Chapter Twelve \"Hermione!\" Draco ran to try and catch up with her in the hallway. \"Yes, Malfoy?\" She turned around to look at him. Draco winced at her using his last name. \"I think we really need to talk. About what happened in the hospital ward...\" \"What DID happen in the hospital ward?\" Hermione asked, tired of pretending the kiss didnt happen. \"Well... I uh... kissed you on the cheek.\" Draco stated. \"Why did you kiss me on the cheek, Draco?\" Hermione asked, softly. Draco inwardly drew a breath of relief. \"I like you Hermione. I mean, really like you.\" Hermione crossed her arms against her chest. \"Then how come you acted like it never happened?\" Draco flushed. \"I was well, embarresed i guess. I\'m really sorry.\" Hermione relented, afterall, she did really like him. \"It\'s okay.\" Draco smiled. \"How about me meet at \'Three Broomsticks\' this weekend. We have to watch the little freaks anyways.\" Hermione couldn\'t help but laugh at Draco\'s opinions of the kids. \"Fine. But I have to go see Professor McGonagall about something important, see you this weekend.\" And Hermione walked away, feeling much better. *x*xx*x*xx*x*xx*x*xx*x*xx* Draco also had to take care of something important. He walked down to Professor Snape\'s classroom and knocked on the door. \"Professor Snape? May I talk to you for a second?\" He called from behind the door. \"Come in, come in,\" he yelled back. Draco hesitantly opened the door. \"I need to tell you something.\" Snape raised his eyebrows. \"Well, then what is it?\" Draco coughed. \"Well, I just thought i would tell you that I dont think i want sabotage Granger anymore.\" Snape\'s face flushed with on-coming anger. \"Oh,\" he said between clenched teeth, \"Why\'s that?\" \"I just don\'t think it\'s right,\" Draco said, shrugging. That made Snape lose his temper, he stood up, enraged. \"Oh, and you\'re saying it was right of Potter, Granger, and Weasley to send your father to Azkaban for THREE YEARS?\" Draco thought about it. \"Of course not-\" \"No, you\'re right, of course it wasn\'t. And now you\'re telling me it\'s NOT RIGHT,\" he spoke those two words with great disgust, \"to get back at Miss Granger.\" Draco\'s face started to turn red with anger. \"So now your defending my father? This coming from a member of the Order of the Phoenix? You, who has been defending Dumbledore??\" Snape quietly sat back down and went back to his paperwork. \"Leave this office this instant, Malfoy.\" Draco stood their silently for a second. \"Gladly, Snape.\" And slammed the door on his way out. A/N: Hey everyone, did u like the chapter? Oh yeah and if anyone is uh looking for *cough* graphic details or anything this isnt the story you want to read. I\'m going to keep this sweet, that\'s why it\'s rated PG. Maybe there will even be sparks flying when they meet at \'Three Broomsticks\'? (hint, hint) :D Anyways, onto the great reviewers: *Tyn Klaypoole* *kai* *alicia* *Peach* *ginnymalfoy* *Eowyn* *AgentDreamx* *alOhaPinKy* - Thanks! I thought they had one every year after the 4th *snowpixie* *ducttapegurl* *Kelsey* xoxo Eves

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