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    ***~~~*** "And Hazardlo goes for the goal—and the Quaffle is in! It's good!" Lucius circled the goal post on his broom twice before flying over to Severus. "Severus, old boy, we are going to dominate this year. Slytherin will win the Quiddich cup. I know it." Lucius grinned confidently, then dove back to the ground to retrieve the fallen Quaffle. "We haven't even had tryouts yet," Severus pointed out, "and here you are, thinking you're Fyedka Hazardlo! What if Gryffindor—" "Forget Gryffindor! Their streak is over! It is our turn now." Lucius flew back up so that he was eye level with Severus. "But what if I don't get on?" Severus asked, finally voicing the fear he'd been harboring since the previous spring when he learned that three positions would be opening this term, including Chaser, which was just what Severus had wanted to be since boyhood. He was now in his fifth year, and he felt it was time he represent Slytherin House on the Quiddich Pitch as well. After all, Lucius had been on the team since the age of thirteen. He was a Chaser too, and a very good one at that. Severus had tried out once before, in his third year, for Seeker, but alas, tiny Alexand'r Omnious had gotten the coveted spot. Both of Alexand'r's older brothers had been seekers, as was his grandfather, great-grandfather, and his father before that. "That's why we practice, dunderhead!" replied Lucius, matter-of-factly. "And besides," he added with an air of confidence, "You have to get on. Taai is captain and he likes you and you know his sister really likes you—come to think of it, maybe you should ask her out before trials—" "No way! I am not going to ask out that little hag simply because her brother is Captain! Have you ever seen Lelijk? Have you?" Severus shuddered. He couldn't stand Lelijk, who, in addition to being horrible unnatractive, was mean, annoying, loud, and rather obnoxious. No, Severus much prefered kind, pretty, delicate girls...Like that Gryffindor, Lily Evans. But she would never look twice at Severus, not when boys like James Potter and Sirius Black were around. Of course, she didn't seem to fancy James much...but still, he was so much cooler than Severus, tougher and more athletic...If she had a choice...She did have a choice... "Hello? Severus? Are you paying attention?" Lucius was saying. Severus tried to remove her picture from his mind's eye. "I'm going to let you take the Quaffle now, and I'll be keeper. Don't mess this up now, work hard. I won't go easy just 'cause you're my chum, got it? You're a fifth year now, and this is serious. It's now or never. And besides, it's my last year, and we've been planning to be part of the Slytherin team, me and you, since forever. Here, take this," He handed over the Quaffle, "and let's begin. Give me a seconds head start, will you? Now...go!" They practiced well into the evening, until their Head of House, Ashgrai Gninnuc, came out to the pitch to tell them it was time to go in. "Today is Saturday," Lucius said to Severus as they were packing up and heading in behind Professer Gninnuc. "Hufflepuff trials are Monday, then Ravenclaw next, and we're Wednesday—" "Because first place last year has tryouts last, and last place goes first, and so on..." Severus supplied. "So we have until then for you to be perfect. You were good tonight, I won't lie. But you need work." "Can't we practice tomorrow?" asked Severus as they entered the Great Hall and made their way down to the dungeons. "Maybe late late in the afternoon, but I promised to spend the day with Narcissa. It's our anniversary you know." "Congratulations," Severus said, but by his tone it was clear that he hardly cared. "Hey, is it true Lucius?" Lucius frowned at his fifteen-year-old friend. "Is what true?" "Her sister, Andromeda? She's engaged to some Muggle?" Lucius scowled. "True indeed. Bad enough a mudblood would be, like all those ones she dated here, always going for the Mudbloods, but this guy, this Ted, he's eighteen and he has no magic in him at all I don't think. The Black's are not at all happy about it, but they still think it's just a phase." Severus nodded. "I hope so." He looked just as disgusted as his cousin. "Sometimes magic and Muggles just shouldn't mix." ("Right, Sarraiah?" He didn't say). "By sometimes," said Lucius, "You must mean never. Magic and Muggle should never mix." Severus thought again of Lily Evans. Again he pushed her from his mind. "You're right, Lucius. Never." ***~~~*** A/N In case you're wondering, Taai is Dutch for tough, and Lelijk is Dutch for ugly...I love incorperating other languages when making up names! Oh, and Gninnuc is pronounce Ninnuc (nin-uck) b/c the G is silent. It's 'Cunning' backwards. Because I'm weird like that.

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