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disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Draco's clumsiness ;) A/N: This one took a little longer to write because I've been a little busy with work lately oops ;p
The train ride aboard Hogwarts Express was about as eventful as a History of Magic class. Draco had headed straight to the Heads' compartment without waiting for any of his fellow Slytherins nor did he bother shooting out any insults towards the 'Wonder Trio' when he accidentally bumped into them due to lack of concentration on his part. Instead, he merely mumbled a barely audible 'excuse me' and made himself scarce. Upon reaching the Heads' Compartment, he realised there was already someone in there. 'Probably the Head Girl', he thought as he slid the compartment door and skulked inside just as the train sprang to life causing him to fall forward flat on his face. 'Great. Just great.' "Ugh." He picked himself up and somehow managed to dump himself along with his things onto the unoccupied seat, barely acknowledging a soft giggle directed at his earlier clumsiness. Draco finally settled into his seat and proceeded to stare out the window, mindlessly watching the scenery, beautiful as it is, whizz by as the train steamed closer and closer to their school. His mood seemed to lighten slightly though not by that much difference at the thought of school. 'At least I'll be away from that empty house ... it's enough to drive anyone up the wall, never mind Azkaban.' "Er...Malfoy?" The distinctly female voice broke into his thoughts and he blinked, a slight frown on his face. After a few seconds, he turned to finally cast his eyes on the other occupant in the compartment, the new Head Girl, Hermione Granger. Of course. Contempt flitted across his face for a split second before it contorted back to its nonchalant demeanor. "Granger. Why am I not surprised." "If you'll just keep the sarcasm to a minimum, Professor Dumbledore left both of us instructions and um .." Her facial expression became unreadable, something between disgust and mirth and something else he couldn't put his finger on. ".. you're kinda sitting on yours." He fought hard to keep the embarrassed look off his face as he shrugged. "I know. But I figured why bother when all I gotta do is boss my way around just like you? Besides, you've read yours I suppose and it can't be different than mine now can it?" Her balling fists told him so much more than her next few choice of words, "Ugh you're such a pain." "Mmhm." He nodded, then waited until she immersed herself in some thick book before discreetly pulling out his instructions and glancing through them. He was half right. Dumbledore had merely given basic instructions on the proper conduct of behaviour on the train and at school. He had also included directions to his new Head dormitory and the passwords needed. Right then. They reached Hogwarts and the Sorting and Welcoming Feast came and went in one big blur. He didn't even realise he was blindly following his house down to the Slytherin common room until a clutch at his left arm and a reluctant shout of his name two seconds later brought him to his senses. Pansy Parkinson was clinging to him and that bushy-haired muggleborn Granger had just called out his name. It took him another two seconds to realise he had a different dorm now and gladly shook his arm away from Pansy, irritated at her behaviour. 'You'd think after that whole fiasco with Voldemort and almost dying would make her avoid me. What an idiot.' After half-heartedly explaining he had to go to the Heads' quarters (and squashing any hope of Pansy's that she would be allowed to visit), he turned and trudged along behind Granger, half-annoyed that he would be staying so close to her yet half-pleased that he would at least be far from Pansy's reaches. Minutes passed in silence and they appeared at the entrance of the common room, muttered the password and walked in. Recalling the directions in his mind, he automatically walked over to the left side of the spacious room, schlepped up the curved staircase and into his room, closing the door proudly emblazoned with the Slytherin emblem behind him, failing to hear a soft sigh somewhere in the middle of the common room.

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