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Hey everyone! Just so you know this is the third part of a trilogy, but thi story can be read on it's own. If you want to check out the stories that came before they are A Cry for Help and When All is Lost... I'm sorry to those of you who have read them if some of this becomes repeatitive but by the end of this chapter everyone will be on the same page, so... without further a do, here's inferno! Oh and by the way I don't own any of the characters or anything they all belong to the amazing JK Rowling (like you didn't already know that!)


Three's Company

Harry stood alone in the kitchen of Grimmauld place making tea. Smiling as he listened to the hollers coming from the living room beside him. To the untrained ear it would have sounded like Harry's god father's were having a severe argument, but Harry knew better. Lately arguments frequently erupted over who was the most heroic during their little adventure in the underworld.

"You fought all of the Death Eaters off!?!" Remus shouted incredulously, "As I recall it was me who blew that one off your back before he obliterated you!"

Sirius scowled, "Well at least I didn't fight on my back!" he teased.

"That happens to be how I fight." Remus said reproachfully. Sirius chuckled.

"Are you guys done?" Harry said as he had been attempting to offer them tea but they were to busy rowing.

"Yes, I think it’s clear who the real hero was." Remus said taking up a sip of his tea.

"Yeah, me" Sirius said in an undertone as he sipped his own. Remus only smiled. He was clearly only in this to annoy Sirius. Ever since the Weasleys had gone back to the burrow and Hermione had returned home life had been spectacular for Harry. Having Sirius back seemed to cheer Lupin up beyond measure, which in turn cheered Harry up as well. Sirius and Remus had invited Harry to stay with them until the end of the summer and the Weasley's would be returning for the last week holidays, which was quickly approaching.

Harry laughed at his god fathers as he sat down on the couch beside Sirius. Looking down Harry saw Remus' disused cane lying on the floor beside his feet. Remus seemed to know he was looking at it.

"I hate that thing" he said from behind his cup of tea.

"I don't see why" Sirius said from beside Harry. "It saved your leg."

"Yes but Molly seems to think I still need it." he said dully, resting his still scarred face in his hand.
"Did it ever occur to you that maybe you do need it?" Sirius said with a smile.

"Of course not" Remus said looking taken aback. "You don't think I need it do you Harry.

Harry smiled, if Remus was trying to get him on his side of an argument with Sirius that could only mean one thing, he's desperate.

"Your leg was pretty bad" Harry said carefully. Remus gave up and walked back into the kitchen for more tea.

Later at dinner Harry found his two god father's once again in a heated discussion, this time over drinking.

"I don't like getting drunk" Sirius said in an amused tone. "Well...I like getting drunk, I don't like being drunk." Remus laughed out loud, like Harry hadn't heard him laugh since the night before he left to go through the veil. Harry had trouble swallowing his meal as Remus and Sirius argued and laughed.

Harry went up to bed without a care in the world. Now that he had Sirius and Remus, everything seemed so perfect. It didn't seem like anything could ever go wrong.

Harry's eyes drooped as he stared up at the ceiling where the dark green paint was chipped and cracked. Harry closed his eyes and the last thing he remembered thinking was hat he was the luckiest person in the world.

* * *

Harry found himself standing in a field where the grass was sprinkled with large flakes of snow. Harry blinked to try and adjust his eyes to the brightness of his surroundings. Suddenly, as the light flooded into him, so did the realization, he was in a graveyard.

Harry walked up to the group of people to see that they were all people he knew.

Hermione and her family stood all in black in the back of the crowd. Eight heads covered with fiery red hair blocked Harry's vision. Harry saw that Sirius was no where to be seen and upon further inspection of the crowd of people Harry noticed that he himself was among them. Tonks stood sobbing between Charlie and Mrs. Weasly, her hair as black as her dress. Harry saw that both Ginny and Hermione were weeping as well. Even the weather seemed down hearted, the dull cloudy sky continue to sprinkle heavy flakes of snow on the group of people.

Harry looked at the grave and read.

