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Ok guys, here it is...chapter three. Just a little moment I thought was needed as a way to break all the tension building(or maybe add to it I don't know). As always I own nothing but the know the drill. And I would like to point out that this is NOT SLASH! Lol ok there I said it. So please enjoy... Of Memories and Arrivals Sirius slowly led Moony upstairs into a spare room, not speaking at all. The stairs creaked as the pair ascended them and Sirius jumped the last one out of habit. Remus sat on the bed and Sirius took a chair beside it. Sirius watched as Remus laid his lined face in his tender hands, and sighed. "Moony" he said hoarsely, trying to keep his voice under control. Remus said nothing but looked up at Sirius' gaunt face, onyx eyes ablaze with concern. "I'm fine Padfoot." he finally said. "No, you aren't" Sirius said finally, "I'd consider you a fool if you were fine, and you Moony, are no fool." Remus said nothing and continued to stare at his concerned friend. The thoughts and memories that were brought by his handsome face were too much for Remus too bare, his emotions finally got the better of him. Sirius heart throbbed as Remus once again lay his face in his hands and began to sob quietly. Sirius quickly moved over to the bed and Remus felt the bed creak and bend as it adjusted to Sirius' weight. "Don't worry Moony" Sirius said, still rather unaccustomed to the idea of sympathy, as his family had been so cruel, but Remus had managed to bring out a sympathetic side of him, something he admired him for. "I won't let anything happen to you." "I hope so" Remus said so quietly that Sirius almost didn't hear. Sirius saw the transparent tears rolling along the thin lines permanently carved into his face. "I don't want to die Sirius." "We won't let you Moony" Sirius choked, pulling a shaking Remus into a tight hug. Remus inhaled deeply as the familiar and welcome scent of dust and Hippogriff washed over him. His senses slowly returned to him and he realized just how lucky he was to have Sirius Black as a friend. They slowly pulled apart, both staring into the other's eyes. Remus felt awkward, his tears had never been a public affair when he was younger, and in those years when he had remained alone, friendless, hopeless and empty. To think that now that he had finally attained something a normal person would call happiness, and that in three days it would end forever, was heart breaking. Remus' thoughts drifted aimlessly, taunting him with brief glimpses of heart wrenching memories. Sirius could only watch as Remus fought an internal battle. Remus remembered the day James and Lily got married, Remus had never seen Prongs wear such a glowing grin, so unlike the one he put on to charm the girls. He wore a smile gleaming of pride and happiness, something Remus only wish he knew more of. Remus swiftly wiped his face of any remaining tears, his eyes still red and agitated. Why now could he not control his emotions? Remus felt Sirius' hand slip soundlessly onto his shoulder offering a silent support. This simple touch sparked a fire in Remus' heart, it pounded against his rib cage creating a deafening roar that his mind couldn't seem to escape, when suddenly Sirius' hoarse voice brought everything back to a painful silence. "Moony?" he asked cautiously, still alert from the rare outburst from Remus in Dumbledore's office. "It's ok Sirius" Remus said in a raspy voice, he quickly cleared his throat. "I feel better." "Are you sure Remus?" Sirius asked, abandoning the old school nickname that Remus was baffled they still used. "Yes" Remus said. "If these are to be my final days, I won't spend them being miserable and snappy." Sirius smiled a little, "That's what Harry said to me." "Did he" Remus said, "He's a very intelligent fifteen year old." "He is" Sirius agreed, "That's James' boy for you." "Yes" Remus said sadly. Clenching his jaw shut at the pain of remembering Prongs. "Moony?" Sirius asked cautiously. "What is it Padfoot?" Remus said looking sideways at his friend. Sirius adjusted his weight on the bed to better face Remus. His expression was troubled and his face was contracted in a way that defined the smooth lines spanning under his eyes and across his cheeks. His silky hair hung loosely to a point just below his ears, gleaming a brilliant black that even a moonless night cannot attain. The thing that held Remus' gaze though was Sirius' eyes. There normal grayish color now brought into sharp relief by the look of worry and sadness reflected by the rest of his handsome face. Like a cloudy sky holding and delaying inevitable rain. "Where were you the night..." Sirius' words were choked off by the clenching of his throat. For a moment the words simply refused to leave his mouth, something inside Sirius knew Moony didn't deserve to have stupid accusations thrown at him, but something burning inside him needed to know the truth, something Moony had become very good at hiding even if it was for appropriate reasons. "The night Lily and James died..." Remus replied in a soft tone full of the pain of remembrance. Sirius' voice failed him and he simply nodded in response. "I was working for the Order" Remus said miserably, temporarily forgetting the present situation. Remus' breath hitched in his throat, memories so strong they seemed to burn his throat, yet somehow his voice managed to come through for him. "I was the first one to reach the house after you did" Remus choked. Sirius' steely eyes focusing in on Remus and the story he was telling. Remus struggled to speak, but continued. "If I would have come minutes before I would have been able to stop you." Remus held back sobs that seemed to be cracking his ribs. "I understand" Sirius said gently. He sighed, "I miss Prongs and Lily" he said. "We all do" Remus said softly, bowing his head. But he quickly jerked it back up as the door practically flew open. Remus saw a bewildered Harry standing in the doorway looking as if he might levitate out of excitement. Harry stood for a moment and just stared at the two men in front of him. Harry inhaled deeply as if his words took a tremendous amount of air to speak, he looked at Remus in particular, "Dumbledore's here."

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