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A/N: So I don't usually write a chapter the day I publish a story, but what the heck? I wanted to, and I had nothing else to do. So enjoy! Kisses! /Bee* Chapter Two: Part Two: Social Greetings My burgundy colored scarf was wrapped around my neck, and my tan suede jacket hugged my curves just perfectly. Monsieur Peter, my male attendant when I was home, opened my car door, and I stepped out into the beautiful morning sunlight. My heels clicked down onto the cracked pavement. “Peter,” I said, adjusting my shoulder bag on my shoulder, “Are you sure this is the place? It doesn’t look very… classy.” “Ah, young sweet Madame Lillian,” Peter said, grabbing my luggage in his white gloved hands, “I understand that this Hogwarts School is almost just as classy as Beauxbatons, if not even classier.” I nodded, before looking about the other cars. “Are we not supposed to park in front of the doors?” I shook my head, satin red curls falling across my shoulders, as I pulled a tissue from my jacket pocket, before placing it over the handles on the door, and opening it. “I would have gotten that for you, Madame Lillian.” “I didn’t feel like waiting, Peter,” I said sourly, as Peter followed me through the train station. The Train Station smelled of sour milk and cigarette smoke. I scrunched my nose to keep the smells from penetrating into my system. I dropped the dirtied tissue into a trash bin, before getting out a new one, and covering my nose with it. I received weird looks from ordinary people, who most likely were immune to the foul smells that radiated off of the place. My heels clicked echoingly against the polished stone floor, as Peter quickly glided after me. “Platform 9 ¾… Well that’s ridiculous. There’s no such thing as Platform 9 ¾. I’ve never heard of such a thing.” “Madame Lillian, perhaps if we asked for directions.” “That won’t be necessary, Peter. You know I do not like asking people of lower status for help. We’ll find it on our own. Perhaps if we start by Platform 9, and Platform 10… What do you think, Peter?” “If that’s what you believe, Madame Lillian.” I grinned, and turned; starting to walk off in the direction I believed the Platforms I was looking for were in. Peter followed me, and I could hear him mutter to himself, and groan. “Oh, Peter… Come on, I don’t want to miss my train.” I pouted, resting a perfected French manicured fingernail on my cheek. “The longer you groan, and moan, the longer it’ll take me to catch my train… It’s bad enough I’m not even sure where the docking platform is.” Peter nodded, and adjusted my luggage in his arms, and hands. “Yes, Madame Lillian.” I found the Platforms 9 and 10. I glanced at Peter, “Set them down, Peter.” I told him, before stepping forward, pressing my hand up against the bricks in-between the Platforms. My fingertips went cold… as if they were floating in nothing. No air graced my fingertips, not even the bricks middle. It was just there, in the ever darkness of the brick barrier. Was this barrier hollow? Solid? Oh, I didn’t know, but it felt so good not to feel anything. I shivered, and turned my head towards Peter, who was standing there, watching me glow with the feeling of nothingness. “Come here, Peter, stick your hand into the wall.” He picked my luggage up, and carried it close to the wall with him, before dropping them gently again, and reaching out to touch the wall. His hand stopped, before even going inside the bricks. He pushed gently, but nothing happened. I let out a girlish laugh, and grabbed a hold of my own luggage, scrunching my nose up. “I shall inform your mother that you have found your train, then, Madame Lillian?” “Yes, farewell, Peter. I will see you around the Holidays. Promise to look after mother for me? Oh, thank you Peter. I’ll keep in touch!” He kissed my cheek, and smiled down at the stone on my finger. “I’ll tell Victor you love him?” “Oh how well you know me,” I said soothingly, before smiling with dignity. “Bye, Peter.” Finally, I could spread my wings. I could fly freely. I was open to anything that came my way, and I needn’t treat it like it could hold the rest of my life in it. I was opening up to the Lillian I’d always wanted to be. I knew it was going to take some getting used to. I just hoped it had the formalities that Beauxbatons had, different girls, with the same attitudes, and similar families. I wanted change, but at the same time, it petrified me. I pulled out a pale towel out from my luggage, and laid it down on the train seat. Pulling another one from my luggage, I draped it over the back of the seat. Sitting down, I crossed my legs, and watched all the parents hug and kiss their children good-bye. They lived so informally, and just showed their joy. I wanted something like that. I frowned, resting one of my hands on my knee. I sighed softly, leaning back in my seat, closing my eyes. The smell of sweets, and chocolates over-whelmed my nose, and I reopened my eyes. I was alone, in a middle compartment, left to fend for my own in the miscreant lifestyle that I had so desperately wanted to enter, but had so frantically spent my life avoiding. I felt a jolt in my stomach, and I felt like I was going to lose the contents of my stomach. Maybe eating breakfast wasn’t such a good idea. I closed my hands around my small abdomen, and squeezed my eyes closed. I missed the smooth ride of Victor’s car, sweeping me away to Beauxbatons. I missed having the luxuries of being a top student at my old school. Oh, how wrong I was. This wasn’t the life I wanted. I wanted the life I had. My compartment door slid open, and without a knock too! “That was rude!” I shouted as lowly as I could. “Oh no…” the intruder muttered. “Not you again.” “Excuse me? What have I ever done to yo---ooh..” I sighed, before straightening myself in my seat, fluffing my hair into already perfect curls again. I felt the need to show off my posture, my looks, my grace, as if he’d never seen me before. “Can I help you?” I asked, dismissively of the three boys who filed in after him. “Yeah…” he said, “you can help us by getting out of our compartment.” “I beg your pardon? Your compartment? If I didn’t know any better, I’d believe I was sitting here well before you and your… your… “ “Friends?” “Yes… friends… where here!” “Calm down, Red,” one of the ignorant one’s friends said, brushing shaggy brown hair from his eyes, “You can stay. You just can’t tell anyone about our plans.” “Plans? Plans for what?” “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” I paled, if that was even possible. Kill me? “Whoa, Red, where’s your color gone? I was joking! I save the killing up to James.” He grinned toothily, and I was sickened by his sense of humor. “Joking around about ending someone’s life, is not something to be joking about!” “God damn, who shoved a stick up your----“ “Sirius!” James, I presumed, from this Sirius’ characters mouth said earlier, yelled. “Calm down… This girl is one of the most stuck up girls around. We have to cater to her every need, or she’ll get her rich boy-friend after you…” “I haven’t rallied with any pompous rich boys since we took Snivellus down last spring!” “Whose this Snivellus?” I asked, crossing my legs tightly, and smoothing my skirt down my legs.

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