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disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Draco's balcony ;) A/N: I had been busy with life and work lately, so sorry for not updating sooner. Also I didn't really know what to do with this chapter because this is just a filler so if it seems scattered and pointless.. well it is haha. Chapters 10 and 11 are already written out I just need to smoothen a few rough edges before I put those up ... which would be within the next week so be patient. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the lovely little reviews, I love all my readers I do! :)
"...and what's wrong with pink?" "It's too obvious! Too common!" "There is no such thing as too obvious or too common when it comes to pink!" "Okay, okay, you want pink fine. But does EVERYTHING have to be pink?" "Well.. why not? It IS going to be a Valentine Ball, yknow." "Yes, I know, but ..." Draco shook his head. It was the first weekend of November and the Valentine Ball commitee were gathered in an unused classroom to discuss the decorations and activities for the event. It had gotten quite fine, moving fluently from somewhat agreeing on food, drinks, music and timing but when time came to discuss decorations, Granger had quickly flattened the suggestion of pink being abused as the main colour. He had to applaud her though, he could just imagine the looks of disgust on every male's face if they ever had to enter a pinkwashed Great Hall. "Oh, this is getting ridiculous. We are not having an all-pink Great Hall and that is final!" The meeting was adjourned about an hour later after much persuasion on Hermione's part that the Hall would look just as splendid and romantic without so much pink. Draco was greatly entertained upon seeing the look in her eyes when she uttered the word 'romantic'. He got up and made to leave as well for he had not bothered to bring quills and parchments to make notes upon. A tentative, small voice halted him in his tracks. "Malfoy?" He turned around to face the Head Girl.. the only other person remaining in the classroom. Her gaze swooped down as soon as his eyes fell on her and she made a big fuss out of keeping her remaining quill into her bookbag. She cleared her throat slightly as though testing her own confidence. "Um .. you do know that .. well, you're in charge of the Ball too .. and er .. since I'm doing the decorations .. and that I'm in charge also .. and you are too .." Her scattered words faltered as she stood up abruptly and finally looked up at him, her eyes meeting his for the first time since the meeting had started two hours ago. He said nothing, surprisingly patient in waiting for her to continue. He merely matched her gaze although he held no emotion whatsoever in his cold grey eyes. Perhaps it was this that fueled enough confidence in her to resume her spattering sentences. "Well you are helping me decide on the decorations .. and you best be co-operative.." Her face seemed to pinken and she swiftly turned and practically ran off down the corridor, her robes sweeping furiously and her big hair flying untamed behind her. Draco watched her leave, giving her a headstart before he too, took the same path as she did to their dormitories. He was still getting used to this strange side of Granger ever since Halloween night two weeks ago. The boy had expected her to be furious with herself for letting him see herself unguarded and would not have been surprised if she just bounced back to her normal sarcastic behaviour towards him like she always did .. yet he was still waiting for that day to come. For ever since that night, Granger had been acting quite ridiculous around him. He had been noticing how she would be perfectly composed for example in classes, in the Great Hall or whenever she was with Potter and Weasel King but the moment he made his presence known to her, she would start fidgeting, looking around wildly, stammering through her barely-sensible sentences and quite a few times he would see a faint blush coloring her face. Draco frowned slightly, jamming his hands into the deep pockets of his robes and shivering against the cold of the drafty old castle. He did not quite like how his mind seemed to think it would be entertaining to think about her so much but yet the more he tried steeling himself from thinking about her, the more his mind dwelled on her. In fact, these days he seemed to be thinking about nothing much other than the fatal Malfoy curse and Hermione Granger. Sure, he was aware the two heavy topics had nothing to do with each other and yet each always reminded him of the other somehow and it was a hard mind battle he had to fight each day just to survive through his classes. Soon he was standing in front of a particular portrait, muttering of a simple word prodding it to swing open and admit him into the common room sealed within. The Granger girl was nowhere to be seen and he assumed she must've holed herself up in her room as always. A picture of her poring over giant textbooks on her bed made him smirk. It was just too typical of her if that really was what she was doing at that moment. He made his way up the sweeping staircase but instead of turning to the left where the little winding steps led up to his room, he walked straight to the huge french windows instead and slowly unlatched a frame. His body stepped through the windows, carelessly swiping the curtains away and coming out onto the generous balcony. Not really paying attention to anything, he went over to the railings, placed his hands on them and drew in a long, deep breath. The cold night air filled his lungs, rushing through his body like some kind of frozen fire, invigorating his very being. Gently, patiently, his breath flew through his lips as he released with his exhalation all of his stress and tension that had been building up every single day. Little did he know his little actions were being observed. A slight movement in the shadows from the corner of his eyes informed him he was not alone on the balcony that night. Someone else had already been there before him. His body became rigid for a split second before he realised that he must have been wrong about Granger being in her room studying. He nodded so slightly it looked like his head barely moved at all but it was just the right amount of movement to coax her out of the shadows. They stood there, next to each other although with a considerable amount of space between them, quietly observing the whispery landscape and wistful night sky. The tender light of the moon half-hidden behind protective clouds lent an ethereal nature to the night. The air was thick with succulent promises of pure magic, the kind that happened not with wands and incantations but rather a magic that came from within each locked heart. He finally turned to look at her a whole minute before the clock tower in the far distance would strike out its midnightly audio ritual. He silently observed her, a cacophony of questions in his head. He was starting to get furious with himself and wanted to know why she was constantly on his mind. 'I need to get my unwelcome thoughts of you out of my brain.' His head tilted ever so slightly. 'But you need to tell me how.' He watched as her lips parted just a little and he knew he was making her nervous by watching her so intently and yet that did nothing to deter him. He simply looked on, taking in every single last second as though counting down to the moment the words he knew would flutter out through his own lips. And flutter they did. "Go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow." The Muggle fairytale of Cinderella which he would not have known about if not for his Squib relatives came to his mind as the clock struck twelve the second the last syllable escaped his lips. He did not stay to wait for an answer or even the slightest reaction from her. An odd look flitted across his features and he turned away, through the curtains and French windows, up the winding stairs and into his room. Pure magic had indeed danced upon the night for Draco had finally uttered what had been subconsciously within his subconscious all along.

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