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    ***~~~*** Classes continued on, as usual, and soon school was out for the summer again. Gryffindor beat Slytherin for both the Quiddich and the House Cups, much to the unhappiness of Lucius and his teammates. ‘But at least I made it on the team this year. At least I made it,’ Severus constantly reminded himself during that deciding match against Gryffindor. And he only had to hang out with Lelijk a few dozen times. Silently, Lucius and Severus boarded the train together for the final time. Lucius cast one last look over his shoulder at Hogwarts (“I may come back, but I’ll never answer to those bloody professors again!” He had informed the other Slytherin boys the night before. “One day, I’ll own this school. They’ll work for me!”) and climbed aboard. “It’s going to be different next year, really different,” Severus said to Lucius about twenty minutes into the ride. “I’m just glad to be free. ‘Cept I’m not really free because I have only one year to get established and all that, then I have to marry Narcissa.” “But you like Narcissa. I’d think you’d be happy about marrying her.” “Well, sure, I like her, but you know, once we’re hitched, the fun’s gotta stop. I mean, not totally stop, but I'll need to cut the affairs back a bit, though I figure what she doesn’t know…” Severus suddenly realized what his chum was saying. “Wait! You cheat on Narcissa? What do you do?” Lucius laughed. “I know you’re inexperienced, mate, but you must know what we do—” “But with who? Someone else? Someone here?” “Well…” Lucius leaned forward and lowered his voice. “That girl in your year, the once who doesn’t talk.” “Ellyson Lestrange?” “Bellatrix’s sister-in-law. We’ve never quite gone all the way, she’s a nervous little thing, and she’s afraid to get in trouble, but she’s fun for a bit of snogging down in the dungeons, and she’s really intimated easily so she’ll do almost anything if you scare her enough.” “My father mentioned talking to her father about arranging us,” Severus informed Lucius hotly. “She could be my future wife you know!” “Well, be glad to know she’s still clean as the purest wizards' blood then. And she’s rather good at what she does do, little as it is!” He laughed again. Severus clenched his teeth, and said nothing. “Of course, if you’re looking for a little cheaper a girl, Sherona Rayne is in your year too, and she’s quite good, and she’ll go far as you like provided she likes you too. And I bet she could like you. She has a preference for dark hair, though she did make a rather appreciated exception for me.” “Sherona Rayne?” Severus knew the tall blonde well. She was more attractive than the typical Slytherin female, with a deep tan, cerulean blue eyes and a body that would make Jessica Rabbit jealous. Severus relaxed and smiled slightly at the mental image. “So, Sherona, eh? She’s…shaped.” “Sure is!” Exclaimed Lucius, leaning back in his typical over-confident, cocky, “I’m so wonderful” attitude. “What sure is?” A female voice asked, as Narcissa, Ellyson, Ax, Alexand’r, Taai and Jezebel entered the car, followed a moment later by Vincent Crabbe, a sixth year, and Zander Flint, in his seventh year. Crabbe, Zander, Ax, Taai, Lucius, Alexand’r and Severus made up the Quiddich team. “Bit crowded now!” Alexand’r called out, laughing. Ax agreed with the Seeker. “Plenty of room, though!” “Not a problem,” announced Lucius. “There’s a lap for every girl!” He pulled Narcissa into his lap, and the two began snogging quite passionately. “Care to live up to you name, Jezebel?” Taai asked the short, clear skinned beauty of Vietnamese decent. Giggling, she plopped down on his lap. “Oh, Taai, you hopeless romantic!” She cried overdramatically, and soon they were French kissing too. “This is a crazy group,” said Ax, “but I’m afraid the girls are a tad outnumbered here. So Ellyson here gets a choice, that she does!” Ellyson blushed deep crimson. “I think perhaps Severus should decide my place, as he could very well be my future husband,” she said quietly, smiling at Severus. “But whatever he decides, I must say it is hardly proper for anyone to be vying for my hand in his presence, and it is also rather forward and horrible for anyone to assume that I would just attach myself to him because he demands so. Right, Severus?” “Come here.” He ordered, and she did. “Get up, Zander. My possible future wife would like very much to sit by me, I think, and to be honest I’d rather be smooshed in next to her, if you don’t mind.” “Hey,” Zander said, laughing as he stood up. “I was off to find the snack witch anyway. Crabbe? Alexand’r? Ax? Follow me, we’ll find an empty car and talk Quiddich.” Crabbe appeared confused. “But everyone’s already sitting. Where are we gonna find an empty car?” “If it’s not empty, we’ll empty it dunderhead. Come now, let’s go.” Crabbe nodded his thick head slowly, and squeezed past the kissing couples on his way out of the car. “Right then. See you at the platform.” ***~~~*** Severus’ mother was waiting for him when he exited the train. Standing beside her was his aunt, Desé, and Bellatrix. “Hello, Mum, Aunt Desé.” Severus greeted them. “Why’re you here, Bella?” “Picking up the sister-in-law.” “Yes, Severus love,” his Mother began, “Where is Ellyson? I though your father wrote to tell you—” “We might be getting married. I know Mum. We sat together on the whole train ride, but she wanted to go and say goodbye to her friends, okay with you?” “Of course, son.” Bellatrix checked her watch and sighed. “Good of her to keep me waiting, eh? And where are my sister and Lucius?” “They’re coming too,” Snape assured her. “Ready to go, Mum? I’m tired.” “We’ll wait for Ellyson and your cousin. How did you do on your OWLS? Feel you got good marks?” “Good enough.” Desé absentmindedly gathered her blonde-gray hair behind her and fastened it into a bun with a flick of her wand. “There he is!” She exclaimed suddenly. “ Lucius! Over here!” “Hey there Mum! Bellatrix, Aunt Ebony.” “Taking me home, Bella?” asked Narcissa, taking Lucius’ hand in hers. “You and Ellyson. Where is she?” “Here I am! Sorry, Bellatrix!” The tiny girl bounded over to the group, her snowy owl balanced on her outstretched arm. “Meet Weathers. I just bought her off Sherona Rayne, her Mum says Weathers is too bright, and the Muggle neighbors will notice her, plus she didn’t have permission to buy an owl at all, and so she had to sell her. She gaver her a dumb name, Snowflake, but I thought that was stupid, so I figured when does it snow? In Winter. In winter, there is a lot of snowy weather. So I named her weathers and I’m sure my Mum will let me keep her! She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? I just love her!” “That,” said Severus with an air of disbelief, “If the most I have ever heard you say in one go.” “Oh? Sorry, didn’t mean to go all off like that, I’m very excited, that’s all.” “Let’s get going, kids. Some of us have husbands to get home to. You’ll understand soon enough, Narcissa.” “Bellatix, about husbands?” Desé began cautiously. “You’re sister Andromeda, is it true she…” Belltrix disapprovingly snorted and threw back her shoulder length hair. “Married a muggle, she did! Ted Tonks is his name, and she’s already got in the family way. If you ask me, she was in the way before the wedding, if you know what I mean. In any case, she’s thoroughly knocked up, and subsequently disinherited, of course. Mum and Dad are terribly disappointed. They really thought it was just a phase. Sad, really. She had such potential.” “Sad indeed,” Desé agreed, clucking her tongue. “Tsk tsk tsk.” “We had better get going…” Snape’s mother announced. “See you all later. Come over for tea sometime, Ellyson, or join us for dinner. You’re always welcome.” “Thanks very much, ma’am.” Ellyson smiled shyly at Severus. “Good summer.” ***~~~*** A/N I've started putting pg-13, because as Snape is growing up things are going to change, and that includes the rating. Thanks for reading...Please review!

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