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The weather on Private Dr. was all but cheery. Harry Potter rested his head on his windowsill and stared off into the dreary gray mass. He had sent his owl, Hedwig on a delivery to Ron Weasley to deliver a message. She was supposed to return that night, but Harry guessed, that she had doddled along the way. Harry was about to give up, when he saw a flash of light break the gray scheme. Hedwig flew into the window and perched herself on her stand, and began an endless hooting for Harry to remove the new letter from her leg. Harry took out a few owl treats and feed them to her and then removed Ron’s letter and unfolded it. It read: Harry, Thanks for the letter; Hermione and I were beginning to worry about you. I’m glad to hear that the Dursley’s are giving you more space again. Mum wants to know if the muggles will let you stay here a couple weeks before school starts up. Can you believe it starts in only a month?! I heard that there’s a new broom coming out soon, it’s called the “Swift Hawk 1000”. I can’t wait to see it in the window of the quiditch supplies shop! By the way, Gin says hi. I have this theory that she might like Colin Creevey! Can you believe that? I thought she had better taste than that. Not that I care. I’m just glad she’s over you. That’s the last thing I want is for you two to be dating, I mean it is my sister and all! That’s a ridiculous thought however, and I won’t give it a second thought. Well give me an owl if you can stay, which I am sure you can, but I should always still ask. Sincerely, Ron Just reading and thinking about Ron being happy almost made Harry jealous, but still happy that atleast one of them could be having fun during the summer break. Harry was about to move to hide his newest letter, when he heard the doorbell ring. Thinking nothing of it, he put the letter in a secret box hidden on the top shelve of his closet, and began walking down the stairs to venture who it was at the door. “Harry!” Uncle Vernon called up the stairs. When Harry had reached the bottom of the steps Uncle Vernon was there and growled under his breath, “the damn door is for you…” Harry leapt with joy and nearly skipped to the door. When he swung himself in the open door way, he saw Hermione. “My gosh, Hermione! What ever are you doing here for?” Hermione giggled and than finally answered, “I was in the neighborhood and wanted to know if you’d be interested in staying with my parents and I, until we go to the Weasley’s house?” “Well, I guess I better ask, but come in, and hold on a second.” Harry said with a glow in his face. He ran into the kitchen and gave them the proposition of getting rid of a wizard now or later, and Uncle Vernon agreed to get rid of him then. Harry skipped back into the living room where Hermione still stood and looped his arm with hers and they proceeded upstairs so Harry could pack a bit. Once upstairs Harry scampered from corner to corner in his room collecting all of his supplies. Hermione just watched not really knowing what to do, until she spotted Hedwig perched on her stand. Hermione began stroking the white owl, when Harry called to her that he was finished. The pair walked down the stairs and right out the front door with out a glance back. Harry pulled open the door to her parents Buick and allowed Hermione to enter first, and followed soon after. After a series of questions and a lot of miles they arrived at Hermione’s house. When they arrived Hermione helped Harry take his trunk inside and up to the guest room. Once done they played muggle card games until their dinner was ready and they were called down by Hermione’s father. That night they gossiped about muggle happenings and ate a wonderful chicken and corn dinner. The kind of dinner most families have together. After several helping to Mrs. Granger’s delicious dinner the two kids were sent up stairs to ready themselves for bed. Instead of being in bed by nine at night, Hermione helped Harry out with his potions homework for the summer. Harry had not looked at until then, and was terrified when he realized how much work it would actually take to finish it on time. Him and Hermione had decided to put in an hour a night to finish it before they went to the Weasley’s for the remainder of the summer. After two hours of potions and non-school related talking the two split off into their own rooms and slept the night away. When Hermione left the room, Harry just collapsed onto his bed, only to never get up for the night. Harry whipped around to see Ron running in the opposite direction yelling his name and becoming more frantic each time he did so. Harry tried to call out to him, but found himself to be mute. So instead Harry ran for Ron, when he ran into an invisible wall that was between him and Ron. Harry could only look on as Ron found Hermione and they looked behind graves for Harry. But Harry saw something they didn’t and it was heading straight for them. Ron pulled a crying Hermione close to him and he kissed her forehead and tried to dry her tears. The creature drew closer and closer until Harry was sure they would see it. But they didn’t. They were oblivious to all. Harry pounded on the imaginary wall with all of his might with no avail. He just about gave up when something warm and soft touched his shoulder. He spun around expecting to be attacked himself, but instead he saw the most beautiful girl in the world, or so he swore. She looked like an angel. There was a radiance about her that made her curly orange hair look like a golden sunlight. “Harry, they are going to die soon. There is nothing you can do.” She looked away at Ron and Hermione and then down. “This is a small glimps at the future. I can’t tell you exactly what you can do to prevent this, but it is possible.” “Who are you?” Harry asked unable to look straight at her due to her brightness. “I am no one you would care to know about.” A tear rolled down her eye, and she looked away. “Harry you should wake up now, Hermione is going to scream, and it will bring a tear to even your eyes.” “Wait-“ “Please Potter, go-“ And it is then that Harry woke up with a start. He was still dressed in his day clothes from yesterday. He heard Hermione knocking on his door telling him that breakfast was ready. “Alright, I’ll be down in a second.” Harry said as he searched for his new attire for the day. Almost forgetting about the dream, he skipped down the stairs where a delicious breakfast awaited him.

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