Chapter 1: Depression and Pity It was a dark gloomy night over number 4 Privet Drive, in Little Whinging Surrey. All of the house inhabitants were sleeping peacefully, except one pale, unruly black haired, green eyed boy. Harry Potter had just woken up from one of his many disturbing nightmares over the last few weeks. Those dreams consisted of the same memory of Sirius Black, the godfather he found three years in the shrieking shack, falling through the veil in the department of mysteries. Tears started falling from his green eyes. Harry couldn't help but think ," Its my fault that he died. If I wasn't so stubborn to realize Voldemort was trying to trick me, and I practiced Occumacy. This would have never happened." This past dream was different he watched his godfather falling through the veil, but he heard Sirius call out to him. His voice didn't seem to be very distant. He was awaken from his thoughts by a familiar hoot from his owl Hedwig, "What's the matter girl" said Harry, as he walked to the other side of his cousin Dudley second room. He opened the cage that contained the snowy owl. Hedwig flew out circling his head then landed on his shoulder nipping his ear affectionately. As he walked over to the window to let Hedwig outside he could have sworn he saw the outline of a big black dog. After a bolt of lightning he saw it again. Harry yelled, "PADFOOT!". He heard a grunt down stairs from his uncle Vernon, "BOY, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY YELLING AT THIS TIME!". Harry didn't answer; he went back to look out his window once again but the dog was no longer there. Harry slammed the window, crawling back in bed tears falling from his eyes lost in thought. "Why did Voldemort choose me? If not for him I would still have my parents and Sirius. My relatives don't care about me. They wouldn't even notice if I died." Then Harry exclaimed "I AM STUCK HERE WITH MY RELATIVES WHO NEITHER LOVE OR CARE FOR ME. THEY HATE ME AND CALL ME FREAK." Sobbing quietly Harry falls slowly back to sleep. Outside his door tears fall Petunia's eyes. The next day Harry stayed in bed only to leave and go to the bathroom. Later in the evening Harry still did not leave his room. Petunia and Vernon Dursley were in the sitting room discussing Vernon's day at work. Petunia changed the subject. Vernon, Petunia said, there is something wrong with the boy. “WHAT! GO FIND OUT! THOSE FREAK FRIENDS OF HIS WILL THINK WE DID SOMETHING TO HIM. I DON'T WANT THEM IN THIS HOUSE.", exclaimed Vernon. “Vernon, Vernon calm down I didn't mean that." Petunia said quietly. "I just meant that there was something off about him. The last few days that he has been back he has hardly left his room. I am worried about him." said Petunia. “WELL, I DON'T CARE IF HE IS DYING AS LONG AS HE KEEPS WRITING TO THE FREAKS TELLING THEM WE ARE NOT MISTREATING HIM....."Shouted Vernon; being cut off by Petunia. "BE QUIET THIS INSTANT VERNON DURSLEY! BEFORE HE HEARS YOU" Petunia said sternly. Returning to her calm demeanor, "Vernon, for sixteen years we tried to squash the magic from him. We weren't successful. I think it is now time for us to drop the act and start to show some support to him. Lily and I may have had our differences but she was my sister and I loved her. I have been worried since Dudley and him were attacked last year. The boy didn't choose to be a target for that evil man. I am scared for him and for this family". Vernon red faced spoke calmly. "If that boy living here has put this family in danger then I want him out of this house". Petunia speaking, as calm as ever. "If he goes Dudley and I go to." Very angry Vernon replied." You would choose him over me. He is a freak." Petunia glaring stated "Yes, whether I realized before or not Harry is like a son to me. And I intend to start making up for the last sixteen years. I suggest you find it in your heart to do the same. Now, if you excuse me I am going to turn in." Up stairs in his room Harry sat at his desk starring out of his window in the clear night sky over Privet Drive. Thinking what would have happened if he if Kreacher had never lied to him telling Sirius would not becoming back from the ministry of magic. After a while he decided he should go to bed. Looking once more out the window to see if Hedwig was coming back, or hoping to see the big black dog that he saw last night. No sign of Hedwig he closed the window and shuffled over to his bed. He closed his eyes trying to clear his mind to prevent Voldemort from entering. Within moments he was in a deep sleep.

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