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Ch. 4 First Day of Work It had been three days since Hermione and Harry had moved into the Shirley Mansion. So far they had rid the kitchen and one bedroom of nasty magical creatures that infest abandoned houses. They had been sharing the bedroom, separate beds of course, and trying out their cooking skills. Today they were supposed to start on a bedroom for Harry, but today Harry started his training. Hermione had been hoping to wish him luck, but when she woke, she found he had already gone. So Hermione cooked herself breakfast, ate, and started on Harry’s room. Hermione worked until noon, and had hardly made a dent on the room. ‘I need help.’ she thought, ‘But who?’ While she ate her lunch she thought about her options. ‘My friends could help me. No, they’re doing what I should be doing, getting a job. Hmmm… elf? NOOO!!! How could I even think that?! I could hire some one. Yeah, that sounds good.’ So after she finished eating, she wrote a letter to the Daily Prophet to put up an add. She sent the letter with Hedwig. Hermione received a reply in less than an hour saying the add would be published in tomorrow’s paper. Now all she could do was wait. --------------------- ------------------------------- --------------------------------- ---------------------------*************************************************************************************************************** Draco woke up, the sun was shinning through a crack in his box, directly into his eyes. He crawled out onto the grass, soaking his clothes with dew. He yawned and looked about the park. No one was there. He quickly shoved the refrigerator box full of his few possessions behind some bushes. He left the park and headed for the Leaky Caldron. When he got near he pulled his hood up over his head so that it concealed his face. He was too ashamed to even let people see who he was. He entered the small, dim, pub and started searching the place. ‘Yes,’ he thought, spying an abandoned newspaper on one of the tables. Draco casually sat down at and started reading it. ‘Hmmm…Nothing much to repot on these days.’ He skipped to the back of the Daily Prophet, to the want adds. It wasn’t long before he found a job he could actually do. Cleaning house wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but he was getting desperate. Also the pay was great, 30 galleons a week. Draco rose from his seat and went to the public fireplace. He reached for a small bag from which he took a small amount of Floo powder. In the add it said interviews would start that very day at 9 o’clock. He stepped up to the fire and threw the glittery powder in it. He watched it turn emerald green and then stepped into it saying, “Shirley Mansion!” -------------- ----------------- ---------- -------------------- ------------------- -------------------- ----------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ It was ten after nine when Hermione heard someone in the living room. She reached for her wand and entered the room with caution. Her stomach jumped and her heart seamed to stop beating. She was looking straight into the sharp eyes of Draco Malfoy. ****************** ********************** ************************ ********************************** Draco stood there, shocked, not moving a muscle. Hermione was shock out of the trance first. “What are you doing here, Malfoy?” she snapped. “I’m here to interview for the job.” he stated simply. He then seemed to come to his senses, “What are you doing here?” he said with a sneer. “I happen to own this house.” she was silent for a second and the exited the room. While she was gone Draco sat thinking. ‘Oh shit. If she owns the house, she’s probably the person doing the interviews and the hiring. I’m in for it. I bet she’s out there having a good laugh at me.’ He slumped down into a chair, feeling like he could disappear through the floor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hermione chuckled a bit after she had left the room. ‘Imagine, Malfoy, wanting a job as a servant! This should be fun.’ she thought as she climbed the stairs. She opened the door to her room and grabbed a few papers. She went down the stairs, skipping a few on the way, and reentered the living room. “Here, fill these out.” Hermione said as she handed the papers to Draco. “What is it?” he asked suspiciously. “Registration forms, nit-wit. Now fill them out and I’ll be back in five minutes.” ************ ******************* ********************* **************************************** ‘Yes, your royal highness.’ Draco thought. He took a quill and a bottle of ink from a small table beside the chair and started filling out the forms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hermione went into the kitchen. With a wave of her wand a tray of rather small sandwiches appeared. She then conjured up a pitcher of pink lemonade. “Wingardium Leviosa!” she said as she flicked her wand. The pitcher and tray hovered in the air five feet from the ground. Hermione moved with them back into the living room where Draco was just finishing up the last of he forms. “You’re done?” Good, do you want anything to eat or drink?” she trying very hard to be civil with Draco. Hermione gestured to the objects floating in front of her. Draco shrugged, “I guess.” He accepted the sandwich she was offering him. As he started to slowly chew the food, Hermione picked up the forms and began looking them over. Most of it was useless information such as name and age, but some of it surprised her. Such as his current address was Syon Park. ‘He lives in a park?’ She had been wondering where Draco was going to live, now that he didn’t own a house. She hadn’t expected a park. After she had finished checking the forms over and thinking about her options, she said “You’re hired.” “What?” Draco said looking up. He had been mindlessly eating, deaf to all around him. “I said that you’re hired. Now come with me. I need to show you where you will be staying.” “Staying?” he said a little shocked. He thought he would work during the day and then leave in the evening. Obviously Hermione had different plans. “Yes, staying. Are you going to keep questioning everything I say, or can we get started.” she said in a provoked tone. Draco gingerly stood and waited for his next command. “Follow me,” Hermione said as she walked through the doorway. Draco did as he was told and kept a few feet behind Hermione. He looked around in awe. His former mansion was nothing compared to this. He looked through open doors at what lay within. He couldn’t believe how many rooms there were, or how spacious each one was. Further more, every room was full of ancient antiques. Every one was unique and beautiful, and worth a fortune. Hermione led him through tow French doors into a garden that had been neglected for far too many years. Behind the garden was a regular house. It was like the rest of the property, old and in need of a good cleaning. Compared to the box Draco had been living in for the last couple of days, it looked like heaven on Earth. Hermione pulled from her pocket the large master key. She unlocked the door and let herself and Draco insid. “This is where you will sleep and keep your stuff. We’ll work on cleaning it up today and hopefully finish it up tomorrow. Do you need to go get your things?” she asked. “Oh, yes. May I use some-“ Hermione held out the small bag of Floo powder to Draco. She then quietly said something and a fire blazed from the hearth. “Thanks” Draco mumbled as he took a pinch of the powder and threw it into the fire. He shouted “The Leaky Caldron!” and vanished. Hermione turned from the fireplace to go back into the house. ‘Should I have hired him? Yes, of course. Anyone could see he needed the job badly. He was living in a park for Christ sake! Then there’s the main question, how the hell am I going to tell Harry? I’ll leave that for later. Oh God is he going to throw a fit!’ She went back into the house and up to Harry’s unfinished room. ‘I guess Harry and I will have to share my room for a bit longer.’ She started cleaning and turned on her old muggle CD player. She amused herself by thinking about cruel things she could make Malfoy do when he returned. Hermione was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching her. ************** ********************* ********************** *********************** ************* ***** Draco had gotten to the park and back quickly since he didn’t have many processions to move. He had left it all in his quarters and had headed into the house. Draco heard some strange music coming from somewhere upstairs. He followed the sound up the staircase and into a bedroom. He stood outside and watched a pretty little thing bobbing around the room in rhythm to the music. She had her back to him, he couldn’t recognize who she was. She had wavy brown hair and a curvy figure. His first thought was ‘Is she single?’ Then he made his presence know by clearing his throat and she spun around. The girl was Granger, he was astonished at this and took a step back. Draco had never really looked at her as anything more than a filthy mudblood. Now that he was looking straight at her, he noticed her amazing body and beautiful honey-brown eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hermione heard someone cough behind her and whirled to face them. It was Malfoy! ‘What is he doing here? Oh, duh, he works for me now. This will take some getting use to.’ Hermione thought. ‘Why is he staring at me like that?’ All of a sudden she felt very uncomfortable. She could feel his eyes undressing her slowly. “What?!” she screamed at him. “What are you looking at?” “I-I’m sorry.” Draco said. A long silence followed, Draco stared at the floor now and Hermione still gazed at Draco. “Soo…what do I need to do?” Draco said trying to lighten the mood. “Oh, yes. I guess we should get started on the guest house. I mean your house. Come on.” Hermione said bushing past him as she headed towards the door. They worked hard until noon. They then took a break for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the guest house. They would spend tomorrow there too and hopefully finish it completely. Hermione and Draco entered the kitchen for dinner. It was a pretty big kitchen compared to others. It was designed with grapes and vines on top of a creamy white. It contained a table that seated four and an island in the middle with a sink in it. Hermione thought it was a wonderfully decorated kitchen, much better than the one in her parents house. Just as they were finishing up, someone walked in the front door. It was Harry. “Hello? Hermione? Where are you?” he called. “In the kitchen.” she answered, a little fearful of how he would react when he reached the room. “I’ve had the busiest day.” he said as he entered the kitchen. “I mean, I knew-“ he stopped, catching sight of Draco.

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