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A/N: Ginny’s real birthday is on August 10th for those who wanted to know. Kinda close to the date I picked for this fic...aren’t I awesome? Lol...To those who are reading this...thank you....and to those who aren’t well I guess you suck, and your not reading this a/n...which is funny a hell...but it’s all dandy stuff...please review if you are reading this...i would like to know if I am doing a good job at writing this or not...i hope I am... "Ginny, Ron, Harry, and Hermione, it’s time to wake up. We have to go get your books." Hermione, who shared a room with Ginny, was still sleeping when Ron barged in. "Mione, Gin. Time to wake up." Hermione groaned inwardly, and got up. She stretched and then looked around the room. Ron was still standing in the doorway, looking at Hermione. "Ron! Get out now!" Ron’s ears turned red and he muttered, "Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself." Hermione smacked him on the arm and pointed to the door. Ron turned and left. Hermione closed the door and turned to Ginny’s bed. "Ginny, you up?" Hermione walked over to the bed and saw that no one was in it. ‘I guess she is in the shower.’ Hermione went over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. She didn’t hear any water running, and knocked again. "Gin? Are you in there?" No response came from the bathroom. Hermione tried the knob and it turned. She went inside and used the loo. Then she brushed her teeth, and her hair, and changed into a pair of jeans and a red halter top. After changing, she went downstairs for breakfast. "Morning Mrs. Weasley." Molly glanced up from the stove and smiled at Hermione. "Good Morning Hermione. Have a seat. Are you hungry? Did you sleep well?" Hermione smiled. "I slept well. And I am famished. Do you need any help?" Molly shook her head no. Hermione looked at the table and noticed a piece of paper, and saw the writing on it. Hermione read what it said and gasped. "What’s wrong dear?" Hermione pointed to the paper and Molly picked it up. Mum. Went to Diagon Alley. Be back in time for dinner. Love Ginny. After reading it, she glanced over to the clock and saw that Ginny’s hand was at Diagon Alley. Ron and Harry came thumping down the stairs. "DON’T RUN DOWN THE STAIRS!" "Mum’s mad. I wonder what I did this time." Harry shrugged his shoulders and went into the kitchen. "Good morning Mrs. Weasley. How are you this morning?" "Oh hello Harry. I’m doing fine. Have a seat. Breakfast is almost ready." Harry smiled and sat down across from Hermione. "Morning mum. Where’s Ginny?" Molly scowled and turned to finish cooking. Ron sat down next to Hermione. "What’s up with mum?" Hermione handed the note to Ron. "Oh. She’s going to get it this time." Harry gave Ron a look of question. "She’s done this before?" Ron nodded. "Multiple times. But she’s always has a story to back it up. This time she doesn’t." "Oh." Mrs. Weasley placed plates of pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausages onto the table. They all dug in to eat. Fred and George appeared and joined them for breakfast. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Draco glanced at his watch on last time. ‘Finally. I better get going.’ Draco apparated to Diagon Alley and went to Flourish and Blotts. Inside it was crowded with a bunch of what looked like first years and second years. Draco trudged pass them and went to the potion’s section. There he spotted a woman jumping up and down, trying to reach a book. Draco smirked at the amusing sight, and went to help her. He stood behind the woman and noticed her hair was auburn with blond highlights. Draco reached up and pulled down the book. "Hey! I found it first. Give it back." She turned around and came face to face with Draco. ‘Oh my. He has gotten huge. And much more sexier. Did I just say that?’ Ginny blush but quickly covered it up. "Chill. I got it down for you. Let me introduce myself. I am Draco Malfoy. Who are you? You don’t sound like you are from around here." ‘My accent. He doesn’t recognize me!’ "I am from around here. I was in America for a few months." "What school do you go to? Certainly not Hogwarts. I would know, because I wouldn’t be able to resist a pretty little thing like you." Ginny scowled. "You evil ferret. Now give my book back." Draco smirked. "Your name and then you get your book." Ginny grabbed the book and took off. ‘How dare she. The nerve of someone to take from a Malfoy. I am going to find out who she is.’ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Ginny walked down the aisle and turned into the next one. ‘One more book to go. Transfiguration.’ Ginny got the book and went to pay for her books. She left the store and went to Madame Malkins. "Good afternoon dear. How may I help you?" "I need some new dress robes for the ball and some new school ones." Madame Malkin nodded and pulled out her wand. "Now stand up on the box and hold still." A pair of measuring tapes popped out of her wand and started measuring Ginny. Madame Malkin went over to the black robes and pulled out three. "Here are your school robes. Now tell me what color you want." "Green. Emerald Green." "I have the perfect dress." Madame Malkin went to the back and came back with a box. "Go try it on." Ginny went to the dressing room and pulled the dress on. It was a back-less dress with a single strap encircling her neck. The bodice fit her perfectly and the skirt was not too large nor too small. Ginny stepped out of the dressing room. "My you look absolutely stunning. It is perfect for you." "And I agree. You look ravishing in that dress. You’ll turn everyone’s head at the ball." Ginny turned to face Draco. "Do you have to follow me?" "Yes. I won’t leave you until you tell me your name." Ginny turned and went back into the dressing room. She changed back into her street clothes and put he dress back in the box. Ginny came out, walked past Draco, and handed the box to Madame Malkin. "How much for all of this?" "80 galleons." Ginny handed Madame Malkin the money and left the store. She went to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor, ordered a Peppermint smoothie, and sat down with her bags. Draco followed her and sat down in front of her. "Why won’t you tell me your name?" "Maybe because I don’t want to." "And why not?" Ginny glared at Draco, and shouted, "I DON’T WANT TO END UP BEING ONE OF YOUR PLAY TOY’S!" Draco, slightly taken back from the shouting, smirked. "Play toys?" "Oh don’t act so stupid! I know your not." Draco frowned and ran his hand threw his hair. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Ron and Harry were standing in front of Quality Qudditch Supplies, looking at the new broom. "Whoever designed that broom is going to me mad rich. I mean look at it. Not even the Firebolt-3000 compares to it. There is not a single thing wrong with this broom. It has the right speed, a compass on the end, anti-jinx spells places on it. Who is the designer?" Harry looked at the name. "Someone named Tigress. Must be some chick. Man would I like to meet her." "LEAVE ME ALONG AND STOP FOLLOWING ME!" Ron looked across the street and turned red. "Ron. What’s wrong." "That’s what is wrong," pointing to where Ginny was sitting. "Oh." Ron stormed over to her. "Virginia. Where in the bloody hell have you been? I’ve been bloody worried about you." "Weasel. You are interrupting my conversation with this lovely lady. Now if you will go about your business and leave." "Ferret, this is my business." Ginny glared at Ron and spoke up. "I am 16 years old you know. Not 5. I CAN take care of myself. Now if you will be kind and go back to what you were doing, I will see you at dinner." Ginny stood up and grabbed her bags. She went back to her building. Draco smirked at Ron and stood up. "Where do you think you are going?" "Where ever I please. You certainly cannot stop me." Draco moved past Ron and walked down the street. He followed Ginny to the corner of Knockturn Alley and Diagon Alley. ‘I wonder what she’s doing down here? Oh well, I need to get the rest of my stuff.’ Draco walked down the path that led through Knockturn Alley. He came to a small, privately owned, potions shop and went inside. "Mr. Malfoy. A present surprise to see you here. How may I help you?" "I need a potion. It is the animagus one." The shop keeper nodded and pulled out a small vile filled with a red potion. "Here you are Mr. Malfoy." "Charge it to my account." Draco left the store and slipped the viled into his pocket. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Ginny shrunk all of her school supplies and placed them in her pocket. After saying good-bye to Jon, Ginny left her office and went to go pick up a pair of earrings for her mother. ‘That should do it.’ Ginny left her building, making sure the doors locked. She walked to The Leaky Cauldron, and said goodnight to Tom. Ginny stepped into the fireplace and yelled out her destination. Ginny appeared in the living room of the Burrow. Glancing around, she saw that no one was home, and went upstairs. Ginny put all of her books and stuff on her bed, and quickly wrapped the earrings. She ran downstairs to start dinner. ‘I hope this works. Or I am going to be in deep shit.’ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Landon walked down Diagon Alley, his house-elf, Cheerio, dragging behind. ‘It feels good to be free. Now to find Virginia.’ "Hurry up your worthless thing. You are keeping me from finding her." "Cheerio is sorry, but master has large legs, and Cheerio cannot keep up." Landon scowled and stopped. He waited for Cheerio to catch up. ‘Stupid chain. I can’t believe she didn’t trust me.’ They continued walking down the street. Soon he came across a group of red-heads and brunettes. "Where did she go?" "I dunno." "Ron! You lost her? Don’t you remember? You were supposed to keep her until we all got here!" Fred shook his head. "It’s not my fault. She was sitting her and then left. The street’s were too crowded to see where she went." "Give it up. Let’s go home. Hopefully she will be there." The group apparated to the Burrow. They all smelt something cooking and went to the kitchen. They spotted a red-head standing in front of the oven. "Ginny!" ‘Oh shit!’ Ginny turned around and faced her brothers. "Where have you been?" "Here." Fred laughed along with George. "Thanks you two, for keeping them busy." "No problem sis. Anytime. But a promise is a promise. You must stop by tomorrow at 10am." "Okay. Now set the table. George, go and collect some of mum’s favorite flowers. Ron and Harry, go upstairs and get cleaned up. Hermione, I need your help in here." Ron turned red and shouted, "Virginia! Don’t you tell me what to do! You’ve been gone all day and then you come home, make dinner and think that everything will be all right. Well your wrong. This time it doesn’t happen that way." "Ron..." "No Harry. I’m not done." Harry grabbed Ron by his collar and dragged him upstairs. "Clean up." Ron turned to stare at his best friend. "Your going to take her side?" "Yes." "They are all against me. The whole bloody bunch." Ron kept on muttering to himself as he changed. Fred had set the table and George had two vases filled with yellow Carnations, by the time Ron and Harry finished changing. "Gin and Hermione. Go change, Fred and I will finish this up." Ginny went upstairs with Hermione. "Ginny, what’s all this about?" "Oh I forgot, you didn’t know. It’s mum’s and dad’s anniversary tonight, so I spent all day trying to figure out what to do and get. I told Harry yesterday about it, and Fred and George knew too." "But Ron..." "He always forgets. I do this every year. I’ve been doing it since I was 13." "Oh." Ginny changed into one of the few dinner dresses that she had, applied a bit of make-up and went downstairs. "Is it done?" Fred nodded. "The banner up?" George nodded. "Lupin and Tonks here?" Harry nodded as he came through the door, Remus Lupin and Nympadora Tonks, following. "Good. Now set up. Harry keep an eye on Ron for me. They should be here any minute." The two hands hit home and the Weasley family and friends hid. "Ginny? Ron? Harry? Hermione? We are home." Molly and Arthur walked through the door and turned on the light. "SURPRISE!" "Oh my. I completely forgot." Molly had tears in her eyes. "Ginny, your such a doll. Every year you do this and every year I forget." Molly engulfed Ginny with a large hug. Ron, filling guilty turned away. "Mum! Dinner is ready. Come sit down. Come on everyone." They all followed Ginny into the kitchen. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Draco apparated to the ministry. After going through security, he got on the elevator and pressed number 5. A bunch of wizards and witches glanced at him and moved back. ‘Probably think I’m father.’ As the doors opened up, memos came flying on and littered the ceiling. Once the voice said, "Level 5. Department of International Magical Cooperation, incorporating the International Magical Trading Standards Body, the International Magical Office of Law, and the International Confederations of Wizards, British Seats," Draco got off, as did a few of the memos. Draco walked down the aisle and came to a desk with a secretary in it. "I am here to see Mr. Chesterton." "And you are?" "Mr. Malfoy." "Oh. Sorry Sir. He said to let you in as soon as you arrive." Draco brushed past the desk and opened the door. "Mr. Chesterton." A tall man sat at the desk. He was wearing the usual uniform for a lawyer and had gray hair. "Mr. Malfoy. It’s a pleasure to see you again. Have a seat and we can start." Draco sat down in front of the desk. "Now Draco. We have some matters to discuss. Your father was a very wealthy man, but had some debts to pay. I need you to sign a few things and then you are free to leave." Mr. Chesterton handed Draco the papers and Draco looked over them. After seeing that it was minor stuff, he signed the papers and handed them back to Mr. Chesterton. "Good day Mr. Chesterton." "Good day to you too, Mr. Malfoy. It was nice to do business with you." Draco left and apparated home. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* After a nice family dinner, Ginny cleaned up and then went into the family room. "Mum, here is something for you and this is for you dad." Ginny handed the small box to her mum and a large box to her father. Molly opened the box and pulled out the tissue paper. "Oh Ginny. They are beautiful." Arthur opened up his box and saw that it was a small t.v. "Ginny? What is this?" "It’s a televison. You can watch stuff on it, like the world cup." "Oh. Thank you sweetie." Ginny smiled and gave both her parents a hug. "Mum, dad. I am absolutley tired, and I must get my rest, as I have to pack for school tomorrow." "Goodnight Ginny, and thank you for cooking such a wonderful meal." Ginny went upstairs and changed. She logged on to her laptop and talked to Blaise. Sanctusflame666: Hey Blaise SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Hey Tigress. What’s up? Sanctusflame666: Oh not much. Just finished dinner, and such. You? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69:Same. Pansy is zonked out. I think that mall was abit too much for her. She’s got like a hundred bags all over my manor. Sanctusflame666: LOL. You shouldn’t complain. I gave you a broom. SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: True. Sanctusflame666: So who you riding with on the train? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Pansy and I guess Draco. Mum is making me be nicer to him, as he is going through such difficult times. Sanctusflame666: I thought you liked him? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Oh no. He’s a great guy if your on his good side, but once he is in a bad mood, stay away. Sanctusflame666: Thanks for the heads up. SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: No problem. So do you want charming ol’ me to come and sit with you and Lori on the train? Sanctusflame666: Haha funny. Only if you want to. SnAkEsRuLeAlL69:Okay. I’ve got to go. Mother is making me move things around. Bye. Luv ya. Blaise signed off and Ginny decided to talk to Luke. Sanctusflame666: Hey Luke. Anguismundi20: Hey Flame. You ready for school to start? Sanctusflame666: Yup. I can’t wait. I wonder what Snape has planned... Anguismundi20: You like Snape? Sanctusflame666: Don’t you? He’s my favorite teacher, plus he teaches one of my favortie subjects. Anguismundi20: Yes I do like Snajpe. What’s your other favorite subjects? Sanctusflame666: Transfiguration. Anguismundi20: McGonagall. Ugh. She favors the Gryff’s way too much. Sanctusflame666: She does not! Anguismundi20: What’s that? Sanctusflame666: I mean...i’ve been in her classes and she treats everyone the same. Snape favors his Slytherins way too much. Anguismundi20: That I can agree with. But hey, as long as I don’t get a detention from him, i’m happy. Sanctusflame666:So you are a Slytherin? Anguismundi20: And why do you say that? Sanctusflame666: I dunno. Just wanted to see what you said. Anguismundi20: Which was nothing. Sanctusflame666: Yup it was. So did you get any new dress robes? Anguismundi20: Yes. Sanctusflame666:Well describe them. Anguismundi20: They are black with silver trimmings. Sanctusflame666:Oh mine is a pretty Emerald dress. I love it. It makes me feel good and gorgeous. Anguismundi20: I’m sure you are pretty with or without the dress. Sanctusflame666: Was that a