In loving memory of Remus John Lupin

Harry sat bolt upright in his bed. His head swam and he faintly heard echoing footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly the door to Harry's room swung violently open and the gaunt face and shoulder length flowing black hair of Sirius were visible in the doorway, a worried expression showing on his face. Harry could still here thuds and bangs as Remus came up the stairs with his cane.

"Harry what's wrong? I heard you yelling!" Sirius said loudly, still sounding worried.

"It was so real" Harry said to himself.

"What was so real?" Remus asked, slightly out of breath as he entered the dimly lit room.

"Your...your-" Harry just couldn't bring himself to say funeral.

"Harry calm down" Sirius said sitting on the huge bed, Remus did the same. Sirius put a
hand on Harry's shoulder for support. "What's wrong?" he asked again.

Harry barely heard the question, his vision teased him by jumping in and out of focus and everything he heard seemed to be coming from somewhere distant.

"Harry?" Lupin said, now worried as well.

"Your funeral" Harry blurted out. Lupin went silent, Sirius looked over at him.

"Do you think it meant something?" Sirius asked in a hoarse voice, fiddling with the gold comforters with his long fingers.

"Yes" Harry said, much to the surprise of both Sirius and Remus. Remus went pale.

"I think we should go see Dumbledore" Sirius said after a short stressful silence.

"Yes" Harry repeated in a whisper. The three of them walked downstairs and with floo powder in hand departed for Dumbledore's office.

Harry looked around the office and spotted the majestic figure of Dumbledore stroking Fawkes the phoenix.

"Ah, sit down." he said kindly to them as they stepped inside, waving them into three arm chairs that had appeared in front of his desk. "What may I assist you with?"

"Harry had a suspicious dream." Sirius said, getting straight to the point.

"I see" Dumbledore said thoughtfully.

"It was real..." Harry started, "but it can't be." Harry was surprised to see that Dumbledore seemed to understand what he had just said, he continued to look thoughtful.

"And what was this dream about Harry?" he asked.

"A funeral" Harry said shortly.


Harry couldn't bring himself to speak, he didn't trust his voice, he simply pointed in Lupin's direction, Remus bowed his head.

"I see" Dumbledore said softly. Harry felt bad for having to put everyone through more trouble, but he didn't want to do nothing either. "Harry" Dumbledore said softly after a moment, Harry looked up into his voluminous light blue eyes. "Do you remember this dream?" he asked. Harry nodded.

Suddenly Dumbledore got up and swept over to a small cabinet with a clawed foot at the bottom of each leg. He opened it but Harry couldn't see what he pulled out because Dumbledore had his back to him. Harry sighed as Dumbledore returned to his desk holding a heavy stone basin. He put it down heavily and beckoned Harry towards him.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked. Harry nodded. "Have you ever put a memory into a penseive?"

This time Harry shook his head.

"Harry I want you to concentrate very hard on the dream you had." Dumbledore whispered to him. Harry closed his eyes tight and pictured everything he remembered. The snow, the crowd, the sadness, all of it was held in Harry's memory as he concentrated as hard as he could. Suddenly he felt the coolness of Dumbledore's wand tip on his temple and the details began to slip away. Harry tried to keep remembering but it was like holding water in your hands, soon nothing remained.

Harry then looked down into the roughly carved stone basin and saw the graveyard once more. The four of them leaned in over the penseive and before Harry knew it they were standing in the now familiar grave yard. Harry followed as Dumbledore led the way to the crowd gathered around the burial spot.

Harry watched them all explore the surrounding Harry wished he had never seen before himself. Sirius quietly asked Remus where he was, it appeared that Remus had no answer.

"I should think that you are here Sirius" Dumbledore said calmly, reading the markings on the grave stone. "But you are probably under the invisibility cloak so you are not seen." Sirius nodded in agreement.

Suddenly Dumbledore looked rushed, Harry watched as he pulled out his wand and suddenly they were back in his huge glimmering office.

Harry saw Sirius and Remus go pale as they read the inscription on the grave stone. Sirius turned to Remus and the two engaged in a brotherly hug. "Don't worry Moony" Sirius said in a hoarse voice. "I won't let this happen."

"Then you are going to have to take some action immediately," Dumbledore cut in. "Because according to that grave stone Remus Lupin died three days from now."

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