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    ***~~~*** Of course, a memorial service had been held for Miss Sarraiah Snape. Family and friends attended, as did the Minister of Magic, Sarraiah's former classmates, and several Hogwarts professers. Severus wore his best black formal robes, and took his place between his mother and father beside the casket. The people who came to pay their respects to the family did so, offering their sympathies and giving tissues and hankies to Ebony, who stood watching the procession silently, as tears streamed endlessly down her pale cheeks. Stalinus refused to cry in public, and he had ordered Severus to bottle his tears as well, but the 12 year old boy knew that upon their return home his father would most likely break down into sobs again, as he had the previous two nights. This frightened Severus more than he would ever admit, to see his father cry. And it made him feel something, something deep in the pit of his stomach, something he had never felt before. He had seen his mother in pain many times, which was often his father's doing, and he thought he hated it. He also thought he hated his abusive Uncle Folter, whose treatment of Aunt Desé and Lucius made Stalinus seem like a cuddly teddy bear. He thought he hated his History teacher, who gave him a C-, thus causing the school to revoke his Honor Roll privileges, like lunch in the courtyard, which meant he had to eat alone as all of his friends had better grades. He thought he hated the color orange, Muggle science classes, the lady next door who smelled of cats and cheaply made broomsticks, but now he realized he hated none of this, none of these people and things. He felt it in the pit of his stomach for the first time. It was filling him, taking over his body, consuming his mind and eating away at his soul. It was hatred he was feeling, truly feeling, for the first time. He hated that boy—that man—that person who had taken Sarraiah away, first from her home, then from her family, and now from their world. He had never loved anyone as he had Sarraiah. Sure, sometimes he was jealous of her good grades, her popularity and the way only she could make their father smile. But she was his cool, protective, fun big sister. He loved her so much...And now she was gone, thanks to one stupid muggle with a gun who pretended to lover her too... Severus couldn't help himself. As much as he loved his sister, he hated that...that...that...MUDBLOOD! Just as Severus was beginning to think that he could control his anger no more, the Minister of Magic began to speak from his podium at the front of the room. "If everyone would please have a seat," he was saying, "We will beging the ceremony." "Come, son, and sit by your cousin," Stalinus directed young Snape, who took his place in the front row beside his friend. Stalinus sat two chairs down, with Ebony between the pair. Desé and Fotler sat beside Lucius. "Today we are gathered to remember a wonderful, kind, bright and promising young witch, Sarraiah Lucia Snape, who was tragically taken from this world far too soon..." The Minister's speech continued for some time, though Severus hardly paid attention, and then Professer Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, went to the podium. He spoke of Sarraiah in school, how happy she was, how attentive and smart, her good marks, her attitude, her excellent work as a prefect and later as Head-Girl. He told a couple of stories about her, one that made Severus laugh, which he promptly felt guilty for. "Don't feel bad, chum," Lucius whispered to him, "You can let it out. It was funny." Sometimes Severus wondered if his pal could read his mind. Sarraiah's best friend from Hogwarts said a few words next, but had to be accompanied back to her seat by her mother when she could no longer continue to speak as grief overwhelmed her and she, too, began to sob. Sarraiah's boss after that, Professer McGonagall, and Aunt Desé also spoke, and then it was over. The casket was closed, and the people began to file out of the room. It was over. Sarraiah was gone. Forever. Severus stood up, said goodbye to Lucius and the Malfoys, and waited for his parents. His father was the last one out of the room. And sure enough, once back at home, Stalinus began to sob. "Goodbye, Sarraiah," whispered Severus before he fell asleep that night. "Süße Träume."

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