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Moony vs. Padfoot Harry sat, stunned. Remus... dead, in three days!?! Harry thought Remus' legs might give out, it certainly looked like it. Sirius got up and paced the room a few times, his face gaunt and expressionless. Harry's mind exploded with questions just dying to be asked. "We have to do something." Sirius finally said. All of them looked to Remus to see what he had to say, but he couldn't bring himself to speak. "I agree with Sirius" Harry finally said in a choked voice. "Well..." Dumbledore started, "we can't do much until we know what is to happen three days from now that will lead to his death." Dumbledore said sadly. "But we can't find out how he dies until it actually happens!" Sirius said in a whiny but voice, which much reinded Harry of Padfoot. Remus just stared at the floor, to panicked and confused to speak properly. "Remus?" Sirius said in a tender tone as he sat down beside him, "you ok?" Remus nodded numbly. He had so much he had hoped to accomplish before it was all over, he wanted to be there for Harry, with Sirius, and the Weasleys, and Ginny. Remus' mind flickered back to when Ginny had gone back in time and saved his life, hooking up with him in the process. Remus sighed maybe he would be seeing Lily and James soon. Suddenly Remus was jerked out of his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked up into Sirius' onyx eyes. He was aware of them boring into him searching for any sign of emotion Remus tried so hard to keep inside, and he was succeeding, Sirius found Remus' thoughts to be as inscrutable as always. The glossy sheild of those amber pools hid every thought so convincingly that Sirius never tried to predict what dear old Moony was thinking out of fear of offending him without meaning to. Yet somehow this time Sirius managed to see, concealed in the depths of his glowing eyes, a sadness that not even he could hide. "It's ok Moony" Sirius said in attempt to cheer Remus (and probably himself) up. Remus got up, taking Sirius by surprise. "I don't think there's anything to be done Padfoot" he said sadly, these words made Harry and Sirius stare at him. "You don't think we're going to just sit around and watch do you!?!" Harry said incredulously. "Harry" said Remus in a tender tone as he walked over to him placing his hands on Harry's shoulders, "like I said...there's nothing to be done, maybe it was meant to be and we just found that out by accident." "No" Harry said fiercely. "I Lost my parents" Remus hung his head, "I lost Sirius" Sirius looked over, "And I even lost you for a while.... never again!" Harry finished in a shout. "I know Harry" Remus said tiredly. "He's right you know" Sirius said in a low voice, Remus was silenced. "The question is not if we should do anything then" Dumbledore cut in, making them all jump as he had not spoken for a long time and they had forgotten he was even there. "But what to do." "There's nothing we can do Albus!" Remus said, trying to sound convincing, and failing. "We shall see about that" he said shortly, and with a swish of his robe he was gone. "That man sure knows how to make an exit" Sirius said in awe, completely forgetting the severity of the situation at hand. "We should go" Harry said. "And tell the others" Sirius concluded. "No" Remus said fiercely, "there's no need to worry the others." "Remus!" Sirius finally lost it. "If we don't do something within the next three days I am going to be the last Marauder! I refuse to let that happen!" he yelled. Unfortunately something happened then that hadn't happened for years, Remus lost it too. "Oh really!?!" Remus shouted in reply. "I can't imagine what that must be like! Oh wait...yes I can, because for a few months I was the last Marauder!" "Oh and that's my fault!" Sirius retorted loudly. Harry was speechless he had never seen his god fathers actually fight before. "Actually it is your fault if you haven't noticed!" Remus full out yelled. "Oh and how is that!" "Maybe if you would have just listened to Dumbledore and stayed at Grimmauld place like you were told!" "Oh so it's my fault I was worried about Harry!" Sirius snarled, Harry flinched when his own name was dragged into the row. "None of this would have happened if you weren't so arogant!" "WELL EXCUSE ME FOR NOT WANTING TO BE CAGED UP LIKE AN ANIMAL!!!" Now it was Remus' turn to explode. "You have no idea what it's like to be caged up like an animal Sirius! All of my pathetic life I've been afraid that people would see me for what I really am.... I AM AN ANIMAL!" and with that Remus stormed out of the office leaving both Sirius and Harry to cower in his wake. Harry sat back down in one of the chairs conjured beside Dumbledore's desk. "Ugh! That man!" Sirius yelled in frustration. "Sirius" Harry said weakly, Sirius looked down at him. "I think that if Remus only has three days..." Harry finally gave into his overpowering emotions as tears rolled down his slightly flushed cheeks. "He doesn't want to spend them fighting with the one person he enjoys being with." Sirius looked down at Harry and put a shaking hand on his shoulder. "That's not true Harry..." he said, Harry looked up at him questioningly."There are two thing wrong with what you just said, one, we will under no circumstances let our Moony leave us, and two..." Sirius paused, "He loves having you around too." Harry smiled sadly, he was still worried about Lupin, nothing Sirius could say would change that, but he did feel a bit better. "Let's go" Sirius said leading the way to the fireplace before disappearing to the kitchen of number twelve Grimmauld place. Harry stepped out of the fireplace and brushed off his robes. Harry saw the end of Sirius' robes swish around the corner in pursuit of Remus. Harry went in the living room to find Remus sitting on the couch and Sirius standing at his side. "Please Remus..." Sirius pleaded, "they have to're like family to them, to all of us." Remus remained silent for a moment before speaking at last. "They would only worry." "Sirius is right" Harry said, the two of them looked at Harry, Remus fell silent and hung his head, finally accepting defeat. "I'll call the Weasley's" Sirius said quickly leaving the room. Harry sat down beside Remus. "I'm sorry" Harry whispered. "It's not your fault Harry" he said softly, "It's no ones fault. I shouldn't have yelled at Sirius." They both waited a few minutes for Sirius, he was taking longer than either of them had expected. A Burst of flame and a feminine shriek announced the arrival of Molly Weasly, accompanied closely by her family, Hermione, and Tonks. "Molly" Remus said standing up as she hugged him tightly. Before long, Remus had been hugged by Molly, Hermione, Ginny, Tonks, and Molly came back for a second, trying to hold back sobs. "I'm so sorry Remus" she cried. "It's ok Molly" he comforted her, she pulled away wiping her eyes and hastily muttering something about having something in her eye. They all headed into the kitchen. "Hi Harry" Hermione said hugging him. Ron walked over and said hello as well. The three sat down at the table and were almost instantly provided with tea. "This isn't good" Hermione said before taking a long calming sip of her tea. "Definately not good" Ron agreed, "poor Lupin" he said, looking over at him on the other side of the table. "Yeah" Harry sighed. After a while of talking worriedly about the fate of Lupin Sirius stood up and spoke to Remus. "Come on Moony" he said, Remus got up. Sirius lead the still down hearted Remus out of the kitchen and into the living room. "I think we should talk." Hey people! You guys are so great! Please continue to review and I will continue to update! Tell me what you think!

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