compliment? Anguismundi20: Yes. I guess it was. Sanctusflame666: Cool. So what are you up to this evening? Anguismundi20: No much. I am debating wither to go out and party as it will be my last night to, or continue sitting here and talk to you. Sanctusflame666: Such a hard desicion. Anguismundi20: Are you being sarcastic? Sanctusflame666: No it really is. I would rather go and party then sit and talk to me. Anguismundi20: You would? Sanctusflame666:Yep. I am a very boring person. Anguismundi20: No your not! Sanctusflame666: Yep I am. I wish I could go do something. Anguismundi20: Why can’t you? Sanctusflame666:My stupid, overprotective brother. Anguismundi20: Ah. I see. Well there are way’s to prevent him from finding out. Sanctusflame666: Well there is alson his best mate, and girlfriend. Anguismundi20: Oh well. That might be hard. Let me look it up for you. 15 Minutes later Anguismundi20: Found it! Sanctusflame666: YAY! What is it? Anguismundi20: An illusion charm. It can last up to 10 hours, and does what you program it to. Sanctusflame666:How do you do it? Anguismundi20: Take a look in you charm book. It’s on page 210. Sanctusflame666: Okay. Thanks. Now to find a place to go. Anguismundi20: Good point. Sanctusflame666: You mean you don’t know a place to go? Anguismundi20: Nope. Sanctusflame666: Haha. I think i’ve thought of one. Anguismundi20: Where? Sanctusflame666: Are you asking for help? Anguismundi20: Yes. Sanctusflame666: Okay. There is a place called Galvani’s. It’s in Diagon Alley. Anguismundi20: Okay. That’s where I’lll be. Sanctusflame666:Are you suggesting we meet? Anguismundi20: Yes I guess I am. Sanctusflame666: Oh. How about later? Not tonight Anguismundi20: Um...okay? Sanctusflame666: Yea. We might bump into each other without even knowing it. Anguismundi20: I guess. Well I got to go get ready. See you tonight. Sanctusflame666: Sure. Ginny logged off and ran to her bed. She oulled out her charm book and flipped to page 210. Ginny read how to cast the charm and casted it. She removed all the books from her bed and then went to change. She put on a small mini-skirt and a black tube top. Ginny put her hair up into a loose bun, and put on some make-up. She applied a little eye-liner and mascara. ‘Now how am I going to get there?’ Ginnny thought, and went to the telephone. She dialed Blaise’s number, and asked to speak to Blaise. "Blaise here." "Blaise, it’s me. Can you come and pick me up? I know you and Pans are going to the club tonight, and I decided to go too. I just need a ride." "Fine. Be at the end of your drive in 10 minutes." "Thanks." Ginny hung up the phone. ‘Now to get out of the house, without being seen.’ Ginny looked down the stairs, and listened. She heard silence. ‘Sounds like no one’s up. Except ‘Mione, but she’s in Ron’s room chatting.’ Ginny went downstairs and ran through the kitchen. She grabbed her purse and over-cloak, and ran out the door. Ginny ran the half-mile down the drive and waited for Blaise. He pulled up 2 minutes later, Pansy sitting in the front seat. "Thank’s for picking me up," she gave him kiss on the cheek, and then jumped in the back. "No problem." Blaise put the car in drive, and zoomed off. Soon the arrived in front of The Leaky Cauldron. They all got out, and waited for Blaise to put the alarm on the car. "Okay let’s go. Um...Pansy, where’s your date meeting you at?" "He said the entrance to Diagon Alley. So I guess I will see you later. Have fun." Pansy went to go sit by the fountain. Blaise bowed low to Ginny, and said, "Milady," and held out his hand. Ginny took it, and together they walked down the street. Ginny spotted a bunch of kids from Hogwarts, all headed in the same direction. They walked up to the head of the long line. "The advantages of going with a guy like me." "And those are?" Ginny asked playfully, grinning. "I’m just kidding," she said, when she saw the hurt look on his face. "Let’s go inside." Blaise took out his V.I.P pass and showed it to the bouncer. The bouncer nodded, and moved aside. Ginny and Blaise enterd the building. Once inside, Blaise grabbed Ginny’s hand again and said, "Stay close. You can get lost." Ginny nodded and let Blaise lead her across the floor. They went through a corridor, and then a door. Blaise knocked on a door 3 times. A peep hole opened up and a man spoke, "Password." "Anguis." The door opened