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“No, I don’t know what happened, she didn’t explain it really.” Harry said to Ron as the waited for Care of Magical Creatures to start. “She just fell?” Ron asked. “Sort of, yeah. She just fell to her knees, like her legs gave out or something.” Harry replied, as he watched Draco walking up behind Ron. “Then she ran into Hagrid’s saying she was going to rest.” Draco pulled Ron’s hood over his face. “What the…” Ron said as he ripped it back down and spun around to see the blonde grinning at him. “Don’t touch me Malfoy!” Ron said strengthening his hood. “I didn’t touch you, I touched your robes.” He said as he waked around to Harry. “Got a minute? I need to talk to you in private.” he said raising an eyebrow. “Yeah sure.” He replied, and they went into Hagrid’s Hut. Draco shut the door and walked over to Harry. “What is it?” Harry asked. Draco shoved him backwards into Hagrid’s chair and jumped on top of him. There was plenty room in the large arm chair for Draco to straddle Harry comfortably. Before Harry could protest, Draco had his lips pressed firmly onto Harry. Harry felt his soft tongue swimming about at his lips and opened them slightly to allow access to his own. Draco pulled back after a few moments and took a deep breath. “Is this what you had to tell me?” Harry asked with a grin. The blonde boy just grinned back. “Well is that all or is there more?” Harry asked in a seductive manner, which he knew drove Draco mad. Draco grabbed handful of Harry’s hair and flung his head back. He playful licked at the boy’s neck, while still pulling at his raven locks. Harry managed to reach inside of Draco’s robes and pull the back of his shirt up. He drugs his finger nails over the small of the blonde’s back. Draco moaned. Harry took his chance to grab Draco’s head and pull in down into his own, in to another rough kiss. Harry kissed Draco for what seamed like forever, running his fingers through the blonde’s tresses, before they were interrupted, by a thud across the room. ~~ “Harry, No!” a distorted voice called out. She whipped her head around. She couldn’t see where it came from. It was dark, very dark. In fact she couldn’t see anything. Then all of a sudden there was a flash of pale green light and the entire room was lit up. There were four other people in the room with her. The tall hooded figure in the middle of the tiny room had his wand pointed out at two other people at on the other side. The forth, lay on the ground motionless. She could see the face of one of the people. It was Draco, very clearly Draco. His hair shone a curious green, and his face was distressed. A terrible expression of fear tainted his porcelain skin, as he looked back at the hooded figure. She recognized the boy standing beside Draco. She recognized the raven hair, a mess, and the unmistakable round glasses. She watched as Harry turned to look at the draped person in the center of the room. His face was very different from Draco’s. He wasn’t frightened, or at least it didn’t show. The expression on his face was pure, unadulterated hatred. She was whisked around to the other side or the room. She could see the forth person’s face very clearly form here. It was her own. She was still lying on the floor. Her eyes shut and her hair all frazzled up. Everything seemed to move in slow motion so far. Then with out warning, it all sped up. Before she new it, the two boys seemed to explode in to a ball of jade light. Two thick jets shot out of either side. She was startled and turned around, as the light was so bright that it hurt his eyes. She felt her body jerk, and then a sharp pain on the back of her head. “Oh.” Hermione gasped, as she looked up at the boys from the floor beside Hagrid’s bed. “I’m sorry.” She said turning her head away sharply. What a sight they must have been Harry thought. Draco straddling him, pulling at his hair, his glasses askew, while they kissed forcefully. Not to mention the fact the Draco’s hair was all messed up now too. She felt cold hands on her arms. She turned around to see Draco trying to help her up off the floor. “What happened?” Draco asked soothingly. “Are you alright?” Harry asked peeking over Draco’s shoulder. “You know you too really are cute with each other.” She replied. “Especially with your hair like that.” She looked at Draco then snickered. “Brat!” he hissed with a grin as he sat her down on the bed, and started to fix his hair. “What happened?” Harry said sitting next to her on the bed. “I don’t know, I must have been dreaming or something, but I don’t remember anything.” She lied. Harry looked at Draco and could tell that he knew she was lying, just as he did. “Hermione, you can tell us, or do you want me to leave so you can tell Harry in private?” Draco said squatting down and resting his arms, one on Harry’s knee and the other on Hermione’s. “I am telling you, I don’t remember.” She announced. “’Are ye’s comin ter class or wat?” Hagrid’s voice bellowed as he stuck his head in the window. He startled Draco, who fell backward on to the floor, getting chuckles from the Harry, Hermione, and even Hagrid. Draco was not amused and stood up to brush off the dirt. The three of them made their way back out side, and before they were in sight of the rest of the class Draco pulled Harry close to him and whispered into his ear. “Meet me in the spare classroom in the dungeons tonight.” He gave a brief lick to Harry’s ear, before turning to join the class. ***A/N** I know this chapter is i bit silly in the middle, but i wanted to through you all some action wink wink.

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