‘…it looks like it works though…’ ‘…but we don’t know how long it will last…’ ‘…hopefully permanent.’ So far Mrs Weasley had been against the twins’ investment in a joke shop, she was horrified to learn that they had dropped out of school when they told her, and hadn’t spoken to them in a week, that’s before she realised just how successful they had been, and how much money they were making because of it. She was still disappointed that they weren’t going to be taking any N.E.W.T’s but was proud of what they had achieved from their business, and so hadn’t said any more on the subject since. ‘So what d’you think mum?’ the twins asked cautiously. Mrs Weasley glanced toward the portrait of Mrs Black before sending her two sons a small smile, ‘I think it’s perfect.’ The twins beamed at her, then pulled the curtains over the now mute portrait of Mrs Black. ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Harry had managed to eat his breakfast, although barely, it seemed like ages since the last time he had eaten a decent meal. He walked over to his trunk finding fresh clothes, then headed into the bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror. He looked a mess. His hair was sticking up in all directions, he looked sickly pale and extremely skinny. It also looked like he had aged five years in his face, his shoulders seemed to be stooped like they had the weight of the world on them… ‘oh wait, I do.’ He answered himself sadly. He began to brush his teeth. He was just finishing up when he heard two voices down the hall. ‘…what time is he getting here then?’ ‘Dumbledore said the meeting was going to be held at two o’ clock.’ ‘Right. Giving me enough time to come up with a story to tell Harry and the others so that they don’t get suspicious when everyone starts to turn up.’ Harry recognised the voice. It was Lupin, he sounded slightly annoyed. ‘I know how you feel Remus, really I do. But you know it has to be this way…’ ‘Does it really? Because to be honest with you I don’t think it does! Harry deserves the right to know what’s going on! It’s because Dumbledore kept secrets from Harry last year that he ended up in he department of mysteries, for Christ sake!’ ‘Remus calm down!’ ‘I will not calm down! Not when lives could be at sake!’ Harry heard pounding footsteps retreat into one of the bedrooms, and then the sigh of the second voice, as they began walking back down the steps. What was that all about? He asked himself. He didn’t know, at least not yet, but what he did know was that it sounded like Dumbledore hadn’t learnt his lesson from last year after all, and he was still keeping secrets from him. Angrily, he stomped back to his bedroom replacing his toothbrush before going downstairs to find Ron and Hermione. ‘Oh look who’s finally up then!’ called Ron from the drawing room, he and Ginny were playing a game of exploding snap whilst Hermione read a book on the couch. ‘Took you long enough, what’ve you been doing?’ ‘Nothing really, just sleeping’, Harry replied. Ron eyed him suspiciously for a moment or two before finally asking, ‘Do you wanna play a game?’ Indicating the snap cards in front of him and Ginny. ‘Yeah ok.’ Ron looked pleased at Harry’s decision to play whilst handing him a new deal of cards. However, Harry couldn’t forget about the conversation that he had overheard upstairs with Lupin. What was Dumbledore keeping from Harry this time? I only hope it’s not another prophecy, he thought to himself as he laid his first card onto the pile. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ The day seemed to pass by uneventfully and Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione were beginning to get a little bored with being cooped up inside Grimmauld place all day, they longed to play a small game of Quidditch on their brooms, or in Hermione’s case, to play with Crookshanks in the sun and read. Soon enough it was 1:30pm and they had been called into the kitchen by Mrs Weasley for Lunch. They ate ham sandwiches with cucumber slices and had pumpkin juice to wash it all down with. Mrs Weasley insisted on giving Harry an extra sandwich complaining that he looked ‘peaky’ but Harry was already rather full and so handed it to Ron instead who gladly downed it in one huge mouthful. To which put everyone else off their food anyway, leaving more for him still. ‘Now at 2 o’ clock I want all of you ready to leave for Diagon Alley. I thought you’d all might like to get out of the house for the rest of the day, so we can go to Diagon Alley and get your school things there…’ ‘But mum, we haven’t even had our book lists yet, how are we suppose to know what books we have to buy?’ asked Ron. At first Harry thought that Mrs Weasley had overlooked this and that they weren’t going to be able to go to Diagon Alley after all… ‘Not to worry dear, Professor Dumbledore will be giving them to you before we leave…’ Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny looked at each other. Why was Dumbledore coming to personally give them their letters? What was wrong with owling them? Mrs Weasley however, obviously didn’t notice or chose not to. Harry suspected the latter, something was going on. ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Sure enough at ten minutes to two Albus Dumbledore appeared in a whirl of green flames as he stepped through the kitchen fireplace of number 12 Grimmauld Place. He handed Mrs Weasley the four Gryffindor letters, and had a private word with Remus and Molly before apparating away again. Harry was glad he didn’t have to see Dumbledore when he arrived, he still hadn’t forgiven him for keeping the secret of the prophecy from him and now he had overheard the conversation in which Lupin was angry that Dumbledore was once again hiding secrets from Harry, Harry had no preference to see Dumbledore. He started chucking things into his trunk angrily at the thought of him and it was only when Ron returned from the bathroom to see Harry in such a rage that he finally got a weight off of his chest. ‘What’s wrong mate?’ asked Ron with an apprehensive look on his face. ‘Dumbledore’, replied Harry shortly. Ron looked taken aback at this. He still didn’t know about the prophecy and so didn’t realise the inner turmoil that Harry was mewing over and the hatred he was feeling for Dumbledore at that precise moment. ‘What about him?’ Harry looked up at Ron as if to say ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ but stopped himself before the words left his mouth remembering that he hadn’t got around to telling anyone about the prophecy yet. He knew he had to, that it was bound to happen some time, but not now, he told himself. It would have to keep. ‘Nothing, tell you later.’ Harry replied finally but even as he said it he knew he probably would end up making some excuse and never give him the truth, not yet at least. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next chapter should be up before monday, anyway, please review!! ;)

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