up. Blaise led Ginny up the stairs and they entered the private party room. Music was blasting and a bunch of kids were dancing. "What is this place?" "A party room reserved for Slytherin’s and their guests." "Oh. Do you have a bar? I’m in the mood for somthing to drink." Blaise pointed to the bar at the back of the room, and Ginny headed to it. She stood next to an empty stool and tried to get the bartender’s attention. "Hey! I need a drink! You should be serving instead of flirting!" George turned around and came to face his sister. "Ginny? What are you doing here?" Ginny smiled, and said, "Partying. And trying to get a drink, but the bartender is flirting with the girls." "Who’s your Slytherin?" "Who’s say’s I have one?" "You need one to get in." "Well it’s none of your buisness. Now can you get me a Lime Margaritta?" "Fine. But I am going to be watching you." "And if you do, I will tell mum what you do with your spare time." "And how are you going to explain you being here?" "Shit. Forgot about that." "Yes you did. Now here you go. Don’t cause to much trouble. And just to let you know, I like the tattoo and belly ring." Ginny gasped. "How’d you know?" "Brother instinct." George chuckled when he saw Ginny’s face. "No. I saw them when you came up here. Just because I was flirting and not really paying attention, doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention. Now go and have fun." Ginny took her drink and went to go sit down along the side. She drank the whole Margaritta within 10 minutes, and went up to the bar for a few shots of Whiskey. While she was drinking her 5th shot, Draco came up to her and asked her to dance. Ginny looked up at his face. ‘I guess one dance won’t kill me. He’s going to figure out who I am sooner or later.’ "Sure." Ginny finished her shot with a gulp and grabbed his hand. Draco led her to the middle of the dance floor. Ginny danced the way she learned, back in America, and was having the time of her life. Soon a slow song came on and Ginny went to go sit down. "One more? Please?" Ginny sighed and nodded. And for the first time, Draco actually, truely smiled, and at her too! ‘He looks so happy when he’s with me, but he won’t once he finds out who I am.’ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* George was watching the two from behind the bar. ‘It looks like Malfoy found a heart. Too bad I have to go and interupt the dance.’ George smirked and told Lee Jordan to take over for a while. He went over to where they were dancing. George tapped Draco on the shoulder and asked, "May I dance with your partner?" Draco turned and sneered. "Weasley. Can’t find someone to dance with so you came over to steal mine?" "No." "Then leave." Ginny decided to put her foot in before things got too rough. "Draco, it will only be for a few minutes. And I will dance with you for another song. I promise." "Fine." Draco handed over Ginny’s hand to George and went to the bar. "George! What in the hell do you think you are doing?" "You are actually enjoying yourslef? Dancing with that turd?" Ginny nodded. "Well i’m just telling you to be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt, expecially by him." "Oh so now you care. You didn’t are when Dean cheated on me. I am 16 years old, and I know how to look after myself. I did a great job in America, and if given a chance, I can do it here too! Now if you will excuse me, I have a dance to dance." Ginny spun around and went over to Draco. She grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor. They danced for the whole night. By Midnight, Ginny was wasted, no thanks to Lee. Ginny ran to the nearest bathroom stall, and put her head in the toilet. Pansy had seen her run by and followed. She patted Ginny on the back, and held Ginny’s loose hair back. After Ginny was done, she thanked Pansy and murmered a cleansing spell. Pansy just stared at her. "Did you know that you just did a spell without your wand?" "Impossible. You can’t do magic without a wand." "Yes you can. The wand only helps to focus your magic on one thing." "Oh. Well. Whatever. I need to go and get some sleep." "I’ll see you on the train." "Yea." Ginny went in search of Blaise, and couldn’t find him. "Damnit Blaise. Where the fuck are you?" "Looking for someone?" Ginny turned and saw Draco. "Oh hey. Do you know where Blaise is? I need to get home." "I saw him go upstairs with a chick about 5 minutes ago. I don’t think he’ll be available anytime soon." "Can you take me home? Please?" Ginny begged. "Um...I don’t know. I’ve had quite a bit to drink." "Your my only hope. My brother has all ready left. And you said Blaise wouldn’t be done anytime soon. Please? Pretty Please?" "Your brother was here?" Ginny nodded. "Fine I will take you home, but you owe me a name." "Virginia." "A full name." "Can’t. You’ll know by Friday though. You will be able to figure what it is on the first night." "Fine. Now let’s go Virginia." Draco grabbed her hand and led her to his car, which was a midnight blue Porsche. He held the door open as Ginny go in, and then closed it. Then he went aroudn to the otherside, and jumped in. Draco started up the car and drove off. "Where do you live?" "St. Ottery Catchpole." "Near me. Cool." "Yea I guess. Once you get me there, you can drop me off at the end of my drive. I can walk up to my house from there." "Nope. I have to take you to your door. I have to make sure you get their safely." "Whatever. Just drive." "My aren’t you a bitchy one today." "It’s not day, it’s night." "Whatever." "Yup." Draco put on his radio and put in 3 Inch Fizz, a new group from Florida. He turned up the volume and listened to his favorite song called, Routine. Ginny’s drive soon came up. "Here it is." Draco turned up the drive. "Let me out here." "No. I told you. I am taking you all the way to your front door." "No your not. Let me out." Draco sighed. "Fine. Have it your way. What do I care if you get hurt or raped. Or worse, Die." "I can’t die. Not yet anyway’s." "Oh you can’t, can you. Why is that?" "None of your bloody buisness, Mr. Malfoy." "So it’s Mr. Malfoy is it now?" "Yes. Now goodnight." Ginny got out of the car and started walking up the drive. Draco shook his head, and turned his car around, and went home. Ginny dug through her purse trying to find her key’s. ‘Damnit. Why’d did I have to loose them now?’ She went to where her window was and saw that it was open. ‘Thank merlin Hermione sleeps with the window open.’ Ginny put her purse over her shoulder and started climbing up the side of the house. Her room was on the second florr. One hand in front of the other, was Ginny’s strategy. But she lost hold and fell off. She landed with a loud thump and oof. At the same moment, Harry was downstairs getting a late night snack. He heard the thump and cry, and went outside to check it. He saw the girl sitting in the flower bed, crying. "Ginny? What’s wrong? Why are you out here?" Ginny sobbed even louder, when she heard Harry. "I...I need some water and ice." "Here. Take my hand, and we can go and discuss why you are out here and not in bed." "Okay." Ginny took Harry’s hand and he pulled her up. He led her through the kitchen and placed her at the table. Then Harry went into the kitchen and got a glass of wather and some ice. He went back inot the dining room and sat down next to Ginny. "Here. Now tell me why you were outside." "I can’t." "Why not? You can trust me. I am your friend." "I went to a party. And Blaise couldn’t drive me home, so I asked the guy I was dancing with to drice me home." "You got a ride home from a complete stranger?" "No. I knew who he was. He goes to our school." "And who is he?" "That’s none of your bloody buisness. Plus it’s also George’s fault too! He left around 11." "And why the hell were you with Blaise? He’s a bloody Slytherin. He’s pure evil, and proablly a Death Eater." "See. This is why I didn’t want to tell you. Have you forgotten the fact that it was Blaise’s family’s manor distroyed by Voldemort? Plus he’s a great guy. You shouldn’t judge a person by the house their in. Have you forgotten the Hat almost put you in Slytherin? That’s what I thought." Harry looked down at his shoes. "I’m sorry Ginny. Please forgive me. I wasn’t meant to question you like I did. I was just worried beacause you used to hate Slytherins and used to never sneak out." "I forgive you, but only on one condition. You can’t say a single word to anyone about this." "Okay. Thanks for trusting me." "I need to got to bed. I’m going to have the worst hangover tomorrow." "Serves you right. You shouldn’t have drunk." "Yea. Goodnight Harry." "Goodnight Gin." Ginny went upstairs to her room, changed and went to bed.

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